Alex’s Gifts Ch. 18

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Just a fun little chapter before we dive back into the craziness. I felt the need to bring it down a notch after the last two.

Thanks & Enjoy


Fashion Show

Alex kept an eye out for Ben on the ride home but didn’t see any sign of his enraged friend. He felt terrible about their argument, but couldn’t figure what he should have said to make it end any better. The thought of Ben’s reaction once he’d seen what Alex had done to his sister and new fling sent shivers down his spine; the poor guy would probably be crushed. It wasn’t how you were supposed to treat a friend and it certainly wasn’t how Alex wanted the situation to come to a head, but Ben hadn’t left him a choice.

Alex had had to decide between hurting his best friend or allowing him to continue doing something he knew would cause far greater pain in the long run. He began to understand more of what Carrie had told him the night before: that there was a grey area. He couldn’t control Ben, but he had to try his best to make sure it worked out in the end. He hoped Becky would be able to make him feel better, if only for a short while.

Alex parked his motorcycle in the garage and took off his riding gear. Inside the house, he found his sisters Lily and Megan sitting down for dinner. Carrie was already seated at the table, hovering over a steaming plate of lasagna.

“Hi Alex,” Casey said with a bright smile. He immediately began to feel better as he looked into her loving eyes.

“Hey-o, squirt,” Lily said cheerfully.

“Little man,” Carrie said with a nod after swallowing a mouthful of pasta.

Alex took his pet names in stride. “Hi ladies. Sick of leftovers yet?”

“No way, I could eat Gene’s food for weeks!” Casey said with a grin, a drip of red sauce spilling down her lower lip.

“Agreed,” said Lily as Carrie nodded in silence, too busy inhaling her dinner to say a word.

“That’s good, we have enough in the freezer to last a month. I’ll be back in a few.” Alex walked quickly up to his bedroom. He pulled Megan’s mask from his pocket and added it to his treasure chest. It didn’t exactly fit with the rest of his collection, but it was a far more accurate symbol of what he had just done than a pair of panties.

Alex locked the wooden box and then jumped into the shower; he had sex to wash off. Under the warm water, he ran the evening’s events back in his mind; what he said to Megan while pretending to be her brother, the outrageous things she said in response, the way he’d taken Becky without so much as a word, and what he did to Megan’s precious little body. They both had wanted it, but it felt so strange to behave that way, to be so forceful. He had put on an act, became something he was not, just like with Sonya. But he maintained control, and that was reassuring. His greatest fear was losing himself in a character not his own.

After toweling off, Alex returned to his bedroom and dressed in a comfortable pair of sweatpants and a simple t-shirt. Back downstairs, he fixed himself a sandwich and joined the girls as they were finishing dinner.

“Well, Lil, how’d it go at the mall?” Alex asked his beautiful blonde sister.

“I got the job!” she said, beaming up at him. “Lynn put in a good word and I guess they were desperate for help. I start tomorrow.” Lily bubbled with enthusiasm.

“Congrats! I knew it would work out.”

“I’m so excited. Thank you so much for helping me, Alex. It means so much,” Lily said, while Carrie gave him a gracious smile.

“You’re very welcome,” Alex replied. “And how was your day at work?” he asked, looking at his younger sister Casey.

“Good! Jenny says, ‘hi’. I helped her pick out supplies for a party she’s throwing tomorrow. Another graduation. That seems to be the popular theme this time of year.” Her lips curled into a slight frown and she added, “I saw you took the balloons down.”

“They weren’t looking so hot this afternoon. I figured you’d want to remember them in their prime.”

“I guess that’s true. How’d your training go?” Casey asked, perking back up.

“Good, I passed. Actually, Natalie came over after you left. Her laptop crashed and I helped her get going again. She helped me take the balloons down, too.”

“That’s awfully nice of you, Alex,” Lily said with a smile. “I guess that explains my swimsuit.”

“Right, sorry, I forgot to mention. She borrowed it so we could practice our training in the pool,” Alex explained and saw Carrie’s eyes widen.

“I always thought you two would be a good fit. She’s into all that tech stuff like you are,” Lily said after swallowing a piece of ravioli.

“I just found out about that. I’m going to help her get started, professionally I mean. She wants to intern at my old company. She’s really quite impressive, not at all what I expected.” Alex replied and noticed Carrie’s green eyes grow even larger.

“You mean the company you started?” Lily asked.

