Amorous Senior

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Enid was 74 and looked 74. She was not hot, she was not sexy for her age, she looked every bit of 74 and was very comfortable in her own skin. Not very tall and a bit heavy, but not fat. Wrinkled, no if ands or buts, she was wrinkled but everyone said she had a very pleasant face and manner about her. Though she looked 74, she didn’t act it, not by a long shot. She was a horny old dame and very much into sex with any guy who might be interested back. She’d had her share of women over the years, but as she once told her friends at the Senior Center, “Cock, love cock. Loved it since I was a teenager.” Many of her friends at the Senior Center were no longer ‘friends’ after that outburst. They were the old fashioned stereotypical old ladies.

However, she had a few friends who just reveled in hearing of her exploits.

One day she needed a plumber and called a guy who was two towns over because she wanted to cut down the chances of bumping into him at the grocery store. Ken a guy of about 45 with a big gut walked up to the door and knocked. Enid opened up and asked him in. She brought him to the bathroom where the sink was leaking badly and said, “I really need this taken care of. Can you help me?”

Ken said, “Yeah, sure, shouldn’t be too difficult. Probably a washer.” And he began to work on the sink. After a few minutes of working, Enid came back to the bathroom and said, “I have to pee. It happens at my age. Don’t worry about me, you just keep working.”

Ken tried not worrying about Enid but she dropped her drawers not 2 feet from him and squatted down on the toilet and pissed away. He tried not to look and Enid decided to capitalize on this. She said, “Hell kiddo, enough guys have seen my pootie that it don’t mean much to me anymore and be honest, I caught you peeking. You wondering what an old woman’s pootie looks like?”

“Eh, ah, well, ye see….” Stammered Ken as Enid reached for a moist wipe and cleaned herself up a bit. Then she turned a bit on the seat and threw her legs open to him. “That’s what it looks like. Not bad for my age, eh?”

Poor Ken was beside himself and not sure what to say or do, but he DID look, and he DID start to sweat a bit and when she spread her lips with her fingers, he DID start to get hard.

“Wanna fuck an old lady Kenny my boy? Don’t think of this as old, think of it as well aged.” Then she told him to stand up and she undid his pants. She had admired the obligatory exposed butt crack and now, she’d see him from the front. His belly was big alright, but there was his shvantz sticking straight out at Enid. She reached over, still sitting on the toilet and began to stroke him, tickling his balls. Then she leaned forward and took him in her mouth. He was pretty good size and Enid felt that it was only his belly that kept her from attempting to deep throat him which, at his size, would be a hell of a challenge. She was convinced he had to be nine inches.

“Here’s a real treat for you, baby,” said Enid as she sat upright and removed her denture plate. “Ever had a gum job?”

Ken just shook his head, closed his eyes and went with the flow. After several minutes of feeling some of the most amazing feelings his penis had ever encountered, Enid stood and lead him by the shaft to the bed. She lay down on the bed and instructed him to remove his pants from around his ankles and to lose the shirt. He did without hesitation.

“Now, fuck me. Lay some pipe, plumber-man!”

And he did. Ken jammed his cock deeply into Enid who began to rock her hips for him. He held his belly up so he could get all nine inches into Enid’s surprisingly wet pussy and Enid hollered “HALLALUJA!”

Ken just kept slamming her, hoping beyond all hope that he wasn’t going to break her. At one point Enid looked up and could see a bit of apprehension on his face (she was sure it was that and not his cum face) and said, “It’ll take a hell of a lot more than what you’re doing to hurt this gal. Keep it up Tarzan, Jane needs your vine!”

As he fucked her, his belly rubbed against her pelvic area. She found it strangely exciting. This was the fattest guy she had ever done and he was magnificent. He was cupping her ass as he continued to slam into her, over and over again. His belly was helping to stimulate her clitoris and she began to breath heavy and short. Ken panicked and started to pull out to which Enid responded with, “YOU PULL OUT NOW, I’LL CUT YOUR DICK OFF!” Ken just kept going until Enid could take no more. How long had it been, 5 minutes? 20 minutes? Enid had no idea, she was dizzy and this cock master had her in an excited euphoric state. She came with a scream, rocking against his dick and his belly.

Ken wasn’t finished though. Enid motioned for him to come to her side and she propped herself up and began to finish him off with her mouth and hand.

“I’m gonna cum,” Ken barely said.

