Amanda , Her Father Ch. 04

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John was cooking when the phone rang. “Hello, oh, hi baby, how is your shopping coming along? Did you get any bargains?”

“We are having a great time, Daddy. I have gotten some great clothes, plus Keesha and I are having had a good time catching up with each other. Keesha said she loves Chicken Cacciatore and is really looking forward to dessert. She says she has been on a diet and has not had any desert in about two weeks, so she’s starved.” Amanda chuckled, “I hope you got your prescription, because you are going to need it. I have been bragging to Keesha about you, so you better not let me down.

“Honey, I have the prescription and I can not wait to use it. See you soon?”

“I think we’ll be home between five thirty and six, love you Daddy,” and Amanda hung up.

John was just finishing the salad when he heard the back door open. In came Amanda loaded down with packages followed by Keesha. She had a lot of packages also.

Amanda put her packages in the family room and went into the kitchen. “Hi Daddy, I’m home.” She embraced John and gave him a big kiss on the lips. She stepped back and waited for Keesha to get in the room. “Daddy, do you remember Keesha? “

“Of course I do,” answered John. “How could I forget such a beautiful girl, who has turned into an even more beautiful woman?”

“Thank you,” answered Keesha. She gave John a hug. He felt her large tits pressing into his chest. She then kissed him on the mouth, sticking her tongue into his mouth.

“I have wanted to do that every since I met you, Mr. Clark

“Call me John.”

“I can remember the first time I came to your house, I was only fifteen, Amanda and I were cheerleaders together and she had a sleep over. I can remember I thought you were so handsome and my opinion has not changed. I can hardly wait for dessert.”

“They all chuckled at Keesha’s comment.

“Neither can I,” responded John. “I have a question for you, Keesha. When you kissed me, I felt something metallic brush my tongue, what was that?

“Oh this,” answered Keesha, sticking her tongue out. I got my tongue pierced a couple of years ago.”

“Why did you get that done,” asked John? “I have heard it enhances oral sex, is that true?”

“After tonight, I’ll let you and Amanda answer that question.”

John looked at Keesha; he had not seen her in a long time. She was at Amanda’s wedding, but that was such a hectic day, he barely remembered who was there, much less what they looked like. Keesha was a very pretty African American young lady. As Amanda pointed out, her breasts were large, in fact that is the first thing that caught John’s eye. The use of the term melons to describe breasts certainly fit Keesha; her tits were huge. She was only about five foot six, so her chest stood out even more. She had a very pretty face with a beautiful smile. Her hair was in short braids and looked very sexy, John thought. Other than her tits, she had a slender build, flat stomach and narrow hips. When she had bent over to put the packages down’ John noticed she had a great ass. Yes, Amanda was right Keesha was someone John would like to fuck.

“I look forward to that,” answered John. “Amanda, put your packages away and I’ll have dinner on the table when you get back.”

John had just finished putting everything on the table when the girls came back from putting Amanda’s clothes away. They sat down and began to eat. John found out that Keesha had gone to college and became a nurse. She worked at the local hospital, working four days in a row, ten hours a day. She had finished her four days of work and had the next three days off. She worked in cardiovascular department and enjoyed her work. She lived in an apartment by herself; did not have a steady boyfriend and enjoyed the company of women as well as men. Since she led an active life and had not had sex in two or three weeks, she was going to make the most of it. She was planning on spending the night. He could hardly wait to sink his dick into her pussy. He had not had sex with an African American woman since, well since they were called black women; about fifteen years ago, while his wife was still alive.

After dinner, Amanda’s cell phone rang; it was Bill calling to see how she was making out at her father’s house. She took the call in the family room, leaving Keesha and John alone.

Their polite conversation finally turned to sex… “John, I am curious,” said Keesha, “about something. Amanda said she told you I had a crush on you through high school and even college. Did you have any sexual feelings about me?”

“Hell yes, from the first time I saw you I thought you were sexy. At fifteen, you looked grownup.”

Keesha laughed, pointing to her tits, “Yes, these always made me seem older than what I was and had men falling over me. What is it about big tits that bring out the animal in men?”

“Good question, it happens to me, I don’t know why. If I see a woman with tits like yours, my eyes are glued to her chest. There must be poker oyna something that causes men to do it, I don’t know why. Let me ask you a question since I know you are like Amanda and swing both ways. Do you find woman as interested in your tits as men?”

