A Victorian Sex Fantasy Pt. 16

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Author’s Foreword: This is the sixteenth part of much longer story, if you haven’t read the previous parts, the story will make much more sense if you go back and start from the beginning. The first part is mostly background so is a bit boring but it isn’t very long, the sex really gets started in the second part. Also, you should read A Victorian Sex Beginning Pt 01, before reading this part, as it is the story written by Hannah, Martha and Robert (Daniel’s Grandfather, Grandmother, and great Aunt) about how they became lovers. Daniel and his lovers will read that story in this part in Chapter Thirty-Two.

Warning, this part and future parts will be filled with explicit incestuous activity between adult participants, all over 18 years of age, who share a forbidden love. If fictional incest offends you, please don’t read this story. It is my intention to try and make this story romantic, I like romance in my sexual stories, where people care about each other rather than people who just use others to get off. This is a fantasy, do not try this in the real world.

I am interested in hearing from readers what you think about the story. I do want to talk a little about a valid point that someone made on my not using Mummy rather than Mommy. I thought about this when I started writing this and made the decision to use the idiom I’m familiar with. I was afraid if I tried to use British idiom, I would make a lot of errors. So please consider this a ‘Memoir’ originally written in British idiom that has been translated into American for publication, as American publishers do with books written by British authors.

Chapter Thirty-One: After Grandfather’s and Great Aunt Martha’s Revelation

Although she didn’t go into great detail about the naughtiness that Great Aunt Martha said occurred between her, Hannah and Grandfather, it was easy to tell that the three of them had loved each other deeply and that she and her brother still loved each other and that they both missed Hannah very much. Instead she said that we’d get all the detail we could want when we read their account of what had happened.

I have to say, that from what she did say, I was looking forward to reading the full account, she made it sound like it was quite long and detailed. From the intrigued expressions of Mamma and my sisters, I could tell that they were looking forward to reading the story also.

But for now, we quickly moved on to doing more planning for the trip we would be making to London to find my sisters husbands. Mamma knew her and my sisters’ sizes as well as mine and provided them to Aunt Martha. Aunt Martha suggested Mamma get in touch with her relatives who resided in London about getting invitations to society social events, that she would handle invitations to events in the business community. Where to stay was discussed. It was eventually decided that we would stay at Grandfather’s townhouse, rather than at my father’s or at one of Mamma’s relatives. Aunt Martha assumed that the five of us would want to be able to continue our relationship while in London and everyone felt that that would be safest at their residence, where the staff already was used to being banned from the residence floor at night.

Grandfather explained that my sister’s marriages would need to be done by special license, as we wouldn’t have the time to wait for the bans to be read four weeks in a row, and that he would take care of getting those when the time came. He explained that he had contacts with a Church of England bishop who owed him some favors and could provide them when needed. He also indicated that he had contacts who would be able to put together a large function on short notice, as obviously we couldn’t plan that ahead of time without giving away that something strange was happening.

Finally, things were about as well planned as they could be at this point and Mamma checked the time, telling us that we should all go to our rooms, refresh ourselves and dress for dinner and she would let the staff know that they could return to this part of the house and get the dining room ready for our dinner. That we should all meet back here in the parlor in an hour.

So we all went our separate ways. Mother handed me the dispatch case, telling me to secure it in my room and I followed my sisters out and up to our floor, Mamma going off toward the kitchens and Grandfather and Martha going up the other staircase to the guest wing. I wanted to kiss my sisters before parting outside our rooms but mindful that we couldn’t be sure we were alone yet on our floor, we each went off to our individual rooms without demonstrations of affection.

I stripped off my working clothes and used the toilet, then washed up thoroughly without actually taking a bath. Drying off, I got out my evening clothes, judging that tonight I should dress more formally than was usual. I took my time, making sure I got my bow tie tied neatly, before donning my waistcoat canlı bahis and jacket. A final brush of my hair and I left my rooms to return to the parlor.

I was the first arrival but only by a few minutes. Then Grandfather arrived, looking dapper in his own formal dinner wear.

