All Bases Loaded Ch. 1

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It started quite by accident a few weeks ago, assuming my husband Jeff had gone off to work and my son Robert had gone off to College and that I had the house to myself, I hadn’t bothered to wear anything on my journey from our bedroom to the bathroom for my morning shower. I took my usual leisurely shower, humming and singing quietly as I soaped my still trim body, I worked out quite regularly so even though I’d just turned 37 I felt I still had an excellent figure, an opinion widely shared if the whistles I got walking past the local building site was any guide.

Finishing my shower I toweled my body almost dry, then started to towel dry my hair as I opened the bathroom door to return to my bedroom, only to nearly bump into someone in the corridor! I gave out a huge scream, thinking it was a burglar or worse still a rapist, then heard Robert’s voice calling out “It’s ok mom, it’s ok, it’s only me, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to …” and his voice trailed off. My fright quickly disappeared as I saw that it was indeed Robert, and the reason his voice had trailed off quickly became apparent, he was standing in the middle of the corridor, eyes almost bugging from his head as he stared at me – or more precisely stared at my totally naked left breast! with the towel held up to my hair by my right hand, that side of my naked body was covered by the flapping towel, but the left side was not, so my breast was clearly exposed to his sight. I could have done anything, rushed back inside the bathroom, hurriedly dragged the towel round my whole body or even taken off in a mad dash to my bedroom, but all I did was stand there, looking at him and allowing him to look at me, and a curious heat started to rise inside me, gosh, it was a long time since I’d seen that sort of expression on a man’s face when he looked at me! that half reverence, half lustful sort of look!

Of course I told him off in no uncertain terms for scaring the daylights out of me, and what was he doing back anyway, why wasn’t he in College, but I made no attempt to move and no attempt to cover up, I found I was really enjoying his almost glazed stare! he finally managed to mumble something about a four week break from the College, and his face started to turn a bright pink! I suddenly pulled myself together and knew it was time for me to make a move, so I spun away from him and walked off down the corridor – but I didn’t rush! and I literally felt the heat of his eyes as they focussed on my swaying, naked ass as I walked away from him, I may even have given my ass an extra swivel or two before I turned into my bedroom door, but it wasn’t really intentional!

Once I was inside the bedroom, the heat really hit me, and I found myself standing in front of the mirror looking at my own naked body and feeling the shivers and shudders running through it, my god, that little incident had actually turned me on! that was crazy, and so, so wrong, I tried to tell myself, but I don’t think my body was listening! married now over 20 years Jeff and I had settled into the normal marriage routine, we were comfortable with each other more than passionate, and I guess tended to take each other for granted more than we should, but all I knew was that it had been a long time since my body had reacted in such a powerful sexual way, and to my own son! Maybe that would be the end of it, just a silly incident that would never happen again, and perhaps I genuinely forgot what Robert had said about being away from College, but the next morning I once again went for my shower without bothering to wear any clothes. It was only at the very end of my shower as I was about to leave the bathroom that it suddenly came to mind and I hesitated, thinking perhaps that I’d better wrap the towel around me fully to move back to my bedroom, then part of my mind said lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place, and an impish part of my mind said even if it does you loved it the first time, maybe the next time would be good too!

So I found myself emerging from the bathroom still with the towel hanging from one hand and covering very little of my naked body, and felt quite deflated when I didn’t bump into anyone! I glanced around, but saw no one, so started to walk off to my bedroom. I was halfway there when I realised that I was no longer alone, I felt those eyes on my ass again, as strongly as I’d felt them yesterday and I knew that Robert was watching me, probably from the doorway of the lounge room. I didn’t turn round, or give any indication that I knew he was there, but I did stop and bend down as if I’d found something on the carpet that I needed to pick up, and I stayed that way for a brief while, giving him a full on view poker oyna of my tight naked ass, and I thought I heard a slight groan, and I grinned. This was crazy, I was teasing my own son with glimpses of my naked body and getting a huge sexual kick out of it!

