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Many thanks to FernieLyn for editing/beta-reading my story and correcting things!

“Your father has had an accident!” Mom said as she threw her coat on after hanging up the phone in the kitchen.

“What?” I shrieked as I jumped up from the sofa scattering all my homework across the floor.

I rushed to grab a jacket as Mom told me that we were heading to the hospital. The nurse that called didn’t give us any information so we didn’t know what to expect until we got there. I had to calm Mom down as she almost ran a stoplight which would have gotten us into a collision with the big Hummer that had some obnoxious driver with a small dick talking on a cell phone who was in far too much of a hurry to bother letting us go through the intersection.

Once at the hospital we found Daddy. He was in a room and was asleep. His head was bandaged. The nurse called the doctor who explained to us that he had been hit by a car which had caused him severe head trauma. Mom and I broke down in tears as the doctor said it was too soon to tell how Daddy would recover. He was stable, but in a coma right now.

I was Daddy’s princess. Mom and he married young but it was sometime before they had me. That gave them a chance to grow up and mature. They were best friends when I came along and having me became a joy to them. There was no pressure, guilt or bad feelings between the two of them, they were always at ease and comfortable with each other.

Unlike most princesses, Daddy never spoiled me. I was never able to wrap him around my finger like you read in all those stories. Pouting did nothing to him. My temper tantrums were met with laughter.

Daddy was strong in personality. He was a man. He was the boss in our family, our rock. Mom and I looked up to him, and looked to him for out strength and stability. All decisions went through him. It wasn’t like he was an ogre who lorded over us, he just was…better than we were.

He was smarter, more rational, stronger and more confident than anyone else I knew. Mom and I were always trying to do things that we thought he would approve of. He never hit either one of us, but just his look of disappointment when we had done something wrong was enough to cause heartache.

This was a man that Mom and I always wanted to please. This was a man that had everything and now, through teary eyes, I saw my Daddy, my ideal man, broken and battered, humbled and smaller, in that hospital bed and I cried with pain and I cried with fear.

What would happen to us if he dies? How will we go on? It would break Mom’s heart. It would break mine! He was larger than life and his two most devoted fans stood vigil over his bed all night long, hoping for a sign that things would be better. That we would awaken and this would all be just a bad memory to put behind us.

The next day, flowers and cards began to come into the room. They were from the neighbours, from work and from our friends. He was loved and respected by many.

Daddy stayed that way for a week. We had finally taken shifts to stay with him. I stayed during the day as I was able to withdraw from college and spend the time in his room watching him, while Mom had to go back to work.

One day while I was adjusting his pillow, his eyes fluttered open, startling me, which in turn startled him.

“Nurse!” I shouted and the nurses ran into the room and before I knew it they had the doctor down examining him.

I wasn’t able to say a word to him. I ran outside and pulled out my cell phone to call Mom. I got voicemail so that meant that she must be in a meeting; that was the only time she didn’t answer her phone. I quickly left a message and told her that Daddy was awake. Then I rushed back into the hospital to see him.

The doctor grabbed me before I could enter. “I want to see him!” I exclaimed.

“In a moment,” he said. “I need to tell you about him first.”

He took me to an area where we sat down.

“Ms. Gibson, your father has suffered some brain trauma as you know.”

I nodded. He continued.

“It seems that he has suffered some amnesia. He doesn’t know who he is and probably will not recognize you or your mother.”

“What? I don’t understand,” I said.

“He is very disoriented right now and in most cases like this the amnesia is temporary. It might go away in a few hours, a few days or even weeks. It might be wise to wait until your mother gets here before you go and see him.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

The doctor sighed. “This can be hard on all of you including the victim. Right now his mind and memories are jumbled. It’s important that the people that are the most important to him are introduced to him first. It’s like baby birds. When they hatch the first thing they see gets imprinted in their memories. They inherently trust that person or thing the most.”

“Your father’s brain cannot cope with a lot of information right now. He is confused and scared. Introducing a line of people throughout different times would confuse him and might make poker oyna things more difficult for him to sort his memories.”

“I’ve left a message with Mom, who’s at work. Once she gets that she’ll be here. I guess I can wait until then. Will he be okay?” I asked the doctor. My eyes started to tear again. Daddy wouldn’t know me. He wouldn’t know Mom.

