Alison’s Day at the Beach

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It was a quiet time at the beach. The period between spring break and the summer crowds. There were a few surfers in the water and some families farther down the shore. You could tell when the shuttle boat arrived as the crowd, if you would call it that would migrate and change.

Alison sat on the white sandy beach and looked out over the emerald clear waters of the Gulf. White puffy clouds were lazily drifting across the blue sky as a warm and humid breeze churned up the waves. The six foot blonde was lost in thought almost hypnotized by the sound of the surf.

Her tranquility was disturbed when a massive shadow was cast over her and she detected the strong aroma of toasted coconuts. Alison slowly looked up to the source of the shadow. It was a fit muscular man, with short cut hair, barrel chest, a tapered shaped waist and wash board stomach that continued to v shaped definition of his groin only interrupted by a pair of untied dark blue baggy shorts that seemed to defy gravity. His legs were only visible below the knees.

If Michelangelo has carved a monument in black marble, this is the form it would have taken. His muscles glistened in the sun. It was stunning to see but all Alison could think was this was another tourist that went too heavy on the oil and must be the source for the coconuts.

His deep voice broke the silence and Alison’s eyes slowly wandered up, following the toned lines of his body.

She raised her hand shield her eyes. As if the sun was blocking her hearing. “Excuse me” she said. Her blue eyes locked with his soft, rich brown eyes. She knew he had said something but was still in a hazy and the glare from sun behind him seemed to darken his tone and make his appearance more surreal.

“Is it safe here?” he asked.

“What?” was Alison’s confused response.

“Is it safe to swim here? I’m not a good swimmer.”

Alison felt embarrassed and looked down. In her red bikini bottoms, red tank top and her lean swimmers build… she looked like a lifeguard. Besides that, she had been staring intently over the water.

“Oh, No, sorry… I not a lifeguard. I did… but not anymore. I still like to swim. These beaches are unpatrolled… except for the occasional turtle nest watch. There are no lifeguards” She rapidly blurted out.

“If it is ok with you can I swim here? I’m with my friends and I don’t want them to know I’m scared of the water.” He pointed to a group of a half dozen or so black people on the beach. They were busy with their towels and coolers.

“Sure, OK!.. just be careful the water can be a little rough on a day like today.”

And with that, the dark mysterious stranger lumbered down the beach and into the water. Just as he was over waist deep a set wave arrived and knocked his massive form over.
At first Alison thought it was funny. “Just another tourist”, Such a strong man knocked down by the waves. But then she started to worry, she told him it was ok to swim and after the last wave in the set he had not surfaced.

Alison sprinted down the beach and dove in. It was difficult to see through the churning water and sand but she was able to make out a dark form of two legs. She swam closer, the murky form gradually took the shape of two shins, then two knees, then something else between his legs.

Startled she immediately surfaced inched of the naked black man. “Your shorts?” was all she could say to her new-found friend.

“I lost them” he calmly said with a huge smile on his face, “but I see you are already for me” looking down her body.

Alison slowly and shyly looked down. Her eyes lingered on the dark mass in the water pointing at her… then her eyes focused on her chest. The outline of her hardened nipples and areola were visible through the red tank top. She was visibly stimulated and reacting to the situation.

Alison quickly grabbed the front of her soaked tank top in an effort to hide her reaction. Her hands balled up the fabric, tightening the tank top, forcing her breasts to up highlighting her cleavage. She looked up locking eyes with him… hoping that he would not look down again.

“That is not what I mean.” he said with a wink this time.

Horrified Alison looked down, past her now quivering hands, to the red waist line formed by the bottom of her tank top and then nothing else but her bare white skin.

Alison’s mind raced. She was no longer on the beach but remembering her last swim workout. She had swum so fast that these bottoms almost came off. She knew she needed to replace the elastic but didn’t. She knew not to wear these in the water but wore them today just because they looked good. She didn’t think as she ran down the beach to help….

“Come closer” shattered her haze of recriminations. “If we are closer no one can see” as he gripped her upper arm, pulled Alison closer and then wrapped his arm loosely around her waist.

His eleven-inch cock went between her legs as she stumbled forward. To anyone observing from behind her, his massive cock head would look like a black bunny tail between her ass cheeks but thankfully the water was over their waists.

Alison could feel the heat radiating from his massive appendage. Her body was betraying her as her pussy lips spread wide across his shaft in an effort to draw him in.

With the sudden motion, Alison released the front of her tank top and placed both her hands on his chest. She could feel his pulse between her legs and ass cheeks. The beat was increasing. It was hot and heavy. It vibrated with life. Alison could tell his cock was lifting her as his erection harden but she was too close for him to enter her.

“Ah,” Alison groaned, shocked at how close his big black cock was to her pussy. God, he was big. She tried not to move but her hands were almost messaging his chest. “Please, I” she sighed their eyes never parting.

“I know what you want” he said. Just outside of her peripheral vision she saw his left hand shoot up in the air with a flash of red. She instantly recognized her bikini bottoms and jumped to grab them.

It was just the release his fleshy black tower needed and Alison came down squarely on his cock head. He kept his hand lightly on the small of Alison back letting her impale herself.

Alison was acutely aware of the broad head pressing against her aroused seam and they locked fingers as their eyes rejoined. Her legs flexed, and he slipped into her deeper. She tried to wrap her legs around his waist to relieve the pressure but she was slipping.

