A Saturday to Remember

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Mark pressed the doorbell and a child screamed. He stared at the painted pine door as if it might explain such a causal relationship. Did Amy have children? She’d never mentioned them, but then, he suspected there was much she did not divulge.

Unintelligible, youthful sounds approached from behind the door and Mark stiffened in anticipation. The heavy door swung open and there stood Amy, clad in a black velour wrap robe, balancing a very small child on her hip. The flush in her cheeks was surely inspired by chasing the little urchin about, but it became her more than the sultry, sophisticated look she wore to the office.

“Hi, Mark. Is it already 10:00?” The child pawed at Amy’s face with damp fingers.

“Hi, Amy. I could come back later if this is a bad time.”

“No, no! Please come in,” she said, stepping aside to let him pass through the threshold. “My sister should have been here by now to pick up this little ragamuffin, so I just assumed it was earlier than it is.” She turned to the child and her face softened further. “Meridian, this is Mark. He’s a friend of Mommie’s. Say hello, baby!” She nuzzled the child, who glanced at Mark warily.

Mark peered at the baby with exaggerated interest. “Hi, there, Meridian. You’re quite the little handful, aren’t you?”

The child kicked the air and yanked the collar of Amy’s bathrobe, exposing a large, fleshy breast nearly to the nipple. Amy grabbed the collar instinctively and covered herself quickly, laughing nervously, not quite meeting Mark’s gaze. Mark had seen enough to remind him that working so close with Amy today was going to be an exercise in self-control. Her breasts had long been the subject of some of his best idle fantasies.

“Let me put Meridian in her playpen so that we can get to that paperwork,” Amy said as she walked toward the toy-strewn living room. Placing the baby in the topless cage, she bent forward, offering Mark the graceful outline of her nice, round ass draped in black velour. He could feel his dick move and looked away, determined to read the book titles on the shelves against the wall.

“I’m going to put some clothes on,” she said shyly. “I’ll be back, but why don’t you help yourself to some coffee in the kitchen?” Mark watched her walk down the hall, that lovely behind swaying in a languid rhythm under the robe. She turned and pointed to the kitchen, which was just a few feet past her bedroom and across the hall.

He passed her room and caught the scent of freshly washed female; clean and musky. The smell of subtly perfumed potions seeped out into the hallway as Mark dawdled in the kitchen, not at all anxious to make googly talk with Meridian in the living room. He breathed in deeply, enjoying her aroma. In her haste to excuse herself from Mark, Amy must have forgotten to completely close her bedroom door. Only an inch and a half or so sat between the door and the jamb but Mark could see movement in that space.

He sipped his coffee slowly and stood immobile in the kitchen, waiting for her to pause near the opening. He knew not to approach any closer and raise suspicion, but his curiosity gnawed at him. Amy was a luscious 30 something-year-old brick house. Her skin was slightly freckled and always had the slightest suggestion of moistness about it, as if some fountain inside her fueled her reservoirs. And that deep, dark womanly scent clung to her, lingering with a confidence that lured. There was no man in the office who wouldn’t envy Mark his position at this moment.

The doorbell rang, Meridian screeched and Mark felt the blood rush from his penis to his heart. He started toward the front door but at Amy’s bedroom, she emerged wrapping her robe around her again. She and Mark nearly collided and he got a full whiff of her richness. Small throbs of recognition resumed in his crotch.

“I’ll get it. I’m sure it’s Dawn to pick up Meridian.” She scooted barefoot to the front door, her ass jiggling with each step.

Dawn had one glorious set of knockers that stretched her midriff length T-shirt provocatively. She had one of those torsos they put in beer commercials, and wore stretch pants that proclaimed every undulating muscle. She and Amy both leaned into the playpen and Mark unconsciously put his hand on his cock. Their round asses were nearly identical in shape, with Amy’s being the fuller, more womanly of the two. Mark imagined himself walking up behind them and grabbing two happy handfuls of meaty ass.

