A Very Happy Birthday

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Chapter 1: Fun with Hubby

Since the time my husband and I discovered that we both had deviant sexual tastes we have been exploring different avenues. We have found that we enjoy many different flavors, unlike the first 20 years of being together with just good old fashion vanilla sex. This particular event I would have to say was one of my favorites although the intention was a gift for his 45th birthday. I had wanted to do something very special for him — the last time I put a surprise party together for him it was I that got the surprise, but that’s another story.

For this birthday I was looking for something a little more on the exotic side. I had been reading through local boards in the BDSM forums and asked a few people on line for suggestions, when one couple told me about a club that had venues for all flavors. This sounded like something that I was looking for, so finding the number I called to book an appointment. The voice that answered was a soft husky voice –I explained that I had been referred to the business and that I was looking for a special birthday gift. She was very soft spoken and set for me to come down and meet with the Mistress of the house the next afternoon.

Now; a little explanation, as I said my husband and I had recently discovered in each other the darker deviant needs, and other then the gang-bang at the bar our playtime had always just been between us. I was a little more trained in the world of BDSM, but even I was very amateur in the full scope of the world; the idea of meeting a Mistress both excited and terrified me at the same time. I could feel my pussy muscles clenching involuntarily, the familiar feelings of lust building in me. Deep breaths I had to tell myself — I couldn’t let on to my husband that I was up to something again.

Lying in bed that night, I brought his birthday up again; as to whether there was something in particular he wanted to do. I wanted to know more to be sure that it wasn’t going to interrupt what I was planning for the evening. He was draped lazily over my chest with one nipple in his mouth both biting at it and sucking on it- bringing it to attention, he knew my body and could play it like an instrument. Pulling back on my nipple as he raised his head to look at me — letting the little bud stretch till he let it go with a final nip sending electrifying jolts through my body, a gasp escapes between my lips. “Another Toy to Play with?”…looking up at me with the dark brown eyes that I always get lost in — with this little boy sheepish look slipping across his face.

Dam he was incredibly sexy even after all these years, one look and he melts me every-time. A threesome again — this was an area that I really was having issues crossing the boundary with, I knew in my heart that it really sickened me; the idea of watching my husbands glorious cock go into another woman’s cunt. Instantly I could feel the familiar feelings of disgust and jealousy that he wanted another pussy. He saw the look in my face — and smiled at me…”Baby I will never want anyone more than I want you — all guys want 2 girls, can’t blame me”…with that he raised higher and with one hand behind my neck pulled me into his lips.

His tongue invading my mouth, not that I would resist — kissing me hard, my pussy I could feel was getting hot and the moisture was beginning to make its way to the outside of my lips. He always preferred me to be smooth and bald so with no hair to catch the droplets they escape to the outside of my pussy lips. His other hand dragged itself slowly down my front till he found his favorite place to torture and tonight would be no different.

Arching slightly to give him full access to my now throbbing pussy he slid his hand from my asshole all the way forward to my clit that was full and throbbing causing me to arch even harder into his hand. Still not putting any fingers inside me he teased my clit with little taps on the top of it. He was again going to drive me to brink of sheer hell and leave me there. It was a weeknight and playtime was usually a weekend sport, as always he would be getting up early for work.

His sweet torture continued pressing his thumb down hard on top of the hardened nub, he pressed down, almost painfully trying to pull away from this new sensation, he pressed his body harder against mine pinning me in place. I tried to get my hands down to his to get it off my clit that he was now rubbing back and forth with such a hard pressure that there was a conflict between pain and the pleasure. He being much larger and out weighing me by an easy 80 pounds had my hands above my head and in one hand held both my wrists — I now was completely under his control just the way he likes it.

His cock hard and throbbing against my thigh, I have to fight him — this is our game, there is always the rebellious side of me that fights against being restrained, sometimes I try to will myself against fighting but it never works. He poker oyna always does something to make me struggle against him and this would be no different. Now bound by his weight and his hands his assault on my clit returned but a little lighter, rubbing it — every so often giving it a flick that would cause me to buck against him.