“Some are,” answered Keesha. “I have gone to gay bars, when I felt the need for a woman and I noticed some women can’t take their eyes off my chest. Usually they are the more butch looking girls, although I have had some of the feminine ones get turn on by my chest. It depends, but men are much more interested.”

“Keesha, would you see if Amanda would like any desert, while she is talking to Bill?”

Keesha got up and went into the family room; she reappeared at the entrance to the kitchen and motioned for John to follow her. Keesha stopped abruptly in the entrance to the room and John actually bumped into her. Looking in the family room, he saw daughter having phone sex with her husband. She had attached a headset to her cell phone, which allowed both of her hands to be free. Amanda had her blouse unbuttoned and her tits were free from her bra. She had pushed her slacks and underwear down to her ankles. One hand was playing with her pussy and the other hand was on her tits.

Keesha and John stood there watching and listening to Amanda. It was not long before John was sporting an erection that was pushing into the backside of Keesha. She pushed back rubbing her ass back and forth over John’s hard dick.

Amanda was really into it and did not see her friend or her father in the doorway watching her. If she had, she probably would have been even more turned on then she was now. She was pushing two fingers in and out of her pussy and talking to her husband.

“Bill, I’ve got two fingers in me and I am putting the third inside, oh shit, that feels so good. I’m rubbing my clit with my thumb; my juices are coating my fingers and running down my legs. I have to have you inside of me.”

She took her fingers out of her pussy and opened up her bag. She took out a good sized dildo and placed it at the opening to her hot, wet pussy. She closed her eyes began talking to her husband again.

“Honey, I have my dildo ready and waiting, tell me how you are going to fuck me.”

Keesha and John could not hear Bill’s response, however the way Amanda was working the dildo in and out of her pussy, Bill wanted a nice, slow fuck. Watching Amanda pleasing herself got both Keesha and John horny. John’s hands went around the Keesha’s waist and moved up toward her gigantic tits. He had been waiting all day to feel them. As he brought his hands under both tits, he was amazed at how little of her tits, were actually in his hands. His fingers were wrapped around her tits and they still did not surround half of them.

Keesha reached her hand behind her and rubbed John’s dick through his pants. Both of their eyes were riveted on Amanda as she moved the dildo in and out of her pussy. She was moving it somewhat faster, but it was apparent Bill was still giving her a nice slow fuck. She was pinching her nipples and urging Bill to fuck her faster.

“Bill, fuck me, come on, give it to me, don’t tease me, honey I need it… I need it badly… I need it only the way you can give it to me… ” Amanda continued to moan and talk in the phone. It was obvious to John that his daughter and her husband had phone sex often. Even though Amanda wanted to be fucked faster, she never increased the speed of the dildo. She was doing exactly what Bill was telling her to do over the phone.

Keesha and John were hot from watching Amanda. John grabbed Keesha blouse and pulled it over her head. Then he undid the clasp of her bra, freeing her tits from their support. Keesha was young, and her tits had quite firm, for their size. However, they were too big to stick straight out; there was some sag to them. John put his hands under them and lifted them up, his finger were messaging the huge, fleshy, dark tits. He looked over Keesha’s shoulder and saw her tits.

Keesha leaned her head backward and her lips found John’s mouth. She thrust her tongue inside of it, madly intertwining with John’s tongue. John’s fingers moved toward her nipples; pinching, twisting and pulling on them. A low moan escaped from Keesha’s mouth. She turned her entire body around so that she was facing John. Her hands went to his pants where they began to unbuckle his belt and pull down his zipper. Within seconds, she had his pants and jockey shorts pushed down around his ankles. She dropped to her knees and took his erect manhood into her mouth.

As John looked down at her, he got turned on even more by the color contrast; his white cock thrusting into her black lips and mouth. Then he felt it, the metal stud impaled in her tongue; rubbing up and down the entire length of his cock. He had not experienced a sensation like this in all his years of lovemaking; including all the swapping which he and his late wife had been involved. While Keesha was sucking his cock, John canlı poker oyna took off his shirt and stood naked before this black exotic woman. He reached down and pulled her to her feet, he did not want to come too soon. He pulled her tight against his body; he loved the feeling of those huge tits mashed against his chest. During foreplay, nothing turned John on more than the sensation of naked tits pressed against his naked chest. He leaned down and kissed her passionately on the lips, this time he thrust his tongue inside of her mouth. His hands went to her ass and pulled her lower body tight up against his. He could feel his erect dick pressing against her belly.