“Sounds good, let’s see if it tastes good,” replied Enid as she pumped his seed onto her lips and then engulfed the head, sucking and pumping him dry. Ken collapsed onto the floor, breathing very shallow breaths, but smiling from ear to ear.

“So, when you collect yourself, poker oyna finish the sink, will ya, hunny?” and Enid got up, threw on a robe and said, “I’ll be watching TV.”

Another thing Enid liked to do was tease the hell out of the kid across the street. Enid liked walking around the house nude now and then. “My house? My right!” She would tell anyone who asked her about it or suggested closing the shades. One time she noticed 18 year old Billy Watzleneck sitting in his room looking across into her house. She made a point of staying in the front rooms upstairs where he’d get a better view. One day, shortly after his 18th birthday, she sat, well inside her room away from the window but in full view of Billy’s window, and masturbated for about ten minutes, even using a vibrator at one point. She worked the vibrator in and around the old hole and rubbed herself as well, licking her fingers as she went. She would do this until either she legitimately came (and it was obvious) or got tired and then just faked it. Billy wouldn’t know or care what the difference was.

Enid did this for Billy about 3 times per month. Enid was actually very flattered that after almost a whole year, he didn’t get bored with her and even had invited a few friends over now and then. This continued right up until one day Billy’s Dad just happened by and looked across. She could see the shade go down in Billy’s room and within 10 minutes, Billy’s Dad was at her door.

“Enid, I wish you wouldn’t do that so openly. I mean, I want my son to learn about that stuff the normal way and frankly, he’s a bit young to see anything like that.

Enid countered with, “My house?” and before she could finish, Billy’s Dad said, “My right! Yeah, I know. I’m asking as a neighbor and a friend. We’re friends right? I mean, we like to talk and such. Could you just do me that favor as a friend?”

Enid thought for a second then said, “How about another favor I could do you. Then we could be friends with benefits!”

Billy’s Dad looked down and shook his head. As he turned to leave, Enid added, “You’ve seen it Hank, you can imagine what it can do.”

Hank left. Then about 9 pm he came back and said, “Billy’s at a basketball game and Lynda is out with friends. So, what were you talking about? What kind of benefits?”

Enid pulled him into the house and told him to strip. He did. Then she told him to bend at the waist. He did. She spanked his ass with her open palm and said, “Like that? Want more?”

Hank at first said, “Not really. What the hell are you…?”

SMACK, SMACK. Enid slapped his ass again. “We haven’t done anything yet, but I guarantee if I told Lynda about just THIS, she’d have shit fit. So, do you like that? Want more?”

He grudgingly said, “Yeah, sure, I like it.” And Enid smacked his ass several more times, pretty damn hard too. He didn’t understand why, but Hank was beginning to get a bit hard. “More, I could use more.” He wondered where that came from, but she understood and smacked him again. She ordered him to his knees and spread her legs under her terrycloth robe. “Eat me you pig. Eat me now and do it well or I’ll get MEAN.”

“Yes, yes I will.” And Hank pulled her hips towards him and began to lick her. He was shocked, at her age she was soaked. He expected dust and cobwebs, but she was dripping! Hank at first was a tad repulsed by all this unexpected pussy juice and started to back away when Enid hit him in the back of the head and said, “I have NOT gotten off yet. EAT!”

Back he went. She wasn’t tall, maybe 5’4″ so her crotch was low, but Hank managed to get his 6’3″ frame bent in such a way as he could ably eat away this soaking wet old woman. He devoured her lips and her clitoris, which he was surprised to find so easily. He could feel Enid start to tremble and wondered if he should stop to she wouldn’t fall over. He got his answer when Enid said, “If you stop, you pay. If you finish me, you get rewarded.”

He ate, licked, sucked and nibbled until Enid had to grab hold of the stair banister to keep from falling. He thighs tightened around Hank’s head and he had slightly difficult time breathing but he kept it up until Enid tapped him on the head and freed his face.