I sat at the dresser in my bedroom, staring at my face in the mirror, trying to work out what the hell I was doing and why I was doing it, maybe I just needed a little excitement in my life, maybe I just needed to feel that I was still beautiful and sexy, maybe I just needed to know that I could still turn a man on, I mean I hadn’t needed to exercise those talents since my courting days over 20 years before, and I remembered how much I’d enjoyed the flirting and the teasing, the kind of things that you seemed to lose as you settled in to married life. I wasn’t bored, well, not exactly, I just needed to know that I was alive, and perhaps I felt my son was a nice safe target, whatever it was, I found myself putting on some very brief shorts and a thin T shirt and leaving my bra firmly in the drawer before walking out to the kitchen – and Robert – to have breakfast. My breasts were firm enough to go without a bra, but I did have nipples that tended to explode outwards at the first sign of turn on, and when I entered the kitchen and greeted Robert and saw his eyes widen at the realization that I wasn’t wearing a bra, my nipples did exactly that! and Robert’s face immediately took on that look from the day before, that half reverence, half lustful look – and I loved it.

The next few days seemed to follow the same pattern, I’d take a shower, walk semi naked back to my room while Robert feasted his eyes on my naked ass, then I’d put on some sexy or semi revealing clothes and wear then around him for the rest of the day, turning him on like crazy and turning myself on as well, but things never stay the same for long, and on the fifth day, the Friday, they changed quite dramatically. It started off the same, I walked naked from my room to the bathroom and started my shower, but only a few minutes into my shower the bathroom door opened and in walked Robert, holding a towel in his hand, but otherwise completely naked! “Oh, I’m sorry mom” he blurted out, “I didn’t realize you were still here”, but he made no attempt to leave and no attempt to turn away either. I never bothered with the shower curtain, having it closed made me feel claustrophobic, and I was facing the door at the time he walked in, so he was now feasting his eyes on my naked body from the front for the first time. Once again I could have covered up or pulled the curtain shut, but I did nothing, just stood there and let him look, and even though it all happened in a fraction of a second, it seemed to happen in slow motion, and I watched his eyes drink in my ripe, firm breasts, then drop to my juicy pussy, then return to my breasts. At the same time I was feasting my eyes on his naked body for the first time since he was a small child, and marveling at the man he’d become, using the excuse of the water cascading over me to lower my head so he couldn’t see the hot hunger that had come into my eyes as I gazed at his gorgeous cock! and as the seconds ticked by it started to get even more gorgeous! thickening and lifting slightly.

Afraid he might suddenly become aware of his thickening cock and rush out with embarrassment, I smiled at him and responded to his opening words, “Well I am still here as you can see, and a long way from finishing, but since you’re here anyway, why don’t you do my back for me” I said, and not waiting for a reply, turned my back to him and held out the piece of soap behind me. There was a moment’s hesitation and I didn’t think he was going to do it, then the soap disappeared from my hand, and in a slightly gruff voice he said “Do you want me to do the whole back or just the top?”, I grinned to myself, “all of it please” I answered, and bent forward slightly to give him good access. He began at my shoulders and then moved down my back, rubbing the soap on to his hands first and then rubbing his hands over my back, and it felt good. A little fast, perhaps, but good, but when he reached my waist and started to move below onto my ass, the tempo slowed considerably, I shifted slightly, bending more from the waist and opening up my legs a little, and his hands seemed to move into a hypnotic caress mode rather than a wash mode – and I was on fire! he seemed to spend much longer on my ass than on my back, but I wasn’t complaining, I was loving his touch, loving the way it was making me feel and I had great difficulty holding back the low moans that were threatening to erupt from me. Eventually, however, I guess he felt he couldn’t canlı poker oyna linger there any longer and moved on down the back and the outside of my legs all the way to my feet, then moved slowly back up again, this time along the inside of my legs. The significance of that didn’t strike me until he reached the top and his hands were gently stroking my inner thighs, and quite accidentally of course his thumb would brush ever so briefly across the lower section of my pussy. I nearly jumped out of my skin the first time it happened, and he quickly stopped and moved his hand away, but it soon came back, and this time my knees seemed to dip a little of their own volition so that his thumb brushed over even more of my pussy, god, part of me was wishing desperately that he’d just ram a finger deep inside me!

