A Night to Remember

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Drew stretched out on her soft bed, her eyes fixed on a spot on the ceiling, her mind reliving the events of the day just finished. It was a warm, early May night and Drew’s sophomore semester of college was almost over. The cool breeze of the midnight air blew in from the open window, but it did very little to cool down the warmth coursing through Drew’s body. Dressed in a tight tank top and a pair of smooth silky white panties, Drew’s body tingled with the familiar sensation associated with thinking of her boyfriend Josh.

* * * * *

Josh and Drew had met one night at a frat party, and immediately hit it off. Drew had always been a shy girl, her full figure making her uncertain of herself and her body. Drew knew that she wasn’t fat, in fact she was far from fat. At a height of 5’5″, she was a very comfortable weight with some wonderful, classic curves on her body. However, the lack of interest guys showed in her throughout high school had made Drew very uneasy about her curvy hips, her round J-Lo style ass, and her fleshed-out thighs. In fact, the only features that Drew had been complimented on during her high school years were her breasts and her face.

Drew’s face is what everyone who has ever seen her called ‘cute.’ It was framed with strawberry blonde hair that fell slightly past her shoulders, and housed a set of attractive hazel eyes. Her face literally lit up when she spread her smile across her cheeks, her teeth like a string of pearls. Her breasts were what every guy who looked at her called ‘hot.’ Drew had been blessed with a full ass and a pair of full, C-cups, perfectly shaped to fit her body. In fact, besides the back of her neck, Drew’s breasts were the most sensitive part of her body. The very first time she fooled around with a guy, Drew had cum just from his mouth and tongue sucking on her breasts.

Drew’s attitude about herself changed somewhat during her freshman year at college. She had a few dates and hooked up once or twice, but never anything significant or meaningful. Then, her sophomore year she had roomed with Ashley, who showed her the world, so to speak. It was Ashley who had dragged Drew out to that fateful frat party where she and Josh had first met, almost 4 months ago to the day.

* * * * *

Today, Josh and Drew had skipped their afternoon classes and headed off the beach. In the warm sun, the two lovers laid together on a blanket in a reclusive alcove of rocks and dunes. Drew and Josh spent all afternoon kissing and touching, their fingers and tongues exploring each other’s bodies intimately. Very soon, Josh had slipped his hand beneath Drew’s jeans and panties, his fingers sliding across her already wet pussy.

Drew’s own hand quickly unbuttoned Josh’s jeans and worked free his hard cock, stroking it slowly, seductively. The two lovers had stayed like that for what seemed like hours, perfectly content to masturbate poker oyna each other to numerous orgasms, before growing tired and heading for home.

* * * * *

Drew smiled as she remembered the feeling of Josh’s fingers sliding in and out of her dripping pussy, and her own fingers trailed along her body. Drew pulled off her tank top, then reached down and slipped off her panties, already wet with her desire. Drew’s hand immediately went between her thighs, while her other hand began fondling her tits, her fingers pinching and pulling her hardening nipples.

Drew moved her fingers around her moist pussy in a circular motion, lightly tracing her exposed clit. “Ohhh,” Drew moaned in pleasure, titling her head back. With her roommate Ashley home visiting her parents for the weekend, Drew had the room entirely to herself and knew she could be as loud as she wanted.

Drew slowly slid her fingers along her moist lips, spreading them, and with a loud “Mmmmm,” she ran her index finger between her lips. Bringing the finger up to her mouth, Drew sucked her wet finger, tasting the sweetness of her juices.

Drew returned her finger between her thighs, and slid it deep within her tight pussy. “Yessss, ooooo,” Drew groaned with desire, as she slowly slid in a second, then a third finger. “Oh God yesssss,” she groaned, as her fingers worked their way faster and faster into her wet pussy. The sloppy sounds of her pussy getting finger-fucked and Drew’s loud moans masked the arrival of a visitor in the room.

“Oh crap Drew yes,” the male voice said. “That looks so fucking hot babe.”

Drew’s fingers froze buried deep within her pussy, a moan caught within her throat, as she opened her eyes. It was Kenny, Ashley’s boyfriend and Josh’s best friend, standing with his jeans around his ankles, his hand quickly stroking his large member.

“Kenny…wha…what the…” Drew sputtered out, as she reached for the sheet in an attempt to cover up her naked body.

“No Drew,” Kenny cried and quickly snatched the sheet from her hands. ‘Don’t cover yourself up on my account. In fact, please don’t stop. You looked so damn hot lying there, fingering your beautiful pussy.”

Kenny kicked off his jeans and moved to sit on the edge of Drew’s bed, while Drew, not knowing what to do, attempted to curl up against the wall. “Josh never told me you shaved your pussy Drew,” Kenny smiled, his hands grabbing hold of Drew’s knees and moving them aside, despite the silent protests of Drew herself.

“Josh…he’d…” Drew began to speak, wanting Kenny to leave, but also feeling an unknown desire for him to stay as well. Kenny was a very attractive guy, standing at just over 6′ lean and cut like a track star. Drew had had some wonderful fantasies about her and Kenny, when Ashley and he would come home late at night drunk and start fucking on the bed across from Drew.

“Shhh,” Kenny said and smiled canlı poker oyna at Drew. “Josh wouldn’t care. He’s my best friend and we share everything, even you girls.”

Drew’s eyes widened at that statement. “You mean?”

