A Very Tangled Web

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Author’s note: Thanks again to my dear friend for helping me out with this one!


I was lying awake next to my snoring husband of twenty-four years. The first four years were great, but for the last twenty, he’d shown little or no interest in me sexually. I couldn’t remember the last time we’d made love, and it was driving me nuts to the point I couldn’t drift off to sleep.

Of course, I was still able to get myself off. I’d resorted to manual stimulation more times than I cared to remember. I didn’t feel guilty or apologize for it though. I still had a very high sex drive. I just had no outlet to deal with it.

Over the years, I thought Dan, my husband, might have been unfaithful, but deep down I knew that wasn’t the case. He’d just lost interest in me, or sex, or both. I had to admit that it made me angry. I was forty-eight years old, but I was still in pretty good shape. I took care of myself and still looked good naked. I was carrying a bit of extra weight on my backside, but it wasn’t excessive.

So I lay there and fumed about my situation until I eventually drifted off to sleep.

When I woke the next morning, I heard Dan in the shower in our master bathroom. A night’s sleep had done nothing to cure my foul mood, so I decided to take the edge off.

I pulled up my nightshirt underneath the covers and began to slowly rub my pussy. I closed my eyes and imagined it was Dan stimulating me like he used to all those years ago.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get myself off. I still had a sense of deep frustration, and that kept me from enjoying myself. Finally, I got out of bed, pulled on my robe and headed to the kitchen to make some coffee.

Dan joined me in the kitchen a few minutes later, dressed and ready to head for work. We barely exchanged words before he headed out the door. A short time later, the blur that was my teenage daughter was also out the door and on her way to school.

I sat at the kitchen table, frustrated and lonely. Part of me wondered if I should come out of retirement, just so I wouldn’t have these hours alone. A wealthy relative had passed away seven years ago, and they not only left me a tidy inheritance, but also a trust for my daughter, and a charitable foundation trust as well. In the will, I was made trustee for both trusts.

It was up to me to manage the trust for my daughter until she turned twenty-one. I was also responsible for overseeing the assets and disbursements of the charitable trust. But those only required my attention four or five times a month. As a result, I had a lot of time on my hands, and it was beginning to get to me.

After showering and failing again to get myself off, I got dressed and tended to a few things that needed my attention. Eventually I made myself something to snack on and sat down at the kitchen table with my laptop.

A few months earlier, the same type of morose mood was hanging over me, and not knowing where or to whom to reach out to, I did what most people do these days: Check the internet. Once before, I had done a search on ‘frustrated wives’, but good lord, the websites that popped up were not what I was expecting. I was shocked and disappointed that it wasn’t the type of ‘help’ I was looking for. I did watch a few of the videos the search directed me to. Back then, I was still able to get myself off pretty well, so I didn’t feel the need for the type of ‘help’ they were offering.

I was more resolute this time though. Just because the initial hits were all porn related, didn’t mean everything would be. Plus, if I didn’t find something tangible, at least I could watch some videos and maybe get myself off.

As I was munching on a celery stick, I scrolled down through the search results. The first page was all porn related, so I went on to the next page. I was on the third page when I finally found something that caught my interest. The link itself didn’t lead to much, but it gave me an idea. I refined my search to include the words ‘chat’ and ‘forums’.

That search proved more fruitful, and the next thing I knew, I was registering for free account on one site so that I could enter their chat rooms.

I wasn’t really sure what I was getting myself into, so I didn’t bother filling out most of my profile information, only my age, gender and marital status. Still, I was set, and I made my way to the chat room section of the site. I rolled my eyes when I saw that most of the chat rooms were purely sexually oriented, particularly one called ‘Fuck My Horny Wife’. I did think about clicking on that one, but as frustrated as I was, I wasn’t there . . . YET.

There was another room named ‘Married Women Who Want to be Used’. Again. Not there . . . YET.

Finally I found one called ‘Bored Housewives’. I clicked on that chat room and entered it. I was unsure of what the etiquette was in one of these places since I’d never been in a chat room before. I replied courteously to the few people who welcomed me to the room.

After getting a litany of what I discovered were PM’s that I politely fended off, I found myself in a one-on-one güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri conversation with a woman who said her name was Barbara. She came off as a very warm person, and didn’t press for too much information. She seemed to be letting me feel my way into the conversation, and I liked that.