“Yep. You should have seen her face when I told her I was the founder. bahis firmaları I think I might also have her help with some of my consulting work; then I can focus more on lifeguarding.” With a grin, he added, “Not to mention all of my lovely ladies.”

Casey giggled quietly and Carrie choked on a piece of pasta. Recovering, she smirked at Alex and he flashed her a secret wink before returning to his sandwich.

“So this weekend…” Alex quickly changed topics, referring to Casey’s plan to go camping.

“Oh!” his little sister said energetically. “I made reservations, we’re all set. We leave Friday afternoon and come home Sunday night.”

Turning to Lily, Alex asked, “Up for a trip to the woods? Bring a friend if you want.”

“Yes! That sounds perfect, just like we used to do. Can you come?” She asked, turning to Carrie.

“Sorry love, plans with the fam.”

“That’s okay, I’ll ask Sam. She was looking for something to do,” Lily said.

“Great!” Casey exclaimed. “Sounds like we’re all set. I’ll handle the details.”

Casey and Lily got up to do the dishes, chatting about the trip. Carrie leaned in and softly asked Alex, “So you and Natalie now, too? You keeping this under control?”

“Yeah, don’t worry. It should work out for both of us. She’s not looking for a boyfriend, but she needs to pretend like she has one to keep the creeps away from her. If word got out she was dating the founder of SecDev it should help. She called me her ‘scarecrow’,” he said with a shrug and a chuckle.

“I see. That sounds like a reasonable plan.”

“It was hers, well, sort of. I gave her some advice on keeping the weirdos away and she came up with the idea of saying we were dating. Regardless of all that, I really do want to help her get started in the field. If she can work for me, then it’ll be a big load off my shoulders. I made it clear that if she wasn’t interested, we’d go back to just being friends or at least colleagues at the Y. I’m okay with whatever she decides.”

Carrie nodded in approval. “Well done.”

“Thanks, Carrie. Just following your advice. What we talked about last night has already helped me so much.”


“I’m also trying to fix the thing with Megan and Ben. I won’t know for a bit how that’s going to end up. I’m nervous about what I did, but I think it’ll be okay in the end.”

“Keep me posted,” Carrie said. Previously, she would have prodded him for more information, but now that he’d graduated, she was content to trust him to do right.

“Will do, partner,” he said with a smile. Carrie grinned back, clearly relishing their new relationship as equals in pursuit of the betterment of mankind via their unique talents. “Can you do me a favor?” he added in a hushed tone.

“Sure,” Carrie replied without hesitation.

“Can you keep Lily occupied tonight? I have something special planned for Casey in my room later.”

“No need to even ask,” she said with a grin.

“Thanks, I owe you one.”

“Nonsense,” Carrie replied and stood, taking her plate to Casey who was busy washing up at the kitchen sink. Lily reached out and held the redhead’s hand, soon leading her upstairs. Alex watched the two leave, a tinge of jealousy trickled into his mind, but he quickly squashed it and focused on his other lovely sister. Standing, he walked behind her at the sink and wrapped his arms tightly around her narrow frame.

“How’s my sweetness doing?”

Casey sighed as he pressed into her back. “I’m great. Do you think we’ll have some time alone together later?”

“Well, I don’t know about alone,” Alex said, teasing his little sister.

“Aww,” she groaned, her melancholy obvious.

“Megan is going to be here any minute and I have presents for the two of you.”

Casey immediately spun and wrapped her soapy hands around Alex’s face, pulling him down for an enthusiastic kiss. It didn’t last long, Alex started laughing as suds dripped down his cheeks.

“I’ll be in my room, come on up when you two are ready.”

“Okay!” Casey said, positively overflowing with excitement.

Alex dropped his arms, grabbed a towel, and wiped off his wet face. “See you shortly.”

Back up in his room, Alex rummaged through his collection of recently purchased girly underthings. He had at least fifty pairs of panties in all shapes and colors. Plus a dozen other high-end pieces of lingerie he’d picked out with Lynn’s help. Alex held up a lacy white teddy and sighed, fondly remembering watching the tall Asian girl slip it on over her naked body. From his trove, he selected a wide variety of panties in the proper size and a few of the fancier garments that Lynn had modeled for him.

To complete his assortment of gifts, Alex reached into a small bag and removed an inconspicuously wrapped package that held a pair of gold heart necklaces. He placed it on his desk, then set about rearranged his bedroom furniture, pulling the small coffee table and two armchairs to the side of his bed. He placed the pile of kaçak iddaa lacy underthings on the table and covered his surprises with a sheet. The doorbell had rung several minutes ago so he knew his lovely ladies wouldn’t be long. Sitting on his bed, he waited patiently for them to arrive.