“Yeah, he’s fucked Ashley a few times. We never told you because nobody knew how you’d react and Josh cares about you a lot Drew.” Kenny quickly took off his shirt and stretched his naked body out beside Drew’s sitting form. “I was just coming by to check on you, when I heard some moaning. I knew Josh was already home, so I wanted to make sure you weren’t cheating on him.”

“I would never, Kenny!” Drew cried out. “I love Josh, I would never cheat on him!”

“Not even with his best friend?’ Kenny asked, his hand trailing up Drew’s thigh. “Even if he wanted you to?”

Drew looked unsure about this situation, but she couldn’t deny the desire burning in her pussy right now. Being interrupted so abruptly while fingering herself, and seeing the object of so many fantasies lying naked next to her, was making Drew very horny and willing.

“You know Drew,” Kenny smiled, his hand rubbing the inside of Drew’s thighs, his fingers lightly brushing up against her wet pussy. “I’ve always loved your thighs babe.”

“They’re fat,” Drew said simply, her legs unconsciously spreading to allow Kenny an unobstructed view of her shaved pussy, glistening with her juices.

“They are so not fat Drew,” Kenny said, leaning down and planting a series of light kisses along Drew’s thighs. “They are a classic pair of womanly thighs. The kind that wrap around a man’s waist in passion.”

Drew let out a soft moan at the sweet words from Kenny, as she felt herself being drawn down next to him. Without another sound, Kenny rolled on top of Drew, his naked body meshing with her own. Kenny ran his fingers through Drew’s soft hair, as he trailed kisses down her neck and shoulders. His hands found her ample breasts, and squeezed them hard.

“Ohhh Kenny,” Drew moaned, as Kenny’s fingers began pinching her nipples.

“You like this Drew?” Kenny asked, taking a hardened nipple into his mouth and sucking it. “Your tits are everything Josh and my imagination told me they’d be.” Kenny’s mouth then moved to the other breast, biting and sucking that nipple making Drew’s fire burn even hotter.

Kenny sat up, his legs straddling Drew’s waist, his hands holding onto her large tits and moving them in a circular motion. Drew glanced down and saw his large cock resting on her stomach.

“Can I fuck you Drew?’ Kenny asked, one of his hands now holding his 8” cock and gently running the head along her stomach. It left a wet trail of pre-cum wherever Kenny moved it. “I mean, if you just want to fool around, that’s fine with me too,” Kenny began, when Drew’s hands reached down and grabbed his cock.

“Please Kenny,” Drew pleaded, a look of pure lust in her eyes. internet casino “Please fuck me now.”

Kenny smiled and blew her a kiss, as he moved his body above Drew’s, running the head of his cock along her slit in a teasing fashion.

“Oh God Kenny, please don’t tease me,” Drew pleaded. “Fuck me please.”

Kenny moaned at the reality of Drew, his best friend’s sweet innocent girlfriend, one of the most caring people he had ever met, telling him to fuck her. Drew could feel the head of Kenny’s cock press against her pussy, and with one hard push, he entered her.

“Ahhhhh yessss,” Drew screamed, an intense orgasm that had been building up since she started fingering herself, coursed through her body.

With another hard push, Kenny was buried deep within Drew’s wet pussy, his balls resting against her full ass. Kenny began moving his cock in and out of Drew’s pussy, his hands gripping her hips in a tight embrace. With each faster and harder thrust, Drew could feel Kenny’s balls slamming against her ass.

Drew closed her eyes and couldn’t tell if it was a dream or not. The shaking of her body as Kenny’s cock pounded into her told her it was real. She couldn’t imagine that a few years, even a few months ago, she had problems with her confidence, and now she had a wonderful boyfriend who loved her and his gorgeous friend fucking her.

Drew felt Kenny’s hands grab her tits and begin squeezing them hard, as his hips slammed against her. “Drew, you are so fucking hot,” Kenny moaned, sweat dripping down his face. “Uhhh, your pussy is so fucking tight baby, so fucking hot.”

Drew’s hands covered Kenny’s on her tits, as she thrashed about beneath him, the feeling of another intense orgasm flowing through her. “Mmmm Kenny, oh God, sooo good,” Drew cried out, her head moving from side to side in the throws of passion. “Oh God Kenny, making me cummmmm, ohhhhhhh yesssss,” Drew yelled, her body stiffening and lifting off the bed as her pussy spasmed around Kenny’s thrusting cock.

The sight of this beautiful 20 year old woman moaning and moving beneath him in pleasure was all that Kenny needed to put him over the edge. “Oh shit Drew, I’m gonna cum, yeahhhhhh, ughhhhhh,” Kenny grunted and gave one last thrust as he came, shooting his hot jism deep into Drew’s pussy.

Kenny collapsed on top of Drew’s naked, sweaty body and began kissing her neck, cheeks, ears, eyes, and anywhere else he could get to. Drew wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back with a love she previously had only felt for her boyfriend Josh.

The two lovers laid together, basking the afterglow of sex. Drew could feel Kenny’s cock soften and slip out of her pussy, his cum leaking out and running down to her ass crack and sheets.

“Drew,” Kenny said, kissing her ear lightly. “I shouldn’t have cum inside of you. Josh and Ashley would kill me if I got you pregnant.”

Drew smiled, kissing Kenny’s nose. “That’s so sweet of you to worry Kenny, but I started taking the pill a few weeks ago, so it’s fine.”

Kenny smiled and the two fell asleep entangled in each other’s arms.

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