A Couple’s Destiny Pt. 02

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Emily woke suddenly and for a moment was confused. Then, she saw Carlos leaning over her pushing her legs apart and moving into position between them. The sex and brief sleep had taken away her lust and the realization about what she had done hit her hard.

“No, no more, please! I need to go,” she implored the black man.

“Baby, we got time. Sam and Janice went back to fucking,” he declared.

Seeing the young wife sprawled out and freshly fucked had excited them and they returned to the bedroom.

Carlos pushed her legs open, moved his body between them, and put a hand on her shoulder to pin her so she couldn’t move away. Nervously, she watched as he took his fat cock in his free hand and brought the head to her slit.

“Yeah…you still ready,” he said as he teased her opening.

With his semen slowly oozing out of her opening, Carlos was able to coat the head and start to push inside.

“Please no,” Emily whined, trying one last time to stop him.

Carlos ignored her and kept working his shaft to get deeper penetration. When he had made it halfway, he started quick, short thrusts intended to get them fully lubed. It worked, and less than a minute later he pushed forward until his balls were snug against her firm ass.

After a short pause, he started fucking the married white woman with powerful strokes. Before, he had shown some compassion in their coupling, but now, fueled by his own lust and goading from his cousin, he was going to make it all about him. Emily’s fingernails bit into his biceps letting him know that he had her attention and that she was likely feeling some pain. However, rather than make him slow, the knowledge excited him further and his hammering became even more pronounced.

“Please…please, Carlos…you’re hurting me,” Emily begged.

“You best just close your eyes, Carlos’ going to take it now,” he grunted in response.

For the next few minutes, Emily did exactly that. She tried to take her mind off the pain she was feeling and the thought of her nasty cheating. But it was impossible to ignore what was happening and she suddenly realized that she was no longer feeling discomfort. Somehow, a warm feeling had replaced it deep in her pelvis that was beginning to radiate outward. Along with that, there was the sound of her pussy responding to its invader with wet smacking sounds. However, what put her back in a place of abandon was when she opened her eyes and saw the thick black monster sliding easily in and out of her body. Involuntarily, she shuddered and her pussy clamped down on Carlos’ cock.

“Oh yeah…squeeze that thing baby…do it again,” he spoke to her hoarsely, with a lust filled smile.

Strangely, Emily did as he demanded and used her muscles to clamp down and he responded by thrusting into her with more urgency.

“Ummm…uhhh…” she whined, abandoning her attempt to disassociate from the act.

“You liking it now,” Carlos stated, and he took his hand and started pinching her small, erect nipples.

“Ohhh…ohhh…ummm…mmm…” she let out, showing the effect.

Janice and Sam could hear the bedsprings squeaking and the occasional excited whine from Emily. Together, they slowed their pace so they could listen to the mating occurring just down the hall.

“Tight ass bitch likes black cock,” Sam said, stating the obvious.

“She needed it,” Janice replied, and she felt both erotic exhilaration and a certain sense of worry as she audibly witnessed Emily’s plunge.

They had all but stopped when they heard her orgasm start and seconds later, Carlos announced loudly that he was cumming. The cries and squeaking continued for a good minute before the sounds slowed then stopped altogether.

“Hurry up and finish,” Janice instructed Sam.

She knew she was far from a climax, but wanted to give him the chance. It took just a few more minutes before Sam grunted, then groaned and put more of his seed into his lover.

“Emily, we need to go,” Janice called out while gently knocking on the closed door.

Carlos had spooned up behind her after their mutual orgasm and held her tightly against his body. He was slowly stroking her from her breasts to her mound and she thought, by the swelling in his cock, that he might be building for another round. Thus, her supervisor’s words provided a feeling of relief.

“I…I need my clothes. They’re in the dryer,” she answered, hoping Janice would bring them and save her the humiliation of walking naked through the house.

Shortly, there was another knock on the door followed by the sound of it opening. Janice appeared in the doorway carrying her things with Sam right behind peering over her shoulder. The only thing shielding her body from his view was her lover’s body.

“We done had a good time,” Carlos stated while pulling away from her and stretching.