She volunteered that she’d been on this chat board for five years, initially because she was a bored wife. Now she just came back to chat with friends and others she’d gotten to know over that time. She also volunteered that, with the help of some of her chat-friends, she no longer considered herself to be ‘bored’.

Barbara told me how she and her husband were in the same situation Dan and I found ourselves in. But, with some help, some advice, and some prodding, she had taken the bull by the horns and confronted the situation. Now she and her husband were as frisky with each other as teenagers on a first date.

I was amazed at how Barbara had been able to turn things around. I asked her exactly what she did to get her husband more interested. Barbara admitted that it wasn’t easy. Initially, her husband didn’t want to talk about it. That was something I could relate to, and I opened up to Barbara about that. A few years earlier, I had tried to have a heart-to-heart with Dan about our situation, but he’d just turned to stone on me.

Barbara said that’s a usual response, because the male in the relationship is usually hiding something they think their wives would be aghast to find out. So they don’t talk about it.

I asked Barbara what her secret was, and she told me that she’d gotten into her husband’s computer and found out what his ‘secret’ was. After that, Barbara knew how to push his buttons. She was only too happy to do it in order to get some spice back into their lives.

I didn’t pressure Barbara to divulge exactly what it was that she learned, although I felt she would have told me if I’d asked.

However, Barbara did ask me if my husband had a private computer. I told her he did have his own laptop in his den, but that it was password protected.

Barbara asked me if I knew any computer geeks who could help me gain access to it, so I could find out what Dan was up to online. Regrettably, I knew no such person.

Next, Barbara typed out: “You don’t have to answer this if you think I’m being too forward, and I’ll understand if you tell me to f-off, but when was the last time you and your husband made love?”

I sighed and felt my eyes well up a bit as I slowly typed back: “Two years”.

Barbara’s reaction was one of amazement. She told me I needed to find a way to gain access to my husband’s laptop, otherwise we may never get the magic back.

I thanked Barbara for chatting with me and for being so open with her suggestions. I ended the conversation by telling her that I would look into trying to find someone who could help me gain access to Dan’s laptop.

As I closed my laptop and stood up, I was surprised to see it was well after noon. I made my way to the kitchen and decided to pour myself a glass of wine. As I stood there sipping on it, I knew what Barbara said was true. I had tried to talk to Dan, and gotten nowhere. If I was going to get to the bottom of what was going on in his head, I needed access to his laptop.

The problem was, I didn’t know anyone who had that kind of expertise. As I stood there, frustrated, albeit for another reason now, I happened to glance at the calendar hanging on the wall next to the fridge.

I took note of a scribbling on today’s date: ‘S-4:30’. The ‘S’ was for Stephen. That was the name of the kid Dan had hired to help tutor our daughter in math. He’d be over today at 4:30 to help Kelsey prepare for her final exams.

I knew the kid well enough to say hello. But I also knew something else. He wasn’t just a math whiz and a pretty good tutor – he struck me as being a total geek. I smiled as I took another sip of my wine.

I went back to my laptop and popped it open again to do another search. I had a smile on my face the whole time as I searched through images and videos. At one point, my hand even went down my pants, and I finally managed to get myself off.

That afternoon, I made a point of being the one to welcome Stephen into our home. I told him that Kelsey was waiting for him downstairs, but before he joined her, I asked him if I could have a private conversation with him the following day.

“Sure Mrs. Graham,” Stephen stammered a bit, his face reddening slightly. “What about?”

“Oh I just want to check with you about how Kelsey’s doing,” I replied with a smile on my face.

He agreed, and I let him head downstairs without further ado.

A short time later, Dan finally returned home. I was a bit surprised when he took note of the fact that I seemed to be in a good mood.

“Oh, just forging ahead with an idea I have,” I said with a wry smile. “If things work out the way I hope, it will be very beneficial.”


The next day, Stephen showed up at the appointed time. Neither Kelsey güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri nor Dan were home, and neither would be for well over an hour.

I lead Stephen to the den and laid it out for him. “All right,” I said flatly. “Let’s not beat around the bush. I know everything is going fine with Kelsey. You’re a great tutor, and we’re grateful for your help.”

Stephen’s face started to redden a bit and it was clear that he was very uncomfortable. “So, why I am here then, Mrs. Graham?”

