Ann: The Married Years Ch. 09

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Neil was sitting at his desk, piles of papers randomly scattered seemingly everywhere. He was in the middle of a shift analysis project for his boss Jeff; one that was taking more time than he’d anticipated. Still, he was on track to finish it before the end of the day, which was his internal deadline. Jeff had requested it be completed by the next week, but Neil wanted to finish it before the weekend so he wouldn’t have to come back to it on Monday. And with it being Friday, that left just a few more hours to get it off his plate.

That didn’t mean he was going to go nuts. He had his normal shift responsibilities to consider, so he had to go out there once an hour to check on production. He also had the schedule to update, and the end of shift hours and final numbers to tally and enter into the computer system. Those things took precedence over the project.

He still felt he could get everything done. So much so that he decided he needed to stop and take a break for lunch. He was hungry, and he had started to lose some focus. A bite to eat would only help clear his mind and give him more energy. He pushed some of the papers to the side, clearing a space so he could eat. Taking his lunch cooler out of the drawer of the credenza behind him, he set it on top of his desk and unzipped it.

It was a grey bag made out of a material designed to keep the contents inside cold. It was basically a beer cooler that he’d won in a golf tournament, but he used it for lunch. It came with reusable ice packets that could be frozen, and then placed inside to keep the contents cold during the day. Or whenever, really, depending on what shift he happened to be on.

He just so happened to be on first, his life normal for a change. That is, if anything in his life could be considered normal when compared to other people he knew. After all, not everyone was married to an amazing spouse like he had in Ann. He smiled to himself when he thought about when he’d last seen her.

She had been standing on the front porch of their house in just her robe. He’d traipsed his hands over her naked body underneath it, opening the front in the process. When he walked toward his car he’d turned back to look, knowing what he’d find. Indeed she was there with the robe open, flashing her naked body for him and anyone else to see, albeit all to briefly for his liking. She closed it once she’d given him a last peek, leaving him with a happy wave of her fingers and the memory of how she’d started his morning. His cock was began stirring hours later as he recalled the incredible blowjob she’d given him to wake him up. And then she packed him a lunch while he showered to get ready for work.

“God, I love her,” he sighed as he flipped open the top to the lunch cooler and saw the mouth-watering sandwich she’d made him.

He almost always packed his own lunch, establishing early on in their marriage that he didn’t expect her to be the traditional housewife his mother had been, making his meals and doing his laundry. He insisted they share most of the mundane household chores, but making his lunch wasn’t among them. He felt that was his job alone. Besides, most of the time he knew what he’d be in the mood to eat… it was just easier that way.

Still he was appreciative of the rare occasion when Ann would do it for him. It usually happened much like that morning, when she’d woken up frisky and wanted to take advantage of his body before he left for work. Knowing he didn’t have as much time if they had a little morning fun, she’d prepare him something while he got himself ready for his day.

It was the loving gesture of a wife wanting to surprise her husband. He called it ‘sex and a sandwich’, which was generally what she’d make. He grinned when he saw the ham and turkey with Swiss cheese, loaded with all kinds of ‘what do you want on it’ items, like lettuce and tomato. Picking it up, he peeked underneath, his grin growing wider as he saw the neatly folded lavender stationary.

Whenever she packed his lunch, she’d always place a little love note inside, something to lift his spirits during work. Normally it was just a little Post-it note, with a smiley face and an ‘I love you’ written on it. Every once in a while, however, she’d write something on her patented purple parchment, and he knew right away that it was more than a quick sentiment… much, much more.

Whenever she broke out her stationary, it was special. It was intimate. More often than not, it would be erotic and probably sexually explicit. Just the sight of a purple envelope stirred images in his mind, memories of love letters she’d sent him while they were living apart, or erotic notes describing things she wanted to do for him, or with him, or to him. He could smell the enchanting scent of her favorite perfume on it, the aroma wafting from the cooler, teasing his nostrils; a romantic gesture he never tired of.

Carefully opening the folded paper, he set it on his desk, reading the perfect handwriting, his heart racing with excitement over what it poker oyna could mean, particularly with the weekend upon them, and him not having to work.