I knew then that it was time to call this to a halt before I made a complete fool of myself and exploded, so I waited for his hand to move away slightly and I straightened up, exclaiming “Mmm, that was really lovely Robert, anyone would think you’ve been practicing .”, that brought a rather nervous sounding laugh, and I turned around to face him, understanding immediately why he was totally red faced and looking almost haunted, he was sporting a massive erection! god, I was stunned – and incredibly excited – to see how big and thick his cock was, it was absolutely beautiful! as good, or even better than any cock I’d seen before, including his father’s, and I was shocked with the sudden realization that I wanted it! wanted his beautiful cock in my mouth and in my pussy! But I didn’t show any of this in my face or in my eyes, in fact I didn’t even indicate that I was aware of his erection at all, I smiled at him and thanked him and told him that I really enjoyed him washing my back and perhaps he’d like me to do the same for him in return. I thought for one horrible moment that he was going to pass out, he went so red, then he mumbled a thanks but no thanks, and I moved around him, still smiling at him and grabbing my own towel walked to the door, where I turned once more before leaving “Perhaps I can do your back for you some other time, I’d really love to” I said, putting a lot of extra meaning into that, then turned and left.

Although I went through the ritual of wearing sexy clothes and flirting with him that day, all I could think of was the sight of that glorious cock, so big and thick and how it would feel sliding into my pussy, it’s even possible I was turning myself on a lot more than I was him! but any thoughts like that went completely out the window just before Jeff returned from work, I was standing at the kitchen table getting the food ready for dinner, when Robert walked in. He came right up behind me, slid his arms around me and said ” I know I shouldn’t say this, and you’ll probably be very angry with me, but I can’t hold it in any longer, I think you’re the most beautiful and sexiest woman I’ve ever seen!”, his words went through me like a bolt of lightening and I felt my pussy start to tingle “You don’t really mean that Robert” I finally managed to gasp, he groaned and his hands inched up and actually cupped my breasts, sending fire racing right through them “Oh yes I do mom, oh I know I haven’t seen many women – a slightly nervous giggle came from him – certainly not like I saw you this morning! but its more than seeing, it’s about how you make me feel” he said, I gulped, suddenly feeling very dry in the throat, and his hands continued to move slowly over my breasts, turning my sensitive nipples into veritable bullets trying to pierce my T shirt, “how do I make you feel, Robert?” I asked hoarsely.

He groaned loudly, and his lips brushed across my ears, “Oh god, mom, you turn me on so much, I just want to reach out and touch you and …..” he groaned again as his hands gripped and squeezed my breasts. I waited a moment until his grip eased, and then I turned around, forcing him back a step, I could see the hunger and the lust in his eyes and I wondered if he could see the same in mine, because that’s how I was feeling. I placed my hand on his chest, and just for a moment moved it in a caressing motion, then I reached up and brushed my fingers over his lips, “Your father will be home soon, so we’ll have no more of this sort of talk” I said, “Thank you for what you said, and for what you did this morning and just a few moments ago, it’s been a long time since a man has touched me with such gentleness and with such desire, or even looked at me in that way, I know your coming into the shower wasn’t an accident – he had the grace to look a little abashed – but I didn’t mind because I like you seeing me like that, and I liked seeing you internet casino naked too, – now he looked quite stunned – and you weren’t the only one turned on! we’ve always been pretty honest with each other which is why you felt you could tell me what you were feeling, what you were desiring, and I’m being just as honest with you! yes, yes, it will happen because I want you sexually every bit as much as you want me!”

