ANR Ch. 05

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Author’s note: This is a very gay male centric story, but there is a girl that does get somewhat involved which is why it is in the Group Sex category. If this doesn’t appeal to you, don’t read on. Thank you.

Disclaimer: These are fantasies of mine at a real-life adult video store in Dallas named Adult New Releases. The setting, environment and devices described are all real. These stories describe extremely unsafe sex practices which is why I am “living them out” thru these words. In a perfect, disease free world, I would absolutely submit willingly to each and every one of these. Have amazing, mind-blowing sex everyone, just be safe out there.

This particular book store has an arcade right as you walk in, movies and toys to the right and a hallway leading to the left that has preview rooms for couples or individuals that want to pick their own movie to watch. When you walk into the arcade, it is laid out in a square with rooms primarily on the inside of the square. Each room has a leather couch, some are a full size couch and some are love seats. Each room has a big TV to show your selection and another big TV showing quick snippets of other channels so that you can switch to another video right away. What attracted me to this arcade is what is inside of each room. I was completely shocked when I first saw it. Each room has one of 7 different items in the room. They are always located in the inside corner of the room, by the door, next to the couch. They items are one of the following:

* A floor to ceiling slab of wood making a makeshift wall with a glory hole cut out and a stool to sit on (you are still in the same room, but can enjoy the anonymity of the glory hole if you so choose and then if you want more, you don’t have to change rooms). The stools are toilet seats on metal legs so I imagine someone can lay under it and eat your ass or you can partake in scat fetishes.

* A square stage with a stripper pole.

* A massage table but with no head rest.

* A smaller, square, lower to the ground massage table, better for being bent over and fucked.

* A large rig with a harness that you can lay in on your back, be suspended in mid-air at waist height and have your arms and legs strapped in.

* A platform with a large “X” made out of wood with wrist and ankle straps so that you can be tied up and restrained while standing (either facing forward or facing back)

* A stockyard (for those that don’t know what a stockyard is, it’s an old device used to display criminals in the middle of town. It had two pieces of wood with holes for your hands and head that were big enough for your wrists and neck, but too small for you to pull out when the top piece was fastened to the bottom piece.) When in the Stockyard, you face the couch and your ass is facing the wall with the door on it putting you parallel to the back wall of the room.

Now that you know about the place, we can move on to each adventure.

Chapter 05: The X

I received a lot of correspondence from my set of stories concerning my adventures at my favorite Dallas adult book store. Many were from men who asked if the place really had those things, was it really a hot spot because they were flying into town, called me all sorts of degrading names and many wanted to schedule a hook-up there (one even offered to use me like a 10 cent toy, how hot is that?!?).

One of the emails though really caught my attention:

—– Have you ever sucked a straight guys cock in front of his girlfriend? – Jessica

This has always been a fantasy of mine. I can’t tell you how many times my masterbation fantasies have turned to this very idea. To suck a cock (or cocks) in front of a girl while she watches, directs or participates in the action is something that is on my bucket list a few hundred times. I quickly replied.

—– Nope, but it’s a huge fantasy of mine. – Mark

I couldn’t wait to see where this would go, maybe nowhere, but either way, I couldn’t resist the chance of this being the beginning of a dream come true.

It was a few hours before I received a reply from her.

—– Would you want to? – Jessica

I quickly replied.

—– HELL YEAH! What did you have in mind? – Mark

It took a little while, but I then received a rather lengthy response back.

—– Well, I’ve been dating this guy for about two years. We met our senior year at college and we’ve had an incredibly kinky sex life. A few times when we were drunk he let it slip that he thought this guy or that guy was hot and I’ve even gotten him to admit that he’s thought about being with a guy before. He’s always chickened out when I tried to make anything happen and if I bring it up while he’s sober he gets all defensive and always says he was just playing around to get me horny. He knows that guys doing stuff together gets me hot. Well it does get me horny. Very horny! I find myself reading more of the Gay Male stories on Literotica which is how I found you. I was poker oyna thinking I could take him out, get him drunk and then take him up there. In your ANR stories, you describe something that is like an X that people can be tied up too and I was thinking I could tie him up, get him all worked up and then you can come in a suck his dick. What do you think? – Jessica

I couldn’t believe this was happening. If I played it right, I could most definitely make this come true, however I had two hurdles I had to overcome.