Hi Baby,

I hope you’re having a great day at work today. I loved sending you off in a good mood this morning, and I hope you’re going to come home in one too. But I suppose that will depend on how you react to what I have to tell you.

Since you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure you’re having lunch and you’re sitting down, so there’s no better time than now. Please know that I love you, and that I’ll always love you. You’ve always accepted who I am as a person, but you’ve also helped me discover who I am sexually, and that makes me love you even more.

You once told me that I didn’t always have to tell you ahead of time if I were going to do something sexually adventurous. You even said at the time that it would ruin it for you if I told you beforehand. I’m going out on a huge limb here, Neil, hoping… no, I’m trusting that you meant those words, because I’m doing something very, very naughty right now as you read this.

I hope you don’t get upset or angry. Actually, I’m hoping what I’m doing is going to turn you on as much as I am right now just writing this, thinking about what I’m going to do today. I’ve been planning this day for months, baby, and it’s turned me on the entire time I set it up. As I said, I love you, but I needed a day for me. I’m not going to go into all the details here. I promise I’ll explain everything this weekend, but I did want to give you an idea of what this is all about. I know it’s going to be a bit of a shock.

Neil, I’m bisexual.

I know I’ve never admitted that to you. In fact, I didn’t believe it myself for the longest time. It wasn’t until I went on my girls’ night out a few months ago that I realized it. Nothing actually happened that night, other than it got me to thinking about my sexual feelings and urges when it came to women.

I’ve had to admit now that it’s not a phase, or a fetish, or a role I play from time to time. This is part of who I am. Yet somehow, I think you’ve always known that, and that’s why you’ve been so open and supportive when it came to this side of my sexuality. Like I said, I didn’t understand for the longest time. And when I finally figured it out, I had to come to grips with my emotions, learning to accept and embrace that this is me. Now I’m able to say it to you, at least in writing.

The reason I’m writing this is that I’m doing what you’ve always encouraged me to do, which is to be sexually free and uninhibited. And that means I’m exploring that side of my sexuality today, baby; my lesbian side.

I’m going to be spending my day having random individual sexual encounters. By the time you read this, I’ll hopefully have already been with two or three different women, and there will be more before the night is over. I realize this is probably a big shock to you, and I’m sorry for telling you this way, but I couldn’t tell you ahead of time. The biggest step for me in admitting that I’m bisexual is to embrace it fully, and today is that day. I finally am. As usual though, I needed to do it on my terms, in my way. I truly hope you understand.

My being bisexual doesn’t change our relationship, baby. I’m the same woman that sucked you and swallowed your cum this morning. And I’ll be here tonight, naked, waiting for you take me and spread my legs; longing for you to fuck me senseless. I want to prove to you how much I will always love and need that thick, beautiful cock buried inside my pussy.

I know you love me, but I could understand why you would be angry with me for not telling you beforehand, and for doing all of this behind your back like I am. I feel in my heart that you’re going to be okay with this, but I don’t want to assume that. I guess I’ll leave it for you to decide if what I’m doing is that bad enough or not. No matter what though, I’ll be ready for you when you come home tonight.

Your loving bisexual wife,

Anna Renee


Neil slumped back in his chair, the letter clutched in his hand, an ashen expression on his face.

“Neil, are you okay?” Thelma asked from her desk.

Folding up the letter, he stuffed it in his pocket in a rush. “Me… yeah. I’m fine, why?”

“You look like you’re sick, that’s why.”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? You look pale. Maybe you should go home. I can cover things for you.”

Thinking about what might be going on at his house at that very moment, he shook his head, a naughty smile crossing his face. “No, I’m fine, Thelma. Thanks for worrying about me. I just need to eat,” he smiled.

“I’m pale?” he asked himself, thinking about his physical reaction to what he’d just read.

Yes, as her letter pointed out, it came as bit of a shock. But it wasn’t a surprise when he thought about it. She was right. He’d known all along she was technically bisexual. She’d been with too many women, and she had loved the experiences so much she kept going back for more. But now, she was actually canlı poker oyna embracing it, not just by admitting it, and calling herself one. She was literally practicing it as he ate his lunch, and she had been all day. And like she’d hoped, the mere thought of it turned him on, his raging hard-on being exhibit one.

