A Chance Meeting

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Hi my name is Vicki. Every Friday night I like to go to this club that is right next to the Airport where it is surrounded by hotels filled with people that are here mainly on business trips. I can always find some lonely business man or woman looking for some company and I get to have some fun. So I put on my makeup, a short white dress with spaghetti straps that had a pleated bottom, white stockings and heels with no bra or panties.

Then I headed over to the club to see who I could find. When I got there it was pretty crowded so I took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink. After a while a woman came in with raven hair, brown eyes and wearing a tight blue dress. I watched as she looked around then went came over to the bar and sat next to me. I kept looking over at her and smiled. She smiled back and ordered a drink. I decided to see what she was there for and started talking to her.

“Hi, my name is Vicki.” and introduced myself.

“Hello my name is Jan.” she said.

Vicki “Are you waiting on someone?”

Jan “I’m waiting on my husband. He is here on a business trip and I tagged along for the fun of it.”

We talked for a little while and then a man came over and asked me to dance and so I did. As I was dancing I noticed that Jan was watching me and I’m sure she got a glimpse of my bare ass and pussy. Every time I twirled around and my pleated dress flew up she would get a view. Once the dance was over I went back to my chair and made some more small talk with Jan. She asked if I was waiting on someone and I told her no. I her I was just there for the fun of it and to see who I might meet. She smiled and we continued our conversation.

A song came on and Jan said “Oh I just love dancing to this song.”

So I grabbed her hand and said “Well let’s go dance then.”

We got onto the dance floor and started moving around together, bumping our asses and spinning each other around. After that a slow song came on and I told her,

Vicki “I love this song.” and pulled her closer to dance with me. She didn’t seem to mind but I didn’t try to get to fresh with her. I just pulled her close and swayed to the music. After the song we went back to our seats and had another drink.

She happened to notice 2 women sitting in a booth in the corner and they were kissing. She pointed them out to me and said,

Jan “Look at those 2 women there kissing like it was no one else business.”

I kind of got the impression that she was against it but then she asked me if I had ever kissed another woman güvenilir bahis and I said yes. All she did was smile and went back to her drink. About that time her husband came in and she introduced him to me. They asked if I would like to join them at their table and I agreed.

We went to a table and she sat next to me with her husband Dan across from me. We ordered some drinks and chatted about general things like his job, her job and what I did for a living. They asked me why I was at the club alone and I told them.

Vicki “I just come here for the fun of it and to see what excitement I might find.”

Dan “What kind of fun or excitement do you usually find here?”

Vicki “Well that depends on the people I meet and what they might be looking for.”

They both looked at each other smiled. We took turns dancing with each other and every time I danced with her husband I could see her watching me intently as I grind-ed up against him. I also noticed Dan watching Jan and I as we danced and grind-ed up against each other especially when I would twirl around and give him a peek of my bare ass and pussy.

As the night went on Jan said “I need to use the Ladies room.” and grabbed my hand to go along with her. We went to the ladies room and did our thing and began fixing our makeup.

Jan asked “Vicki, I don’t want to sound so forward but, have you ever been with another woman


Vicki “Well, yes I have, actually a few a times. Why do you ask?”

Then Jan confessed “Well to be honest, I came along on this trip with Dan because he has been hinting about wanting a 3 some, but I didn’t want to do anything around where we lived. So I thought if I came here we might find someone who might join us. But I’ve never been with another

woman before.”

Vicki “Being with another woman isn’t hard. You know what you like done to you so just do what you like to have done and do it to them.”

Jan blushed and said “I was wondering if maybe you would like to join us at the hotel and have

some fun?”

Vicki I smiled and told her “I’d love to.” Then I pulled her closer to me and gave her a kiss. “That’s to seal the deal.”

She smiled and returned my kiss. Then she told me that Dan knew nothing about it and she wanted to surprise him and I agreed. We went back to the table and she told Dan it was time to go and then asked him if it would be alright if I joined them for some drinks at the hotel, which he readily agreed to.

We left the club and walked down the street türkçe bahis to their hotel each of us holding onto one of Dan

arms and laughing. Their hotel room was a very nice suite with a sitting area in the front room and the bedroom in back. Jan and I sat on the couch and started talking again while Dan poured some drinks and sat in a chair just listening to us ramble on. After a short while Dan turned and started watching some TV.