His cock was so hard and I knew he was going to need to be released too. I was moaning and writhing against him, arching my hips higher trying to get at least a finger into my aching pussy. He suddenly released me; again with the no cumming rule. Oh I wanted to kill him but with my brain fuzzy and the aching need to be fucked, I was left there in my own sweet torturous state as he just sat there and watched my display of wanton need for him.

Suddenly he was up and swinging my body around so that my head was just hanging off the side of the bed — he stood there naked above me just barely straddling my head. I had to reach up and grab on to his thighs to stop myself from slipping. Again I was immobilized in this position while his cock, hard, was right there for me. With his dick in my mouth he lowered farther down forcing it deeper into my throat, I could feel it throb on my tongue as I swirled it up the length of his shaft; his smoothly shaven balls resting on my nose.

Bringing my head back as far as I could, taking him just barely out of my mouth only to lift myself back to the base — feeling the whole thing fill my throat, almost to the point of gagging. His hips started moving over my face as he fucked my mouth — lowering over top of me to take my wet pussy lips into his mouth. His nose buried deep while his hands opened my legs even wider, I could feel my legs start to tremble under his hands — with his dick fucking my face I could only get sounds out against the slurping sounds of my mouth working on the cock buried in my face filling right my throat and out again.

He sucked my clit into his mouth hard and swirled it with his tongue sending me to my climax. Buried 2 fingers deep inside me, my muscles clenching around them wanting them deeper into me — fucking me into oblivion. The head of his cock began engorging in my mouth, with my grip on his thighs I could feel my husbands muscles tightening under my hands — he was so close. Driving his cock deeper into my throat as he pumped his fingers at the same pace into me we both hit the mother load at the same time. His load shooting down the back of my throat as he jerked a few more times — while sucking in the cum I was giving him trying not to miss a drop — he lapped all around the inside and outside of my pussy cleaning every inch.

Before he rolled off me, both breathless from our Suck and Fuck session, he helped me back right on the bed so the blood flow would return. Wrapping himself around my body that was still trembling from yet another incredible climax, he said “I’ll be happy just being with you and what ever we decide to do Baby…I love you — now go to sleep.” With that he kissed the back of my neck and I snuggled into him, wondering what the meeting the next day would be like.

Chapter 2- The Meeting

Next morning I woke up my, husband long gone for work, kids at school, and the house completely mine and quiet. Heading to the shower my mind drifted off, contemplating the up and coming meeting. I knew that I wanted this to be special but I wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking for. The hot water streaming down my body, soothing the waking muscles, this was always one of my favorite parts of the day.

Lathering my puff with my favorite scented body wash, rubbing it into my skin, the scrubby crossing my nipples making them taut and perky with the roughness against them, sending instant shocks straight to my pussy. Grabbing the shower head from its holster, I rinsed the soapy lather off feeling the silkiness of it all running over my skin, following the crevice and teasing my already clenching pussy muscles into another fury of need. I changed the shower head to the pulse setting allowing it rest just in the right place sending instant shocks of pleasure pulsing through me.

The orgasm from the shower head is so totally different then the others, and very intense. The constant rhythmical beating of the hot water against my clit, the deepening burning sensation that takes your mind away – leaving you and your body on the waves of hot burning desire. I can feel the climax coming, it never does take long doing that way, its so intense I double over – the muscles in my legs straining to the climax and trying to hold me up trembling under me.

My knuckles going white as I grip harder around the handle until I can take it no more…. leaving me gasping for air, the humid air almost burning my lungs as I try and catch my breath. Stepping out of the shower the feeling of the towel trying my skin rubbing against my nipples that are erect and firm, the roughness against the overly sensitive clit – for now I am sated and ready to canlı poker oyna carry on with what to wear.