“This,” I held up Dan’s laptop. “I need you to get me into my husband’s computer.”

“I can’t do that,” Stephen replied in an astonished tone.

“Can’t?” I challenged. “Or won’t?”

“Mrs. Graham, please,” Stephen’s face was now bright red.

Part of me felt bad for putting the kid through this, but I was resolute. “Look, Stephen,” I continued. “I’m not asking you to hack into a government website or anything. I just need to find out what the hell my husband is doing online.”

“I really can’t,” Stephen continued to protest. “Mr. Graham is the one who pays me to tutor Kelsey.”

“I can pay you too,” I shot back. “Hell, I have more money than he does!”

Stephen just looked down at the floor and shook his head.

Undeterred, I kept at him, but I softened my tone. “Look, Stephen,” I said demurely. “I know this makes you uncomfortable, but what if I told you I was only doing this to save my marriage?” I noticed him look at me sheepishly so I made sure to smile at him. “After all, you like Kelsey don’t you? Don’t you want her parents to stay together?”

“Well, sure,” Stephen mumbled. “But…”

“Look,” I continued in my soft tone. “Name your price. Anything.”

Stephen looked up slowly and for a moment, and I thought he was actually considering doing this for me.

“Do you think,” he paused to clear his throat. “Do you think you could convince Kelsey to be my date for prom?”

I closed my eyes and smiled. At that moment, I felt sorry for the kid. He was just a nerd with no confidence who pined after my daughter – a girl pretty much out of his league. “No,” I said softly. “She already has a date. But,” I said as I moved from behind the desk in the den. “What if I could offer you something even better?”

“Like what?” Stephen asked nervously.

“I’m going to ask you a personal question, and I want you to be totally honest with me, okay?”

“Okay”, he tentatively agreed.

I place my hand directly on his crotch, “Have you ever had a blowjob?” His body jerked, but he was leaning against the sofa and had no where to retreat to. With pure shock on his face, he finally shook his head.

“How about I give you one, and give you proof you got it?”

Stephen was resistant to the idea of his schoolmate’s mother giving him a blowjob in exchange for computer-favors. But my hand squeezing his growing erection through his pants chipped away at that resistance. When I unzipped his pants and stuck my hand inside, he came around to my way of thinking.

I had Stephen lie on the floor and I pulled his pants down to his ankles. Then I leaned over him and took his already erect cock into my mouth. He wasn’t too bad off size wise, for a kid his age.

I had to keep from giggling as I thought how perverse this was, me trying to save my marriage by giving an eighteen year old geek a blowjob. Still, I was resolute about getting into Dan’s computer, and if this was the only way to do it, I was determined to see it through.

Those videos I’d watched the day before, after searching ‘older woman seduces nerd’ got me psyched up. I knew it might come to this. I also had to admit to myself that it felt great to have a hard cock in my mouth again after all these years.

I was pretty sure Stephen wasn’t going to last very long, so I made sure to go slow. After about five minutes of working on his rigid cock slowly, I released him from my mouth. I pulled my shirt off over my head and heard Stephen gasp when he saw my bare tits.

“Give me your phone,” I whispered to him.

When Stephen passed his phone to me, I took his cock back into my mouth. I positioned the phone in such a way that Stephen’s face was visible, but mine wasn’t Only my mouth on his cock was in the pic. Feeling frisky, and naughty, I decided to let his cock out of my mouth and wrap my tits around his cock before snapping another pic.

I took Stephen back into my mouth and finished him off. The last pic I snapped was my open mouth, filled with Stephen’s cum and his still erect cock in the foreground. It also showed Stephen’s satisfied face in the background.

Five minutes later, Stephen was behind the desk working on Dan’s laptop. “I’m in,” he announced proudly a few minutes later.

“That fast?” I replied in amazement.

“Nothing to it,” Stephen replied confidently.

He showed me everything I needed to know about searching through internet history to find out everything Dan had been up to on private on his laptop.

I thanked Stephen for his help and swore him to secrecy about what he güvenilir bahis şirketleri and I had done, but I told him with a big smile “The pictures are for you to share with anyone you want. Just don’t tell them who was with you.”

Stephen assured me he wouldn’t. and he seemed to strut out the door after that.

