An Anonymous Relationship – 3

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Chapter 6

An Anonymous Relationship - 3
“I’m a total slut!” crossed my mind as I turned off the ignition to my car.

I looked across the street to the parking lot of the strip club where I could see my father’s old pickup truck parked. I walked toward the entrance to the sleazy porn shop. I knew what was about to happen but while my stomach churned I knew I wanted this more than anything.

I stepped into the store and my nostrils filled with the smell of sex. The old man that sat at the cash register just looked at me and smiled. My face grew red as I realized that he knew I was here to suck cock and fuck. Then I smiled as I realized that he did not know the truth about whose cock I would serve this night.

I walked back to the dark hallway and entered the last booth. I closed the door and then put money into the slot and watched as the movie started. Tonight, there was a blonde sucking on a large black cock. I really did not care. I quickly slipped off my clothes. Then I knelt by the hole in the wall. I could see the light flicker as I put my two fingers through the wall.

“Do you have your daughter’s panties?” I asked.

An Anonymous Relationship - 3 2

A pair of sexy panties pushed through the hole. I could see that they were cum stained but I also realized that they were my panties. The thought of where they had come from and who was giving them to me made me tingle with excitement. I looked back at the hole I saw a large cock push through. I moaned as my lips wrapped around the erect cock. I could taste the pre-cum flood my mouth.

An Anonymous Relationship - 3 3
“Oh Fuck yes!” Groaned the voice that owned the cock.

My mouth slowly pushed down the shaft and I could feel every vein on the shaft as it slipped through my lips. My eyes rolled as I slowly allowed the cock to slide back out of my mouth. My tongue flicked out and slowly treated the swollen cock head like it was a lollipop. My mouth opened and I took it down my throat.

“I’m a true fucking slut!” I said to myself as I felt his cock shudder as I sucked it.

“Fuck baby! You keep that up and daddy will need to cum!” Moaned the voice who owned the cock.

“I want it!” I demanded.

My lips rode up and down the shaft and then it happened. The first shot of cum almost made me gag but I recovered and started to move my mouth at the end of his cock. My mouth filled with his load. I felt the last of the cum dribbled. I stood up not wanting my anonymous lover to see who I was. I did not swallow right away but let his load to be swirled by my tongue. Then finally I swallowed the cum and moaned loudly.

An Anonymous Relationship - 3 4

“Fuck baby! That was hot but I wanted it to last longer!” moaned the voice on the other side of the wall.

“I needed it! Thank you, daddy!” I said softly and hoped that the owner of the cock would not recognize my voice but deep down wished he would.

“If you back up to the wall I will eat your pussy.” He said and, in a moment, I was pushing my pussy against the whole.

I felt his tongue lapping at my sloppy wet hole. Then it pushed up my pussy and I grunted as my pussy was explored by his expert tongue. My hands pulled at my tits and I wanted so badly to have them explored by the man that was eating my pussy. My mind thought of my friend Stacy and her anal obsession. I wonder what being fucked in the ass was like. Suddenly I became obsessed with my anal passage.

“Please lick my ass!” I groaned as I lowered my ass slightly.

I felt the tip of his tongue push against my virgin asshole. It made the slightest of fuck motions and gradually my anus relaxed. I was loving every second as his tongue pushed into me. I had two fingers pumping in and out of my sloppy fuck hole. I was on the verge of a mind shattering orgasm but I knew I did not deserve that pleasure yet.

“Please Daddy fuck my horny ass!” I groaned.

His tongue withdrew but then I felt the head of his cock push against my anal opening. My body tried to pull away but then I pushed back and I felt a cock push into my ass for the first time. The feeling was intense. There was shock and pain but also pleasure and a desire to have him deep in my ass. I pushed back and the cock slid deep into me. My ass slowly adjusted as the cock began short quick thrusts into my ass.

An Anonymous Relationship - 3 5

“Fuck that ass is tight!” He grunted as he began to fuck my ass.

Soon there was the steady thump of my lover hitting the wall that separated us. My ass pushed back on the cock. My orgasm was stronger than ever and I hardly noticed as he announced that he was filling my ass with his cum.

I regretted it as his cock slowly slipped from me. His cum dripped from me and the feeling was incredible.

“Fuck baby that was the hottest yet!” he moaned.

“I liked it to daddy.” I said softly.

My mind flooded with emotion as I realized how much I wanted this to go on. I would do anything for this man,

“How about next time we get a motel room and you let me see your face when you cum on my cock?” he asked.
An Anonymous Relationship - 3 6

My eyes flew open wide as his question hit home, I found my eyes focused on the ceiling of my bedroom as I realized that while realistic I had just dreamed what had just happened. My pussy was soaked and I realized that I had orgasmed in my dream.

As I tried to focus I heard my cell phone buzz. I looked to see that it was Stacy calling me.

