A little fun on holiday

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The sunlight is so bright, sitting up I look around and survey the wreckage, three naked boys, I vaguely remember them from last night, Sue and I’d met then last night. They took us to the party, I was sore all over, it was such a fun party. Getting off the bed I found a bathroom and a clean toothbrush. I couldn’t find any of my clothes at all. I found some wedges and slipped them on, there was a lot of broken glass and I didn’t want to cut my feet.

Gently picked my way round the house, a big white villa, eventually I found Sue, passed out in another room, someone’s cock still in her mouth, her hair matted, I guessed she’d been letting guys cum in her face, the little slut. I wondered if anyone guessed she was just fourteen, no one asked how old I was, especially once I’d got my dress off. I shook her awake, she looked around and laughed finding a cock still in her mouth.

We found another bathroom, in it a couple were having sex in the shower, I thought about joining them but we just watched as Sue cleaned her teeth. She blew us a kiss as we left.

Sue managed to find a pair of sandals and we found a couple of bottles of water. We drank them in the kitchen.

“Fuck I’m so sore.” Sue giggled wiping her mouth. “How many did you do?”

“I woke up with three,” I paused trying to think back to the night before “Must be at least seven or eight.”

“You’re such a fucking slut.” Sue giggled “I thought that chick was going to kill you when you let her bf fuck you on the coffee table.”

I giggled too, the couple had had a row while he was fucking me on the coffee table, not once did he pull his cock out of me, he was going on about banging a chick with a clit ring was on his bucket list. It was a wild night.

“How many did you do?” I asked my slutty little sister.

“Ten.” She announced looking so pleased with herself, we were always trying to out slut each other.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yep, I counted” she said holding up her arm, there were ten lines she’d drawn with a marker.

“You dirty slut.” I said softly sipping the last of the water. Sue just giggled and threw her bottle of water in the sink.

“Come on sis let’s got to the beach.” She said. We looked around and found some sun glasses, and a couple of sarongs. Sue tied her up over her boobs, I smiled and tied mine round my waist. She looked at me and shook her head and re tied her’s to match. We walked hand in hand down to the beach guys checking us out as we bounced deliberately down the road.

We dumped our shoes and sarongs on a couple of sun loungers and naked as the day we were born we dived into the sea. We splashed around for a few minutes cleaning ourselves in the refreshing water.

Getting back to the sun loungers we found two guys sitting on the adjacent loungers, we wiped as much water güvenilir bahis as we could of ourselves and sat down on the loungers. Sue kept looking at the guys, they were very cute indeed. They kept looking at us too. I think they liked what they could see.

“Hi, could we borrow some sun cream please?” I asked.

“You’re English?” One of them said and he slapped hands with the other guy.

“Yeah, sun cream?” I prompted him again. The other guy stood up with the bottle in his hands, his shorts were looking a little full. Sue, like the dirty bitch she is, looked over the top of her sunglasses checking out the guys crouch, she smiled and licked her lips.

“Sure,” He said and stepped towards us, “But we get to apply it.”

“God, thought you’d never ask.” Sue said rolling onto her front “Back first though.”

I lay down too and the other guy started to rub sun cream into my skin, I glanced over, Sue was grinning from ear to ear as the cream was rubbed into her skin. It didn’t take long till my guy had rubbed cream all over me, his hands went to my ass. He took a long time working the cream in. I looked over my shoulder at him and smiled. He spread my ass cheeks and rubbed cream there. His finger nudged round my asshole. I took the initiative and pushed back as his finger probed a little more. The tip of his finger slipped into my ass. I giggled at him.

Rolling over he stood up when he sat back down facing me I put one leg over each of his sitting there he stared at my pussy, a slow smile creeping over his face. Taking one ankle he lifted my leg straight up and started to rub the cream onto my skin. I glanced over Sue was getting the same treatment.

“You here on holiday?” He asked with that sexy accent rubbing the cream into my thigh.

“Yeah, and you?” I sighed, it felt so nice, and seeing his bulge was having an effect on me.

“No we live here.” He said getting to the other leg.

“So you come down here and pick up chicks?” I giggled teasingly. As he stroked my inner thigh holding my leg spread right out.

“Yeah, we like English girls best.” He said and rubbed cream into my arms leaning over me completely.

“Why do you like English girls best?” I asked breathing in his cologne.

“Cos they’re the easiest dirtiest bitches. There’s nothing English girls won’t do.” He said. My nipples got hard and I arched my back making them touch his bare torso.

“Fuck yeah that’s us!” Sue yelled out, her guy sprayed the lotion all over her body and started eagerly rubbing it into her tight little body. My guy sprayed cream all over my boobs and began rubbing it in.

“You know this isn’t a nudist beach.” Said the guy with Sue.

“Oh should we go home and out some clothes on?” Sue asked moaning as her guy rubbed cream into her pussy.

“No, just letting türkçe bahis you know, the cops can be funny sometimes.” He said, I watched her back arch as he pushed a finger into my little sister. She smiled and giggled.

