A Dove’s Goodbye

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Ice blue eyes met Alexis’s as she turned from her drink. As was always the case, she stared, startled by their color and depth. Pale skin folded softly as a smile formed on thin lips. Velvety blue-black hair framed a gorgeous face she had fallen in love with time and time again. Even the slightly overlarge nose seemed to fit just right on that gorgeous face. Oh, how she could stare forever and not care at time lost, just because of those features. She blushed momentarily, embarrassed at being caught off guard by him. It seemed he was always doing that.

“Hello, Alexis.” Seth whispered, his deep, rich voice caressing her much as his rising hand seemed ready to do. Indeed as his gentle fingers brushed her cheek, she sighed, wrapped in the bliss of voice and touch. “I missed you.”

“You dork. You’ve only been away from me since classes let out,” Alexis giggled, instantly angry with herself for letting her infatuation show so much. Anger dulled as she looked into those eyes again. Her voice still held a slight edge at least. “You didn’t walk me to my dorm, again.”

“I’m sorry, Dove.” Seth whispered, his rich voice sending reality spinning once more. “But you know how busy I’ve been lately.”

“I know. Where do you go all the time? And why do you wait until it’s so late to see me anymore? You never did this before. I thought you loved me.” Her lower lip puffed out, eyes widening slightly. Her father had always fallen for this trick, and Seth was usually apt to let down his ability to make her knees water with it.

“Well, a few things have changed recently, and I’ve been running to keep up.” Seth smiled again, a dimple showing in his left cheek. The smile faded, and her stomach began twisting into knots. “Actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“You aren’t planning to leave me are you?” She was amazed at how steady her voice sounded to her. Inside, she was ready to fall to her knees sobbing. Losing him would destroy her.

“Of course not, Dove.” His fingers stroked her cheek once more, and the knots were instantly gone. “Come on. Let’s get out of here and we’ll talk. Do you know of anywhere we can be alone?”

The thought of her being alone with him brought the knots right back. As much as she adored this man, she was not willing to sleep with him yet. She prided herself on how long she had saved herself for the perfect man, and if these past seven months hadn’t proven anything else, it proved he was making a rapid ascent to being that perfect one for her. “Sweetie, my roommate left this morning for home. You know she always goes home for the weekends, and Angela’s family had big plans this time. If anything, we’ll have the room to ourselves for three days, if not longer. Monday is her birthday, after all.”

“I suppose you’re right.” Seth smiled, offering his hand to her. She took it and followed him out of the club.

The night air was slightly stale, storm clouds from the past three days kept stagnant puddles everywhere. That mixed with the smells of beer and cigarette smoke hung in the air. A chill breeze blew through, sweeping her slightly wavy brown hair forward. She pulled a few wayward strands behind her ear, easing into Seth’s side for warmth as well as the feel of him. He only wore a long-sleeve shirt, but he said that he never really got cold. His hand took hers, revealing the deep contrast between their complexions. Where his was pale and almost milky, hers was deep tan, never broken by tan lines. Before she could reach into her purse for a smoke, her dear Seth saved her the trouble by handing her an already-lit cigarette. One blossomed in his own mouth as they walked, smoke trailing across his slightly illuminated features. His strong, calloused hands felt warm against the chill of the autumn night air. Taking a drag of the cigarette, she began recalling accounts of her day.

“So, she left early?” Seth asked in a slightly bored tone. “I thought she was going to finish her classes today.”

“I guess she just wanted to surprise güvenilir bahis her family by showing up early.” Alexis shrugged. “You know how she gets her ideas and just has to overly dramatize things. I’m just a little worried. Usually, she calls my cell to let me know she made it home okay.”

“I’m sure she just got wrapped up in whatever plans her family have for her.” Seth murmured in his bored tone.

Two burned out cigarettes and three flights of stairs later, she put thoughts of her best friend, Angela, from her mind. They were there to discuss something serious, and she felt slightly worried at what it could be. She unlocked the door and pushed it open, her stomach turning summersaults now. Perhaps tonight was the night she lost herself totally to him. He closed the door behind him, moving to the bunk that was Angela’s, sliding his shoes off and working his toes. Alexis hung her coat up, slid her shoes off, then moved to the small refrigerator she shared with Angela, pulling out a soda, opening it.

“Want one?” She asked, knowing she was stalling the moment. It might be wonderful news he was going to present her, but there was also always the potential for disaster.

“No, thank you.” Seth said. He stood and moved to her, kissing her firmly, powerful arms wrapping around her thin waist. She felt herself falling slowly, a never-ending drop from reality that took forever and back. An eon passed before she could breath again.