Toys were collected and good-byes were exchanged before Mark could enjoy poker oyna much more of his fantasy, let alone act on it. Amy collapsed in the leather armchair near the door, chuckling with exhaustion.

“How on earth does Dawn do it? Meridian wears me out!” She exclaimed, fanning herself with a magazine she pulled from between the cushions. Mark smiled indulgently, stifling the urge to blow softly on her chest to cool her off. As if reading his mind, she pulled her shawl collar open a bit to allow the breeze greater access to her overheated body. She was still wearing no bra and her large nipples strained through her robe. Mark rolled his tongue around the roof of his mouth to keep it inside his head.

Mark headed back down the hall to hide his insistent bulge, calling over his shoulder that he was going to get his coffee. Amy got up and returned to her bedroom, this time leaving a good three inches of space for him to see through from his vantage point in the kitchen.

Was she purposely tempting him? First the bathrobe, now twice failing to close the door completely. Was she asking for some? Should he offer it? Just take it? Mark shivered thinking about how a woman like Amy might want to be pleased. The lion in his pants roared and bucked impatiently.

He glanced over at the invitation he had to assume she intended to extend. She sat on the edge of the bed, her face mostly obscured by the door. She still wore her robe but it fell open, puddled on the floor at her sides. She raised one leg and slowly smoothed some lotion over it. Her movements, deliberate and loving, mesmerized Mark. He watched those full, shapely legs; substantial legs that made him want to sink his teeth into them, suck them, run his tongue up from toe to pussy. She leaned back and out of Mark’s field of vision but then came forward to lavish attention on the other leg. Again, the long slow strokes, sensually circulating the lotion into every thirsty pore.

She rose to stand with her back to the door. Mark restrained himself from protest once he realized the show was not over. Suddenly her robe slipped off her shoulders and gracefully fell to the floor like a theater curtain. Her beautiful backside was in full view to him now. She bent forward and placed her hands on either side of her fleshy ass and rubbed lotion into each smooth orb, as she had done with her legs. As she massaged, fleeting peeks of her cunt and asshole winked at him. His dick pushed hard against his pants and her musky odor wafted over to him. Her hands caressed her ass lovingly, each stroke at once soothing and tantalizing.

Too quickly, she stepped away from the crack in the door to continue with whatever other moisturizing rituals remained. Mark shut his eyes for composure and then realized his coffee, poured before Dawn arrived, was now cold. He returned to the coffeemaker for a refill.

As he poured, he heard the gentle slapping of bare feet on the kitchen floor behind him. His breathing ceased as he waited for her move.

Would she slip her arms around him from behind and press her big heavy tits into his back? Or maybe she’d be rougher and just grab his throbbing crotch, rubbing him till he came in his pants. Perhaps she’d force him to kneel and asphyxiate himself in her hairy mound. The possibilities were not only glorious, but endless.

He waited. Nothing. He felt her presence, as well as her aroma, surrounding him.

“Are you finished there?”

Mark jumped and turned around quickly to face her. She grinned with the left side of her moist mouth. “Have you got all the coffee you need?” she asked, holding an empty mug. Now she wore a short, white loose-fitting nightshirt, designed to look as if it had been borrowed from a man significantly larger than she. A husband, perhaps? Her well-oiled legs glowed in the kitchen sunlight. She smirked at him playfully.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Amy. Can I pour you some?” She held out her mug for him. He poured nonchalantly, but his hand shook slightly.

“Did you want sugar in your coffee?” she asked as he finished pouring.

“Actually, yes, that would be nice.” Maybe you could just sit in it, he thought.

“Let me get it for you. I keep it with my baking stuff.”