I chuckled as I watched him go. Then I sat down and started to work my way through Dan’s laptop. What I found stunned me to no end and my heart sank.

“Jesus Dan,” I mumbled as I shut his laptop. “What the hell?”

After a few minutes of going through Dan’s computer, I had to shut it down. I took a deep breath and stood up from the desk. I was seething with anger at that point.

I knew Dan would be home shortly, so I made a beeline to my laptop and hoped to find Barbara online. I was happy when I did find her.

It was a very unusual experience for me. I had just started chatting with this woman, yet I still felt compelled to tell her my most intimate secrets, including what I’d just found on Dan’s computer.

Barbara was wonderful. She sensed that I was uncomfortable about chatting about what I’d found, even though we were in a private chat. Barbara then coached me through the private chat room about how to set up a Yahoo account and said we could chat that way.

It took a few minutes to get everything set up, but once it was done, I was chatting with Barbara on Yahoo.

She asked me what I had found, and just as I was about to type out my response, I heard Dan’s car pulling into the driveway.

I took a deep breath and typed that Dan was home. I paused for a moment and then typed out what I had found on his laptop.

Barbara was stunned. She asked me if I was going to confront him about it.

I replied that I wasn’t sure I could.

Just as I heard Dan beginning to open the front door, I began to close my laptop. But before it was closed, I did see Barbara’s response: “You should!”

Dan entered our home and we went through our usual monotone routine: How was your day? Fine. How was yours? Fine.

Dan started to make his way upstairs to change out of his suit, and I could feel myself shooting daggers at him with my eyes. I was still seething mad. I wanted to grab his laptop from his den and charge upstairs to confront him.

But, just as I was getting up the nerve to do that, Kelsey walked through the front door.

I was much more cordial with my daughter than I’d been with my husband. But, she also caught me off guard as she moved to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

“Hey mom,” she asked. “Was Stephen over here yesterday?”

I put my hands to my face, albeit casually, because I could feel my cheeks redden a bit. “Yes,” I replied as matter-of-factly as I could. “I wanted to talk to him about how things were going with your final exams.”

Kelsey had pulled a can of cola out of the fridge and popped the top. She took a sip from it before shrugging and responding. “Why couldn’t you just talk to him when he was here the day before?”

“Oh,” I sighed. “I thought he’d be able to talk more freely without you around. I think he has a crush on you.”

Kelsey rolled her eyes. “Tell me about it,” she chuckled. Then she made her way to the stairs just as Dan was coming down. “Hi daddy,” she said to him as they passed on the stairway.

“Hi baby,” Dan replied.

My stomach churned. I watched as Dan headed to his den. I steeled myself. I was going to confront him.

I walked up to the doorway and stood there and watched as Dan turned on the TV and began making himself a drink. I glared at him, but only for a moment. My heart was racing. I was determined to confront him about what I’d found on his computer, but I felt my resolve slipping away.

“What’s up?” Dan asked me as he took a sip of his drink.

I wanted to speak, and I even opened my mouth, but no words came.

“Are you okay?” Dan asked with genuine concern in his voice as he looked away from the TV to face me.

“Um,” I finally managed to get something out. “Feeling a little off actually. Do you mind fending for yourself for dinner?”

“No, of course not,” Dan said warmly as he moved towards me. “So what’s wrong?”

“Just off,” I managed a weak smile. “I think I’ll just take a nice hot bath and crawl into bed.”

“Okay,” Dan nodded as he eyed me curiously. “Let me know if you need anything.”

I smiled, thanked him and turned to leave. I closed my eyes when my back was to him. What the hell had happened to me? I was ready to confront him about what I’d found, and yet when the moment came, I couldn’t do it. I scooped my laptop from the kitchen table and slowly headed up the stairs.

I stopped by Kelsey’s room and told her the same thing I’d told Dan. Kelsey showed little interest in dinner and even less in the fact that her mother wasn’t feeling well. I stood there for a moment as I looked at my eighteen year old daughter. I sighed as I turned to head to the bathroom. I had to admit to myself, she was a sexy young thing, as I was at her age.

I lingered in the tub for about half an hour, then made my way to the bedroom. I slipped out of my robe and donned a night shirt, then crawled into bed. I knew there was no way I could sleep. Even though I’d told my husband and daughter I was feeling off, I wasn’t really. Stunned was more like it. And disappointed in myself.

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