Anne has a Job

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Things were going great for Anne and Mathew they moved from the east coast to the west coast, bought a new house and then the bottom fell out of the economy. Anne was an office manager for a privately owned importing business, but the kids did not want to run it and the owner wanted to retire so the business was sold to a foreign concern and Anne became obsolete. As far as her husband’ s job he was demoted when a large company bought out the computer chip business, so all in all they are making Half of what they were 5 years ago.

It was not a good year for the couple Anne kept going through the want ads and sending out resumes’, but every time she went to an interview she was told she was over qualified for the job another way of saying that she was too old and they did not want her. The attractive 55 year old conservative mother of 3 was very upset that they moved across country and are being treated this way.

Anne was looking through the want ads in a underground paper when she spotted an Ad that said ‘3 man office in need of office manager must be good in bookkeeping, Microsoft office literate and have good people skills woman over 50 preferred’. She was ecstatic that she called the number right away. A man answered with a high pitched voice she figured he was in his twenties. They conversed over the phone and an interview was set for the following day at 11.30 AM. They were to meet at a diner that was about 45 minutes from her house for lunch then if both parties were in agreement they would proceed to the office of ACE Computer Hardware Distributors.

The internet company was selling computers and computer hardware over the net. It was started by 3 computer geeks just out of High School and now at a ripe old age of 24 they are all multimillionaires. The group consisted of: Ted the CEO, Alex the CFO and Clayton the Sales manager. They decided to find a conservative, modest older woman that they could train to their tastes. They all had a mommy complex that they wanted to exploit using an unsuspecting older woman that was financially distressed.

As soon as Ted got off the phone with Anne he proceeded to log onto his computer, so that he could find out all he could about the woman that called him. He found out that the family is barely making their financial commitments. He told his other two members of the organization that if Anne was an attractive woman they may have found their new office manager.

The following day Anne being very excited at the prospect of getting a job with her husband instructing her to do what had to be done to get the job, as they still have student loans for their three kids to pay off. Anne dressed in the best conservative business suit she had, consisting of Dark skirt going just past her knee, white button front blouse, dark suit jacket, with 3 inch heels, matching purse and her best bra and pantie set forgoing stockings or panty hose as it was warm.

Ted met up with Anne at the diner she was seated getting there almost 15 minutes early to make sure she was on time. They had lunch and Ted could see that this brown haired older beauty was very conservative in dress and mannerisms. On Anne’s part the young man reminded her of her youngest son even though Ted was a little younger that her youngest. She felt very comfortable with him.

After Ted paid the check he asked Anne if she would like to meet with his partners. She was delighted that he thought enough of their meeting to invite her to their office. Ted said that she could ride with him and they could bring her back to her car after the meeting as it is tough to find a place to park at this time of day. Feeling very comfortable with Ted she went to his car a Mercedes sports car and to her surprise he opened the door for her to get in.

It was a short ride to the office there was special parking for Ted showing 3 spaces with their organization name on them. He jumped out of the car and opened the door for the tall older lady she was about 5’10” standing almost 8 inches taller than he in her 3 inch heels. Anne exited the car, with her shoulder length grey streaked dark hair blowing in the breeze and a sudden breeze also causing her dress to blow up to her waist giving Ted a peek of her white satin panties to her complete humiliation. Anne expression was not missed by Ted this lovely older lady was completely embarrassed that he got a peek of her panties her face was completely red with humiliation. She was so stunned by her exposure that it took a few seconds for her to cover her exposure as she was having trouble getting out of the low profile car.

Overcoming her embarrassment as Ted escorted Anne into the office introducing her to the other two men of the organization. Going through their office only took a few minutes there was only 5 offices with a full unsex bathroom and shower. There was also a conference room and fully stocked kitchen. She was asked if she minded cooking she said she didn’t. Next they tested her computer skills, her book keeping skills. They were very impressed with her knowledge poker oyna of the computers and the programs. She was told that very few people come to this office as everything was done over the internet. Anne could see this with all the computer equipment that they had. She was also shown that a lot of the ordering was computerized, and other items were outsourced.

The group had her wait in the reception area as they went to the conference room. Ted was so impressed with her skills that he persuaded the others to hire her on a temporary basis to see how she works out and to give her an incentive to please them they started her at more money than anyone else would offer at Eight Thousand Dollars a month to start.

Ted went back out to see her giving her a 50 page document to sign; it included a non-disclosure policy, she would be giving up her privilege of suing them, she was signing that she would do as they requested, adhere to the dress code they adopt for her, and she could be dismissed without cause at the end of the 2 months training period if she did not work out. Anne signed the document and endorsed each page without reading it. The only thing that stuck in her mind was her starting pay. The naive older lady was ecstatic that she got the job, while Ted drove her back to her car she called her husband and told him that she would be starting work on Monday.

That weekend they had a great time went out to celebrate and then came home. Anne dropped to her knees as her husband closed the front door: she unbuckled his belt, and pulled his pants to his ankles. She took his cock in her mouth it took her a few minutes and he came as she deep throated him. Mat returned the favor he took his wife into the living room and proceeded to remove her clothes, getting between her legs he sucked on her pussy until she thought her head was going to cave in giving her the best orgasm she had in years. With Anne starting a new job the stress was gone from their life, Anne will be making twice the pay that she was used to. They spent the weekend having sex in every room of the house.

