A Night Out

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God I wanted him. Me and Nick sat waiting at the playground for my aunt and uncle to get home so we could visit them. “Doesn’t look like they’re going to get home any time soon Sam, sorry.” he mumbled. I felt pissed off, and whenever I get mad I get really horny. I dared him that he wouldn’t finger me in front of all these houses, at 7 pm in the evening, it wasn’t even dark yet, but I knew he’d take it, and something about people watching turned me on worse.

By the time he threw me back on the slide and started shoving his hand down my pants my pussy was starting to get wet. He ran his fingers slowly up against my clit through the silky material of my blue panties. My hips slowly started to grind up against his hand, showing him what I wanted. He smirked at me, he knew he had me right where he wanted me. I laid back and whimpered for him to shove his fingers in my cunt. My panties were slowly soaking through, and I knew he could feel it on the outside. He kept teasing my clit, using just the tip of one finger to glide slowly up and down along it. What a bastard, he knew I wanted him, why wouldn’t he give into me?!

In a hoarse whisper I said, “just shove it in already! What are you waiting for?!” He just smiled and kept it up. I grabbed his face, pulled him hard down on top of me, and started kissing him like crazy. Shoving my tongue in his mouth I searched for his. Finally he gave in and shoved his tongue into mine, licking all over trying to make me dripping wet. I felt his hand slide into my panties, “yes!” I thought.

His skillful fingers started rubbing against cihangir escort the opening of my cunt. I spread my legs as far as they would open, inviting him to dive in. My juices were dripping down his fingers and onto his hand and I knew he wanted me too the way his breathing sped up.

Finally he shoved two fingers up, oh god it hurt at first until my pussy stretched to fit them. I started moaning and put my mouth near his ear to make sure he heard it good and loud. He started shoving them in and out, faster and deeper. My moans got louder, until I was practically screaming for him to fuck me. “Shove that huge fucking cock inside me before I rape you!” I screamed at him. I got no response except a third finger being shoved up inside. I felt myself starting to build and I knew I was getting close.

I mumbled it to him and he said, “common bitch! Let those juices flow all over me, you already know I want you!” Oh god, nothing turned me on faster then when he talked dirty to me. I felt myself near climax and I bucked my hips up against his hand. He took his thumb and started rubbing my clit at the same time his fingers were brutally fucking me. I started moaning louder, my breathing getting harder. “Cum for me you little slut!” was the last thing I heard before an explosion went off in my head and I lost control. My body dropped against the slide, riding off the waves of ecstasy. He drew his hand out of my pants and pulled me close making me watch him lick my cum off his fingers.

“C’mon, lets go somewhere a little more… esenyurt escort private.” He motioned for me to follow him to his car. I dropped in the passenger seat, watching him start the engine. I looked down to find a mighty big bulge coming out of his pants. I grabbed his dick with one hand and started playing. He moaned softly and turned out onto the street. As we drove along I slowly slid my hand into his pants, under his boxers and started to give him a hand job while he drove. He almost came right there in my hand. He pulled into a little parking lot and pulled my hand out smacking it.

“Now you’re in for it you little whore…” he said softly before spanking my ass hard and yanking me over to a fence.

“What’s this?” I barely had time to ask before he motioned for me to jump over. The other side was sand, trees and little bushes so I figured it wouldn’t hurt. I jumped over with him quickly following. I turned to see what he wanted and he pulled me into a tight embrace. I sunk into his kiss losing myself to the passion of it. Tongues flinging themselves at each other, hands searching for something to grab onto, our hips grinding in a slow rhythm together. I laid back and pulled him on top of me.

“I want you NOW!” I hissed at him pulling his pants down as quickly as I could. He grabbed at mine and started yanking down hard too.

“You dirty little slut, you wanna do it right here in the dirt don’t you? Right outside in front of everyone?” I nodded my head quickly, pulling down his boxers and exposing what etiler escort I had been waiting for all night… A long, thick dick stuck out and he pushed my legs apart.

“God I want you” was all I heard before I felt something pushing apart my cunt. I laid back and tried to relax, knowing how good it would feel to finally have him shoving his cock into my soaking wet chamber. He started slowly, in and out, getting me used to it so I wouldn’t have any pain. After he felt I was used to it he would go deeper, feeling my cunt walls stretch and suck him up. Soon he had his whole cock in, all the way up to his balls, which were banging against my ass as he fucked me. Our breathing became the same, low and hard, as we both began to climb. I grabbed at his ass, shoving him down harder into me, trying to get him deeper. His mouth left soft kisses along my collarbone and neck as he worked his way down to my aching nipples. Hard and standing erect right in front of his face.

“Suck them!” I moaned and he grabbed at them with his teeth. Sucking hard on them and flicking them with his tongue I felt him getting close.

“Cum with me slut, when I say the word okay?” he said into my breast.

“You got it” I said between moans. Harder and harder he fucked me, getting us both up there until he dropped against me and we both collapsed, cumming all over each other. We laid there cuddling as we finished up. Finally his dick went limp and he pulled it out again, it was completely covered in my juice.

“I guess I was a bit wet huh?” I kinda smiled and tried to joke.

“Kinda? Your cum ran outta your cunt, and down into your ass, if that’s kinda for you…” Then he pulled me up and we dressed each other. We jumped back over the fence, and to the car. As we drove home we both knew we had just experienced one of the most erotic, passionate sex sessions we had ever, and would ever, have…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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