3-Hole Fantasy

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I have been lucky enough to spend some quality time with my friend Rose. She’s…well, she’s all woman, and I mean that in the best sense! Tall, long red hair, pale skin with the freckles you’d expect, well built…on the surface, she can be a calm and demure woman, hard worker, and the last one you’d expect would fuck your brains out and not give you a chance to recover before she wanted you again.

But that’s the way she was when the doors were locked and the clothes came off. She was a woman of passion, and she wanted to share that with you! We would fuck in multiple positions, and recently she had started enjoying the animalistic cravings of anal sex. Her blowjobs were phenomenal, and when you went down on her, the taste of that magic pussy through the fiery red hair that covered her generous pussy lips was perfect. Sex with Rose was powerful, passionate, and primal. It wasn’t uncommon for me to be sore the next day after a romp with that amazing sexual goddess!

So when she confided with me one night about her biggest fantasy, I knew I had to make it come true. Tonight was the night. After a nice dinner together, we were going back to my house and unbeknownst to her, I was going to fulfill one of her deepest fantasies.

I started the teasing after we had been seated at our table. I looked at this red-haired beauty sitting next to me and said, “Rose, my love…I have a surprise for you tonight. I’m not going to tell you what it is, but I promise you are going to have the greatest night of sex in your life!”

Rose started squirming, prying on me, trying to get me to tell her what it was. She pouted, thinking I would feel sorry for her and give in. She tried the sexual approach (which damn near worked!), by rubbing my cock through my pants until I was hard. She even took my hand and stuck it down under her skirt, pulling her panties aside so I could feel how wet she was below.

After dinner, as we were walking to my car, I started in again – “You have no idea what you’re about to do!” After that one she hit me in the arm playfully, but I still wouldn’t give in. She was like a kid at Christmas, being told to wait to open her presents. Only she wasn’t a kid – she was a gorgeous and sexy woman, and it wasn’t Christmas – for her tonight, it was going to be fantasyland.

We finally made it to my house, with Rose holding my arm all the way. As we stood on the porch before going in, I said to her, “Rose, you are an incredible woman, and I’d do almost anything for you. So tonight, behind this door, one of your wildest fantasies is going to be fulfilled. Are you ready?”

She looked at me and whispered, “I think so…”

“Okay then, open the door and see what waits for you on the other side.”

With a look of great anticipation on her face, Rose slowly opened the door and looked in. Standing in the middle of the room were two of my best friends – Jason and Nick. We’ve known each other for years, and they were the perfect pair to make this fantasy come true for Rose.

She studied them for a few seconds, and then turned to me, a look of questioning on her face. I reached in to kiss her and said, “You’re told me about how you want to experience every sexy hole on your body filled at the same time. Jason and Nick are two of my best friends. Tonight, they are going to help me make that fantasy come true for you.”

The expressions on her face changed every two or three seconds as she started to realize I was serious about this. She went from questioning to shock to disbelief to questioning again until finally she realized that I was serious. When that happened, she turned to me and hugged me tentatively and whispered in my güvenilir bahis ear, “Are you telling me these two are going to fuck me?”

I whispered back, “All of us are, baby – one in your mouth between those sexy lips, one in your fiery red pussy, and one in your tight ass, all at the same time. That is if you want us to.”

She looked at me and grinned and said “Fuck yes, I want it! Oh fuck, I can’t believe this is going to happen!”

I nodded at Jason and Nick and they walked over to where we were standing. I said, “Boys, she has too many clothes on – let’s see what we can do about that.” What we did was start touching Rose with six hands – my two on her neck and shoulders, Jason’s on her breasts, and Nick’s on her legs and ass. Rose immediately moaned as for the first time in her life six hands touched her sexually at the same time.

I turned her to face me and kissed her deeply, my tongue invading her lips and into her mouth. As I kissed her, Jason started to undo the buttons of her blouse, while Nick unzipped her skirt and unbuttoned it as well. Her skirt came off easily, revealing a pair of black lace cheeky shorts, highlighting the full roundness of her juicy ass. By this time, Jason had her buttons completely opened, and he pulled her blouse off of her shoulders and arms, showing the matching black lace bra that supported her large breasts.