On Monday morning Anne got to the office a full half hour before she was to report, to her surprise there was a parking spot with her name on it to the Right of Ted’s parking spot. The first two weeks passed without incident and she was surprised how little work she really had to do she barely kept busy the work was so easy for her. She looked forward to preparing lunch for the young men just to relieve the boredom. On Friday she got her first check and the group told her that she did a very good job and they were pleased with her, if she keeps up the level of competence she will get the job full time

The third week of Anne’s employment things were starting to change the young men were so taken by this mature woman’s abilities that they offered the job to her taking her off temporary basis. Anne and her husband went over the health insurance policy that ACE had and it was a lot better than the policy that his company had and it paid one hundred percent. Alex came to see Anne just before lunch and asked if she would like the health insurance that ACE carries she said she would. She was told that she would have to agree to a comprehensive medical examination performed by the company doctor. She signed the papers and was told to call the doctor for an appointment and then tell Alex when it was.

The doctor’s secretary called back just before quitting time to tell Anne she had an appointment for Friday at 1 PM and to expect to be there for at least 3 hours. She went to tell Alex and he said as if they were going to lunch we are coming with you to your exam. What do you mean you’re going to come with me? We have never seen an exam so we decided we want to see yours. The conservative older woman said to Alex it is against the law that you come to my exam. He told her that she signed away her right to sue when she was hired and Alex brought out the paperwork and showed her, but you can leave today and we will find another replacement for you if you like. We do not want to force anyone to do something that they are against. She was against the wall she would have to consent to have them at her exam.

For the next few days Anne immersed herself in her work to try to forget her coming exam. It was a very difficult few days she could not tell her husband about the exam as she had signed a non-disclosure agreement and was told by Alex that she would lose her job if her husband forbids her to have the exam with them attending, so she was on her own. The only comfort she had was remembering the words her husband said ‘do what has to be done to get the job’ now she has to do what needs to be done to keep this well-paying job.

On Thursday afternoon Alex told Anne that she could take off Friday morning with pay and they will meet her at 11:30 for lunch then they will accompany her to her medical appointment. Anne spent most of the morning getting ready. She was very nervous to the point of calling and quitting, but in the back of her mind she canlı poker oyna recalled her husband telling her to do what she needed to do to keep the job.

Getting in her car for the drive to her office she almost got into 4 accidents her mind was wandering to what humiliating procedures they will be putting her through this afternoon. Parking her car at just 11:30 the 3 men were waiting for her with a limo. They all got in and went to a very plush restaurant. Ordinarily Anne would be very excited eating at such an upscale establishment but today her mind was on the coming humiliation she will endure to keep her job. The men were happily talking and kidding around with each other and trying to get Ann to enjoy their levity, but she was too uptight about the afternoon.

Alex looking at Anne and the pained look on her face he said that if she did not want them to go in with her they would not, but they were really looking forward to this to learn about the procedures that are done. All the others agreed with Alex, but seeing their look of disappointment and knowing that they are paying her more money than they had to she figured that no one would know but them and she did prepare herself for this, so she told them it was OK for them to go with her. This cheered them up immediately and Anne given the opportunity to say no was joining them in the gaiety. Alex was proud for finding a way to handle Anne and now knows how to get Ann to bend to his will while thinking it is her idea.

Looking at her watch and surprising herself Anne said that it was time to leave for the appointment that was about 10 minutes away. Alex paid the bill and they all piled into the limo and were off. Stopping in front of the medical arts building Anne had another attack of nerves that she had to overcome before getting out of the Limo. All the young men got out when the driver opened the door leaving Ann the last to get out. Her short skirt rode up, but this time she did not do anything to stop it as all the young men will be seeing all of her before the end of the day. Alex told the driver to park the limo, and then surprising Anne asked her if the driver could be present also for the exam. With a little hesitation she finally said why not with an embarrassed giggle and trying to get her head around the reasoning that she used to agree to this.

The Doctor was waiting for Anne when the group arrived and they were ushered into a large theater type exam room that was large enough to hold 20 people plus the person being examined. The receptionist gave Anne a consent form that stated that she would be examined with the group present and the exam will be videotaped she was so nervous she just signed it without reading it first. It was notarized and then the Nurse Practitioner told her to remove all her clothes.

This shocked Anne as she thought she would be undressing gradually and have a gown, but when she asked she was told that this was a European type exam and gowns were not used. The receptionist sympathizing with the older woman said that Anne could keep her panties on for the time being if she wanted to. This made Anne feel a little better and the mature conservative woman went to the corner of the room where the clothes hooks were and began removing her garments. There were TV cameras all around so even though Anne was in the corner a camera picked up the image of her undressing from the front rear and sides.

