A summer story

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Matt’s Fun Summer
-By Formerly Yak

It was the first true week of summer and I couldn’t have been more excited. I was going to be working at a summer camp full time, doing what I loved for three months straight at Camp White Lakes. Last year we’d taken on a whole bunch of new people in the staff but I was already an experienced counselor entering my fourth year. I did the team building activities like the trust falls, the rope climbs, the partner relays. Each area gets a trainee every summer and my Trainee last year was a girl named Anne. She was very pretty for a girl at 18 years old with long shoulder length dark brown hair and piercing sky blue/gray eyes and very fit. She was into the same things I was: running, canoeing, hiking, etc. We walked around a bit talking last year and she was one of the biggest reasons I was excited to return to camp this year. We didn’t get a chance to talk very much last year though because she still had to learn about the other areas and I was busy teaching my groups all the time. This year would be different though. I’d found out she requested to work in my area as my assistant since I was in charge of the Nature area now. I even did a little dance when I read the e-mail that had gone out, but my mind wanders.
This is the story about my first summer working with Anne.
Ch. 1
I walk off the bus into the slightly humid air of the camp and I take a BIG sniff of the clean, pine-scented air. I sigh contentedly and shoulder my gear, walking towards the administration tent. I place my folder containing all of my required information on the table and say “Hi, I’m Matt and I’m working the Nature area this year. I’m here to check in?”. “Hi Matt! You’ve been working out?” Kary quips from behind her folding table for an office. She’s a mother of four kids who now ALL attend the camp as youth. Nervously I shift my weight and reply with a shaking voice “Y-Yeah. It’s nothing too impressive, I’ve only been running lately” I can feel warmth rushing to my face as she laughs a bit TOO much, trying to hide her obvious feelings about me.
Glad to be out of the administration process I go to the Medical building where I need to drop off my physical and medical insurance information. Walking in I see a line of adrenaline-filled kids anxious to do exactly what they came here to do: run around, cherishing their freedom. I smile nostalgically and think to 10 years ago when I was right there in their shoes; a nervous 11 year old with nothing but an entire summer ahead of him at this very same camp. I’m quickly shaken from my reverie when I see her. Anne. She’s checking in! I begin to panic and I freeze dead in my tracks as she turns from the counter, papers in hand and immediately spots me. I’m lock-jawed, wide-eyed and a fluttering heartbeat above a rutabaga when she walks over to me. “gh uh … “ I sputter which is quickly followed by regret when I hear an “Excuse me?” as her reply. “… Hi…” I respond dumbfounded as she looks at me excited. “So we’re going to be working together. Did you hear?” She asks with a smile on her lovely face, her eyes creasing into a happy grin matching her perfect mouth’s curve. Those white, perfect teeth in a gleaming smile! “Yeah I did. güvenilir bahis I’m really excited to get back on the ropes course! I want to cut a few seconds off my last year’s time.” I add with a bit of zeal. “You’ll have challenge this time, buster. “ She warns. “I’ve been getting in shape! I’ve been running, biking and swimming!” Jokingly I mention “Sounds like you’ve been training for a Triathlon!” “Oh hush, I just wanted to give you some competition and put you in your place.” She sticks her tongue out at me, sashays her tight butt and walks away leaving me staring after her ass as it bounces with every step.
Shaking my head quickly and wiping the drool from off my face I pick up my backpack, and walk up to the medical counter handing my paper work. The rest of the sign-in goes smoothly and I’m left thinking about what Anne would look like in a swim suit let alone naked! With her long muscular legs, that tight butt and her newly developed boobs. Suddenly a bell rings out. It’s the director’s bell for all of the staff to assemble. Hurriedly I run with gear on my back and papers in hand to the staff’s assembly area.
Ch 2.
“Well I’d first like to welcome you all to Camp White Lakes! Some new faces and some familiar ones, but no doubt we’ll all get to know each other quite well….” The Director gives the same old speech. ‘It’s nice to see you’, ‘Thanks for coming out’. The kind of speech you listen to and just tune out subconsciously. I then let my thoughts and eyes wander the room. And then my mind took a turn. I realized I was staring at Anne’s slender legs, her short shorts cut off BARELY below that dimple where the cheeks end and I could only imagine what sweet heaven lay between those toned, smooth legs. When I return to reality I realize I’ve been staring at Anne’s legs for the entirety of the Director’s speech and we’re all getting up to leave. I begin to gather my things, taking my time to hide my embarrassment. I look up to see that Anne stays behind and is now blocking the door. “Excuse me, Anne. I’ve gotta put my gear in my tent so I can get to the opening ceremonies” “I had other plans for you” she trails off with a lusty look in her eyes.
She pushes me back against the wall kissing me furiously and stripping me of my gear. Without shame my cock begins to harden in my shorts as I stand there in a now empty dark room. “What’re you doing? We’re going to get caught!” I say to her impatiently. “No chance of that, I locked the door and they won’t even miss us” she says with a wicked grin. For a moment I become hopeful that she may take this further than just kissing but my reason gets the better of me and I attempt to get up as she pushes me to the floor.
That’s when Anne showed me what she’d been practicing the entire summer. “Oh no you don’t!” she says almost menacingly pinning me down with her strong legs and holds my wrists out above my head. “What if I do? You’re going to straddle me to death?” I challenge lifting my hips and shifting my weight. “Exactly…” She doesn’t finish the sentence and instead releases her pressure entirely, unzipping my fly quickly and removing my shorts and boxers. “Oh my…. I had no idea it would be THIS big” she marvels at my now throbbing cock. türkçe bahis “ANNE! Please. This is embarrassing.” I attempt feebly to mask my excitement as she grabs it and begins stroking me slowly. I succumb to my carnal will and allow her to continue laying my head back and shutting my mouth. “You wanted me to do this last year didn’t you?” She asks pointedly. I nod slowly looking into her piercing eyes. “You want to fuck me don’t you, Matt?” She edges closer and leans above me now her hair hanging above my head and dancing on the floor. Her hand doesn’t leave me, and her strokes quicken. I moan and writhe at her touch as she begins to apply pressure to my dick. She kisses me quickly and then wraps her lips around my cock and swirls her tongue around the head nicely. “Oh FUCK, Anne please don’t stop!” I cry “Don’t you worry, baby” She soothes “I’m going to blow your mind”. I remember vague images and movements after that. It all became a blur of her mouth inching down upon my shaft slowly. Her tongue tracing the veins throbbing along my hardened member as her throat accepted more and more. The way those robin’s egg blue eyes were staring up at me. The sunlight shining softly through her long dark hair, I ran my hands through it slowly and then came my big moment. I came. I shot my load hard; it shot out like a bullet in long streams into her mouth. I felt it pool on her tongue and then she cleaned me up with that talented tongue, licking in a circle around my cock-head. I look down at her and sweetly say “Thank you, Anne. That was perfect!” and I kissed her without thinking. She surprised me by sharing my own cum with me and swirling her tongue against mine in our sensational kiss. “Zip up your pants and lets go. I’m hungry!” She says playfully and I quickly trail after her. We drop our stuff off at my tent before dashing inconspicuously through the woods to the dining hall for dinner.

