An Amazing Night With An Indian Trans Woman

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Now this story is a fantasy I have, maybe a little bit more than that. I see myself as a bisexual top. I’ve mostly been with women but have also experienced some guys too. I have always wanted to be with a trans woman.

However, I see them as the best of both worlds. I don’t purely sexualize them though, to me this story is a fantasy. But a trans woman is just another woman, with a little bit extra.

The sun shines brightly over the city of New Delhi as I walk towards the hotel reception desk. The soothing sounds of the water feature and the calming palette of colors bring me a sense of relief after my long flight. With my hand clenched to my bag and my eyes barely able to stay open I approach the desk.

Noticing my attire, consisting of an oversize Champion t-shirt, expensive white sneakers, Nike track-pants, and striking accessories, the hotel staff rightly assume I’m an NRI. With that, a barrage of unnecessary, complicated English and attention is thrown my way as we go through all the hotel formalities.

And all I say, in my rather harsh Punjabi accent is: “Bhai, room kahan hai?” It takes them a minute to register what I said. But they hand me the key card and politely point the way to the elevator. The elevator doors open and I step out onto my floor, my phone in my hand and eyes glued to the screen.

I don’t see where I’m going and accidentally bump into somebody. Straight away I say sorry as I bend down to pick up her fallen bag and hand it to her. Lifting myself up I take the time to look at her body, perfect smooth legs, thick thighs, a tight waist and a set of amazing tits.

But what really stole my attention was her soft round face, fair skin, round eyes, and her delicate yet enticing lips. “I am so sorry about that, beautiful,” I say as she begins to blush. Her soft, enchanting voice replies, “It’s ok, you seem a little tired.”

“Extremely tired, could you guide me to my room, please? Number 407?” I say with a smile. “Sure, it’s right next to my room. Just left down the corridor.” saying that she gives me the cutest smile I’ve ever seen and walks past me. I turn around as she walks.

Her round booty was swaying with each step and just as she’s about to walk into the elevator. She looks back for one last sly smile. I head over to my room, swiping the key card I make my way inside. Finding it hard to get her out of my mind as I walk towards the large bed.

I notice a small flyer on the table, “Valentine’s day party tonight, banquet hall at 7 pm.” And I think to myself what if she’s there tonight?

A few hours later:

After taking a shower and getting dressed, now in a shirt, formal pants and loafers I make my way to the banquet hall. Having absolutely no reason to attend other than the slight bit of hope that this random girl might be there, I nonchalantly hand over my key card and walk in.

Trying not to be too obvious I look around as I approach the bar. Sadly, no sign of her. Ordering myself a drink, I take the first sip and suddenly I notice her. Her eyes, her lips, her waist, her legs. All neatly wrapped under a gorgeous black dress. Her signature swaying of her hips as she makes her way to the other side of the bar.

And just like me, she seems to be alone. Praying to god that she’s single, I make my way over to her. Acting as cool and calm as I possibly can. The next three words becoming the start to one of the most amazing nights of my life, “Hi, remember me?” Of course, she remembered.

We spent the next few hours drinking and talking: about her, about me, where we’re from, what we do. Getting closer and closer to each other. We spent the night dancing. By the last song, my hand was around her waist and we were barely a millimeter apart from each other.

And we realized how uncomfortable we were making the other guests. The middle-aged couples trying to ignore our existence or shielding their c***dren’s eyes from us. But it didn’t faze us. We went back to the bar for one last drink, our conversation turns to love and relationships.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her and nor could I stop telling her all the reasons why. Within seconds we finished our drinks and found ourselves in one of the many corridors. I pushed her up against the wall as she grabbed my collar and pulled me close.

Her lips touching mine and my tongue interlocked with hers as her hand brushed through my hair. With one of my hands on her waist, I ran the other down her back and onto her gorgeous ass, squeezing it as I kissed her harder. She tasted so sweet. I felt something press up against my leg.

So I moved my hand between her legs. Running it up her inner thigh and onto her crotch. I took her dick into my hand but she pushed me away. Without looking at me she walked off. I told her to stop but she didn’t. I chased after her as she made her way to the elevator. I made my way in behind her.

She looked at me with a tear running down her face and she said, “What do you want?” I looked into her deep dark eyes as I moved in close and wiped her tears from her soft cheeks. “I want you.” And I kissed her again softly. She returned the kiss but then moved away again, “Are you sure?” I said. “Yes, I’m sure.”

I brought her into my room, pushing her up against the wall once again, her leg wrapping around me as her lips met mine. My hard cock pressing up against her as I pulled her dress up; and the zip of her dress down. Moving my hand further down, grabbing a hold of her beautiful booty once again.

She began to unbutton my shirt as I lift her up off the ground and throw her onto my bed. She kicks off her heels with a smile as I slowly pull my shirt off, exposing more of my body to her. As she pulls off her dress and throws it at me. Her gorgeous body lying there on the bed, in nothing but sexy black lingerie.

Her hard dick pressing up against her panties. I move up to her body. She feels the warmth of my breathe on her navel as I make my way back up to her sweet plump lips. My tongue sliding back into her mouth, tasting more of her. Our bodies right up against one another, her sweet fragrance driving me crazy.

I want her so bad. She pushes me down onto my back, moving up on top of me. My hands on her waist as she looks down into my eyes; unhooking her bra before throwing it off to the side. My hands move up her waist and I take her large round tits into my hands.

Her erect nipples begging me to take them into my mouth. She brings herself down to kiss me as my hands reach onto her back and down to her perfect booty. She pushes off me, slowly moving down my body; kissing down my chest. Looking down at her I say “Oh baby, you’re so hot.”

She looks back up at me as she kisses down my stomach. Her hands wrap around my belt as she says, “It’s only going to get better, daddy.” Hearing that I feel my cock press harder against my pants, rolling my head back as she unzips my pants and pulls them down.

