A Surprise Visit to Katey’s Office

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Katey heaved a sigh of relief as she sank into the plush chair at her desk. At long last, this miserable day was done. A treadmill of one meeting after another, some of them contentious but none of them really reaching a conclusion, had taken the wind out of her sails this day. “I am so ready for a glass of wine and a bubble bath.”

Make no mistake, Katey loved her job as a government executive. Almost every day brought interesting challenges, demanding the most of her personal skills. She especially enjoyed mixing with, even influencing, the political and business power-brokers in the city, many of whom had come to look to her as someone they could trust. She had recently been promoted to this position, after many years of working her way up the ladder. And with the promotion came this gorgeous office. She looked around at the newly decorated walls, punctuated historical postcards of the city, and with plaques and awards she had been honored with. Best of all though, was the awesome furniture: a broad, rich wood desk and credenza set, even a small conference table surrounded by comfortable arm chairs. Yes, she really was where she wanted to be. “Still,” she mused, smiling, “sometimes I really just need a hug.”

A soft knock at the open door broke her reverie. As she looked up Katey was astonished to see a tall man of about 53 striding into the office – Mr. B, her secret lover from the east coast! Her breath caught as she struggled with disbelief. How could he be here … here? “Hi babe,” he greeted her casually, if it nothing were out of the ordinary. “Anything interesting happen at the office today?”

“How … when …” she didn’t know where to begin. “Baby, you have no idea how happy I am to see you!”

“Surprised?” he flashed his gorgeous smile. “OK, the truth is, I had unexpected business in San Antonio, and figured what the heck I’d sneak up here for a visit. I do hope you don’t mind.”

Feelings of joy were overcoming her shock as she realized that it was no dream, he really was here, standing right in front of her desk. She pushed her chair back and eagerly strode around the desk, extending her arms to him and wrapping them around his neck. His arms in turn encircled her waist. Their lips met, parted slightly, and they melted into a soft, lingering kiss.

As they broke the kiss, she grasped his hands and stepped back. “Let me look at you. Geez, I still can’t believe it, babe.” He was wearing a white dress shirt with faint patterned lines, and she recognized it as the one she had bought him for his birthday. And his tie, too, had been her gift to him for Valentines Day, given with a wink about tying him up with it. To her eyes, he looked fantastic.

He returned her gaze, giving her a look up and down. She was wearing a blue skirt suit over a white button-up blouse, appropriate for the meetings she had that day. “My my babe, you sure do look the part. I bet you have all the good ol boys ’round here just about eating out of your hand.”

Katey blushed, “Oh, I don’t know about that, sir”, she answered, calling him the name she sometimes used when they flirted. “But I am glad you like what you see.”

“Young lady,” he answered to her ‘sir’, “I like what I see very, very much. Now, look here what I brought for you.” Only then did she see the decorative bag he had place on the desk.

“You brought me something?” she was just happy he was here himself. “Babe, you didn’t have to do that.” She opened the bag and pulled out a bottle of fine white wine. “Wow, babe, this looks great! How did you know my favorite? And how did you know I really needed a glass, right now!”

“I always try to be prepared, young lady,” Mr. B smiled. “In fact, lookee what I have here. He reached into the bag again and withdrew to small goblets. “I was hoping we might celebrate this surprise, here and now.”

“Why sir, you wouldn’t try to get me drunk would you? I might be afraid you’d try to take advantage of me,” Katey giggled. “Or, that I might go to sleep, and you wouldn’t take advantage of me. Remember that ten minutes rule …” They both laughed, becoming at ease with each other as the surprise of his unexpected appearance wore off.

“Shall we?” Mr. B opened the wine poker oyna and poured each of them a generous glassful. He lifted the glass toward her. “To surprises!” he toasted, as they clinked their glasses together.

Standing close again, she looked up into his blue eyes, feeling herself overcome with desire. “I think … I’d better lock the door.” She stepped to the door, looked around outside, then closed the door and turned the lock. “There … now we can’t be interrupted.” Katey returned to her lover, set the wine glass on her desk, then reached up and slipped her arms around his neck “Now, come here, handsome,” she whispered. He leaned down to meet her welcoming lips, lingering for almost a minute as they felt the warmth of each other’s bodies penetrating their clothing.

“Ohhh baby, I am so happy to see you!” As he smiled at her, his gaze continued down to the front of her blouse. She arched forward to press her breasts to his chest. “You like these?” she teased.

“I dooooo … and I want to see more … just a little peek?”

“Alright, sir. Just a little one.” Katey undid the top two buttons of her white blouse, revealing the swell of her bosom in her lacy black bra. Mr. B gasped at the sight. “All for you, baby” she whispered, as their lips met once again, tongues probing as their passion built.

Just then the telephone on Katey’s desk shrilled. She pursed her lips in annoyance at the interruption. “I’ve got to take this, babe … I’ve been expecting it.”

“That’s OK … I’ve waited this long to see you, I can wait a few minutes longer.”

