A Night to Remember

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Ariana Marie

He was nervous, excited, terrified, anxious, happy, distracted. A whole host of emotions but what do you expect when it’s his first day on the job. First day of his first job in fact. He’d somehow fumbled his way into a bar job in the city centre. He thought it was a classy establishment but some of the other workers had him convinced otherwise before he’d even started his shift and he was still signing his zero-hour contract.

“Mate it’s the McDonald’s drive-thru of cocktails. Just you wait until you see the clientele, classy my arse,” they said. They seemed like a nice bunch he thought. One of them said he’d “Look after him,” which brought him some comfort.

He could hear the bass pumping through the walls but couldn’t quite make out the song. No doubt 2009’s best club anthems or something of that ilk. He’d soon be bored of them he thought. He was shown round all parts of the bar, how to pour a pint and all the rest of it. His nerves had melted somewhat. That was until he saw a gaggle of prim girls approach. Short dresses, high heels, way overdone make-up and invariable big blonde hair, such is the fashion. He still absolutely would, he thought.

They asked for a variety of cocktails, pronounced in such a manner that they made a Pina Colada somehow sound unsexy. He recruited the help of one his new colleagues and they got to making the drinks. Bit of crushed fruit, pour the alcohol with a dramatic flair, give the girls a flirt. He was impressed by his colleagues competency. He took mental notes.

The night continued in much the same vein. Over dressed girls and over-tanned lads asking for a variety of exotic drinks from the McDonald’s drive-thru of cocktail bars. The music was distracting enough that time passed swiftly. He was quite enjoying his first shift, mainly because his colleague had shown him the best way to get away with having a couple of drinks yourself. He was a little merry and enjoying the electricity in the air. Pretty soon the bar was 3 people deep and time flew, but then he saw her. She was a few feet back but her eyes were piercing him. He daren’t stare back too long as he had South Yorkshire’s finest clientele expectantly waiting for their pints of lager.

As he waited for a pint of Guinness to take it’s sweet time to settle he chanced another look. Those eyes were staring straight back. He could make out a little more in the relative dark of the club lights. Her pink lips pursed round a lollipop. He looked away again. He’d overpoured the Guinness. For fucks sake, he couldn’t concentrate anymore.

Pretty girls were nothing new. He’d been gawking all night, but this one stared back. There was something about her. He continued serving, tactically seeing to those in front of her so he could get to her quicker. Then there she was. Her eyes had cast him under a spell. She was stunning. Dark red hair shimmering in contrast to her heavily made-up eyes, bright pink lips that matched her tight, figure-hugging dress.

“Hiya,” was all she said.

“Hey, what can I get ya?”

She shrugged in response and poker oyna continued sucking on her lollipop.

“Cocktail? Vodka? Gin! You look like a gin girl,” he said, he’d been practising his patter all night.

“Yeah, gin sounds good,” she said with a strong suggestion of ‘whatever’. He feels he could have served her anything and she’d happily accept. What was happening here? Sparks were flying. He dutifully made her the gin drink and placed it on the bar. He wasn’t quite sure what to do next, he just sort of, grinned.

“She’s next,” she said, pointing to the girl next to her, presumably her friend, “come find me,” she added with a wink and disappeared into the crowd.

Her friend said something but he didn’t hear. She waved a hand in front of his face.


“Sorry, hi, what can I get ya?”

“I’m not paying for hers by the way.”


“I said I’m not paying for hers. She gives all the handsome bartenders the eyes and whaddya know? Free drinks for the night,” she said with a wry smile, “don’t worry though, I’ll pay for mine,” she seemed nice. But he felt a bit damaged. Hoodwinked on his first shift. He’d settle it with her.

“Cheers loverboy, you can lift your jaw off the floor now, she’s gone,” she said matter-of-factly as she too disappeared into the crowd. It wasn’t long before his part of the bar had started to quiet down. Long enough for him to look around at all the people milling about. The local wildlife were fascinating. But he was looking for one in particular.

“Here ya go, get on glasses,” he heard with a basket shoved into his hand.


“Glass collecting, go,” his colleague said.

He went off into the crowds. He was initially being polite but soon learnt to barge past unceremoniously. He quickly got the hang of it. He dropped off a full basket and went back for another. He went to the dance floor area. And there she was. Sky high heels and legs, her pink dress dangerously short. They spotted each other as she sipped on her straw. He sidled up to her and her group of friends.

“Gonna pay for that drink?” he said over the music.

“I thought you were just being nice and letting me have one. That not the case?” she gave him the eyes over the drink as she supped on the straw.

“Ha, no, you ain’t getting away with that one. I’ll meet you at the bar,” he said with a wink and went to carry on collecting glasses. As he turned he felt a tug on his shirt. She and her friends got close to him, dancing away to the music.

“Can’t have a little fun on the job?” she said as she kept grinding rather close to his crotch.

“Wow you are something aren’t you? Come pay for your drink or I’m getting the bouncers,” he said with as straight a face as possible but there was enough playfulness about for her to exploit.

“Oh come on, don’t be like that. What’s a girl gotta do to get a handsome man to buy her a drink round here?” she said with an exaggerated sad face as she continued to look sexy as all hell dancing away amongst the other girls canlı poker oyna in their Saturday finest.