She hoisted herself deftly onto the kitchen counter and kneeled there as she opened a cabinet door. Once it was open, she reached up to the top shelf, exposing the velvety ass he’d watched her massage only moments before. It and her sturdy, smooth thighs shook slightly as she rummaged through spices, flour canlı poker oyna and assorted teas. He stood frozen and painfully erect as her ass danced only inches from his face. “Here we go!” She pulled the sugar container out and proffered it to him from her position on the counter. The shirt now covered her ass again. She flashed him a captivating smile that unnerved him. Did she want to be fucked? Right here? Was she teasing him? Testing him? Could he lose his job if he surrendered to her irresistible allure?

He approached to take the jar and was immediately struck by the scent of her arousal. He could think of nothing other than his face between the cheeks of her sweet ass, breathing in that rich, slippery readiness. And then he wanted to lick it up until she screamed and writhed all over her kitchen counter.

“Thanks,” he said instead. “Why do you keep it in such an inaccessible place? The sugar, I mean.” They both smiled.

“I don’t use it very often. And it’s easy enough to get at.” Still smiling. Still filling the room with pussy scent.

She sat at the kitchen table. Mark watched her, wishing he was the seat of her chair. She smiled and rose from the table with her coffee. “I’m going to finish dressing, Mark, so we can stop wasting your weekend. I’m sure you’ve got better things to do than review accident reports at a co-worker’s house on a Saturday!”

She closed her door this time and Mark felt he’d failed. Maybe she was tired of his failure to act and didn’t want to play anymore. Or maybe there was no guile in her at all and she’d just felt comfortable enough with him to relax. He considered whether most people relaxed the same way Amy did.

He returned to the living room and brought out the reports and photo’s they needed to review. She joined him momentarily, her rich musk triggering Mark’s salivary glands.

She wore a white, button-front blouse (was it the nightshirt she wore in the kitchen?) tucked into blue jeans. A black bra lurked beneath the blouse but managed to be the focal point of her ensemble. Mark saw it through the blouse and stared long enough to bring back her crooked smile.

“What seems to have riveted your attention, Mark?”

He would bite now, if she was fishing. “Your bra. I can see it through your blouse.”

“Does that offend you?” She sat to his left on the sofa.

“No. I like it very much.”

“It’s such a pretty bra, I hate to keep it hidden.” Amy unbuttoned a button to expose additional cleavage and pulled the shirt open. Transparent black fabric with lace trim strained to cover her ripe DDs. Mark placed his wide, eager palm over the bra on her warm breast. His right hand slowly squeezed her left tit. Amy placed her hand on Mark’s, following his movements as if she wanted to learn them. He squeezed and caressed rhythmically and she moaned softly. Then she removed her hand from Mark’s and grabbed her other breast, mirroring Mark’s movements herself. Her eyes were closed. Seconds before Mark moved to reach his hand into the bra, she reached deep into the bra cup she was fondling and pulled out a huge, soft tit. The dark nipple begged for sucking. She held her tit in both hands, pointing the erect nipple at Mark.

“Suck my tit.”

Never taking his hand from her other breast, Mark put his hot, hungry mouth on her big dark nipple. Her skin tasted like perfume at first but he sucked and licked away all traces of it. Her nipple grew in his mouth, like a cock, which made him suck harder.

His dick raged against his zipper. He wanted nothing more than to stick it into any of her hot orifices. He’d even fuck her in the ass, which he rarely did. He sucked her tit so hard he expected her to wince. Instead, she released the breast Mark’s mouth covered and raised the other to her own mouth. She sat there licking and sucking, distracting Mark to the point where he had to stand to let his dick out of his pants. She watched him while she lapped loudly at her huge tit. When he released his raging hard-on from its zippered prison, she smiled with her tongue still on her nipple, appraising him. Grabbing both tits, she raised her head to speak. “Go to my bedroom and bring me the oil on my nightstand.” Pants unzipped, belt flapping, and dick at engorged attention, Mark made his way to her bedroom and retrieved the oil that she’d used earlier on her beautiful ass.

Eve still held two handfuls of meaty tit flesh when Mark returned. “Pour some oil on them and rub it in.”