I turned her around and unclasp her bra, and she let if fall to the floor in front of her. Immediately Jason’s mouth went to one nipple and Nick’s went to the other. I whispered in her ear, “Have you ever had two separate people each sucking on a breast before?”

In the middle of moaning, she simply whispered back, “Nooooooooo.”

I knelt down and grabbed the waistband of her black panties and pulled them down. When her ass was fully exposed, I began to rub it with both hands, kneading the flesh of the pale white globes. As I worked, I snuck one hand around and slipped my fingers into the jungle of red pussy hair. Probing through, I found her clit – already extended from the attention she was receiving – and rubbed it gently, causing her to shriek. I looked up and she had placed her hands on the back of both guys’ heads as they continued working on her breasts. She looked like she was getting heavily into all of the attention, so it was time for the next phase.

I nodded at Jason and Nick, and they stepped back, while I did the same behind her. Rose went from three guys’ attention to none, and she didn’t look too happy. I looked at her and said, “Relax – the numbers aren’t quite right – one naked and three not. So you’re going to take care of that for us. You have four minutes on each guy to get him naked and present him with a blowjob. Ready?”

She looked at me and nodded yes.

“Okay, start with Jason first – GO!” She raced over to Jason and tore into his clothes – shirt first, followed by bending down and removing his shoes and socks, and then his pants. Soon his underwear was at his feet, and for all intents and purposes, Jason was naked enough to receive her mouth on his cock. Her eyes widened when she saw his package – seven inches of steel that was already hard. She quickly engulfed his cock with her mouth and Jason moaned, which surprised me. Of course, I also knew the magic of her tongue and lips, and have been fortunate several times to have her swallow my load after she had coaxed it out of me.

But I’d never seen her go this fast before. I think she was trying to get him off before her four minutes were up. She was going to run out of time, and Jason was going to be sad for it. He was enjoying her attempt, so when I yelled out “Time’s up!” he glared at türkçe bahis me as if to say I should have let her finish! I knew he was going to be rewarded later, so I let him pout by himself.

Rose moved over to Nick. I was looking forward to this, because I knew what he was packing. She followed the same procedure as she had done with Jason, but when she got his underwear down, a thick eight inch monster stared back at her. The length was impressive, but the thickness was incredible! She looked at me and said, “I’m not putting that thing in my ass!”

I laughed and said, “We’ll see – I know it’s going in one of your holes tonight. And I know you’re wasting time right now!” She turned and got as much of his cock in her mouth as possible, working him over for a minute before I yelled out “Time.”

She raced over to me and quickly had me stripped. She started in on my cock, but I stopped her because I was going to be the one using her mouth during her 3-way. She started to complain, but when I told her that it was time for three cocks at once, her attitude changed dramatically. She wanted this, and I was happy to give it to her.

We moved over to my over-sized couch – purchased just for fun activities like this one (hey, I’m single – it’s my couch, and I’ll use it however I want!). I looked at Rose and said, “So you’d rather have Nick’s big cock in your pussy?”

She nodded, so I asked Nick, “Is that okay with you?

Nick just smiled and said, “Of course – I would love to fuck that red pussy!”

Rose giggled, and I told Nick to lie on his back on the couch with his head clear at one end. He did, and then I told Rose to mount him and get his big cock in her pussy. She carefully got up on Nick, making sure she had room for her knees on either side of him. She reached back and guided Nick’s giant pole into her juicy cunt. As it stretched her, she elicited a guttural moan like I had never heard from her before. She took her time working it all inside, and once she bottomed out, she started slowly fucking him, still getting used to the size.

I looked at her facial expression, and her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the girth she was feeling. She opened them enough to look up and me and mouth the words, “Thank you.”

I patted her on top of her head and said, “You ain’t felt anything yet!”

I walked over and grabbed the bottle of lube I had placed on the counter earlier. I tossed it to Jason, who stood beside Rose’s ass, which was still bobbing up and down on Nick’s cock. I stopped her so Jason could get her ass ready. He squeezed some of the lube straight on her puckered asshole, and the cold caused her to yelp. Jason quickly massaged it around and started stretching her tight sphincter by putting one finger in first, followed by another. Rose was feeling full already, since Nick was still inside her.