“He has other injuries which will make him housebound for a while, but as far as his stability, he should be able to go home with you and your mother this evening after we do some more tests.”

I thanked the doctor and was told to wait in the waiting room while they continued to run tests on him. I was anxious for Mom to get here. We both needed to see Daddy.

From all the excitement, I must have fallen asleep as when I woke up it was dark out. I wiped a line of drool from my chin, not the most glamorous of moves, but hey I was in a hospital, and I checked my cell phone for the time. It was eight-thirty in the evening.

Where was Mom? There were no voicemails from her. I tried calling again, but it went to voicemail again. I was getting worried. She always returned my messages no more than two hours later.

When I checked in with the nurse, she said that Daddy was ready to be discharged. I was a little confused at first and then realized that they were going to let me take him home.

“I haven’t seen him yet,” I mumbled as I was a little worried about what the doctor had told me about imprinting.

This nurse was one of the night nurses and didn’t seem to think that there was an issue with me seeing him. She seemed keen to get him out of the bed and free up the room. With some trepidation I walked into Daddy’s room and went to see him.

Daddy looked up and our eyes met. It was so good to see him again. Before I could say anything he smiled.

“Well, to what do I owe this honor? Such a beautiful woman as you coming to see me! What’s your name sweetheart?”

I stammered for a moment taken aback by his words. “J..Jessica…” I said.

“You don’t happen to know my name now do you?” He asked.

“Your name is Frank,” I said as I went over and hugged him. Tears were flowing down my eyes. He was in a wheelchair and seemed ready to leave.

“Frank…I think I like it, Jessica.” He gave me a tentative kiss on my lips. It was a searching kiss, he was testing the boundaries of our relationship. It took me a moment to realize what he was doing, but by then I had returned his kiss back.

“You seem so familiar to me,” he hugged me with his one good arm. He felt weak, fragile and my heart ached for this man who was a mere mortal now.

“I love you, I know that,” he said.

“I love you too,” I said automatically.

He smiled and we stayed in our embrace for a few more moments.

“I’m going to take you home now,” I told him as I stood up and started wheeling him out of the room.

“Our home?” he asked me.

“Yes,” I said. I started to realize that I had not told him that I was his daughter. It was kind of thrilling!

I signed him out and took him home. When we got there, there was still no sign or message from Mom. I was getting worried about that. I helped Daddy into the house and set him down on the couch. He needed to sit up for a while as he was sick of beds and laying down. I gave him his pain meds and he started to float off into semi consciousness. I watched him for a few minutes then went and checked the answering machine. There was a message waiting.

It was from the emergency room at the hospital I just came from. Mom had been involved in a car accident. How the hell can this be happening? Both my parents? I called the hospital and they filled me in on her condition. She had hurt her spine and they had immobilized her as a precaution. She was safe and in good condition but would be under observation for the next few days. That left me home with Daddy, taking care of him… and playing house together.

I smiled a little as I thought about the fact that Daddy still didn’t know that I was his daughter. He had treated me like a girlfriend. I still remembered that kiss he gave me. It took me a few moments, but a small simple and later on I would call it stupid plan hatched in my brain. I went to the living room where Daddy was now asleep and removed all pictures of Mom. I was thinking with my crotch, not my brain at that time.

I sat with Daddy and before I knew it I was asleep as well.

I awoke later to the feeling of his hand on my breast. I groaned as I realized what he was doing.

“Jessica?” He whispered. I sighed as my heart beat faster. Pushed back into him and he softly kissed me on the back of my neck. My hairs raised as goosebumps formed all over my body. I shivered as I felt his strength returning. My nipple was hard and he slowly and tenderly moved his hand that was under my shirt to my other breast and nipple. Oh my god! He knew just what to do as he played with my breasts and nipples. It felt so good I could only moan.

“You are so beautiful, I just couldn’t canlı poker oyna help it.” He kissed my neck some more. “When I first saw you, I was drawn to you. I was so glad to find out that we loved each other.”

I moaned. “I love you Da…” I stopped myself from calling him daddy. “Frank,” I added.