She gave him a quick kiss, sank to her plush desk chair, and lifted the phone to her ear. Her blouse was still partially undone.

While Katey talked on the phone, Mr. B moved around behind and leaned over her, sweeping her hair away from her ear opposite the phone. He pursed his lips and nibbled on her earlobe. Katey giggled involuntarily and swatted at him, then wagged her finger at him in warning. “No, nothing, I was just distracted for a moment” she said into the phone.

Mr. B released her ear, but, still behind her, snaked his hands around her torso, slipping his hands into her opened blouse. His fingertips brushed gently over the flesh above her bra, and swirled lower, over her nipples. Katey bit her lip and glared at him, but didn’t swat him away this time. A muffled moan escaped her lips. “No no, I am just shifting in my chair”

He decided to pursue this game a step further. She was intent on the phone call and didn’t protest as he wheeled her chair a little farther from the desk. But when he got on his hands and knees and crawled into the space underneath, Katey realized what her lover was up to. She looked him in the eye and mouthed an unconvincing “no”. His hands went to her knees and gently pushed them apart. At first she resisted, but in a moment gave way to his advances, parting her shapely legs before him. He inched forward, his head ever closer to his goal at the apex of thighs. As he neared he could smell the musky scent of her sex, letting him know that she wanted him.

Katey kept talking, all the while feeling the flames kindle between her legs. He could sense that her lover wanted her, and she knew that she wanted him. But as his open mouth at last pressed against her crotch, she exhaled sharply, startling her caller. “I’m fine, really. Just having some trouble with all the pollen today.” She had no idea if there was pollen in the air, and had no problem with allergies, but had to cover somehow.

Now his fingers were grasping the waistband of her panties, drawing them down. She lifted her bum to clear them from her hips, and he slipped them down her legs and tossed them up to her, where they landed on her chest. Throwing caution to the winds, Katey lifted her legs and draped them over the arms of her plush chair, completely opening herself to her lover. He accepted the invitation and plunged in, his tongue making long, slow passes up and down her pulsating slit. She shuddered with pleasure, wondering what her caller would think if he only knew. She did her best to keep up the conversation, but could not avoid her ragged breathing and occasional soft moan.

Mr. B’s mouth was canlı poker oyna now wide open as he pressed his face hard to her crotch. He held her feminine lips apart with his fingers while he plunged his stiffened tongue into her as deeply as he could. As her hips bucked up and down to meet him his tongue flew faster and faster, her juices running down his chin. Suddenly she raised her hips high, and he felt the walls of her pussy pulsate, almost grasping at his probing tongue, as her orgasm coursed thru her body. She was still trying to talk on the phone … not talking now, just biting her lip and trying not to cry out. He heard her gasp then exhale sharply, then after a pause, “I’m sorry, just a yawn, I must be getting tired.” Another pause. “OK, yes, I am going home to rest up. We can meet tomorrow. Thanks for calling”

She place the phone back into its cradle and looked down at her lover. “Mr B! You are SO bad!” He smiled back up at her, his face glistening with her moisture. “Aw, I am so sorry baby … I just can’t get enuf of you!”

Katey smiled a satisfied smile, cooing, “then let me return the favor, big boy”. She took his hand as he stood from beneath the desk, and led him to the little round conference table near the windows. “Why don’t you have a seat right on that table, sir”, she said, licking her lips suggestively.

Mr. B did as his lover suggested, standing with his back to the table and hopping up so sit on the edge. Katey pulled a chair under her as she sat in front of him. Her hands went right to the front of his jeans, where, fingers trembling, she hurried to undo his button and fly. “Let’s get these out of the way, shall we?” He obligingly lifted his bum from the table as she tugged his jeans down over his hips. Immediately she saw the bulge of his swollen cock pressing out against his tight blue briefs. “Oooo babyyyy, I think someone is reallyyy glad to see me! Now, you just lean back and relax, and let Katey have what she wants!”

He shivered in anticipation as Katey slipped her fingers into his briefs, pulling his cock free and catching his briefs beneath his balls. His bulging shaft felt so large in her hand that she could not quite close her fingers around it. She gasped at the feel of it, her breath once again becoming ragged as she neared it with her mouth. Tilting her head back, she licked teasingly at his thighs, then moved upwards to plant a wet kiss on his balls. Mr. B scooted forward to allow his sac to hang freely off the edge of the table, giving her better access to that place of his special pleasure. He could fell her moist lips open against it as she allowed one to fall into her mouth. Ahhhhhhh! He moaned softly as she caressed his balls with her tongue, licking and swirling all around his sensitive scrotum. Then moved to the other one, wetting it, caressing it with her tongue. “Can I have them both, baby?” she teased, then opened her mouth wide and very carefully sucked his entire sac into her mouth, filling her. He looked down at her between moans, thrilling to see her mouth stuffed with his balls.