After several minutes, Rose’s ass was ready. As Jason lubed up his cock, I told Rose that her job was to hold still and let the guys fuck her. I hope she listened because if she didn’t, it would be hard for the guys to develop any rhythm. Jason got up on the couch and lined his cock up with her ass. He probed until it opened up and accepted the tip of his cock. She screamed – not in pain, but in the realization that she now had two cocks in her at the same time.

Jason kept advancing forward, and soon his seven inches was completely inserted in her ass. He pulled back just a little and then went back in again. As he was doing this, I had my phone out and was taking pictures so Rose could see what she looked like with a cock in both her ass and pussy at the same time.

Jason slid in and out easily now, güvenilir bahis siteleri so he and Nick started getting their rhythm together. When Nick would plunge in, Jason would pull out, and vice versa. They developed a nice rhythm right away – especially since Rose had listened to me and was holding still. That doesn’t mean she was being quiet, as I let her yell out things like “FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME…OH GOD, I FEEL SO FUCKING FULL!!” After a couple of minutes of that, I decided it was time for her third hole to be filled.

I stepped to the side of the couch where Rose’s head was. She saw me and immediately opened her mouth, and I plunged inside. For the first time in her life, Rose had three cocks in her at the same time! Nick was fucking her pussy – Jason was fucking her ass – and I was fucking her mouth. Rose’s long red hair cascaded around my cock, but I didn’t care. I wanted to watch her to see how she was taking all of this. I shouldn’t have been worried -she was taking it well.

We continued triple fucking for several minutes until Jason signaled he was about to cum. I pulled my cock from Rose’s mouth long enough to ask where she wanted us to cum, and she was quick and loud when she said, “IN MY HOLES – IN MY FUCKING HOLES!”

Jason took that as his cue, and he began to plunge into her ass so hard that Nick had to stop. Rose yelled out “FUCK MY ASS” and would have said more had I not jammed my cock down her throat again.

Jason tensed, and then let loose his load deep inside her bowels. He cried out “OH FUCK” as he did, and I heard Rose whimper around my cock in her mouth as she felt his steamy cum spill out inside of her.

When he was done, Jason pulled out, which signaled to Nick that he could start fucking her harder. That’s what he did – ramming in and out of her pussy like a jackhammer. Rose started squealing – her ass was already tender from Jason’s pounding, and now Nick was just blasting away. I quieted the screaming by ramming my cock back in her throat. I sped up as well – it was going to be a race between Nick and me to see who left load number two into this sexy redhead.

Nick’s head start must have been enough, because 15 seconds before me, he grunted like a man possessed and started filling her pussy with his cum. By this time Rose realized she could be fucking him back, and she ground her clit into his pubic bone as he came, and soon I could see her ass shake, which meant she was cumming as well. But she couldn’t tell us, because just about that time, I cried out that I was cumming also, and I grasped the side of her head for support as I emptied my sac into her mouth. I was the last one to cum inside of Rose, but I didn’t care. I knew she had gotten what she had wanted for a long time, and that made me happier than anything else.

Nick’s cock softened enough that it came out of her pussy, and his cum began to leak out and splash back down on him. Jason’s load was still buried deep within her ass, but as she moved to get up, it started flooding out as well. Her holes looked well fucked, and tonight, it was Rose that was going to be sore, and not me.

Jason and Nick got dressed. Each one of them kissed her and thanked her for letting them fuck her. I had a feeling they wouldn’t mind coming back some day. We’d have to see how Rose felt about that.

Speaking of Rose, I led her to my bedroom, where she crawled up into my bed – no shower, no towels to wipe off the extra cum – just a quick trip under the covers, her head already on the pillow. I crawled in with her and kissed her as I stroked her beautiful curly red hair.

As she lay there, I got my phone back out and showed her the pictures I had taken. She smiled and said, “Holy shit!”

When I asked her how she felt, she just moaned, and the said softly, “Can we do that again sometime?”

There it was – my Rose was officially a 3-hole cumslut, and she wanted it again.

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