A Tale Of Two Jerry’s Ch. 02

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Karen woke up a few hours later. She could still feel the wrinkles in her fingertips from her bath. She looked at the clock. Karen chuckled as she realized how long she had slept. Karen crawled out of bed, struggling to her feet. She had another good chuckle. She couldn’t remember the last time she took a bath and took a nap in the same day. She felt like a kid again.

Karen checked her phone. Neither Jerry had texted her back. “Maybe that’s a good thing”, she said quietly to herself. She liked getting text messages from anyone, but after the day that she had, she thought maybe some quiet time would be a good thing. It was a long day at work. She was stressed out. Karen was trying to convince herself that was the only reason the other Jerry slipped into her mind. It was just a stress release. But no matter what she said to convince herself, it didn’t work for more then five minutes. She knew there was an attraction to him. What she couldn’t understand is why it took her this long it figure it out. All the signs were there all along. The looks. The touches. The extra smiles. They were there for so long. Karen couldn’t remember cumming that hard without actual intercourse before.

There was a part of her that still felt guilty about it. She loved Jerry. Her Jerry. Never before had she thought of someone in a sexual way when she was in a physical relationship. But there was just something about the other Jerry. Maybe it was the way he carried himself. He was a goof ball. He liked to have fun. That’s not to say her Jerry didn’t. But it was a different kind of fun.

Karen reached for her bathrobe and slipped it over her back and pulled it over her naked body. She reached for the ropes and tied it shut. It was still an hour before her Jerry would be home. She wanted to do something nice for her. Maybe it would help ease her guilt about her fantasy?

She began by cooking dinner. Reaching under the oven, she pulled out the skillet. She was going to cook him a nice chicken dinner with some vegetables. She turned on the burners. Karen reached into the freezer and pulled out the chicken. She then reached into the cabinet that was behind her and pulled out a can of corn and a can of green beans. She grabbed a can opener and began to get dinner ready.

As dinner cooked, Karen went into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror again. She smiled as she saw her cleavage peeking out of her tied bathrobe. She thought of all the possibilities of today. She bit her look, giving herself an erotic look in the mirror. She loosened the straps of her bathrobe and exposed more of her hanging breasts. She winked at her reflection as she smiled. She knew that she was a beautiful woman.

Karen tucked herself back into her bathrobe as she went to check on dinner. She poured two glasses of wine and brought them to the dinning room table. The food was almost ready. Karen looked at the clock. Jerry would just be getting off work in five minutes and he’d be home soon.

She began cleaning off the table. Karen went back to the kitchen and stirred the corn. She took a kernel of corn and tasted it. She stirred again, grinding the butter poker oyna into the pan. Karen looked at the chicken and it looked almost ready. She was getting hungry, that is for sure.

Karen finished cleaning the table off and setting it. She took the glasses of wine and placed them by the plates. She cursed herself now for using that candle for the bathroom. It would have been the perfect compliment to this romantic dinner she was cooking for Jerry. After all that was the intent when she bought it months ago.

She continued to get the apartment ready for Jerry’s return from work. It looked fairly clean so she was satisfied with it. She went to the kitchen one last time and turned off the oven. Everything looked ready. Karen placed the chicken on a big plate and left it in the middle of the table. She poured the corn to the side of it.

Karen then went to the stereo and put on some easy listening music to help set the mood for Jerry. She wanted tonight to be perfect. Karen looked nervously at the clock. “Jerry should be home soon”, she thought to herself. That brought a smile to her face. She could also feel herself getting slightly wet at the thought.

Karen sat down on the couch as she sniffed the chicken from across the room. It smelled so good. She knew that she was going to be having a good night. She heard a key in the door and it opened slowly.

“That smells incredible”, Jerry said as he came through the front door. Karen stood up and straightened out her bathrobe.

“Thanks. I figured you said you were having a rough day at work so I thought I’d surprise you with a home cooked meal”, Karen said as she crossed to him and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.

“That’s nice of you. Thank you, baby”, Jerry responded as he kissed her cheek back. “Let’s have some dinner”, he said as they walked to the table. “You went all out tonight. It’s not our anniversary, is it? “, he asked.

“Do I need a reason to make you dinner like an anniversary or a birthday?” She asked. She could feel her cheeks redden as she thought about the real reason she had prepared this meal for him.

“Of course not. You don’t need a reason. Thank you very much”, Jerry said as he raised his glass. Karen raised her glass as they sat down.

“Here’s to a good night”, she responded as they touched glasses. Both of them sat down and began to eat. They exchanged small talk as they ate.

A half an hour later, dinner was finished. Karen started to clean the table. Jerry stood up and wiped his mouth with his napkin. “Here. Let me get that for you”, Jerry said as he reached for the plate the chicken was on.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll get it”, Karen said as she walked into the kitchen and began running water to wash the plates. Jerry came in holding the two dishes they ate off and the wine glasses too. “Thanks”, Karen said. She put the glasses and dishes in the sink with the other plate.

“Dinner was great. Thank you, Karen”, Jerry called out from the other room.

“You are very welcome. I am glad that you liked it”, Karen responded. She smiled as a thought entered her mind. She loosened the straps of her bathrobe and let her breasts canlı poker oyna hang free. She stepped out into the living room with her hands on her hips. She watched as Jerry’s eyes popped out.