Looking back at him, she could see his desire for her in his eyes, further stoking her own fires. “Babyyyyy … I want you …” She released his balls and slowly, ever so slowly, licked her way up his rigid shaft, her saliva wetting it and making it glisten.

“It’s all for you babe!” her lover gasped. “But here, let’s try it this way …” He stood and gently pulled her to her feet, then turned her so that her back was to the table. “That’s it … lie right back on the table, young lady”. He eased his lover back onto the table, her feet leaving the floor and dangling at one end while her head hung backwards off the other. She knew what was coming … and she loved it! Mr. B kicked his pants off and slid his briefs to the floor as he moved into position by Katey’s face.

“Open wide, young lady”, he directed as he approached her, his swollen shaft gripped firmly in his hand. She gasped as he rubbed its head across her cheek, brushing it past her lips. “Are you ready?”

“Oh yesssss …” she panted … “give him to meeeeee!” She held her mouth open even wider, extending her tongue. Mr. B. inched forward, allowing the head of his hard internet casino cock to enter her mouth. Katey’s lips immediately encircled it, grasping it, pulling him in. Her hips arched up and down reflexively on the table as her passion continued to build.

To Mr. B, the sight of his cock disappearing into his lover’s upturned face was almost too much to bear. “That’s it baby … you can take it all … make an “O” with your lips …” She did as he demanded, reaching out to pull him ever deeper. Her moans were muffled by his fat shaft filling her mouth, nearly gagging her but arousing intense, incredible emotions of desire. He continued to coach her, urge her on, “Yes baby … relax your throat … almost there … you can do it!” And in a moment it was so, as she felt her nose pressing to his balls, his pubic hair tickling her chin. Her lover’s cock was completely buried in her mouth. She could feel its head pressing to the back of her throat. Gawd, it felt good!

At the same time, the fire between Katey’s legs had rekindled, and her naked ass writhed on the slick tabletop in rhythm with the thrusts of her lover’s manhood in her mouth. Mr. B leaned forward over her, his shaft still firmly in place between her lips, and slid his middle finger along the length of her feminine slit. Fire burned through her at his touch, and she arched up to meet his probing digit. “Ooooo, you like that, do you baby?” She could only grunt in response, trying to pull his shaft ever deeper into her wanting mouth.

“I have an idea, young lady … are you ready for this?” Mr. B asked under his ragged breath. She wasn’t sure what he had in mind, but still … “yes baby … anything … I want youuuuu.” “You’re going to like this I think …” he answered. Reaching behind him to her desk, Mr. B grasped the now-empty champaign bottle, and, upending it, brought the narrow neck to Katey’s throbbing pussy. “Spread your legs for me, young lady,” he once again urged. She did as he commanded, her thighs parting for him and exposing the folds of her pussy.

“What … what are you going to do?” she begged.

“Oooo baby, you like champaign, don’t you?” With that, Mr. B slipped the head of the bottle into Katey’s sweet hole. “Oh my gawddddddd!” she moaned as the slick glass entered her. She arched up to meet it as he eased the bottle in deeper, its widening neck opening her ever more. As Mr. B thrust the bottle into her pussy, Katey resumed her ministrations to his cock, wildly bobbing her head back and forth as he fucked her mouth with it. Deeper and deeper, he plunged the bottle into his lover’s pussy, until the neck almost entirely disappeared into her, stretching her lips wider and wider.

Katey pulled her head back so she could speak. “Baby … I want you! Fuck me, pleeeease!”

“Gladly, young lady”, he answered, returning the bottle to the desk, then taking her hands to lift her to a sitting position. “Stand right here on the floor, and turn around”. Without hesitation, Katey obliged, anticipating the sensation of her lover’s hot cock filling her. She bent forward over the table and pulled her skirt up to her waste, then looked back at him “Come and get it, big boy!” She wiggled her ass in his direction, inviting. This was the moment she had been hoping for. Mr. B again stepped to her, his rigid manhood in his hand, guiding it between her legs. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Katey gasped, feeling him penetrate her. From this angle, her lover could drive so deeply into her … gawd, it felt sooooo good! Mr. B rammed into her over and over again, his thighs slapping against her ass every time he thrust forward. They were both close, so close, to orgasm, the fire in their loins seemingly unquenchable.

Then it was upon them. Mr. B’s entire body clenched as his climax erupted, He drove his shaft one last time, the deepest yet, into his lover, and held it there as his hot manjuice erupted into her. “Kateyyyyyyyyyy!”

The sensation of her man’s cock pulsing inside her sent Katey over the edge too, her passion boiling over as wave after wave of orgasm rippled thru her, the walls of her pussy pulsing in time with her lover’s rigid cock. “Mr. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Mr. B’s knees buckled and he collapsed to a chair. He looked into Katey’s eyes as he pulled her to his lap. She had the smile of a satisfied woman, HIS satisfied woman at that. Their lips met in a gentle, lingering, kiss.

And, just then … the phone rang, again.

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