“No wonder I’m pale… all the blood must have gone from my face to my cock!” he thought, shaking his head as he took a bite of his incredible sandwich.


Ann was against the end of the wall in the great room, her back leaning on the partition that jutted out to separate the hallway and the beginning of the kitchen. Her wet naked body was being held there, and she was surrendering to a long, steamy kiss.

“I had a great time,” Martina smiled.

“Me too,” she answered breathlessly, feeling Martina’s fingers slowly pumping in and out of her pussy, wondering if yet another orgasm was on the way.

But it wasn’t. She couldn’t remember how many climaxes she’d had. Was it four… five? It might have been as many as six. However many she had in the hour they’d spent together, it was going to have to be enough. Martina removed her hand, licking her fingers seductively as she bent over to pick up her purse. “I wish I had more time, Ann, but I have to get back to work. I’m glad you live close by.”

“Me too,” she panted, her suddenly empty pussy leaking down her thighs.

“Have fun with the rest of your day.”

“I will,” she nodded as she walked her to the front door, opening it as she stood off to the side.

They shared another kiss, and she watched Martina walk away in her pristine white nurses’ uniform, climbing into her brand new black BMW 325i convertible. She gave a little wave, the top down, her long auburn hair blowing in the wind as she drove off.

Ann stood there, watching the car head out of sight, and as it did, a big brown truck rounded the corner, parking in front of Felicia’s house. The driver hopped out and closed the door, taking the time to lock it. Carrying the small brown package under his arm, he practically skipped to the door, and Ann giggled.

“Looks like Douglas can’t wait to make his delivery,” she grinned as she thought about what was likely awaiting him inside the house.

Closing her door, she let out another sigh, her unbridled libido suddenly rising once again. But she had some time before her next visitor. Worried about fatigue setting in later, she decided to rejuvenate, and she headed to the back of the house to take a quick shower.

The hot spray started to revive her muscles, and the scent of the shampoo made her moan. She washed her body with a shower scrunchy, scrubbing off the baby oil, the rough texture making her skin tingle, especially when she ran it over her nipples and her sensitive clit.

“How many times have I cum today?” she wondered, knowing it was a lot. She wasn’t really trying to keep track. But she was excited that it had been so many. So far, her day had exceeded her wildest sexual expectations. And for a woman like Ann, that was saying something.

She wrapped a towel around her body after drying off, heading out onto the deck to retrieve her bikini. Slipping it back on, along with her heels, she felt ready to start the second half of her day.

She made herself some pasta, wanting to load up on carbohydrates to provide her energy for the afternoon. She also made a small salad before sitting down at the table with another glass of wine. Taking her first bite of her lunch, she thought of Neil, wondering if he had read his note yet.

“I hope I didn’t royally fuck up today,” she worried, a brief second of doubt creeping in. There was the slightest of concerns that she’d totally misread his previous comments. After all, he’d said them long before they were married. But she remembered them vividly; him saying he was okay with not being alerted ahead of time if she were going to do something like she was. Still, what if she was making a colossal mistake that could damage her relationship?

“Well it’s too late now… what’s done is done,” she reasoned. “There’s no sense stopping. If he’s going to be pissed at me, he might as well be really pissed.”

It was hard to imagine he would be, but she’d been wrong before. Her gut reaction was that everything would be fine, at least eventually. But she was sure he’d have something to say about it one way or another.

Her thoughts drifted, thinking about Martina, and what they’d just shared together. It was different, which she expected. After all, her experience with Heather wasn’t anything like the one she’d had with Felicia. But this one was unlike either of those because it was so rushed.

Martina had come by on her lunch hour. Actually, it was an hour and a half. It took her fifteen minutes to get from Neil’s plant to the house, and she needed the same to get back. She’d given herself some extra time in the middle of the day, knowing she’d stay late at work to compensate for it. Still, that left just an hour for them to be together.

That meant there internet casino was no time to lie out on the deck. And no baby oil, other than what she transferred onto her friends’ soft pale skin as they made love to each other.