It was easy for Anne to remove her blouse and skirt as she was not exposing more than she would if she had on a two piece swim suit, but then it became more difficult for this modest mature woman. She removed her shoes next then her jewelry. Having exhausted all her options she had to remove her bra and put it on a hook with the rest of her garments. She was standing in front of a younger woman, 4 younger men and the doctor that was about her age in her panties only. To her embarrassment the mature conservative woman was becoming aroused she could feel moisture threatening to invade her panty gusset.

As for the naïve young men they watched with curiosity as the mature woman over 50 was undressing in front of them. She is 5’8″ tall her body had womanly curves her bottom was large but that added to her beauty. The young men were mesmerized when she removed bra and her breast with large areolas came into view they were happy that this session was being recorded so they could play it back. Anne’s nipples stood out about an inch from her body they just begged to be sucked. When she removed her slacks and stood naked except for her panties her legs were magnificent she really kept herself in good shape. The only sound was made by her footsteps in the room when she walked to the center of the room.

Anne walked to the center of the room as instructed with an arm over her breast. She had her back to the 4 large screen TVs so she did not realize that the cameras were showing her from all sides. All the young men there complimented her on her natural mature beauty this gave her more confidence and she lowered her arms internet casino to her sides. The doctor started the standard exam that all go through. The breast exam was started with her still in the middle room first having her raise her arms and checking for growths and doing a circular pattern on her breast. When he had completed her breast exam Alex asked if the doctor could show them how to do the breast exam. The doctor said that it was OK with him as long as Anne would agree to them touching her breast.

Anne becoming comfortable with her exposure at this time let the young men practice on her. By the time they were completed with their training her nipples where hard as diamonds and her panties were very wet. The fragrance of an aroused woman was unmistakable even in this large room. Poor Anne was becoming a very aroused woman in the presence of all these young men, the Doctor and his nurse. Anne looked over at the nurse and she had a knowing smile on her face. Each of the young men were adjusting their swollen members giving Anne pride that she is the one that caused their discomfort knowing that she was not very comfortable presently knowing what the next part of the exam included.

It was not more than a minute in coming. The Nurse Practitioner asked Anne to remove her panties as it was time for the internal exam and for her to give a urine sample. The young men watched as Anne hooked her thumbs into the side of her panties and pushed them down they could see her brown manicured bush come into sight. She was facing all and as she stepped out of her panties the group could see her engorged vaginal lips below opening slightly and were very glad that they were here.

Anne realized that she will have no secrets from the group by the time her internal was complete. She removed her panties handing them to Alex and was about to get up onto the exam table when the Nurse Practitioner told Anne that she would have to give a urine sample first. This surprised Anne and when the Nurse Practitioner pulled a curtain aside exposing a toiled then telling Anne that she would be giving the urine sample in front of the Practitioner along with the rest of the group watching. She turned red with embarrassment, but squatted down as told with the clear plastic container it took some concentration with everyone watching before she could produce the sample. She remained squatting while she finished her pee then wiped herself in front of her admiring audience. Looking up Anne could not believe the look of admiration on the young men’s faces.

Going to the exam table and getting up onto it The Nurse Practitioner helped Anne put her feet in the stirrups and then the Nurse Practitioner moved the stirrups apart thus exposing her womanhood to all present ready for the doctor to proceed with her very public intimate exam. Anne a very conservative woman always felt so exposed and vulnerable in this position but today with all the young men watching her she felt powerful she had all the young men’s full attention she could not believe how excited she has become.

To her complete humiliation the Doctor was telling what he was doing as he proceeded with the exam he commented to the group that usually a lubricant is needed for the internal exam but Anne is so wet that no lubricant was needed for the internal exam as he put on the exam gloves. Anne turned red and felt completely humiliated at the last remark from the doctor. The group of young men asked the doctor what he was doing. He told them he was feeling for her ovaries by putting his finger in her vaginal opening then pressing down on her tummy.

Alex being the spokesmen for the group asked if the group could learn how to do this exam also. The doctor said it was OK with him but again Anne would have to agree to be a medical model. Reluctantly Anne said yes hearing in her mind her husband saying do what needs to be done to keep the job. The lovely older woman laid back with her legs spread wide to let each of the young men try to find her ovaries, by the end of this part of the exam Anne was kind of sore but very excited having all these young men with their fingers intimately massaging her love canal. They were very clumsy rubbing her clit as they tried to find her ovaries. She was like a cat on a hot tin roof every time they touched her clit some of the young men not being very gentle while probing around with their fingers in her pussy.

The final part of the internal was the speculum exam the doctor inserted the speculum and Anne opened herself as far as she could using her fingers to help open her vagina up for the doctor. She was having problems having any instrument inserted into her overheated vagina. She started to moan and the doctor asked if he was hurting her. She was totally embarrassed that she was so aroused that she wanted the doctor to give her an orgasm. Anne told the doctor that she was not being hurt and bit her lip to stop moaning. Again Alex asked if the young men could see into Anne’s vagina and again Anne said OK when she was asked. The group spent 45 minutes taking turns looking into Anne’s birth canal and the doctor pointed out the little opening where the sperm enter the womb. After which the room was full of the female pheromone causing all there to take notice.

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