He looked totally stunned, and he looked even more stunned when I said “Your father will be going to the baseball game tomorrow, are you going with him?”, “no, I was intending to stay home” he said, I smiled, and reached out and cupped my hand over his bulging cock in his shorts, then slid it further down to cup his heavy balls, “Good, then bring this gorgeous bat and these delicious balls to my room and we’ll see how many bases you can fill, how many home runs you can hit, I can promise you one thing for certain, you wont be striking out tomorrow!!” Then I turned and walked out of the room, leaving a very horny, very puzzled and very excited son behind as I went to change into something more discreet for my husband’s homecoming.

Then it was Saturday and Jeff had gone off to the Baseball game, and there was no sign of Robert, he’d left before I’d got up and hadn’t returned, perhaps my honesty had totally freaked him out, perhaps I’d gone to quickly and frightened him away, then he was there! standing at the kitchen door, a little flushed of face, “I’m sorry mom” he said ” I just couldn’t stay around this morning, every tick of the clock seemed to be taking an hour, I couldn’t stand the suspense” I grinned and walked across the room and slipped my arms around his neck and kissed him for the first time, a slow, deep kiss that started gently and ended up passionately, then I pulled away, “all that matters is that you’re here now” I said and slipped my hand down to cup his hard cock “and I see you’ve brought your bat”, he grinned hotly, and brushed one hand across my breasts, then down to press against my pussy for the first real time, “and I see all your bases are loaded and ready to go” he said, “ready, willing and able” I growled teasingly, taking him by the hand and leading him to my bedroom, where I kissed him deeply and passionately once again, and within the context of that kiss we managed to clear the field of all obstacles, and totally naked, collapsed onto the bed.

For a moment we lay apart, gazing at each other’s naked bodies, Robert telling me what gorgeous tits I had and me telling him what a gorgeous cock he had, then we began to manually explore each other’s bodies, but we’d already been building for this for too long, since that first accidental meeting outside the bathroom, and he wanted to be inside me, and I wanted him there with a desperation I could hardly believe, so a few moments later his cock was nudging the lips of my pussy, then edging slowly inside, oh god, it felt so good, so thick, so hard, so hot, and watching it sliding into my pussy drove me wild, and then the hotness and tightness of my pussy around his cock was driving him wild, and he was thrusting faster and faster, deeper and deeper, “Oh yes, Robert” I cried out, ” that’s so good, fuck me Robert, fuck me good, Mmmm yes, so good, deeper, harder, oh, I want you so much, fuck me, fuck me” and he did, ramming his big dick deep into my pussy, almost bouncing me off the bed, and I lunged up to meet every thrust, “Oh Momma, oh momma” he cried out, “You’re so hot, so tight, I can’t hold back, oh god, I’m fucking you, I’m ramming my dick up your cunt hole, Oh god, I’m cumming, I’m CUMMING”, and with that yell, his cock exploded, shooting gallons of hot cum juice deep into my pussy, filling me to overflowing, and I was exploding too, my pussy pouring molten lava onto his thrusting cock, and he kept on thrusting and thrusting, his cock not seeming to diminish in the slightest, and once again I exploded in an orgasm, and then again, oh god, it was such a long time since I’d been fucked like this, and I couldn’t deny it, there was an extra element, an extra thrill, knowing it was my son’s cock pounding into me, my son’s cock bringing me such ecstasy!

Well, we didn’t quite touch every base that afternoon, there was one I was holding out for later, no one had ever fucked me in the ass, but I knew Robert was going to, and he knew it as well, it was our promise to the future, sometime, his gorgeous cock was going to pop my ass cherry, but only when I said so. In the meantime, I promised him as much sucking and fucking as he could handle, maybe more than he could handle, because I’d rediscovered my own hunger and horniness, and if I wasn’t going to get satisfaction from my husband Jeff, I thought at least this way I was keeping it in the family – but Robert had different ideas, as I found out the following Saturday when he turned up for his game – with a spare pitcher!! but that’s another story.

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