His move did two things. First, it left her completely exposed and instinctively she used her hands to try and cover her privates. Second, it showed kocaeli escort bayan Carlos’ large cock totally covered in her juices. She felt humiliated and the feeling grew when she saw the two men smiling at each other.

“Janice can you get them out so I can get dressed?” she begged.

“Kind of late to get modest,” the black woman replied, but at the same time, she began to shoo the men from the room.

Janice closed the door behind her leaving Emily alone, and instantly she jumped from the bed, feeling the soreness already creeping into her pussy, and started putting on her clothes. When she finished, she took several deep breaths and then opened the door. Fortunately, her supervisor was alone, waiting for her in the small living room. She had told the men to get lost thinking it would be best for them to leave without any awkward goodbyes.

They drove in silence and were halfway to the office when the full realization of what she had done hit Emily, and a massive weight descended onto her chest. Her tears flowed while she gasped for air and Janice was concerned enough that she pulled the car over into a parking lot.

“Let it out, girl. Let it out. We’ve got plenty of time,” she whispered while rubbing her shoulders.

“Oh God Janice what have I done!” she cried out.

“You had the best sex of your life. Now, I know how you are and you’re going to feel bad, but you just need to calm down,” she said.

“How am I going to face John? What am I going to say to him?” the young wife whimpered.

The black woman could see she was regaining some control, but she also knew she was fragile and could launch into a fresh round of crying at any moment.

“You ain’t going to say shit to him. Not a word. You hear me? You get home tonight you pretend you’re sick and go to bed and get some sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow when things are calmer,” she instructed her trainee.

Emily nodded and they drove on to the office where, after another quick pep talk, she got in her car and left for home. Fortunately, she arrived before her husband and quickly went to the bathroom where she started a hot bath. She peeled off her clothes, and when she got to her panties, she was disgusted to discover that the crotch had filled with Carlos’ slimy semen that had seeped from her body. In addition, there were dozens of small curly hairs not only mixed into the mess but also scattered across her pelvis. Leaving her clothes on the floor, she jumped into the hot water as if somehow it would wash away her sin.

Emily was in bed reading a book and drinking hot tea when she heard her husband at the door. His footsteps went to the kitchen before moving towards the bedroom.

“Honey, are you okay?” he asked when he saw her in bed.

“I’m not feeling well,” she told him, following Janice’s advice.

“What’s wrong?” he asked with a concerned look.

“I’m not sure, I just have a headache and I’m a bit nauseous,” she answered.

Emily made it through the night, although several times her guilt became so acute that it took all her willpower to keep from waking John and admitting her infidelity. She thought about how that conversation would go. Her husband had only raised his voice with her once or twice. He wasn’t the overly jealous type or the kind of man to get angry and yell, although she felt in this case, she certainly deserved it. He wasn’t a racist either but she believed he would be very surprised her cheating had been with a black man. No, she thought he would want to know what motivated her and what it meant for their relationship. The relationship answer would be easy, but the motivation response much harder. How could she ever tell her loving husband she had become aroused by her supervisor’s dalliance and intrigued by a big cock?

For the next few days, Emily and Janice discussed the situation non-stop. Janice’s tried to be supportive and soothe the young woman’s psyche, but she also made a point of reminding her about what she had been missing. It was during lunch on the following Monday that she finally got the young wife to admit that it had been her best orgasm ever.

“But, Janice, it’s supposed to be about making love. With someone you care about,” she whined.

“Honey, sometimes you just need your toes curled,” her friend replied, as she was well past the point in her life where she believed in love, soul mates and all that other romance novel crap.

“I’m not that way,” Emily responded.

“Now, you know I’m your friend and I don’t like seeing you upset, but you got to get off that high horse girl. You got fucked good and hard by a man that had you squealin. It ain’t no more than that. If you don’t want it no more than don’t do it. Keep to John and leave it as a memory,” Janice told her.

“Okay,” the young wife replied, knowing Janice was growing tired of the subject.

“How’s your cootie? You still sore?” the black woman asked.

“God, Janice. You can make me feel so embarrassed,” Emily replied.

“Well? izmit escort bayan And you been with John yet?” she continued.

