A Walk in the Flowers

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Finally breaking free of the house and our families, I took her outside for a walk. Being alone was a rarity when our two families would get together.

It was a perfect 78 degree, breezy day and the grass and flowers of the field swayed to the rhythm of mother nature. It was calling us in, so I grabbed her hand quickly and said “let’s walk across this field. On the other side of the hay bales is a beautiful wild flower patch that you’ll love.”

“That sounds perfect.” she said.

As we started off, I dropped her hand, not wanting to be too forward, but to my surprise she reached out and grabbed it back. She squeezed it tight.

I looked into her eyes and we both smiled, yet we were both cautious not to be watched from the house. We glanced back to the house at the same time.

“I think it’s ok. They are all laughing and having a good time back there and they don’t even know we are gone.” She said.

“I hope not.” I replied.

As we walked slowly across the grass we spoke of the past – All of the great memories we’ve had together. I felt as if we were growing closer and closer despite the physical distance of our homes. Perhaps someday we could see each other more often, or even be together all of the time.

As she spoke, I found my self watching the wind dance around her body. Her flowing red hair suspended as if there was no gravity. Her white dress was pulled in several directions and when it blew just right, it tightly formed to her perfect poker oyna legs and hips. There was no place I’d rather be right now.

We walked further, admiring the blossoms that were blooming in the trees and enjoying each others company for the brief time we had. I kept looking back over my shoulder to the house. No one was stirring.

“We’re almost to the flowers I told you about.” I said. I pulled her towards the end of the hay bales. There were 8 large bales stacked side by side – each was over 5 feet high, so the view to the wild flowers was unfortunately obscured.

As we came around the side of the bales, the bluebonnets and assorted flowers were more stunning than i remembered. Yellows, whites, reds, blues, for almost 100 yards in front of us. As we looked at each other, she stood on her toes and kissed my cheek. A warm flush rolled through me. It was unexpected and wonderful.

She paused, then stood on her toes to repeat the kiss – this time I turned and our lips touched. Surprisingly she didn’t pull away. Instead she grabbed my shoulders and pulled me in close. The world spun. All I could feel was her lips. All I could smell was her perfume.

After a few seconds we nervously broke apart and looked toward the house to see if we were being watched. The hay bales blocked the entire view and we immediately embraced and kissed even more passionately. Her tongue braised my lips. I softly bit her lower lip in return.

She pushed away from me canlı poker oyna and began walking backward into the rainbow of color. With each slow step she grabbed a fistful of each side of her white dress and slowly pulled it upward. Her fair skin glowed as she exposed her knees and then her thighs. She continued stepping backward, inviting me toward her by sharing her beauty one inch at a time.

I advanced on her. I’d seen enough to stir by blood with lust for her. As I approached she stopped and pulled her dress up a few inches higher, showing off her white panties. She smiled and laughed because she knew that she could captivated me so easily.

As my body met hers, I threw my arms around her and we softly moved to the ground, surrounded by color and the fragrant smell of heaven. I brushed the hair out of her face and kissed her with every ounce of emotion I had. Her breathing quickened and we rolled in the flowers until she was on top of me. Reaching down she ran her hand up my inner thigh and I gasped.

We continued to kiss and grope for a moment more, then I rolled with her once again, rose to my feet, grabbed her hand and pulled her up toward me. I walked her over to the hay bales and pushed her back against them, then my lips found hers once again. My hand worked their way down her hips, onto her upper thighs and I slowly tugged upward on her dress. One side at a time. The sexy tease of her white panties a moment earlier had lit a fire inside me and internet casino I wanted more. As I pulled her dress up to her waist she tilted her hips and spread her feet apart, My fingers slid downward slowly from the very top of her panties to the soft warm fabric covering her lips. I repeated that motion over and over as she began to grind against my hand.

Our lips broke apart and she looked me in the eyes while she bit her lower lip and moaned. Then she reached down and tugged at the sides of her panties. Lowering them a couple inches – exposing a beautiful soft spot of hair. She parted her legs wider and I slide my hand inside her fabric, enjoying her soft, wet folds. My left hand cupped her bottom and pulled her close and my right hand slowly danced around her clit.

She struggled to catch her breath. She gasped and bent her knees further. I smiled, pulled back and she stared right into my eyes as I slowly pulled her panties down her legs while she held her dress up. She broke her stare to look around and see if anyone was watching, but we were completely alone.

She stepped one foot out of her undergarment and I dropped to my knees, moved in quickly and gave her a long slow lick. My tongue slowly explored her depths and she tasted like honey and cream. She dropped her dress over my head then held her hands behind my neck, guiding me with subtle pressure, letting me know exactly where she wanted my touch. She began to breath faster, moan and shake as she enjoyed a beautiful release.

Trembling for several seconds she finally caught her breath and put her panties back on, straightened her clothing, then looked up at me and laughed.

“We’d better get back,” I said. “The might be waiting on us.”

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