She smiled at him, pulling back. “You, sir, do that too well for your own good.”

“I know.” He bent down, lips gently brushing against her neck, like the gently brush of a butterfly’s wings. Her eyes fluttered and her knees weakened, but she pulled back again.

“Stop, you. Now let’s be serious. What did you want to talk about?”

Seth paused, then sat back down, his beautiful eyes troubled. He looked up at her, and wanted to cry just seeing the pain he was in. She moved to him, sat down, and cupped his face in her hands. “What is it, baby?”

“I have to leave. Something’s happened and I can’t stay.”

With that single statement, her heart broke. She forced back tears, but the pain she felt for him now turned inward. “Why?”

“Please. Don’t ask. Just trust that I’m doing the right thing.” Seth kissed her forehead, running fingers along her cheek. “I just wanted to tell you before I just disappeared. You mean the world to me, and I will miss you so much. But I can’t stay here anymore.”

“What are you saying? Whatever it is, I don’t care. I’ll go with you.”

“No. You can’t go with me. You have to stay here.” He rose, turning to the door. His hand rested on the knob, not moving to open the door. “I’ll be leaving tonight, but I just wanted to say goodbye.”

“Wait!” Alexis cried, running to him, wrapping arms around his waist. “What aren’t you telling me? There’s something else, isn’t there?”

“Yes, but you’ll find out soon enough.” Seth kissed her gently, then pulled the door open.

“You can’t leave yet.” Alexis whispered, stepping in front of him. “I have something to give you before you go. Something to remember me by, if you are leaving for good.” Admitting she would never see him again after that was hardest to admit, even to herself, but she did it.

“What is it?”

She leaned up and kissed him deeply, a serious kiss. Her hands took his, leading him to her bed. She kissed him again, then slid back slowly, unbuttoning the top few buttons of her silky blouse. She looked up at him, watching as a new intensity took his eyes. A slight nervousness touched her, but she suppressed it. This was for him. No matter what pain she felt, she would not stop him. This was her first, last, and only time with him. She would not ruin it for him with fear on her part. She loved him too much. His eyes traveled the length and breadth of her small body, licking his lips lightly. Was he nervous? He seemed paler than normal, suddenly, and very unsure of himself. Alright, then, she thought to herself. If he won’t start this, I will.

She türkçe bahis pulled him closer to her, kissing him deeply, leading his hand gently to the next button, anxious to feel what this would be like with such a wonderfully gentle man. She smiled into the kiss as she felt his fingers deftly work to open her blouse fully. For such large hands, he had nimble fingers. Pulling away, Seth slowly worked his hands and eyes along her soft, well-tanned skin. Oh, how his hands felt wonderful against her. She shifted slightly, moisture building against the material of her panties. A tingling sensation ran across her body, sending ripples of pleasure firing through her like lightning. And this from a mere touch of his hand? She could hardly wait for the rest now. Heat rose in her skin, the fluttering a thousands of butterflies filling her tummy. She sat up at his direction, shivering as he slid her blouse away, nimble fingers working open the clasps of her bra. Soon, she was completely topless and in him arms, kissing him deeply, almost wildly. Never before had she been this way. Why now? Why with him? She loved him, but wouldn’t that only make her want to take it more slowly with him?

Just from the way his lips played against hers, she thought her body might explode, but Seth was not satisfied with that alone. His lips slowly marked a trail from hers to her jaw, down her chin and across her neck. His tongue flashed out under a tightly sealed mouth. The flat of his tongue slid along her skin and she squirmed harshly, eyes rolling. Oh how she loved this. How she needed this. His tongue left her skin and she whimpered, aching for him now. His lips marked another trail from her neck to her heavy breasts, circling them twice each, then closing in slightly on her rose-stained nipples, circling again. Over and over he did this until she felt his breath on her nipples, but never moved closer. She could have screamed from the torment. He was so tantalizingly close, and all he was doing was teasing her! A moment’s anger was suppressed under a wave of erotic heat. She hated waiting for it, but knew the anticipation would make her pleasure more overpowering.

His tongue lightly slid out, caressing the thick flesh of her nipple as breath rushed out of lungs she had no idea she froze in place. As if that were a sigh for him, he leaped into action, taking her nipple between his lips and suckling gently at it. Her other nipple suddenly danced in pleasure as his fingers turned and rolled and tugged it slowly. Another lifetime passed while pleasure built up in her, filling her completely. Had he continued, she would have exploded in sexual energy. But, he pulled away, switched slowly and took her other nipple between his lips, suckling. The already suckled nipple lay moist and stiff, chill against the cool air of the room. Fingertips pressed into it now, easing it again to a sexual peak.