Much like Heather, Martina took control from the start. Ann had met her at the door, never bothering to dress after Felicia left. When she opened it for her, Martina grinned.

“I see you’re ready to start.”

“Hi. Thanks for coming,” Ann said in what had become her traditional greeting.

Martina reached for the zipper of her form fitting uniform. It was one of those snug mini-dress types, and as she lowered the front, it was quickly apparent that was all she was wearing. Letting it fall to the carpet, she took Ann’s hand. “Take me to bed,” she said in a low, raspy voice.

Ann climbed onto the mattress first, as Martina eyed the strap-on harness on the floor where Ann had placed it, having picked it up from the bathroom where Heather had left it. But Martina ignored it, grasping one of the large dildos lying about instead before crawling up beside her.

“Spread your legs, Ann,” she instructed, wasting no time. A tongue slid across Ann’s wet slit, bumping against her clit. Then she felt her labia being split with the rubber cock.

Moments later, Martina sucked her breasts, her hands working the shaft back and forth. It was a furious start to what would turn out to be an aerobic hour of lovemaking. They ate each other. They fingered each other. They used the dildo to stretch each others’ cunts. And they made each other cum, often. The orgasms were so intense and so frequent it was a bit frightening on some levels.

They never took the time to rest, knowing they didn’t have that much to begin with. When Martina finally asked what time it was, they both realized they needed to stop so she could get back to work.

And that was the hard part. They played with each other all the way to the door, two lovers that couldn’t get enough of each other. Every time she tried to let her go, Martina would come back for more. While Ann didn’t know what it felt like firsthand, she likened it to having a forbidden lover, the burning passion too intense to extinguish. And that made sense; she’d certainly made love with Martina, and everything she’d been doing up to that point could be described as forbidden. Mostly because Neil didn’t know she was doing it.

When she first got pinned against the end of that wall, her legs were spread wide while Martina ate her there, kneeling on the kitchen floor, she knew she was going to cum yet again. After she did, Martina left her there, leaning against the wall, trying desperately to catch her breath.

Martina returned a moment later in her dress, the front already zipped. Her hand traced down along Ann’s side, until she dipped her fingers inside her pussy. Ann stared at the clock across the room from her, wondering if she was daring her to cum one more time before she left.

She had been lost in that daydream when the doorbell rang, startling her. It was only then that she realized she’d finished her lunch, and she’d been sitting there at the table with her fingers inside her cunt, her tiny bikini bottom pulled to the side, slowly fucking herself while recalling how her latest encounter had ended.

Pulling out her fingers, she licked them much like Martina had done before leaving. It wasn’t a daydream at all. It had really happening. In fact, her daylong adventure wasn’t over yet. She crossed the floor, excited about picking up where the last orgasm left off.


The afternoon was dragging on endlessly, as if somehow time became frozen, one minute seeming the same as the last. He’d read the letter hours before, but in his mind it was like he’d just opened it. In a matter of a few minutes during his lunch, his day had changed dramatically.

Neil couldn’t get Ann off of his mind, wondering constantly what she might be up to at the moment, and who she might be with. He could think of lots of women that might have been included, and he knew many of his guesses would be correct. But he also wondered if there might be one he was missing, or someone that he’d never met.

Not that it mattered. She was an adult, capable of making her own friends. That came easily to her, more than anyone he’d ever met. He knew she had made several friends that he’d actually never had gotten a chance to meet himself, so it was entirely possible that she could be with one of them. And even if it was someone he knew, it really didn’t change the circumstances. She had decided to explore her lesbian side more deeply, hoping that he’d be accepting, counting on what he’d said before.

And she was right. He’d told her, more than once, that it would spoil things like what she was doing if he knew about it ahead of time. He remembered the first time, the event indelibly imprinted in his brain. It was their night in Utah, when she’d had sex with Maryam, the hotel masseuse. It became way more exciting to him that she’d already done it when he found out, and it led to an incredible night of sex between the two of them. To get mad at her now when she was only following his expressed desires seemed ridiculous. Especially since he was turned on by the very idea of what she was doing at that moment.

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