I feel the warmth of her breathe now, inches away from my underwear as she pulls those down too. My cock springs to attention; landing across her cheek as she bites her lips. Wrapping her hand around it and bringing it closer to her mouth she says, “It’s so big baby, I love it.”

Before I can say a word she licks the tip of my large caramel cock, taking my oozing precum into her mouth. She licks up from the base, her tongue sliding up my shaft, sending bolts of pleasure up my body. She takes it into her mouth and slowly slides it inside.

Her saliva dripping down my cock as it starts to move down her throat. Rubbing the base she starts to slide my cock in and out of her mouth, the taste overwhelming her and she can’t get enough. The amazing sensation taking control of my body as I bring my hand onto her head as she takes more of me inside her.

I push her down and she takes more and more of my cock down her throat. She gags and I release. Bringing her head up again she takes a deep breath and smiles. I tell her to bring her ass to me. She turns around, bending over as she pulls her panties down. Teasing me with her gorgeous round ass.

She straddles me again, this time her face is at my cock and her booty is at my face. I grasp her ass and pull it down, closer to me as she lowers her lips onto my cock again. As she takes my cock into her mouth she feels my tongue against her hole. Her dick twitching as my tongue circles around her sweet hole.

I sense that and wrap one hand around her leg and grab a hold of her dick. I can feel her precum on her tip as I slowly jerk her off. My tongue sliding into her hole. Her taste overwhelms my senses as I begin to devour her ass. Squeezing her cheek with one hand and jerking her dick off with the other.

She takes my cock out of her mouth as she begins to moan, “Yes daddy, please don’t stop.” She begs as my tongue reaches deep inside her. Her precum dripping onto my chest. I lift her off me and throw her onto the bed right beside me. Turning her onto her stomach, I pull her ass up.

She arches her back, poking her ass out to me as I spank it hard. She bites her tongue and looks back at me as I give her a smile. I reach over to my bag, placed at the foot of the bed and I pull out my tube of lube. Pouring it down her ass and onto her hole, I slowly slide one of my fingers in.

Stretching her out slightly as I pour some more lube onto my cock. Placing my cock up against her hole. As I reach around her neck and pull her closer, for one more kiss before pushing her back down. I slowly push the tip of my cock inside her hole, she whimpers and I ask her if she’s ok.

She nods, “Don’t stop, I want you inside me.” I begin to push more of my cock inside her, stretching her hole as she whimpers louder. My heart sinks as I know I’m causing her pain. But she doesn’t want me to stop. Soon I’m entirely inside her, and as I feel her ass stretch for me more.

I hear her whisper, “Fuck me, daddy.” I spank her ass one more time, now slowly fucking her. Grinding up against her gorgeous round ass. Her whimpers of pain turn into whimpers of pleasure as she begs for me to fuck her harder. Her moans fill up the room as I take her hair into my hands and pull it gently.

My cock slamming in and out of her as the sound her ass hitting my pelvis gets louder and louder. Her hard dick oozing precum all onto the bed as her ass gets stretched out. She begins to shout, “Yes, yes! I love your cock inside me.” And I tell her how good her ass feels, how tight she is and how much I love fucking her like a slut.

I let go of her hair and slide my cock out of her. She looks back at me, scared for a second, wondering why I’ve stopped. I bite my lip and flip her around onto her back. Her worry turns back into happiness as I make my way between her legs. Kissing down her navel, I move to her dick.

Kissing the region just above her dick, I lick down and around to her thighs. Biting them softly. She feels me breathe on her balls as I slide my tongue up her shaft. Kissing her tip and taking it into my mouth. She moans in ecstasy as I return her favor. Her beautiful cock tasting nearly as sweet as her hole.

She runs her fingers through my hair, whimpering and smiling as I look back up into her eyes. I lift her legs up as if I was eating a girl out holding one of her legs and resting the other on my shoulder. As my other hand moves back up her body, I slide my fingers into her mouth.

Sucking on her dick as she sucks on my fingers. I take my fingers out and bring them down to her nipples, playing with them and teasing them. Before bringing those fingers down to her hole. Sliding them in and finger fucking her ass while I suck her cock.

Taking her cock out of my mouth and pushing her legs further up and back, I place my cock back on her hole. Moving down to kiss her as my cock slowly slides back inside her. Wrapping her legs around me I begin to fuck her again, this time harder and faster as I kiss her.

She moans into my mouth as she feels my cock on her prostate. Her dick twitching and leaking as she loses control of her body and succumbs to my cock. I move back up, holding her by the waist I fuck her harder than before, she moans so loud I bet the people in the rooms near us can hear.

My cock sliding deep inside her as she holds her dick and starts jerking it off. Looking into my eyes and biting her lips. Her head rolls back and she closes her eyes as cum shoots out of her dick. All over her chest and stomach. She moans louder than ever as her dick releases her sweet seed.

I take some onto my fingers and slide those fingers into her mouth, she hungrily licks up her cum from my fingers. Suddenly her eyes widen as she feels my cum shoot into her ass, and she shouts, “Breed me, daddy!” I kiss her again as my cum fills her hole, now oozing out of her as her tongue interlocks with mine.

My cock slides out as my cum drips down onto the bed. I fall down beside her, as we breathe heavily. She curls herself up beside me. And we kiss each other, this time softly as her arms wrap around me. And she says to me, “Thank you, baby, I loved that.”

I know this story was rather long, but I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any feedback I would love to hear it, email me at [email protected] If you’d like to sext, I would thoroughly enjoy that too. So, hit me up if you want some fun.

Hopefully, someday this fantasy of mine can come true. Maybe one of you readers might be interested in making that happen.

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