Unable to stand much more, she groaned, writhing under his attentions. Oh how he knew what he was doing. His hands eased down her body suddenly, yet his lips and tongue eased along her nipple, sending pulsed of lightning through her, straight to her swollen clit. The ache between her thighs screamed for attention, but she was trapped in his web of control. Just as she was about to voice her pleas for his attention, he felt her pants slide open and the rest of her clothes slide off of her easily. His lips left her nipple, leaving it much as the first one, then followed a slick trail down her bust, across her abdomen, around the edges of her tummy, up and down her sides, and stopped just at the inside of her hips where the bundles of nerves made her engorged clit scream in agony of impatience.

His lips teased her once more, toying along the inside of her hips, inching down her body as slowly as possible without standing still. His tongue lashed across her inner thighs, edging closer and closer to her enflamed sex. A sound filled her ears suddenly; a moaning breath, emanating from her own chest. How was she so unaware of what she was doing while güvenilir bahis siteleri her whole body was screaming of what was happening to her?

As slowly as he made it to where he was, he slowed down even more as he finally reached where she wanted him to be. Emotions aside, she needed him now. She wanted him inside of her. She was going to scream, and didn’t care who heard. Let them all hear! She wanted satisfaction! Instincts had taken over and she didn’t care! She loved him, but for all of her, she needed sexual gratification before she was going to die from waiting!

A warm tongue pressed against her clit once, slid along its length, then eased away, cold air following immediately afterwards. She did scream then, a sound so piercing, it was a wonder she did not break the glass in the room. The air stopped and his tongue lashed out as her clit once more. And just as before, the one lick was all she received before the cold air caressed her burning clit. Had his hands not been holding her thighs, she would have crushed his head to keep that wonderful tongue in place. Her mind reeled as his thumbs began to play along with the cold air, tracing ever-so-gently across her thighs, stopping where she felt it most. Eyes rolling wildly, she could not think on any one thing at a time. Focus was as impossible as holding water with open hands. His tongue flashed again, and she flinched as if stricken. Cold air followed yet again. Why was he being so cruel to her? His tongue dragged across her aching clit and she whimpered as if in pain. Why did he not want her satisfied? Cold air blasted her desperate sex. Why?

As she was about to beg for him to not tease her so, a flash of pleasure washed over her body as he was suddenly inside of her. He was filling her completely, and she lost all sight of anything but ice blue eyes watching her with an insatiable lust filling them. Suddenly she was scared. A voice in the back of her mind screamed for her to run, but the fear dulled with the sensations of lust! She didn’t care anymore. All she wanted was her satisfaction; wanted him to make her scream again! As he nearly pulled out of her, she moaned and whimpered, nails digging into his bare back. How had he lost his shirt? The details were still so fuzzy. He slid deep inside of her, filling her again. Life filled her soul! She was so alive! Over and over again, she felt him nearly fall from their mesh, then drive back into her, making her want more, making her want to scream!

Just as a strong heat built inside of her, from a place she never knew existed, she did scream. Seth looked down at her, eyes dimmed as if dead, and two pointed fangs extended from his gums. Her beautiful Seth had her trapped and she did not know if she wanted to run or lay there and let him do as he pleased, so long as he finished what he started. As he bent forward, she felt sharp pain at her jugular, and blackness rolled over in a swollen wave of agonized pleasure. Lightning filled her every niche! Her nerves wanted to dance and sing from the joy she suddenly experienced! Life was more! Colors were suddenly brighter! Sounds sharper! Her wails of pleasure filled the room, yet seemed hollow compared to the feelings she was experiencing! Life was coursing through her!

And as suddenly as it happened, it was over, and darkness rolled over her . . .

Seth sat silently, looking over the woman he had loved for the last of his human life. He had felt the same thing she had felt in his last, yet she would not return from it. The pain of emptiness would never be hers, as was his. Hopefully, she would meet with her friend, Angela, in Heaven. He had taken her first to practice what he wanted to do to Alexis. Strangely enough, he didn’t feel sad at all for either of them. He was glad she had something more to look forward to. All he had now was pain and death. Odd how strangely at ease she seemed now. Her pale face was as lifeless as the doll she seemed to resemble.

“I did love you, Dove. But now, you have other things to be happy with; others to share joy with. I will miss you. Please think fondly of me when you fly with the angels.” The last sliver of light that played across her face was soft light from the full moon outside. That was how he would remember his Dove for all time.

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