Alex didn’t have to linger for long, less than a minute later two petite brunettes burst into his room. He stood as they rushed towards him with open arms. Casey raced around the repositioned furniture and lept onto him, pushing him onto the bed. Megan wasn’t far behind, pouncing next to his sister and driving him flat on his back while both girls pelted him with kisses. He laughed and squirmed, finally managing to get an arm around each thin waist and forcing them up together, leaving him seated between the two eager ladies. They continued to kiss his neck and suckle his ears, frantic hands covering his body and tousling his hair while their hot heavy breath sent shocks down his spine.

Still laughing, Alex said, “Okay girls, that’s quite enough.”

“It was Casey’s idea,” Megan pouted.

“I just said it’s been so long since the three of us were alone together that maybe we should show you how excited we are,” Casey countered.

Alex thought about their last ménage à trois, trying to untangle his various affairs. It must have been the day after the party on the lawn when they wanted his help practicing gymnastics. Even that hadn’t lasted long, so truthfully it was the night they’d shared their first times together. It seemed ages ago but in reality, was only a few days.

“That was like two days ago!” Alex said in disbelief. “I’ve given both of you plenty of attention since then,” he added.

“Megan told me what you did to her,” Casey said, biting her lower lip and batting her big brown eyes.

“Which time?” Alex asked and chuckled.

Casey whacked him on his arm playfully. “Like you can’t remember? This morning, dummy. After you told her about Ben.”

“Oh, right.” Alex was relieved Megan hadn’t told his sister about their naughty roleplay session. “She needed some cheering up, what was I supposed to do?” Alex shrugged.

Megan nodded and smiled, sharing a secret glance with Alex. He returned her smile and kissed her lightly on the lips. “Thanks,” he surreptitiously whispered into her ear.

“What are you talking about?” Casey asked impatiently.

“I was just telling him how good he fucked me. All four times!” Megan blurted, sticking her tongue out at Casey.

Casey squealed and reached around to pinch Megan’s arm. Alex intercepted her clawed hand and said, “Now, now. You said we’re sharing, right?”

Casey nodded and looked down. “You’re right. Sorry, Meg. I’m not jealous, I swear.” She sniffled, “I just…”

“…can’t get enough.” Megan finished her sentence. “That’s what I told Alex this morning. I didn’t mean to tease you, Case. I’m sorry, too.”

“It’s not fair! I want us to be like this all the time,” Casey said despondently. “I don’t want to wait days or only get to have you in secret when nobody is around.”

Alex stroked her mousy-brown hair and kissed her temple lightly. “We talked about this, Case. I promise I’ll figure it out, you just have to be patient, okay?” She nodded, still frowning at the carpet.

“You guys can always come over to my place,” Megan offered. “Once we get my brother sorted out, that is. My parents are almost never around these days.”

Casey brightened at the idea, a smile crept back on her face. “Maybe we can make our own video.”

Megan and Alex burst out laughing. Casey looked confused but assumed they weren’t laughing at her so much as the implication. “I’m serious,” she said. “If I had something to watch when we weren’t together it might help.”

“I’ll think about it,” Alex said, still chuckling at the coincidence. If only she knew what he had just done with Megan.

“How about this,” Megan said, leaning around Alex to look at her friend. “Tonight, you can have Alex all to yourself. I’ll just watch.”

Casey grinned and sputtered, “Oh…oh…kay. Are you sure?”

“He’s worn me out enough today. I’m good, trust me.”

Alex smiled and rubbed Megan’s back. He didn’t believe his little firecracker was capable of being worn out but understood the gesture for what it was. “That’s kind of you, Meg. I’m sure we can find ways to make you feel good, too.” Casey nodded emphatically in agreement, back to her cheery self.

“You did say something about presents earlier…” Megan trailed off suggestively. Casey clapped and bounced on the bed.

“Why don’t you two have a seat over there?” Alex prompted, nodding at the two armchairs opposite the coffee table and patting the girls’ firm bottoms to encourage them to stand.

Casey bounded off the bed, Megan not far behind. Alex stood and walked to his desk, picking up the wrapped necklace and returning to his seat on the edge of his bed. “This is for both of you. Megan, would you like to open it?”

Megan nodded and reached kaçak bahis out a hand from her upholstered chair. Alex gave her the gift and watched as she peeled back the paper to reveal a small jewelry box. She held it out in front so Casey could see and then opened it.