I turned to face him and when our eyes met, I saw the love in those eyes that I had always seen when I looked into my entire life. Now I also saw lust. It excited me. I kissed him and he took me. He took my heart as I knew that I wanted him now fully. Here was a man, here was my man. Here was the only man I ever wanted. I helped him with his shirt and gasped at the dark purple welts and bruises that colored his chest.

“Does it hurt?”

He smiled. “It does, but you know how to make it better!”

I grinned and started kissing his chest boo boo’s away.

I worked slowly lingering on each bruise as I worked my way down his chest, over his stomach and got to his pants. I unbuttoned them and he lifted himself up with a few grunts of pain as I took them down from under him until he was naked before me.

“No fair,” he said. “You get to see my broken body. I want to see your pretty little body!” I giggled as he stroked my cheek. I shook my head no and lowered myself down to his now hard cock.

I had seen my daddy’s cock before. We were not a shy family and have walked around in the nude before. We have gone skinny dipping, and there have been times when I secretly watched Daddy take Mom with a passion that would leave me craving my own release.

In short, I had seen my Daddy’s cock erect before.

This time when I looked at it, it was completely different. It was bigger, stronger, heavier and more beautiful than I had ever seen it. How could it change like that? But I knew why. This cock was now for me! Tonight this cock was mine, not Mom’s. Because of that, this cock was different.

I licked it softly at first. I teased him as I savoured the soft skin, the smell, the taste of him. He groaned. “Oh Jessica, I love you! How can I be so lucky as to wake up and get such a sexy young blonde girlfriend!”

I smiled as I took him in my mouth. He gasped as I worked my way down. I fondled his large balls and he whimpered! I started to move up and down on his member and he just lay back softly stroking my hair as I gave him pleasure.

His body tightened up, his muscles squeezed, and he groaned in pleasure from what I was doing to him as well as pain from his injuries. He was helpless before me and I relished this reversal of power. All of my life, Daddy had been in control and I would react to him, now I was playing him like an instrument and he was reacting to my control!

“Oh Jess,” he said and paused.

I paused as well, his cock still deep in my throat as I realized that he had called me by my short name, something Daddy did all the time, but something Amnesia Frank hadn’t done yet. Was the jig up? Was he remembering?

He stroked my hair again, the memory passed.

“That feels so good!”

I smiled inwardly as I couldn’t with his wonderful warm cock in my mouth! I was still his girlfriend!

My mouth and jaws were getting tired, so I decided to stop and give my man a striptease! He lay back panting as I slowly undressed. I gave him an achingly slow lap dance as I removed my shirt and clothing. He tried to touch me but I playfully slapped his hands away.

“Tut, tut, tut! No touching,” I admonished him.

My bra was off and I turned to straddle him with my hands clasped around my chest hiding my breasts. His eyes were focused on me. Not just my breasts, not just my body, but on my eyes, on my soul.

Here was a world class lover, and while I tried to turn him on with my sexy body and strip tease, he had amplified what I was doing by touching me deeper than I could possibly realize. Mom, why have you been hording him away from everyone? This man could do so much good showing women everywhere what true passion and love is!

I leaned towards him and kissed him softly. He kissed me back. It was the gentlest kiss I have ever experienced and it rocked my world harder than anything I had ever had in my life. My man may have been broken, but his soul was still powerful and undamaged. I slid my pants down leaving me in nothing but my little panties.

He continued to look me in my eyes. I crawled up on his lap and put my arms around his neck. I nuzzled him as he lightly bit my neck. He rubbed his cheeks against my face, scenting me, marking me as his. I was his. I realized I was always his. Daddy’s princess had always been wrapped around his finger, not the other way around.

With his one good arm he touched me down there. At first it was a light stroking but soon as I arched my back to give him better access, he was pawing me with a need that told me that my teasing was coming to an end. I needed him. I needed Daddy in me. Wait, was I the one who had been teasing, or him? I wasn’t so sure as my body continued to react to his kisses internet casino and his insistent hand.

Standing up, I removed my panties to reveal my shaved glistening pussy. The scent and aroma of my uncovered womanhood wafted in the air and excited us both. I quickly hovered over his throbbing hot cock and we looked at each other. There was an unspoken agreement that we were going to do this.