Legs trembling; glancing through the closet I decided in what I felt to be the most powerful for me to wear, choosing the long black skirt to my ankles with the slit that rises 3 inches below my heart shaped ass. Classical look — all business style, my need to appear strong seems to be the theme of my attire; Silk blouse with the white lace bra — just for a little cuteness.

Never can tell wear meetings like this will take you. I decided that covering all bases would be the best idea. I decided the perfect completion to my outfit would be to wear nothing underneath but a clean shaven pussy and a pair of function cute black pumps. It was still very early having a lot of time on my hands I figured that it would be a good idea to look more into what the world of a Mistress would be. I got dressed, pulling my blonde hair up into a partial pony-tail as I would any normal day.

Granted its a look some on of fourteen would do there are a few us older ones that can still wear it. For this meeting I decided a clean look would work best, with a little more effort than normal the beauty routines were completed. Looking myself over in the long mirror even I couldn’t help but appreciate for a woman now cresting the end of her 30’s that I could give the young girls something to think about, the familiar clenching between my legs was starting as I made sure that I was looking as good as I possibly could for the evening ahead.

The throbbing between my legs was getting to be too much to handle, with the anticipation of my meeting and the after shocks from the little episode in the shower. Reaching underneath my skirt I could already feel the droplets start running down my inner thigh. Almost embarrassed even though I was alone I knew that some how I would have to shut my hungry pussy up yet again.

It is in times like these that I wished that my husband would take me shopping for a toy to play with; it is so annoying when my clit gets so hard that even something as draft up the skirt can make me grab the side of a building with sudden pleasure. There was only one solution to this current dilemma — hiking my skirt well above my hips — in the long mirror I could watch myself, circle around that annoying hard-on that now was the center of my attention.

Circling it slowly but not touching it the way he does when he wants to get me wet right away, and at this time I just needed to get off. Tapping on the top of it then sliding 2 fingers towards the hole now that is clenching harder. The only thing on my mind is I need to cum now…fingering the hole that is so wet now that I want to fuck it, rubbing my own precursor all over making sure my whole clit is ready to be frigged fast and hard. One of those times where you just need the release… I know my body than anyone could, pressing down on each side of my clit and gripping it between the 2 fingers I started the familiar motions that only I can do.

Side to side… god just like that … so many times I wish I could teach some one how to do it the way…. god… the way I do… just a few more seconds my cunt so hot and …..Um, ya like that …. It comes so quickly… as I quake inside for now that was what was needed… the movie “Something about Mary” comes to mind. I licked cum off my fingers and slid them one more time between the folds the lips feeling the wetness of my orgasm. The one thing I don’t want at this meeting is to be leaking all over the place while discussing details about his birthday. Composing myself; only 2 hours before I am to be there I had to focus on the final details.

Pulling up to the address I had been given to be greeted by the old style Iron Gates that obviously had been updated with the times; now having an intercom for visitors to use. Pressing the button I hesitantly spoke into the box stating that I was expected with my name and time of appointment. The gates opened in front of me so that I could proceed thru.

Driving through it was something out of an old movie with the draping Aspen trees lining the long driveway leading the huge stone house at the end. Obviously built over a hundred years ago yet loved; the creeping vines that yet tamed added the ambiance of the true age of the house and the life it had already lived. Parking I couldn’t help but notice the gardens that lay ahead; the colors and landscaping this was definitely a place that was well manicured and cared for.

I had half a mind to turn the engine back on and get out of there quickly; but as we have all been told you get no where unless you face your fears. In this case there was no way of knowing what there was or wasn’t to be afraid of. Pulling on my brave face I walked up the path that lead to the door of wonders that I had no true idea existed.

After ringing the doorbell it only took a few seconds for the door to open and this Black beautiful Adonis was standing before internet casino me. He smiled sheepishly at me; he must know the effect that he was having on me. All I could do was stare at him, he had no shirt on his body so perfectly sculpted; my mouth was already watering with desire. That familiar pulling between my legs; trying to get composure on myself standing there for what seemed like forever, I decided to try and speak.