Then Jan said “OH I want to show you this outfit I bought the other day.” and took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

Once we were alone Jan asked “How should we do this? I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Vicki “Well, he’s watching TV so we could just really shock him and walk in naked, go to the couch and start making out.” I smiled.

Jan “No, that would be too much of a shock I think.” and laughed.

Vicki “Well then, How about we can just go in and you tell him you have a surprise for him, then we can kiss and go from there?”

She agreed to that idea, so we walked in and stood in front of him and just smiled at him until he asked.

Dan “What are you two doing?”

Jan smiled “We have a surprise for you.”

Then she turned to me and I gave her a long deep kiss. Our hands began exploring each others bodies as Dan watched in amazement. As we kissed I unzipped her dress and slipped it off her revealing matching blue lace bra and panties. She then slipped the straps off my shoulders and let my dress fall to the floor revealing my bare breasts and shaved pussy.

I could see the bulge growing in Dan pants. I started kissing her neck working my way down between her breasts as I undid her bra, kissing around her nipples then sucking one into my mouth. My fingers slipped inside her panties as I slowly pushed then down and kissed my way down her tummy to her pussy.

Dan was rock hard by then and unzipped his pants to release his cock. I moaned when I saw it but continued licking and sucking on Jan’s slit. I guided her to the couch and spread her legs. I licked the pink folds of her pussy then took her slit into my mouth as she moaned loudly. Dan was now taking his shirt and pants off and started stroking himself as he watched.

I slipped my tongue deep inside Jan and she gasped, she put her hands on my head and her hips started moving pushing her pussy harder onto my tongue. Her body tensed as her breathing became heavier and she filled my mouth with her sweet cream. I slid up her body and again kissed her deeply sharing her flavor güvenilir bahis siteleri with her.

I guided a nipple to her mouth and she licked and sucked on it while I rubbed my pussy on her leg. She slipped her hand between us and started rubbing my slit before sliding a finger inside me. My juices were flowing and covered her hand in them. She brought her fingers to her mouth and licked the cream from then and we kissed again.

We sat on the couch in each others arms cuddling and smiling at Dan. Dan was dumbfounded, he just sat there holding his cock in his hand. We giggled then stood up and walked towards the bedroom.

Jan looked at him and asked “Are you coming with us?”

Dan got up and walked towards us, Jan grabbed him by his cock and said, “OK big boy, time to take care of this for you.” He smiled and just followed us in the bedroom. We pushed him down on the bed and each got on our knees and began licking and taking turns sucking his cock. I could tell he was in heaven.

Then I smiled at Jan and asked “May I?” pointing to Dan cock.

Jan giggled “Well you are our guest.” And laughed.

I stood up and straddled Dan grabbing his cock guiding to my pussy slowly lowering myself onto him. His cock spread my pussy nicely and I took all of it in until it was fully inside me and started grinding on him.

Jan knelled on the bed next to us and began sucking on my nipple while Dan fingers found Jan’s wet pussy. I started slowly fucking myself on his rock hard cock squeezing my pussy on him milking it while enjoying the attention Jan was giving my nipples.

Dan started thrusting his cock faster inside me and I could feel my climax building. My body began shaking and I held his cock deep as I covered his cock with my orgasm.

Jan “Don’t forget to share.”

I smiled and said “Of course I’ll share.”

I slid off Dan cock as Jan stood backwards towards him and slipped his cock in her from behind. She had her feet on his legs as Dan began ramming his cock up inside her. I got down on my knees between their legs and started licking Dan balls and sucking on Jan’s slit Jan was almost screaming in pleasure as was Dan. Then Dan let out a loud groan and exclaimed that he was about to cum.

Jan also was on the verge of orgasm and they came together. Dan cock slipped out of Jan and I licked and sucked him dry. Then I once again gave Jan a long deep kiss sharing both their flavors with her.

We all laid on the bed for a little while, then I went to the bathroom to clean up so I could get dressed. We moved back to the living room for another drink. We talked for a bit and both Jan and Dan thanked me for a wonderful night. I thanked them for having me, kissed Jan goodbye and left to go home with a smile on my face.

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