“Now, a reward.” She went upstairs and retrieved her vibrator, a standard size one; nothing special other than it had one hell of a full speed. When we returned to the foyer, she instructed Hank to go over and put his hands on the third step with his back to her. He was reluctant but Enid was persuasive. He bent over and then, upon instruction, spread his legs a bit. Enid slid the vibrator into her vagina to get it wet and lubed up, then, with no warning other than signs a blind man would see, she began to work the vibrator around Hank’s ass. She had it on the lowest speed as she moved it around, occasionally having to reinsert it in herself for wetness, but never leaving Hanks asshole for more than three to five seconds at a time. Hank was shivering a bit, not knowing what to expect. Then, in it went. Just a bit at first. Enid WAS being gentle, but firm. A little more the next time, a little more, a little more until the end was canlı poker oyna all the way in. What she had inserted was about the size of a man’s thumb, there was still more to come, but she wanted to wait. Enid upped the speed just a bit and could hear Hank begin to moan. With her free hand she began to stroke the back of his scrotum with the back of her index finger. She’d bring it back to the vibrator in his ass, then return to his scrotum. Then, MORE went in, just a bit more. Hank was in denial that he was enjoying this, but Enid knew. She slowly slid the plastic phallus in until the shaft had his asshole open wide and she cranked up the speed. As this shook the very walls of his colon, Enid slipped her hand between his legs and slowly jacked him off. Hank began to quiver, Enid quickened the pace. Hank then began to shudder and Enid quickened the pace as he started to shake all over Enid stopped.

Hank was so close a few drops of semen had already made their way out of the pipeline. Enid kept the vibrator going though. Hank was losing his mind, “May I finish myself?” he asked, his voice wavering, his legs on the verge of buckling. Enid said, “No. Give me a second. My arthritis is acting up a bit.”

She worked her hand a bit, leaving the vibrator going full tilt and then said, “Oh, that’s much better.” And she reached around and gave his member a squeeze and a tug and he came all over her hand and her stairs.

“You made a mess of my stairs,” Enid began, very sternly. “Clean it up before you go.”

Hank got some paper towels and rug cleaner from the kitchen and cleaned up the carpet on the stairs. He turned to say something to Enid but she cut him off, “No, not a word. You speak, I WILL Speak, to your wife, Billy and the local newspaper. Got it, hotshot?”

He got it. He finished, dressed and left. The matter of her showing off to Billy never came up again.

Enid enjoyed flashing as well. She knew she was past her prime as far as most guys were concerned, but she loved getting a rise out of men. A Senior Citizen WOMAN, who showed off could turn loads of guys on, just at the shock of it. Old MEN would flash all the time, but a woman doing it was out of the norm and Enid loved being out of the norm.

Enid would visit various places like the Mall or the stadium where the local minor league team played and just sort of let her coat fall open. One guy ended up following her around. At first it made Enid a little nervous and she thought, “I may have provoked a mental case.” And she started rethinking her actions. Well, until the guy came up to her and said, “You know, you’re a hot woman. To flash like that, you must have some great confidence and I bet you’re a great lay.”

He was right and Enid ended up doing him in the parking lot of the Mall. Mall Security was cruising the lot and of course had their yellow lights going like there was some kind of emergency. Every time the lights reflected in the mirrors, they’d stop. As soon as they could see that Security was at least 100 yards away, they’d get right back at it.

Enid was sitting on his lap in a bit of a reverse cowgirl in the back seat. Even though she was short, she had to lean forward just a bit in order to ride him properly. Two teenagers, about 18 were walking by when they noticed what was going on. They stopped and watched for a bit. The guy (Enid never got or cared about his name) had his eyes closed so he didn’t see them, but Enid did see them. She smiled and leaned back a bit to give them a better view as the guy’s meat kept ramming her honeypot. She gave her tits a little squeeze for the boys’ enjoyment. They both just stared until Enid shooed them away. They left, high fiving each other.

When the guy was about to cum, Enid started rubbing her clit and they came together, hard; his cum shooting inside of her. Enid loved the feel of a man cumming inside her and at her age, pregnancy was NOT an issue. She got off of him, closed her coat, gave him a deep passionate kiss and walked away leaving him in an orgasmic stupor. She could feel semen oozing from between her pussy lips. Then she chuckled as she contemplated that thought, “At my age, ‘pussy’ seems like a silly word. It’s a CAT, pure and simple.”

Enid liked to drive to the one triple X theater left in the area. It was an hour away, but her monthly visits were always a treat. She would arrive, parking in the alley out back. At this point, the management knew her as did many of the employees. She’d walk in the door, wave and enter the theater picking out a nice seat near the middle. She was never charged. It seemed that the people running the place knew how many guys (and occasionally women) would show up hoping to be there for the monthly visit of the “Mysterious Elder” as she came to be called.

Once in, the management would lock the doors and put up a sign saying, “Closed for Private Function” and just let happen the now usual routine.