“I have an appointment with…” I started but before I could speak he finished the sentence for me, “the Mistress is expecting you, follow me please”…turning into the house. We walked through the main foyer, passing thru a long hallway that had numerous doors. It did seem to be strange to have so many rooms side by side, and this was only the main floor of the house. Passing by the doors, there seemed to be muffled sounds coming from behind the odd door.

The black Adonis came to a door and stopped in front of it, tapping quietly — a female voice answered from the other side. The door opened standing there was a tiny little Asian girl, if I didn’t know better she couldn’t be more than 18yrs old but with that race they maintain their youthful appearance so I couldn’t be sure of how she really was. She wore nothing but a black g-string; she had nipple clamps attached to her small perky tits with a chain that attached to a waist chain.

She was truly a sight; her skin was the site of perfection such a light tan color, tiny little waist with the golden chain that hugged her shapely hips. It was like walking into a collection of the most beautiful from each culture; it was obvious that this girl was not the mistress but yet another one of her delicious pets. The girl said nothing but beckoned us into the room, she was laying on one of those old day couches that you only see in the antique 40’s movies.

Her hair was that of spun silk and flowed over her shoulder, her purple velvet corset held the voluptuous tits, the black skirt that seemed to be more of strips of cloth cleverly sewn to together revealing long shapely legs — her skin was the color of milk, when her pet returned to her the contrast of the two women was so breathtakingly beautiful that one could stare at them all day. I could feel my pussy getting hot and wet again, all I could think was what it would be like to have these women eat and suckle my tits while that beautiful stud plowed my hungry pussy.

“Come in and sit down” she said to me obviously catching the look of pure desire on my face. I sat in the chair that sat directly across from her while my escort took his place directly behind the couch. The other pet sat pristinely on the floor between us, it was hard not to notice that she sat on her knees but they were opened so that even I could see the pretty little dark pussy, she was not completely shaven but she was wearing the Brazilian strip that ended at the little pink clit that poked out from between the folds.

She was very much aroused in the position she was in I could plainly see the glistening dampness on her pussy lips. My mind drifted as I wondered how her juices tasted, I imagined sliding my tongue through those dark lips all the way up to that little hardened nob that was begging for attention. “So you are looking for an evening with your husband- is that correct?” she brought me back to the reality of why I was there. She did not look like anything I had expected — she looked more like a model from the cover of a fashion magazine.

“Um yes- kinda” I answered, the whole environment oozed sex and I was feeling it. She was watching me with an expression that would make a eunuch hard. “You seem distracted girl” she said still looking at me, I could feel my pussy tightening, I tried desperately to control my own juices from flowing freely. “Pet service my guest” the Asian girl that had been kneeling silently crawled over to me. Placing her hands on my knees she started to push my skirt up.

I was thankful at this time that I had made sure that I was cleanly shaven and hadn’t worn any panties. Lowering her head and gently pushing my thighs apart to allow her access, she wasted no time in her tongue diving as deep as she could make it into my hole making me gasp at the sudden pleasure. “Don’t waste time pet we do have other meetings today” and with that instruction the pretty little Asian pet went to town on my now quivering cunt. She chewed on each lip, circling her tongue in between but not once allowing her tongue to hit my clit. She worked my pussy like an expert I was ready to explode all over her face, I’m sure everyone in the house could hear me as I drenched this poor little girl in the biggest orgasm I have ever had by oral.

She lifted from between my thighs and took her place back in front of the Mistress not even trying to wipe or clean off my juices from her face. The Mistress looked over her shoulder to the statue behind her; ” she was a good girl she can be rewarded”, he walked over to the little kneeling pet and picked her up as though she was nothing but a paper doll, bending her over so that I could see her tight little ass and pussy and with out mercy buried the his monster of a cock deep into her hole.

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