—– That sounds so hot and I would be happy too, but I have to ask. Aren’t you worried about the deception? Also, do you have any pictures of you two? I hate to be forward but I don’t want to get up there and find out you two are fat and hairy and he has a tiny cock. – Mark

—– LOL, no, I don’t blame you. I’ve included two photos of me doing to him what I want you to do to him that he took with our camera. As far as the deception, no, I’m not worried about that. We both want this but he’s too timid to do it himself. – Jessica

I looked at the pictures. It was a point-of-view shot looking down over a fit looking male body with only light hair. Crouching over him was a beautiful, fit looking female. She was very pretty and in the first one, she had her hand wrapped the base of his cock and was looking at and smiling at the camera. There was quite a bit of cock sticking up above her fist as it was wrapped around the base. It looked like she could wrap her other hand around it and still have the head poking out.

In the second one, she had flattened her hand down against his body with his cock being held in the pocket of her hand between her thumb and index finger. She had taken his beautiful cock about half way down and I immediately found myself thinking, “I can do better than that.”

I emailed her back and agreed to introduce her closeted boyfriend to the pleasure that one man can bring to another man. She wanted to do it this Friday night. She said she would get there about 11:00 with him and asked if I could already be there to see what room they go into since she wouldn’t be able to text me or call me. I told her which rooms had the X platforms and said that since a hot girl and a hot guy were going to be there, a lot of them would fiddle with the handle and knock to see if they could come in. I told her I would do the old “shave and a haircut” knock so that she would know it was me. I would wait about five minutes after they went in to let her get him ready. I told her to see if she can get him to wear some tight boxer briefs, but to leave them on him when she tied him up. She was a little confused, but agreed to my request.

The next day was Thursday and I was incredibly horny from the prospect of what I was going to be doing tomorrow night so on my lunch break I went up to the place and sucked off two lucky men and let another one dump his load in my ass. I wish I could say it all happened at the same time, but these were three separate incidents. After returning to work temporarily satiated after shooting off with a cock buried in my ass, I found myself still thinking about tomorrow night. It couldn’t get here quick enough.

Friday came and went, two more cocks satisfied during lunch and I was at home, showering and prepping for the night. I left and arrived at the location about 10:30 and stepped out of my car and smoked two cigarettes as I slowly watched the time click by.

At 10:50, I headed into the building and back into the arcade and stood up front by the displayed movies so that I could see them come in.

11:00 came.



“Damn,” I thought to myself. “They weren’t coming.

I had been silently propositioned several times by a few men, either with smiles or nods , but I stayed my course. I was here to suck a straight guys cock in front of his girlfriend. It was a little upsetting though because if they didn’t show up, I was passing up a lot of quality meat I could be choking on.

At almost 11:45, I saw a hot guy and his hot girlfriend enter the arcade and head down the first hallway. I recognized her from the pictures she had sent, but she looked even more lovely than before. She had on a short black dress that hugged her body and some high heels and her dirty blonde hair was draped down about 6 inches past her shoulders. He was wearing some nice jeans and a black button down shirt with the sleeves rolled down. They had many eyes on them as they walked down the hall and I moved to follow behind them.

They entered the right room and closed the door and immediately someone else tried the handle and then softly knocked three times. When the door didn’t open, he moved to the opposite wall and waited. A few more people tried the same thing but they never opened the door.

I waited a good five or six minutes and then I approached the door and gave the seven knocks in the pattern we had agreed upon and then shortly after, the door opened slightly and I saw her face.

“Mark,” she canlı poker oyna asked?

“Yeah, it’s me Jessica,” I replied.