“I like this.” Said the guy rubbing cream into me lifting my clit ring and pulling it slightly. I bit my lip as my pussy flooded.

“Careful stud, doing that makes me crazy horny.” I said. He did it again smirking at me. “Why don’t you take them shorts off?” I asked, he pushed a finger into my sore but ready pussy.

“What? Right here?” He asked looking a bit shocked as I wriggled my hips pushing more of his finger into my pussy. He glanced over his friend was already kicking off his shorts as Sue sucked his cock. He said something in Spanish and unfastened his shorts. I sat up and as soon as I could I sucked his cock into my mouth cupping his balls in one hand.

He pushed me back onto the lounger and got between my legs, I took hold of his cock and rubbed it all over my pussy sliding the ball of my clit ring into the slit of his cock.

“Fuck you two are dirty bitches.” He said as he pushed into me. Looking over Sue was on her knees, face on the lounger as the guy fucked her from behind. Looking round people were watching us, it turned me on so much. I wondered what they’d say if they knew how young Sue and I were.

“Are you two sisters?” The guy fucking Sue asked.

“Yeah dirty slut sisters.” Sue gasped between powerful thrusts.

“Do you ever go with each other?” My guy asked.

“All the time.” I said and moved sideways so I could kiss Sue passionately for them. He fucked me harder.

“I want your ass baby.” Sues’ guy said.

“Just take it lover.” Sue gasped. She bit her lip as the guy forced his cock into her tight ass. My guy pulled out of me, I gasped and looked at him. He gripped his cock in one hand and pushed onto my ass.

“Hey! You’re supposed to ask!” I protested as he forced his whole cock into me.

“Shut up and take it Puta.” He said fucking me in the ass hard. I moaned and closed my eyes as he pushed two fingers into my wet slit. I couldn’t stop myself cumming as they guy fucked me. I could hear Sue cumming too.

Blinking into the bright sunshine I was glad I had my sun glasses still on as he fucked me, for a moment I thought about getting him to fuck me doggy style like Sue so the sun would be out of my eyes. But suddenly he groaned and started to cum in my ass. I could feel each spurt deep in my ass as he forced himself as deep as he could.

I looked over and watched the guy cuming in Sue he looked pleased, all the guys love ass fucking Sue, the dirty little slut.

“Coito policías vamos corrido!” He yelled and they both jumped up and grabbing their shorts before we could get up properly they were both gone sprinting güvenilir bahis siteleri off down the beach. Propping myself up to see what the hell was going on I saw two figures running towards us, Sue sat back on her heels, cum dripping out of her ass already.

The two figures stopped at the lounger we were on waving their arms in defeat. They looked round at us laying there, I realized they were cops, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.

A woman came up and had a conversation with the cops, it didn’t take long before Sue and I were in hand cuffs and still naked we were marched off the beach to the police car. We had to give them our address and they drove us home.

Naked and cuffed they walked us up to the front door, I have to admit I was liking it. I was hoping they wouldn’t get mad about the cum on the seat Sue and I had left behind on the ride home.

Daddy answered the door, looking all manly and handsome as always. We were taken inside to the lounge, one of the cops went to take off our handcuffs. Daddy stopped him.

“Que?” The cop said.

“I think I like them like that, stand there.” Daddy said and we stood by the TV, Daddy made us stand with our legs shoulder width apart and he invited the cops to sit-down. Daddy asked them what the trouble was.

“Sinour, your daughters were having sex with some boys on the beach. There were several complaints.”
Sue giggled a bit, Daddy slapped his hand down hard on the arm of the seat making us both jump. I could feel more cum drip out of me and land on the floor.

“This is serious you sluts!” Daddy shouted loudly at us, my nipples hardened, I loved it when Daddy was all manly and firm with us.

“Indeed senour. There is a fine to be paid.” The cop explained. Daddy looked round at us slowly, he looked really angry as we stood there cum dripping out of our asses. Daddy glanced down at the floor.

“Clean that up.” He snapped and awkwardly we got down on the floor, we knew what Daddy expected. Still cuffed we licked the cum off the floor swallowing it all.

“Your girls are very well trained, I am surprised they were outside.” Said one of the cops. Daddy laughed and threw his hands up in the air.

“Oh they’re pair of dirty sluts for sure. I let them have fun. But they always come back don’t you?” Daddy asked.

“Yes Daddy.” We answered almost in unison.

“Are you sorry for the bad thing you did?” He asked sitting forward as we remained on our knees, cuffed and naked, it was so erotic.

“Yes Daddy.” We said nearly synchronised, the way he liked.

“Well look they are the ones who owe the fine, how about you take it out on them?’ Daddy asked sitting back in his chair. We both looked over at the cops smiling slightly at them.

They looked at each other.

“Sounds fair.” One of them said. We looked at each other and made our way over still on our knees to them and we both managed to crawl up into their laps. Straddling my cop I pushed my breasts into his face.

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