She opens the back door of the cafeteria, sneaking through and then holding it open for me and waving me in. “I thought I was the only one who knew about this entrance.” “You were the one that taught me this remember, silly?” she says and then kisses me on the cheek before saying “Come on, if you make me miss dinner I’ll punch you!” Chuckling to myself and half wondering if she’s serious I speed up after her and grab a plate, joining the line before anyone notices us. We walk in and see we just made it in time for the staff to get food. We merge into the line and get a few odd glances but my head is swimming in thoughts of Anne. Her perfect round butt, her tight perky breasts, her gleaming smile and her beautiful eyes all of those things and more. She walks swinging her hips in front of me on purpose I’m sure. “You see something you like?” She asks playfully handing me a plate and a tray so we can pick our food. “Uh… a couple things, that pie there at the end is usually a great choice” I respond teasingly and I wink at her. We sit down and the playful banter continues but as she sits down next to me she sticks her butt out a bit giving me a lovely peak of it. The rest of the night I had to put effort into not staring at her. Finally when the camp begins to head to their tents and the events are all over güvenilir bahis siteleri for the day the staff begins to turn in. The entire camp assumes a soft glow about it and sets a rather romantic lighting down all of the footpaths. Anne and I walk down the shortest path to my tent, making the odd glance at one another and smiling mischievously. “You have been thinking about me since last year, huh Matt?” she asks after a while. “Yes I have,” I reply “it’s been hard not to, you were my favorite trainee last year.” “Good” and with that she looks around quickly, grabs me and pulls me in for a passionate kiss and grabs my cock through my shorts and says “I’ve been thinking about you all this last year. I got off SO hard thinking about this cock inside me” I manage a short gasp and I look over to see my tent yards away. “You thinking what I’m thinking?” I query “I thought you’d never ask” she responds without hesitation.
Things begin to occur quickly as soon as we enter the tent and close the screens behind us. I lift my shirt up over my head and she does the same, revealing the perkiest tits I’ve ever seen. I drop my drawers and take off my socks and shoes and we kneel there naked, staring at one another with lust in our eyes. I lean in first and kiss her, trailing my lips down her neckline and I cup her breasts. I begin to suck and tongue her nipples gently, then pulling on them. I feel my cock begin to harden and tickle her thighs as we kneel there on the ground of my tent and begin to embrace. She straddles me suddenly and sets her wet groove to my cock and begins to stroke me slowly. I look up to her and plant a solid, wet kiss on her lips and she does me one better by finding the head of my cock with her pink pussy outline by a dark, thin line of pubic hair. I feel nothing but wet warmth and I gasp audibly. We begin to rock as she shudders upon my cock, its thickness filling her nicely and I can feel her begin to stretch and take more of me deeper within her. She moans and begins to shiver more, her thighs quaking gently against mine. My hips buck into hers and I can feel a warm liquid dripping down my cock and begin to encompass our crotches. Her cum soaks my cock and balls and drips slowly down her thighs, covering my sleeping bag. She moans without hesitating “I want to feel your cock in my ass, Matty”. Shocked but not about to stop I slide slowly out of her wet pussy and put the head of my dick at her ass. I’m soaking wet and so is she. I warn “Here it comes, Anne” as I slip inside her without too much resistance. She lets out a quiet gasp and grits her teeth whispering “Matty that feels so good!” Her ass feels so tight and warm, tighter than her pussy. I begin to really pound her and then I feel another orgasm building in my balls. “I’m going to cum!” I say with urgency as I feel the pressure building. “Fill my ass up with cum, baby” she tells me. I can’t believe this is the same Anne I knew last year! She’s a complete nympho! I focus back on her and I feel my load leak out of me slowly, but the hot warmth fills her ass up and she moans “Oh I’m cumming again! Oh it’s so much better in my ass”. Anne collapses on to my chest, panting and heaving. “That was amazing, Anne” I say softly, caressing her. “Same to you, big guy” She kisses me, the perfect blend of sexiness and affection in her tongue and lips.
I can tell it’s going to be a good summer.


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