The oil oozed seductively over her quivering internet casino breasts. It separated and spread like streets on a road map covering huge tracts of land. He grabbed her glistening tits and massaged as instructed. She took hold of his cock and pulled him closer to her.

“Wouldn’t you like to fuck my big tits?” she purred, enveloping his meat in her slippery cleavage. He stood and she worked her tits expertly up and down the length of him. The tip of his dick emerged each time her breasts were at the base of his shaft, nipples skimming his balls.

After a few strokes, she licked the head of his penis each time it shot out from between her well-oiled tits. He watched, breathless. What a agile tongue she had! It circled the tip of his cock swiftly but covered every hot, needy spot.

His rhythm matched hers now and he thrust his hips in tandem with her movements. She separated her breasts periodically and then gently slapped them together, sending shock waves of pleasure through Mark’s happily sandwiched cock.

Suddenly, she swooped down toward his rock-hard member and slid all of it into her mouth. Once inside, her tongue snaked around it all the while sucking and pulling like a wild animal. Mark fucked her mouth hard, past the point of restraint. Cum brewed at the base of his cock.

He exploded in her mouth but as he came, she took his dick from between her wet lips and aimed his eruption at her tits. Mark’s mind blurred in ecstasy as he watched his cum spurt powerfully over her cheeks, neck, and tits. He liked looking at her body covered with his juice.

Amy ran her fingers over her body. She ate up the cum like it was frosting in her favorite flavor, licking her fingers and savoring the taste of him. Mark stood over her, spent and still vaguely aroused.

Mark needed to return the favor and knelt down between her legs and pushed away the white blouse and removed Amy’s blue jeans. He then pulled her forward on the couch so he could taste her sweet necture.

He started slowly kissing and licking her inner thighs and teasing her with his hands. Mark then ran his tongue up and down her panties. and slid one finger inside of her.

Amy moans softly and his warm soft finger entered her. He could tell she was aroused becuase her panties were wet and stuck to her pussy. He moved them to the side and put his tongue on her labia and slowly licked the length of her. Amy moaned another moan and juice started to flow from her snatch. He thought she might have had a small orgasm and wanted more of this love juice to sink his tongue and mouth into.

Mark removed his finger and replaced it with the tip of his tongue. He slid his tongue inside of her love tunnel and then removed it to lick the full length of her pussy. Amy started to breath heavy and Mark could feel her body tighten. Mark kept doing this paying special attention to lick and suck on her clit when he got to the top of his licking. Amy’s body started to buck wildly underneath him and she had an orgasm that left Mark’s face covered in her juices. Mark lapped up as much of it as he could before Amy grabbed hold of his now rock hard penis and demanded he fucked her hard.

Mark kneeled with his knees on the floor and took the head of his dick and placed it at her opening. He slid the head of his dick the full length of her pussy so he could lubricate it. When Mark felt it was lubed up enough, he entered her slowly at first. He pushed in and out putting in a little more of his dick with each thrust. When he finally hit bottom he could tell by the look on her face that slow wasn’t what she wanted. He was thrilled at the thought of having his rock hard penis inside of this woman he dreamed of all the time when he saw her at work. He started to push into her harder with every thrust.

Amy started to moan softly again and Mark knew she was about to come. Mark pushed himself into her harder now bucking wildly. She started to moan louder and the look on her face became more intense. Mark pushed madly into her now. He wanted for her to have an orgasm of immeasurable heights. “OH baby, I am cumming”, Amy said loudly. Mark felt the warm fluids rush around his stiff prick. This was more than Mark could take. He could feel the cum again building at the base of his cock. With one finale thrust, Mark came inside of her. Amy could feel the mixed frolly of their juices explode deep inside of her, which set her on one more final orgasmic, ride. The both fell to the couch worn out and sweating. They were both smiling and laughing at the sight of the reports and pictures strewn all over the floor. Amy leaned over and whispered to Mark that there were many many more reports needing reviewed and that they should work more weekend together. Mark nodded in agreement.

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