“What are you doing?”, he asked innocently.

“What’s a matter? You don’t like what you see?” Karen asked. She was moving towards him with a grin in her eyes.

“Of course I do. But the neighbors might see. The blinds are wide open”, he said nervously. She leaned in to kiss him but he backed away.

“They aren’t going to see. Relax, Jerry”, she smiled as she leaned into kiss him again. This time, he didn’t pull away. He returned a soft gentle kiss, but she was trying to make it a little deeper. Karen shrugged and the entire bathrobe fell off her body. She stood in front of Jerry, naked. He took a deep breath as he stared at her nude body. He looked towards the window again. She reached out her left hand and began stroking between his legs. He felt so hard. Karen smiled.

“What has gotten into you tonight, Karen?”

“I don’t know. But I know what I would like to get into me”, she chuckled. Jerry was never good at talking dirty, even suggestively or as a joke. She could see the frustration in his eyes. She kissed him again as she reached for the zipper of his work pants.

“Not here, Karen. Let’s go into the bedroom. Please?” Jerry asked as he whimpered softly.

“Sex doesn’t need to just occur in the bedroom, Jerry. Look at the couch? Doesn’t it look comfortable? Maybe you would like to sit down there and I can straddle you. Doesn’t that sound like fun to you?” she said in her softest, most seductive voice. Karen laughed on the inside as she watched Jerry’s face turn beet red. Karen smiled as she took his hand and placed it on her full round breast. Reluctantly he rubbed her nipple, as he continued to look out the window making sure no one was watching them. “Would you just relax for once, Jerry? No one is looking”, she said.

“I’m sorry, Karen. I am just not comfortable out here. You know? Doing this?”

“What? Jerry? What are you not comfortable with? Spending time with your girlfriend? Being intimate with her? What makes you so uncomfortable?” she said, almost angry at his reaction.

“That’s not it at all. You know I love being intimate with you. If you want, next time we will think about it doing it out here. Right now, I just want to go lay down, in there. With you.” He said.

Reluctantly, Karen took in his hand and led him down the hallway to the bedroom. Even though they were the only ones in the apartment, Jerry closed the door behind them. He leaned in and kissed her passionately. His hands reached for her naked breasts and massaged them. It sent electricity through her body. Karen broke the kiss and reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head. She pushed his jeans down his legs and pulled them off. Karen had to chuckle at his predictability. He stood in front of her wearing tightie whities. She grinned as she saw his hard cock pushing against the fabric of his underwear.

Jerry bent forward and kissed her large breasts, sucking her nipples in his mouth. Karen moaned as she internet casino felt his hot breath on her skin. She reached for his underwear and pushed them down. Jerry stepped out of them. She stroked his cock as he waited for him to lie down.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked.

“I was hoping for something a little different. I want to ride you, Jerry”, she grinned. Jerry raised an eye brow for a moment then lay down on the bed. Karen climbed on top of him, stroking his cock once again as it pushed against her wet opening. They kissed deeply as he reached between their bodies and slipped himself inside her.

Karen’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. It felt so good to have him inside her. His eyes fixated on her bouncing breasts as she moved up and down on top of him. The room was filled with the sounds of moans and the bed hitting the wall. Karen reached down and ran her fingers over his hairless chest. It made him shiver.

“Oh God, Karen. This feels so good”, Jerry moaned. His hands held her hips as she bounced up on his lap.

Karen felt good too as she took him inside her. Her hand grasped at her own breast, feeling the electricity between their bodies. She could tell by the look in Jerry’s eyes that he was getting ready to cum. Her body began to move faster on top of his. She pinched her nipple against her chest. Jerry’s eyes were glued to her hands on her breasts. He moaned loudly as he came inside her.

Karen felt him cum shoot inside her and it felt good. She began to cum too, feeling his warm cum inside her turned her on. Karen started to moan as she felt her body tense up. She exploded as she leaned down and let her breasts rub against his bare chest kissing him deeply.

Karen rolled off Jerry and lay down next to him. They both struggled to catch their breath after their love-making.

“That was definitely unexpected”, Jerry said as he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend.

“I hope it was a pleasant surprise though”, Karen laughed.

“Of course it was”, he responded. Jerry closed his eyes for a few moments and then jumped out of bed. He pulled on his pajama bottoms and started to walk out of the room.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“I am going to clean the living room. And clean the dishes. I will be back in a few minutes”, he responded. She went to protest but he was all ready out of the room. Karen rolled over and closed her eyes. She began to drift asleep.

“Karen?.. Karen? Wake up?” a male voice called out to her. Karen, still in a haze, struggled to open her eyes. She saw someone standing near the bed. Karen sat up as her eyes focused a little bit more. It was Jerry.

“What? What are you doing here, Jerry?” she asked, startled as she pulled up the sheet over her naked body.

“I had to see you”, he responded stepping forward.

“My boyfriend is in the other room. I don’t think this is a good idea?” she started to say. But she could feel him pulling the sheet off her body. Her eyes glanced down at his crotch. She reached for him. Jerry crawled onto the bed and kissed her. She could feel his hands on her breasts. “This is so wrong. I can’t stop myself” she said in between lurid kisses.

And suddenly, she woke up alone in bed. It was a dream. The other Jerry was not there. Part of her was disappointed. But she knew it was all for the best.

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