Enid would go in, strip off all of her clothing and sit down to watch the movie. After a few she’d say, loud enough to be heard, but without yelling, “This movie is making me SO horny. I hope there are enough men to satisfy internet casino me.” In no time, almost every guy in the theater was standing around her waiting to fill a hole or hand and she would stay until every single one of them was satisfied. One time she breezed in and did her usual routine but found, though the auditorium was almost full, only ONE guy let her blow him. As she sucked on his cock for all she was worth she looked more closely at the screen. She had shown up during a Gay Film Festival. She finished that one guy and left.

When she was successful, she would take on often no less than twelve guys, each taking their turn screwing her or getting their junk sucked or jacked. No customer left unsatisfied. Then she’d go home, shower and watch “Murder She Wrote” or one of her favorite programs. She made a point of picking different days so that no one would know just when she’d be there, this of course caused many guys to just show up which in turn made the theater management happy. Until Enid starting showing up, attendance at the performances had been dwindling. Now there was a new exciting reason to ‘go to the movies’!!!!

One day as she sat with her circle of friends she told them the story of the circle jerk she orchestrated. She had seven guys at her house. None of them knew each other. She wouldn’t tell how she got seven strangers into her home at one time, which drove her friends crazy and added to the mystery of Enid.

She had them strip and stand around her in a circle and told them to get hard and start to jerk off. They did without hesitation. Then, she threw in a twist, “I’ll give a blow job to the LAST guy standing and promise another blow job once a week for 6 weeks.” The guys seemed to like that. “Ok but here’s where the twist comes in, since anyone can delay a climax if the jerk slow and easy, you have to jerk off the guy to your left and do a good job. Again, the last man standing, blown for today and 6 more and every time, you come in my mouth!”

The guys were hesitant. None of them had handled a penis beyond his own. Sensing the apprehension, Enid went penis to penis and gummed them, just a bit to let them know what she could do. When she came full circle she said, “And I was only giving a free sample! Second place will get two blow jobs.”

The guys each grabbed a cock and began to stroke. Enid loved watching and examined each hand as it furiously worked the swollen gland of its neighbor. Each guy was putting a lot of effort in, really pumping away like they were inflating a bike tire.

“Boys, if you do it TOO fast, you won’t give the guy any enjoyment and he won’t cum. You can do it quickly, but imagine how you like to handle yourself and act accordingly.”

They did. She couldn’t say she liked Gay porn, but Enid liked cocks being stroked right in front of her and by the hand of another. It added some excitement to the moment. The guys hands, some meaty and hairy, some a bit more delicate, stroked the hell out of the cock next door until the first guy came. He had failed to warn Enid so she had her back turned and missed it.

“Ok, from the rest I want proof. If you feel your guy tense up, let me know.” The guys, when they could tell, informed Enid who went over and awaited the stickiness. As the guy came, the guy jerking him off would wipe his hand on Enid as per her request. Finally, two guys were left and they had to move close since they had been opposite each other. They furiously pumped until the younger guy finally exploded onto Enid’s already messy tits. The last guy stood there awaiting his reward.

Enid shuffled over to him on her knees, grabbed his cock, wrapped her lips around him, slid her mouth down and back and….BAM, he was done. She smiled and said, “Well, you still have six to go!” turning to the older of the two she said, “And I’ll see you the next two weeks in a row.”

Then she threw them out of her house and made a cup of tea and had a scone.

Enid did have one steady boyfriend named Hal. Hal was a nice enough guy and at least as perverted as Enid and it made their relationship special, but not exclusive. Hal was very much into S&M and at 82, he had been around it a long time. He would kid that he once had a copy of “120 Days of Sodom” by the Marquis de Sade which the author had signed, “To Hal, Thanks for WHIPPING me into frenzy! Love, The Marquis.”

Hal had a sex dungeon and though Enid wasn’t overly fond of the fetish, she would indulge Hal on a monthly basis, sometimes twice in a month. Sometimes Hal would go to the porno theater with her. It was a VERY special relationship.

Hal liked to mix it up just a bit. One time he’s chain her to a wall and whip her. Again, since she wasn’t really into this stuff, he had to use the velvet cat o’ nine tails with the little velvet knots at the end instead of the leather one his other friend, Joelle would actually demand. Sometimes Hal would put Enid on a rack wearing a leather hood and fuck her as she was stretched out. His favorite thing however was the rare occasions he would hang Enid upside down and spank her. She couldn’t do this more than about 10 minutes at a time, but they would be ten phenomenal minutes for Hal, especially when she’d wear the ball gag. He’d jack off on her face as he reached around to spank her. The spanking was fine, but the hanging upside down was brutal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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