“Hi Heather! I have something I need to tell you but it needs to be person.” Stacy said with a funny tone in her voice.

“I can meet you at the park in an hour. Will that be ok.” I asked.

“Ok but be careful that you are not followed.” She said and sounded sacred.

“What’s wrong?” I asked with growing concern.

“I will tell you but not on the phone.” She said as she hung up.

I got up and dressed and headed out the door of my parent’s farmhouse. I started the drive into town as my mind played my dream over. There was the intensity of the sex but then the panic when my anonymous lover asked to meet me face to face. How would I answer? If I said yes then I would have to meet my father and admit that I was his lover or answer no and risk that I would never get to fuck him again. I tried to get my mind on something else. My mind then wondered what Stacy wanted to tell me. There was something in her voice that worried me. I entered the city limits and slowly drove toward the park. I looked in my mirror and there was nothing there as I entered the town square. Just as I was about into turn in the park I looked again to see a sheriff car following me. Suddenly my nerves stood on end. It might be nothing but I decided pass the park and instead drive over to the local coffee shop. Just as I came up on the coffee shop the patrol car turned onto a side street. As soon as possible I headed back to the park but this time there was no one behind me so I turned into the park. I drove up the road until I saw Stacy’s car parked in a remote parking lot. I pulled in and parked next to her.
We got out of the cars and I was surprised when Stacy hugged me. I could feel her shake I held her.

“Heather, I am so scared! I had a run in with Ms. Peterson that was even stranger than normal.” Stacy said and I could see her face grow strained as she thought of the old bitch that had abused her.

“Really, what happened?” I asked as I felt my own uneasiness grow.

“I was jogging in the park and I saw Melanie coming the other way. We stopped and started a conversation about nothing in particular. What I really wanted to try to find out was what was going on between her and your parents. So, we were just chatting when Ms. Peterson pulled up in her car. The tires were squealing and I thought she was going to drive up on the curb.” Stacy said as she again looked around nervously.

I just looked at my friend as wondered why Ms. Peterson would do such a thing.

“Anyways she jumps out of the car and looks at Melanie and her face is red and she was really mad. She told Melanie to get in the car that she wanted to have a word with her. It was really weird! Anyways, Melanie got in the car and I could see them both having a really heated conversation. Then Melanie jumped out of the car and ran away.” Stacy said as I could feel her nervousness.

“What could they have been arguing about?” I said as I looked at Stacy.

“I think it was about me.” Stacy said in a quiet voice.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Because after Melanie had run off, Ms. Peterson got out of the car and walked up to me. She told me to be really careful about who I talked to or else I could disappear just like my father had!” Stacy said as a tear formed in her eye.

“You must be terrified!” I said as I reached for her hand.

“That was strangest thing of all, I was not scared but I was really mad! That bitch wanted to scare me but when she nearly admitted that she had something to do with my Dad’s sudden disappearance it made my blood boil. I want to make that bitch pay!” Stacy said as her face showed more rage than I had ever seen in anyone.

“So what are you going to do?” I asked as I now looked around nervously.

“I wanted to talk with Melanie. Ms. Peterson was trying to intimidate us both which means there is something we know that she is afraid of. I started to do just that before I called you. That is when the Sheriff pulled me over just as I was making the turn on to Melanie’s street.” She looked at me and I could see her hands shake.

Suddenly I felt afraid as I again sensed that there was a storm coming.

“Why did he pull you over?” I asked as my stomach knotted.

“He said that I was weaving. He then told me that if he found some d**gs in my car that he would be forced to take me to jail. Then he smiled and said that if that happened that he and I would get to relive some old memories. He also said that he has some prisoners that would be happy to help as well. He then told me to be careful who I associated with so that I would not end up in such a situation.” She looked at me and I could see real fear.

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“Oh my god they really know how to intimidate! I take you are not going to try to talk to Melanie.” I said.

“I do not know but I am still really mad!” Stacy said with frustration.

“Maybe we should go to the state police and tell them what has been going on?” I asked.

“It would be my word against theirs without some evidence. I think they are watching me. Did you see anyone when you came here?” She asked as her eyes looked at the road.

“There was a cop car but it turned off before I got here.” I answered.

“They are watching me. They think I have told someone. You need to stay clear of me. They are really paranoid but I have to get some proof and I know just what that is. I will call you when I get it!” Stacy said as she ran to her car and sped off.

I sat in my car and grappled with all that was going on. There was no doubt that Ms. Peterson, the Sheriff and Mayor were watching Stacy and somehow Melanie was a part of it. Somehow this all fit together and there was only one person who could put the pieces together. I had to find a way to talk with Melanie and it needed to be soon.

To be continued….

( A word from the author….I have decided to break the story up in a few more parts to help people who only have so much time to read. I will post more shortly. As always I appreciate your comments, votes and views.)

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