“Oh my God!” Alison’s back arched as she tried to lean away, which of course pushed more of his swollen tool inside of her.

“You want these?” he teased squeezing her hand as they both gripped her bottoms.

“No, I …. Yes”, seconds seemed like hours.

“You want this?!” as he flexed his cock between her legs. Each letter almost being mirrored by the movement of his shaft working its way inside.

“No, I … Yes” Alison shivered. Her vaginal walls were undulating trying to draw her down on the invading stranger’s black cock.

He had to be patient, resisting the urge to grab Alison’s hips and hammer into her.. He sucked in his abdomen, looking down at the glorious sight of his cock slipping inside of her. He merely smiled, since it was already too late for the blonde to refuse him. She went on sliding down his shaft obscuring his view of their fused flesh.

“If were are goin do this shouldn’t we know each other?” he quipped as he tilted his pelvis again.

Alison bit her lip, afraid to respond because she was nearly screaming. Yes, she managed to shake her head.

“Well? What is your name?”

“Al ah….i Ah son….” She was moaning constantly. Before Alison knew it, the shaved fur of her sex was brushing against his groin, seating the last of his big shaft within her.

Though he was doing nothing but supporting the small of her back, when he finally released his hand his cock sank ever deeper into Alison’s stretched sex.

Alison wrapped both her arms around his neck and looked down the beach. Here she was a married woman having sex with a stranger in broad daylight at the beach.

“That’s right your fucking a black man in public and the world goes on” he whispered in her ear.
He was right. To anyone watching from a distance. They had a conversation on the beach, she ran into the water after him and then jumped on him.

“Since I’m up in you try working that pussy.” guiding her with gentle touches until the white wife was gyrating her hips. “The way you jumped on it you’re not going to break it.”

Alison kept her arms d****d over the stranger’s broad shoulders and began to ride him. She sighed, arching her back as she took him smoothly to the root. Alison was gyrating her hips, lifting and lowering her sex onto his jutting cock. Her yoga trained body was perfect for this. She paused, looking down to see half of his thick tool jutting up into stretched pussy.

She trembled and moaned, tried to remember how long it had been since someone thrust balls deep into her pussy. Within a minute her head was back, body shaking visibly with her climax. Alison welcomed his lips on her tingling nipples as he sucked one, then the other through her tank top. “God, yes! I’m cumming” she thrashed violently until she was spent, remaining impaled.

Alison knew it was wrong, but she could not deny that she had never climaxed like that before. “You… Your cock is incredible.” Her voice gave way to a groan, he was holding her impaled, her weak legs dangling.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Alison”, his big cock moving inside of her, making Alison gasp, “Please” He paused, as if thinking, ” “No, I just wanted a better angle”
Alison answered by climbing off of him with some difficulty. She caught hold of his wet hand, leading the way back into the sand dunes, through the empty areas of the beach, and into a little sandy depression without releasing him.

She stripped without hesitation and Alison laid on her back while gripping his manhood, and eagerly pulled him between her splayed legs. She bit her lip, giggling as he caught her legs, lifting them and spreading them wide at the same time that he pressed forward, easily seating half of his cock into her pussy. He never paused, backing out only to push harder and drive deeper. Within six or seven thrusts he was buried. He set a steady pace, all the way in, all the way out, tilting his pelvis to build the pressure on her swollen clit.

“I’m going to fuck this white pussy hard.”

“Oh God, I’m… I’m cumming… cumming again! Oh God fuck me!” he picked up the pace, then, driving into Alison with almost vicious lunges. Her pussy milked at him hungrily. He caught her trim waist, bracing himself on his knuckles.

“Here it cums,” he warned, panting, bent over her, his lips near Alison’s ear, “Gonna bust a nut in this sweet pussy.”

“Wha… Wait, oh no… Pull out! Pull it out!” Alison struggled weakly beneath him, her every twist and shift also building her arousal once again. He had already gone stiff, holding himself buried.

“Too late”, “I couldn’t stop, you’re so damn sexy.” When he was finished pulsing into Alson’s naked womb, he shifted, fucking cautiously in and out of her still trembling box making sure his seed took. He felt their mingled fluids oozing out around his shaft.

“Ahh!” she mewled, “Oh God! Don’t tease… Fuck… Fuck me…” Her voice rose to a gasp as he pushed his tip down and into her once again. Though not fully hard, his thick cock was more than enough to distract and enslave the cheating housewife. He resumed the eager pace he had hit just before cumming, and within a minute Alison was twitching and screaming.
Alison had never felt her pussy react like this. It was clamping down around his shaft, trying to hold it still only to balloon up sending waves of pleasure through her body. She could no longer talk, or scream in joy. “Unh Unh Unh,” was all that could come from Alison’s lips with each mighty thrust of his formidable cock. His hot black seed exploded from the head, flooding her womb a second time. Alison’s body leaped into his, she tried to rise up to meet his downward thrusts. Each blast from his cock sent more and more potent semen into her womb, filling it, and forcing semen down into her pussy. Alison felt everything go black and then she fell asleep.

Chuckling, the black stranger lifted his cock just as another streamer erupted, gluing sand to Alison’s cleavage and stomach with hot cum.

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