‘Your father decided to have dinner in his room and had a tray sent up as well as a bottle of whisky.’ he told me, ‘Just as well, we’ll have a much more pleasant meal with him sulking in his room rather than at the table.’

Although I definitely agreed with that, I decided it was better to not comment, so instead asked ‘What would you like as a before dinner drink Grandfather?’

‘What do you usually have?’

‘We usually have Sherry before dinner.’

‘That’ll be fine by me and that’s also what Martha prefers, so you can pour one for her.’

I went to the sideboard and set out seven glasses and filled them from the Sherry decanter. I handed one to my Grandfather and picked up one for myself.

‘Do you think you’re up to handling this Daniel? It may seem all pleasure now, but if you have gotten any or all of them pregnant, soon you will have to deal with up to four women going through mood swings and complaints about discomfort and then when the babies come, they may hate your for a short while for putting them through so much pain. If all goes well, they’ll get over that almost immediately, if my experiences with Hannah and Martha are anything to go by but then you’ll have all those babies to deal with. You’ll probably need to hire extra help from the village to deal with them.’

‘When I stop to think about that I get a bit panicky, but I love them all so much Grandfather that I can’t imagine any other path forward. But you should probably know that it may end up being more than four women.’

‘What are you talking about? Have you been making love to others?’

‘No, but Mamma, Beth and I were bathing last night and they were talking about how happy I made them and Mamma said how sad she was for her sisters, that they were as unhappy as she had been before all this happened and Beth suggested that maybe I could make them happy also and then she said that maybe their daughters, who she says are half in love with me already, would enjoy being included.’

‘And your mother didn’t object to this?’

‘For a brief moment, but then her naughty side took over and she started talking about how she might enjoy being her sisters’ lover like Beth was with her sisters and how naughty it would be to see them make love to their daughters for the first time and to see me take their maidenheads like I did my sisters.’

‘Damn, Daniel. I don’t know if I should envy you or pity you. Do you really think your mother would go through with this? What do your other sisters think?’

‘I have no idea, I don’t know if the idea has even been mentioned to them yet. Maybe Mamma will think better of it or Gail or Cathy will object, but I’m afraid they’ll have the same reaction as Beth did and love the naughtiness. Mamma even started talking about all of them being my harem.’

‘So, I might need to be ready to provide even more husbands?’

‘Possibly Sir’.

‘I’ll keep that in mind. Do you think four more will be enough?’

‘I’ve no idea Grandfather. It looks like it’s going to be up to Mamma who ends up in my harem.’

‘You could just say no.’

‘I couldn’t bear to disappoint Mamma or my sisters if this is what they want. Besides, you’ve seen Mamma’s sisters, they’re just as beautiful and as wonderful as she is and their daughters have always reminded me of my own sisters, so if they really want me and their mothers want to give them to me, do you really think I can resist them?’

‘Resist who, dear?’

Grandfather and I had been so absorbed in our conversation that we hadn’t noticed that Aunt Martha had just arrived. Grandfather picked up one of the Sherry glasses and passed it to her, telling her what I’d been telling him.

Aunt Martha listened, her eyes getting wide and then she surprised us by laughing.

‘What?’ he asked her, mystified, as was I.

‘It reminds me of that Chinese curse you told me about “May you live in interesting times!” I think we’re going to be in for interesting times. I look forward to seeing how Daniel copes.’

And she had no idea how right she would prove to be and neither did I.

Mamma and my sisters arrived en masse and Grandfather and handed them their glasses of Sherry. We sat down and Grandfather asked me some questions about the estate. I filled him in how how well the estate was prospering.

Soon, the housekeeper came and let us know that dinner was ready for us in the dining room and that if the staff wasn’t needed any more, they would take their leave. Mamma wished them a good evening, and we all got up and moved to the dining room.

In honor of our guests, the meal set out on the table and the side boards was fancier than what we typically bahis siteleri had when it was just the five of us. There was an empty place that would have been my father’s if he had chosen to have dinner with the rest of us.