“It’s just a bit sore, and no, we haven’t made love,” she answered without really knowing why.

“He ain’t come for it?” she probed.

She remembered back to when she was the young girl’s age. Her husband at the time had wanted it almost every day.

“I’ve been pretending I’m not feeling well,” she responded, although, in truth, she had only used the excuse once.

There was also the subject of Frank. Part of Emily wanted to tell Janice about the older man’s advances, as she didn’t have anyone else in Mobile she could confide in. However, she decided that for the time being it was best to keep it a secret.

Sylvia had continued to plot on seducing John, as the young, handsome, and wealthy man from the privileged environs of the east coast would make a nice trophy. She figured she could keep him as a boy toy, a divergence, for a while, depending on how good he was in bed, and then turn him loose. Several times before, she had done something similar with her husband’s full knowledge and consent. She loved how Frank let her play and she knew that deep down they were made for each other.

Sylvia never lacked in boldness, and the plan she developed called for the young husband to come to their large house on a made-up pretense where she would essentially assault him. The thought made her giggle at her own decadence and the look of surprise she expected to see from the young man. She phoned him and after the standard pleasantries, she started working.

“I could really use some assistance this afternoon. There are some things needed in the house and well, with Frank out of town and you being tall, I thought you might help? Could you please?” she asked in her most syrupy southern voice.

John found it impossible to say no, although he knew he was likely being set-up. He wasn’t a stranger to flirtations from women, as his good looks ensured he got plenty of attention. There was something strangely interesting about his boss’ wife, and after thinking about it on the drive over, he realized that she came across more as a huntress than a bored and horny wife. When Sylvia opened the door, things could not have been more obvious. She was wearing a thin pink robe and her large nipples were prominent through the material.

“Hello John,” she said seductively.

He half-expected to see her bat her eyelashes but that never came. Instead, she looked at him with a huge smile like a child looks at a bowl of ice cream.

“Hi, Sylvia. What are the chores?” John responded, trying to keep things light and focused.

“Follow me, honey,” she answered, and stepped back to let him enter.

She led the young husband to the bar and sitting on a table in front of the leather sofa were two glasses of red wine.

“I thought we could relax and chat first. We really haven’t gotten to know each other very well,” she explained.

Her game amused John even though there was a certain element of danger. Still, he felt in control, so he took the seat she offered and then the wine. Sylvia curled up next to him with her feet beneath her which brought the robe very high on her legs and created an opening at the top through which he could see most of one breast. Quickly, she had taken command and he could feel his dick stirring in his pants.

“Ma’am we be leaving now,” a voice from behind them called out.

“Okay, Tanya. Have a good evening,” she responded in a bubbly voice without turning.

“All alone,” she said to John in a much lower voice.

The young husband was suddenly nervous, but he had also become quite horny. For the next thirty minutes, they sipped the wine and chatted with Sylvia flirting hard. There was a pause once while she refilled their glasses, and when she returned to her spot, even more skin was showing. He could now see a hint of her areola, larger than his wife’s and a darker shade of pink.

“John, I’m very attracted to you. I’ve been thinking of you…us…since you were here for dinner,” she said, taking his hand in hers.

“Sylvia, I’m flattered…really…I’m…” he stammered trying to find the right words, but she stopped him cold when she placed his hand high on her thigh, only a few inches from her pussy.

“I know I’m older, but do you think I’m attractive?” the vixen asked, toying with her prey.

“Sylvia you’re beautiful. But, I’m married,” he answered.

“Ssshhh…it’s just us now,” she whispered.

Suddenly, she stood and dropped the robe to her feet giving him an up-close view of her well-toned, mature body. Two kids had not left her unscathed, but a rigorous workout regime and selective, expensive “fixes” provided her with a look most women ten years younger would be proud of. Before he could move, Sylvia straddled his waist and leaned forward until her breasts were an inch from his face.

“Sylvia…” he tried to protest, but she closed gebze escort the gap and pushed the soft mounds into him.

“Oh, darling suck on them. They’re all for you,” she moaned with passion.