He paused for a moment before answering.

“You like wine?” he asked. She nodded, drinking the last of her gin. Her shoulders swaying with the beat.

“Come the bar in 5 mins,” he left the dance floor and went to collect the glasses again. Returning triumphant with another full basket. He felt he’d done his bit and went to his part of the bar again. Wasn’t long before she appeared. Her eyes spoke whole sentences.

“Well, where’s my wine?” they said silently. He smiled back. Walked towards her and gestured with his head for her to follow him into a backdoor. She looked a bit shocked but eagerly followed. This was exciting. He led her into a back area and then opened the door to a large disabled toilet. He closed the door behind them.

“Err?” she uttered. The room was dark. The bass from the music could be heard thumping through the walls.

“Red or white?” he asked.


“Course you fucking would,” he responded with a laugh.

The room was barely light enough for her to make out him rummaging through some boxes at the other end of the room.

“Red or white?” he repeated.

“Fine… white,” she sighed.

He returned back into the light somewhat with a bottle and went to hand it to her. She reached out but he pulled it back.

“Well, give me it,” she said.

“The moment I do you’re out that door and this wine will be gone in 5 minutes.”

“You’ve been stung before haven’t you?”

“First night on the job actually” her face lit up at his response.

“Oh, risking a lot aren’t ya?”

“Some things are worth the risk” he looked her up and down as he said this. She was a little disarmed and on the back foot now. She moved back slightly and bumped into the wall. Her body was taking her back but her eyes begged him closer.

“What’s a boy gotta do to impress a fit girl round here?” he laughed, wine in hand. He edged in closer and closer. Her eyes spoke silently again, fucking take me, they screamed. She bit her bottom lip. He was barely an inch away from her face before they both leapt towards each other like magnets. You couldn’t have separated their joined lips if you’d tried at that moment. She stumbled in her heels into more wine boxes next to her. They kissed clumsily but with passion. He could taste the gin on her. That one wasn’t her first. She could taste a variety of spirits on him.

“Drinking on the job?” she gasped.

“You told me I should have a little fun,” he said as he picked her up and threw her on the wine boxes. He pressed his crotch to hers as she opened her legs to get him closer. They continued kissing. He picked her up again and turned her round with ease. She let out a noise that might have been considered a weak form of protest. No please Mr Barman, please don’t fuck me. She wanted it, bad. He turned her round and hoicked up the small bit of dress covering her arse. A tiny pink G-string covering nothing at all, her bare arse exposed. internet casino He kept his weight behind her to remind her he was there as he reached a hand down delicately and rubbed the front of her G-string. Sopping wet. Her natural scent mixed with her perfume and his excitement turned to pure lust, as if it hadn’t already.

He made light work of his belt and whipped out his rock hard dick. He parted what little of her underwear there was.

“Wait,” she said, “I’ve never done this before” there was a huge smile plastered across her face.

“Bollocks,” he said as he thrust into her with ease. Like a glove. She shook and let out a pleasurable moan. He groaned and got to work straight away. Fast and hard fucking. Slapped her bare arse gratuitously as she moaned, begging for more.

“This how you imagined your Saturday night? Getting raw dogged in a disabled loo for a bottle of wine? Slut,” he came down hard on her arse and thrust quicker and harder. He didn’t let up at all. He could feel himself building. The girls had been teasing him all night. Looking classy in their dresses and heels when they were anything but. It was all an illusion, they wanted it rough, hard, dirty, nameless. This one certainly did anyway.

She was clumsily grasping for purchase on the wine boxes but struggling. He was hitting all the right spots, saying all the right things. Fuck since when was this what she wanted? She didn’t protest or hold the thought too long as his relentless and unforgiving fucking built and built. Her walls pulsating round his hard dick. She got more and more high pitched. He paused and grabbed her by the chin.

“Shut the fuck up, now,” he pushed her face away again. Ran his hand through the air for the sake of it, for the sheer power of it. It turned her on of course. Took an hour to get her hair like that. Gone in seconds. Her train of thought was telling her she should be annoyed but it was all blocked by the rising climax. His dick was still going. Punishing.

He sped up, harder, faster, gripping her arse tightly as he pulled her in closer.

“Get here,” he said through gritted teeth. She was all over the place. He held her tight as he got closer and closer before letting out a long, feral groan of triumph. Which was in contrast to her confused and scattered moans of pleasure. She felt him empty inside of her. What the fuck had just happened?

He slid out and was belted back up in no time. He placed her G-string back and put her dress back down.

“This is a classy establishment don’t ya know? Can’t be seen with your arse hanging out.”

She was trying to respond but was having trouble with her balance, heels, gin and shaky legs weren’t the best combo for it. He went over to the other side of the room obscured in darkness. Shuffled a little and returned.

“There’s ya Rose” he said. Plonking the bottle down in front of her.

“Next time you try and swindle me out of a free drink, I won’t be so kind,” he unlocked the door and left the room.

What a ride, what a thrill she thought. She caught herself in the mirror, hair a mess, felt some cum dribble out. Slut, she thought. Whore, you enjoyed that, a lot. She paused before a smile came over her face. She grabbed the wine and made for the dance floor. A night to remember indeed.

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