We started with what I determined to be fattened goose liver on toast with a mild onion chutney garnish. To go with it, there was a rich Sauternes from a decent vintage. This was followed by a delicate fish course with a creamy sauce garnished with capers, accompanied by a dry Riesling from Alsace. After that came beef and vegetables cooked in red burgundy, paired with a Clos Vougeot from a reliable producer from the upper vineyard. Finishing up the meal were cheese and fruit plates accompanied by a rich Bual that was over a hundred years old.

We took our time consuming this, savoring the flavors and conversing. Our trip to London was one topic of conversation, with discussions of what sights should be seen. Grandfather talked about a number of scientific advancements he was keeping an eye on as possible future business investments, including large balloons propelled by engines and even winged craft that were heavier than air that might fly. When I expressed doubt, he said that people had thought the same about ocean going ships powered by steam, and railroads, also powered by steam. And he had made very good money on both. He also indicated that he was keeping an eye on people trying to create carriages that didn’t need horses to pull them, which seemed much closer to practicality at this point than air travel. That I had heard a little about, as early examples were already getting comments in the newspapers and magazines, although from all I read, they didn’t seem very reliable at this point. And I have to say that I found the idea of being able to fly fascinating.

All-in-all, it was a very pleasant evening. I realized that I was looking forward to spending more time in my Grandfather’s company in the future, as I learned about his businesses, preparing for the day when I would take over. Aunt Martha also frequently joined the discussions and it was easy to see that she was intelligent and well informed about the topics that interested my Grandfather.

However, the meal finally drew to a close, and Grandfather rose and drew Aunt Martha’s chair out and then took her hand when she stood up, telling us that they were going to retire for the evening and would see us in the morning.

After they left, Mamma suggested that we all go get ready to retire but then meet up in my suite so that we could read the history that Aunt Martha had brought us. We all thought that was an excellent idea, being very curious about how the three of them had become lovers and wondering what else we might learn. So we all headed upstairs, going our separate ways to get undressed, take care of bodily needs and cleanup before getting together again.

I quickly got undressed, did what needed to be done, and washed up, before donning a nightdress and robe. Then I retrieved the dispatch case from where I’d secured it earlier, carrying it to the sitting area of my bedroom. I surveyed the space, realizing that we needed a couple more chairs, so I went to the connecting door to my mother’s suite and knocked.

She called out to enter and I did. It appeared she was in the bathing room as I didn’t see her but I told her what I needed and she said to take two of her chairs. I carried them back to my room and arranged the chairs in a close circle with a table in the center on which I put the dispatch case.

I opened the clasp on the case and looked inside, finding that it contained a thick sheaf of paper, tied up with a ribbon. I pulled this out and set it on the table, then set the dispatch case aside out of the way. Turning back to the table, I untied the ribbon and looked at the top sheet of paper. It was labeled simply ‘Our Story’, typed by one of the new typewriters that were beginning to appear in more and more businesses.

Chapter Thirty-Two: We Read Aunt Martha’s, Grandmother Hannah’s and Grandfather’s Tale

I was greatly tempted to turn the page and start reading but decided that if I didn’t want Mamma and my sisters mad at me, I’d better wait for them before starting. Fortunately for my curiosity, I didn’t have much longer to wait. Mamma came through the door at that point and a minute later Cathy came through the door from the hall, followed almost immediately by Beth and Gail. It appeared that we were all anxious to get started.

‘Mamma, how do we want to read this? We obviously can’t all read it at the same time.’ I asked.

‘I think the girls should take turns reading it aloud to us, just the way they read books to us in the evenings, each reading until they get tired and then passing it to the next. So lets get settled and Gail can start.’

So we all seated ourselves and Gail moved the pile of paper to face her. Once we were all comfortable, she began. ‘Our Story’ and then turned the bahis şirketleri page, starting in on reading the neatly typed text. We were all soon engrossed in the story, fascinated with this intimate look into our family’s history.