John hesitated, but when one of her long nipples contacted his lips, he drew it into his mouth and sucked on it like a nursing child. Without prodding, he soon moved to the other and for the next few minutes, he went back and forth, listening to Sylvia mew in pleasure.

“I want you naked,” she declared, pushing on his shoulders.

She immediately went to the buttons on his shirt, rapidly undoing each one, and then pulled the fabric open exposing his well-formed chest. Now, it was her mouth that found and sucked on his tiny nipples making him groan and writhe in response to the incredible feeling. When Sylvia went for his belt, John gave a token protest that she easily brushed aside and quickly she pulled his clothes off. A pang of disappointment went through her when she saw his average dick. She had held out hope that he would be one of those rare finds of looks and size, like her husband, but it was not to be. Still, as a boy toy, she knew she could have some fun and who knows, if he knew how to use it, he might prove more than adequate.

Sylvia dropped to her knees between his legs and inhaled his dick into her warm mouth. The sound of erotic joy that came from his mouth excited her and she started to make love to his appendage with her lips and tongue. While she did this, she used her fingernails to lightly teased beneath his balls, and within seconds, he had spread his legs wide and had one hand on her shoulder while the other guided her head.

John reveled in the incredible feelings he received from the mature woman and realized it was the best blow job he had ever received, either from his wife or a previous girlfriend. In fact, the way Sylvia performed forced him to accept that Emily either wasn’t enthusiastic or didn’t know what she was doing, and he suspected it might be a bit of both. With her mouth still working his dick, Sylvia started to gently rub between his anus and balls. John’s body flinched and a tingling sensation began, centered in his groin, that let him know he wasn’t going to last much longer. Soon, his body stiffened and with several loud grunts, he shot his load into his new lover’s mouth and felt her swallow it down. Totally spent, he sunk into the sofa with his eyes mostly closed.

“You like that baby?” his boss’ wife teased him and all he could do was nod in response.

The seduction had aroused Sylvia and now she was ready to fuck. She had counted on a young man’s short recovery and was pleased to see John’s dick start to harden again with just some light stroking of her fingernails along the inside of his thighs.

“Let’s go to bed,” she commanded, and stood, pulling him up with her.

Together, they moved to the bedroom and Sylvia immediately jumped on the high bed and spread her legs in an erotic invitation. John paused again as he once more thought about his beautiful, innocent wife.

“Sylvia, I feel…I can’t…” he said.

“Come up here,” she said patting the spot at her side.

She was prepared for this and had been pleasantly surprised at how easily things had gone so far. John remained still for a moment then climbed onto the bed, and as soon as he settled, Sylvia turned to him and pressed her lovely body against his. Her fingernails went to his nipples and began teasing them until his breathing became ragged. Then, she let her hand wander to his dick and she started giving it light strokes.

“Sylvia…” John tried to speak.

“I want to feel you inside me,” the older woman interrupted.

“Sylvia, I can’t…” he started, but the mature vixen, in a sudden movement, rolled on top of him and before he knew what was happening, she had impaled herself on his dick.

“Ummm…” she moaned, as he easily slipped into her wet opening.

“Shit Sylvia…” John protested, but she cut him off once more.

“Ssshhh…do it, baby,” she groaned lustily into his ear.

She had only been riding him for a few strokes when she felt him begin to push back against her movement. From there, his reluctance disappeared, and he completely engaged in their coupling. When she was certain he wasn’t going to get cold feet, Sylvia rolled onto her back pulling him on top, and he began to thrust into her rapidly. His style and smallish dick weren’t completely fulfilling, but the seductress was enjoying the moment and felt with some guidance she could turn him into a much better lover.

“Take it, baby… take it,” she whispered in encouragement.

“Yeah…” John responded.

She could tell he was now totally into the sex and any concern about cheating on his beautiful bride had vanished.

“You can have anything you want baby. It’s all yours…” she told him, and although it was just meant as sultry bedroom talk, she felt a tremor go through the young man’s body.

“Anything?” he asked after several seconds.

“Anything. It’s all for you,” she responded while letting her fingernails trace the muscles in his back.

“Okay,” he grunted, and the way he said it let Sylvia know there was more.

“What do you want baby. Tell me,” she moaned.

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