John and Keesha were so involved with each other, they did not notice that Amanda had masturbated herself to an orgasm and was now watching them. Not only that, but she was describing the action to her husband via the phone.

John reached down, grabbed the waist band of Keesha’s pants and pushed them down her body. When her pants reached her ankles, she stepped out of them. She now stood before John in only a pair of thong underwear. She stepped back from him and did a slow turn.

“You like what you see?” Keesha asked John.

“Yes I do,” was his reply. “You are one fucking sexy woman.”

“I think you are both sexy,” said Amanda.

Keesha and John turned and looked at Amanda, still sitting on the sofa, they had forgotten all about her when things heated up between the two of them.

“Oh, you are finished,” said John. “We got so turned on watching you and one thing lead to another, and”

“Pretty soon, we were so interested in each other, that we stopped watching you,” added Keesha.

“Well, I am done with myself. Why don’t you come over to me and we can get a threesome started.” Amanda speaking into the microphone added, “Is that alright with you Bill? How about I describe what is going on between the three of us. Do you think that would get you off?” Amanda turned to Keesha and her father, “Bill says he can’t wait. This is the first time we have included anyone else in our phone sex. His cock is rock hard; he can’t wait to get off.”

“Bill,” said Amanda into the phone, “Keesha and Dad are nude. You should see the tits on Keesha. They are huge. Her nipples are large; I would guess they are about three inches around. And they are erect, sticking out almost a half-of-an inch. She has the prettiest brown skin; it looks so sexy, in contrast to dad’s white skin. She shaved her pubes around her pussy, but left a patch of trimmed curly black hair above her pussy.”

John and Keesha went over to where Amanda was sitting. “Amanda,” said John, “you have already come. Let Keesha and me get started before you join in, just describe what is going on to Bill. I’m sure he’ll love it. Does that sound good to you Kessha?”

“John,” answered Keesha, “I just got started with you. I am not ready to share you with your daughter yet.” Keesha lay down on the floor and stretched her arms out to John. He went to her and kissed her ears, neck, throat, and lips. He was working his way down to her luscious tits.

“Keesha, I have been wanting to do this ever since I saw you come in the house.” John launched a full attack on her boobs. He fondled, groped, messaged, kneaded, licked, bit and kissed her tits and nipples. Keesha laid back, with her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling. When John got to her nipples, he began to suckle like a baby.

“Harder, John,” said Keesha. “Use you teeth. Oh that feels good. I love a man who likes to make love to my tits. Oh bite them, damn… harder… suck and bite at the same time… oh that feels so fucking good.”

Amanda was watching her father make love to her friend and telling her husband everything that she saw. It was definitely turning on both Amanda and her husband.

John left Keesha’s large hooters; kissing and licking his way down her body. He stopped briefly at her navel, just long enough to stick his tongue in a few time. Then he continued his journey downward until he reached his goal, her pussy. He decided to tease Keesha a little. He kissed and licked around her pussy, but never touching it. He nibbled on the inside of her thighs; he kissed the outside of her pussy lips and he licked all around her pussy without touching it. At the same time, his fingers were moving in and out of her pink pussy. This was exciting Keesha so much, when she could not take it anymore she reached down, grabbed his head and mashed his face against her moist slit. John took the hint and started licking. He tongue fucked her pussy for a few minutes. Keesha’s body was responding, her hips were moving, she was breathing fast, and moans were escaping from her lips.

“Damn John, you have a talented tongued,” Keesha moaned. “I love to have someone licking my pussy. Shit… that feels… sooooo fuckin’… goodddd… don’t stop.” She looked at Amanda, who was still describing the scene before her to her husband, and motioned for her to come down on the floor and join internet casino her.

When Amanda got close to her, Keesha drew her head down to meet hers and the two women kissed. They sucked on each other’s tongues so loudly that Bill could hear them through the microphone that was still attached to Amanda’s head. Finally, they broke their kiss and Keesha said. “Suck my tits, Amanda. I want your father between my legs and his daughter sucking my tits. What a turn on.” Keesha talked into the mic, “Bill, it is a shame you are not here. I could have you suck my other tit. We would have a family fuck fest.”

