An evening to remember. (Google Translation)

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I had gone to a party and walked around with Ron and Gijs, and talked about the game of the Dutch national team a few days ago, it was not good again as often.

Gijs tapped me and pointed me in the direction of a few girls. “Look, Trudy and Anja are there for a role drop”.

I looked at the group of girls and saw the brunette standing but it was the somewhat chubby blonde who attracted my attention.

We stepped on the group and I went to stand next to the blonde: “Hello” I said a bit shyly and looked at her with a smile. “What is your name?” I asked as awkwardly as possible.

When Trudy and Anja wanted to walk out, Gijs showed his most charming side and helped the ladies in their coat “We drink something with me” he asked.

A few minutes after drinking we also liked and got in the car.

At the house of Gijs parents arrived we saw the car of Gijs already standing and walked back into the living room and actually unexpectedly Anja on the couch without Trudy.

Gijs just arrived with a drink for Anja “where is Trudy” I asked with lips language that did not want to make Gijs clear to us.

Gijs pulled us a beer and I sat across the couch with a good view of Anja and I stared at her breasts.

She looked pretty even though she was a bit on the thick side but I found that horny.

Ron sat down next to her and asked her if Trudy was coming, but according to Anja she would not come.

Ron lay his Hand on her knee and carefully slid her skirt up, I expected him to get a bang but to my surprise she did not react and Ron pulled her skirt further and further.

Anja held her legs firmly together but Ron now put his other hand between her knees while Gijs lifted her skirt further and Anja now opened her legs.

I saw now that she had no panties on and so I looked at her shaved pussy “I like bald pussies, you shave it yourself” I asked, she nodded and asked me who would do otherwise?

Ron put his hand on her right knee and Gijs on her left and pulled her legs further apart so that her pussy was now clearly visible and I felt a little grow in my pants.

Gijs knelt down between her spread legs and started to play with her cunt and even licked her.

I realized that more could be done here and I took off my clothes and Ron also my dick stood straight up and we were watched by Anja.

Ron also stood up and pulled Anja out of the couch, Gijs took off her T-shirt and we saw her black bra, Ron clicked her bra loose, she had just like I expected a bunch of solid tits.

I grabbed her tits and let them dance on my fingers and rubbed my thumbs over her hard nipples.

Ron, who was behind her, first unbuttoned her skirt and lowered it to the floor to undress afterwards.

There we were 3 guests with a stiff dick from here to Tokyo and one too fat girl but we would certainly make that was certain.

Ron squeezed her in her full bottom and I played some more with her tits …. Suddenly she grabbed my tight dick and squeezed “Strong boy hear” and also put her fingers under my balls.

Gijs gently pulled Anja away and put her back on the couch, grabbed his dick and steered it in the direction of his face he lay his hand on her head and pushed his dick into her mouth.

“You can not just suck a girl, too,” and pushed his stiff cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Ron sat down next to her on the couch and fell against the back of the chair. His cock stood straight up. “Come and sit here, Anja,” Ron invited her.

Ron stepped back and Anja got up and knelt over Ron, now I could see her fat ass too, and that wounded me a lot while Anja sent Ron’s cock in her pussy.

I also wanted some of the action and stepped on the pair and lay her hand on Anja’s thick ass and opened her butt joint and rubbed my finger over her anus, she was shocked but Ron held her.

I wet my finger and pushed it through her anus, she protested pretty well, but Ron held her tight and I pushed my finger deeper into her gut.

Apparently Anja gave up her resistance and I now pushed two fingers through her ass hole. I turned my fingers around and took a step forward to push my dick through her anus.

I put my stiff dick against her anus and began to push it hard against it. I pulled her butt joint open further, and indeed my acorn disappeared through her anus, which was tight.

I lay my hands on her hips and pulled her towards me,

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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