I lowered myself onto him and his stiff smooth cock slide easily into me, filling me up as he continued to stare into my eyes. We saw each others souls as I slowly got comfortable with Daddy’s cock in me. I slowly rode him as feelings of pleasure shot through my spine and rippled through my body. He kissed me as I panted along with him. At times he moaned in pain but I didn’t care. At that moment I was his and he was mine. We were one.

My mind floated as I felt the build up of an orgasm coming. I was aware of his cock thrusting in and out of me and his eyes as he stared into my soul. I lost vision as a wave of tingling pleasure rolled through me and settled into my toes. Another wave went through me and built up on the first, settling in my feet. The next moved the build-up into my calves. I still rode my man. The following wave settled in my hips and the final wave settled in my stomach as he spurted his hot cum into my womb.

I was aware of someone screaming. It was me. I didn’t care. I held onto my man, hurting him in the process as he flexed and grunted into me, spilling his essence, the same seed that had made me into my body. This is what my mother felt when Daddy mated with her and made me.

We came down slowly. It was hard to breathe and he just held me as best as he could with his one arm, as his other bandaged arm was soaked through with sweat. When I was able to focus on him, he had an intimate smile on his face as he looked at me.

“You are so beautiful,” he told me and then he kissed me softly on my cheek. I melted into him and his embrace. I had never felt safer and more loved in my entire life. We fell asleep in each others arms. He was still in me. Our juices were left to slowly leak out of me during the night.

The next morning I opened my eyes to see that I indeed had not dreamed what had happened to me the night before. My loving Daddy, my man, was still under me, asleep and had a contented smile on his face. I smiled and shifted my weight to find that his cock had shrivelled up during the night and had plopped out of me. I pouted for a moment then started to slowly kiss my man awake.

His eyes opened and there was a look of confusion on his face. He winced in pain as his brain tried to work things out. He saw me and smiled. I smiled back and kissed him gently on the lips. He kissed me back. Then suddenly he pulled away.

“Jess?” He exclaimed. I looked into his eyes. My man was gone. Daddy had come back…

“Daddy?” I asked.

He nodded. Then he realized that we were naked. The memories of last night came flooding back to him. I could see it in his eyes as the horror of what happened dawned on him.

“Oh my god!” he cried. “We did…we had…” he couldn’t finish the sentence.

I nodded again and kissed him softly on the lips.

His face was a picture of turmoil. Confusion, understanding, fear then finally, guilt, flowed through his features.

The gravity of the situation hit him; it hit him hard.

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry…” he started to say.

I held a finger to his lips and shushed him.

“It’s okay Daddy, I wanted it. I’m a big girl now.”

That wasn’t what he wanted to hear.

“What have we done? How did this happen?”

He tried to push me off his lap, but due to his injuries he didn’t have the strength. I kept myself plant, afraid of the rejection that Daddy would show me.

“Don’t you remember, Daddy? You had amnesia! You thought I was your girlfriend. You said you loved me!”

He was speechless for a moment as he remembered.

“Oh no!” he said.

“Oh yes!” I said.

“Baby, this is all wrong, why didn’t you stop me?” He had given up trying to push me away as I clung onto him like my life depended on it.

“Stop you? I wanted you! I love you Daddy and I wanted you to have me, all of me.”

He shook his head.

“I need to get up,” he asked me. I stayed put and didn’t move.

“Please honey,” he croaked. “Help me to the bathroom, I need to go.”

I grudgingly got off him and helped him up and to the bathroom. He sat down on the toilet and let out his pee. I stood there with him watching as my man had a very sad look on his face. Was I wrong in what I did? He did put the moves on me. I didn’t tell him I was his daughter and I did let him think that I was his beautiful sexy young girlfriend…

“What happened to me?” he asked as I helped him back to the couch.

He had me get him his bathrobe and covered himself up. Feeling modest myself, I covered up with a robe of my own and curled up next to him on the sofa.

I noticed the stain on the couch, long since dried, that showed the evidence of our love from last night.

“You were hit by a car. You’ve been in a coma for a week. When you came to the doctors said you had amnesia and they didn’t know when your memory would come back.”

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