“Honey,” Amanda interrupted, “I think we need to invite Keesha to come to our place. She can come with dad and we can have Katie over; we should have a fucking good time.”

Meanwhile, John was still “munchin’ at the Y.” He attacked Keesha clit with his lips, tongue and teeth. At the dame time, he was pumping three fingers in and out of her pink, slick hole. That got Keesha attention.

“Oh fuck, John… Damn… Right there… oh… yeah… ” She thrust her hips up to meet his mouth. “Amanda honey, bite my nipples… yes… Yeses… YESSSSSSS… FUCKKKKKKKKKKK… YYYYEEESSSSSSSS… HERE… IIIIIIIIII… OH SHITTTTT… HERE… I COMMMMEEEEEE,” yelled Keesha. With one hand she grabbed John’s head and pressed it tight up against her cunt and with the other hand mashed Amanda’s head against her tit. She held them that way for several minutes, until she came down from her orgasm. “Whew, that was good,” she said. “Now I want to feel your cock inside me. How do you want me John, It’s your choice?”

John said, “Keesha, I want you on your back, the old stand by, at least for now. I want to see those tits bounce up and down, when I fuck the shit out of you. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good to me; Amanda, sit back and describe the action to your husband, but tell him not to come yet. After I come this way, I want to eat you, while your father fucks me from behind in my ass. So you better not come either John.”

John laughed, “Keesha, I took a Viagra, right after you got home. I’ll be hard for the next three or four hours. I plan to fuck the shit out of you and my daughter.”

“I like the sound of that,” replied Keesha, “What about you, Amanda?”

“I am a horny, pregnant female; I plan to come hard and often. I’ll watch my dad fuck you and describe it to Bill; I think he’ll enjoy that.” Amanda talked into the microphone, “Won’t you honey?” Turning to her dad and friend, “Bill said he can’t wait to hear me describing you getting fucked, pointing to Keesha, and hearing you come.”

Keesha laughed, “So, I’m a screamer. At least the other person knows that I am enjoying myself. Come on John; stick that cock inside of me. I have felt it played with and sucked it, now it’s time for me to feel it.”

John put the head of his cock at the entrance to her moist cunt and with one motion, shoved it entirely inside of Keesha.

“Oh, that feels good, John. I like a man who does not fool around. Fuck me!”

John did as he was told and began a slow rhythmic fuck. As his hips pounded his cock into Keesha, her large tits bounced up and down on her chest. As he increased the tempo, her tits began top bounce all over. The sight of her tits, flying all over, turned John on very quickly. It was truly an erotic sight, but he wanted her to come first. He reached down and with his thumb messaged her clit. That really got things moving. Keesha’s body was bouncing off the floor, meeting John’s thrusts.

“Pinch my nipples, you mother fucker,” yelled Keesha. “Twist those fuckers, pull on them.”

Again, John did as he was told; he reached down and finally grabbed those bouncing beauties. His fingers found the nipples and her twisted, pinched, and pulled on them.

“Oh… Fuckkkk… yessss… Harder… Harderrrr… HARDER… Fuckkkkkk… ME… HAAAAARRRRDDDERRRR. I’m almost there… FUCKKKK… HARDER… HERE… I… COMMMMMEEEE.” Keesha’s whole body went rigid, and then it relaxed.

Just after Keesha came, John stopped; he had something else in mind for Keesha, something he wanted to do ever since he saw her. He waited until Keesha got over her orgasm, which took a few minutes. John still had his cock inside Keesha and he could feel the walls of her pussy squeezing his cock every time she orgasmed. Finally she was back in the real world.

Keesha looked up at John, “You didn’t come?”

John replied, “I have something else I wanted to do. I think most men want to tit fuck you as soon as they see you and I’m no different. I hope you don’t mind?

“Hell no, I am use to it, “Keesha answered. “Like you said, men want to tit fuck me and I like it. Hand me that oil sitting on the end table and I’ll oil these babies up.”

Keesha poured oil over her tits and rubbed it all over her two breasts. John looked at her, he like the way her hooters glistened with oil. Keesha lay back down and John straddled her chest. He grabbed her tits and pushed them together, then, he moved forward plunging his cock between those slick melons. Keesha had propped her head up and had her mouth open. She could only lick the head of John’s cock because the rest of it was trapped inside her tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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