“Oh, Alex, it’s beautiful,” Megan said.

“It’s two necklaces that go together! And they make a heart! It’s so perfect,” Casey said with her eyes open wide in admiration for the thoughtful gift.

“I saw it and thought of you two. The pink stone is a sapphire, for Megan. The other half has a diamond for Casey,” Alex explained. He watched as the two girls untangled the necklaces and helped fasten them around each other’s neck. “Perfect,” he beamed, looking at his two lovelies, so obviously happy with what he’d given them.

Megan blushed and said, “Nobody’s ever bought me jewelry before. Thank you, Alex,” she said sincerely, the words nearly catching in her throat.

“You’re very welcome, Megan. You too, Case. You girls have made me so happy this past week.”

Casey turned an equal shade of pink as her friend while Alex continued. “Now, you both asked me to buy you some new clothes. I’m happy to say that my little shopping spree yesterday went rather well.” He reached under the sheet and pulled out two pieces of lingerie, holding one out to each girl. A white babydoll for Casey with matching mesh thong, and a red and black satin teddy for Megan.

“Oh my gosh,” Casey said and immediately stood and started taking off her clothes. Not even bothering to take the frilly gift from Alex. Megan stood and did the same. Moments later both girls were standing before him completely nude aside from their golden heart pendants. He admired the similarities in their bodies; hips, breasts, and waists were practically the same dimensions. Megan’s nipples were darker in color and more pronounced, while Casey stood an inch taller and had more shapely curves between her legs. Both girls were shaved bare except for a small patch in front. Their taut little pussies were profoundly pretty, a hint of narrow pink folds just peeking out from between their smooth lips.

Casey finally took her gift and Alex watched as his sister stepped into the skimpy white g-string. The front was a small semi-transparent triangle that left very little to the imagination. She pulled the top on, adjusting the scalloped-cut cups to cradle her breasts in gorgeous white lace. Megan helped her shorten the straps to bring it to the right height on her shoulders and then tied the flowing white gown that hung from her bust around her back. Casey spun, showing how it draped loosely around her hips, leaving her lower back exposed but covering her round bottom and thighs in a veil of sensual see-through lace.

“You asked me at the party what the sexiest thing I ever saw was. I, um, I’d like to change my answer,” he said, swallowing and staring in awe at his ravishing sister.

Casey blushed and walked slowly towards her brother. Straddling Alex’s leg, she sat down, pushing her mesh panties into his thigh. “Thank you,” she said softly and leaned in for a kiss.

Alex ran his hands over Casey’s body, adoring the feeling of the lace and feathery mesh babydoll. With his eyes closed, lost in sensation, he kissed his sister passionately with no other care in the world except to show his appreciation for her gorgeous figure.

“Ah hem,” Megan announced, clearing her throat loudly.

Casey turned to look at her friend and shrieked. Megan spun, showing off a stunning black velvet plunge teddy. It was similar to the one he’d given her before, leaving a deep V of exposed skin down her chest with only a tiny string to cover her backside. Where the pink lace teddy made her look cute and sexy, the black and red velvet exuded eroticism and perfectly embodied her fiery spirit. Alex could only gawk at the girl as she showed off his gift.

“It’s okay, Alex. You can change your mind again,” Casey said grinning. “I wouldn’t blame you for a second. Look at that!”

Megan beamed and pranced around the room, doing her best impersonation of a runway model. Casey quickly joined her and the two strutted until they eventually stopped in a fit of giggles, hands moving to touch each other’s new lingerie. While the two girls kissed and explored their gifts, Alex readied his next surprise.

“Here you go girls,” Alex said, holding out both hands again. To Megan, he gave a black babydoll and Casey’s next present was a white lace teddy.

“Black and white, I’m sensing a pattern,” Megan said.

“Yin and yang.” Casey followed her friend’s train of thought and snickered as she pictured the symbol in her mind.

“Totally a coincidence. I think, anyway. I had some help picking this out for you. Though I had to be sneaky about it. I didn’t want the poor sales girl to know I was shopping for three ladies at the same time,” Alex said in an attempt to explain himself.

“Sure, whatever. We know you’ve got more girlfriends than you can handle. I bet you had your way with that poor girl, too,” Megan teased as she undressed and tried on the babydoll. Casey giggled at her friend’s supposition.

“Actually…” Alex trailed off and shrugged with a stupid grin on his face.

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