I was frankly surprised at the amount of sexual detail presented as the story went on. I wasn’t the only one, Gail faltered a few times from embarrassment when she got to particularly explicit sections but managed to keep her voice clear and loud enough that we could all hear without problem. Mamma stopped her from time to time so we could discuss what we were hearing but we didn’t take long as we were all eager to hear more.

After a time when Gail indicated she was getting a bit tired, Beth took over the reading and eventually Cathy took over, before eventually passing the reading back to Gail. From the expressions of my lovers, I could tell that they were all were finding the story very arousing, I certainly was. One of the points were we stopped to talk about things was when Hannah told about Brianna having nipple and pussy rings and again when she told about Grandfather coming up with a way to have them without actually putting holes in her nipples and pussy. All four decided they’d like to get rings if they could, the thought of seeing them wearing them certainly interested me. When the story talked about body hair removal, all four thought that sounded interesting also and asked if I liked the idea. I indicated that I would certainly be interesting in seeing the result but would have to withhold final judgment until I saw the what they looked like afterwards.

The biggest discussion came when the older woman in the brothel had one of the younger woman put her whole hand into her pussy. My sisters immediately wanted to know if they could try that with Mamma sometime soon, Mamma seemed to be all for at least trying it, thinking the idea very naughty. I have to say I looked with regret at my own large square hands, realizing that it was very unlikely that I would ever be able to get one inside a woman without causing her pain, which I of course wasn’t willing to do, but hopefully I would be able to see my sisters do it to mother and maybe after they had had children, to each other.

They also found the rubber cock interesting but not nearly as much as putting a hand inside each other. Their thought was why would they want a fake cock when they had my real one to play with? A fake one couldn’t come inside them. I could tell that they all got very aroused during Martha’s description of Hannah making love to her for the first time and again when Grandfather described Hannah giving him Martha for the first time. It certainly aroused me!

By the time we finished, it was getting pretty late. My sisters immediately wanted to try putting their hands in Mamma’s pussy and wanted to be loved by me also. Mamma calmed them down and told them that they would all get a chance in coming days but it was late, so they would have to be satisfied with watching Gail try it, as it was her night to be with her mother and brother. Mamma then asked Beth and Cathy to get the bed ready, before standing up, drawing Gail to her feet and kissing her passionately on the mouth, Gail responding eagerly.

Chapter Thirty-Three: Mamma Gets Fisted for the First Time

After a moment, Mamma stepped back and untied her robe, pushing it off her shoulders and letting it fall to her feet, before grasping her nightdress and lifting it up and off over her head, revealing the beautiful naked body that I was coming to know and love so much. Gail, seeing what Mamma was doing, did the same, finishing just a moment after Mamma. They then eagerly embraced again, naked body against naked body, mouth eagerly seeking mouth as they expressed their desire for each other.

Beth called out to say the bed was ready, and Mamma released Gail and taking her hand, drew her over toward the bed, telling me to undress and follow, as they would be needing me soon. I quickly dropped my robe and doffed my nightdress and followed them to my bed, where Mamma was already making herself ready. She got onto the bed and moved far enough up that by putting several pillows behind herself, she was not fully flat on her back, but could look down at her pubic area.

Getting comfortable, she then spread her legs wide, exposing her obviously already aroused pussy. Her pussy lips were as engorged as I’d ever seen them, already glistening with juices that had leaked from her vagina. As we watched, we could see more juices oozing from her vagina. Her clit was also free of its hood, practically begging for attention from a tongue or mouth.

Gail eagerly moved onto the bed and between Mamma’s legs, gazing rapturously at Mamma’s pussy. She started to reach for Mamma’s pussy with her right hand but then hesitated, not really sure how to proceed.

‘How do I do this Mamma? I want to be sure I do it right and don’t hurt you!’

‘Hannah said the woman had the younger woman get her fingers and hand wet from her pussy, so start by rubbing your fingers on my pussy, getting as much of my juices on your fingers and the back of your hand as you can.’ Mamma instructed her.

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