She opened the door and I stepped in and closed it behind me. Jessica was nude except for a black thong and her body was fantastic. She was tanned and tone with a firm ass and perky breasts. I’m sure she would be a lot of fun to play with, but I was here for a specific purpose.

I looked over at her boyfriend who was fully tied to the wooden X. He was gorgeous, athletic with just the slightest hint of chest hair. His arms were raised up in the contraption and his legs were spread and he had on a nice pair of designer, black boxer shorts. He looked so scrumptious.

I could see a look of apprehension on his face as he tried to figure out his predicament. He struggled at the restraints but not with a lot of conviction.

“What’s going on,” he asked?

Jessica turned to him and said, “well, this is what’s going on. You know how when you get drunk you always talk about wanting to hook up with a guy and then when you are sober, you always deny it and say you only do it because you know it gets me all hot. Well it does Jason, but I think it does you too. You must have been getting off on teasing me but I have a strong feeling you were teasing yourself too. I met Mark here on that site with the stories I’m always reading. We came up with this plan where we can all have our fantasies fulfilled. I wanna see you with another guy and you seem to chicken shit to do it on your own, Mark here has always wanted to suck a cock in front of a girl and you, will I think you’ve been dying for something like this to happen.”

“No, no, seriously, I’ve just been saying that stuff for you,” he said, again with very little conviction.

“Well then, you can do this for me too. You don’t have to do anything but stand there and get your dick sucked,” she said and then turned to me. “So, do you like what you see?”

“Oh yeah, very much,” I replied.

“Good, then he’s all yours,” she said and moved the couch around so that she could sit on it and watch.

I walked up to him, stepping up on the platform. He looked at me with a nervous look and I placed my hands on his chest and said, “just relax and I promise you that you will enjoy it.”

I ran my hands over his chest and stomach and I felt him twitch under my touch. My hands felt his pecs, his abs, his ribs and sides. I couldn’t believe I had this new toy to play with. I looked at his face and noticed that he had his eyes closed. I leaned in and began to lick and suck on his nipples. This elicited a moan from him, albeit a small one.

I stepped back and removed my shirt and then pulled off my jeans exposing my naked flesh. I heard Jessica moan in approval and looked over to see her playing with her pussy and tweaking her nipples.

I laid my clothes down on the platform and reached in and pulled out my bottle of poppers. I undid the cap and held it up to his nose and pressed the other nostril closed. I told him to inhale and he did so without almost any hesitation. I did the same with his other nostril and then took two large hits myself. I kneeled down and placed the bottle on the platform and then placed my hands on his thighs and began to rub them, moving up and down. With every upward motion I would get a little higher and let my fingers go up under his boxer briefs. He was slightly humping the air in front of him, subconsciously pushing towards my face.

I could see his cock in his boxer briefs. It was large and pressed up next to his body, jutting out towards the left side of his body. It looked absolutely yummy and although all I wanted was to reach in and shove it in my throat, I wanted to keep this going for a long time.

I moved my hand up and rubbed across the large cock and lightly explored it. I ran my hands along its length, squeezed it and stroked it thru the material. I did this for a good two minutes, getting him excited and turned on.

“Please,” I heard him say softly.

“What do you want,” I asked?

“Please,” he said again quietly, “you know, suck it.”

I stood up, but kept the palm of my right hand on his cock and rubbed it back and forth across the rigid length, occasionally squeezing it with my fingers. I ran my other hand over his chest and looked at him. “If you want this, you have to do three things before I do,” I said as I continued to rub him. “One, I want you to look at Jessica and tell her how much YOU really want this.”

He looked at me pleadingly and then at her and said, ” Jess, I really do want this. I’m sorry for teasing you and not being honest.”

“Baby, that’s ok, I know you did. This is so hot,” she said back, her hand never leaving her pussy.

He looked back at me and then I said, “very good, now two, I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me, graphically, what you want me to do to you.”

“I-I want you to su-suck my dick,” he said nervously.

“Not good enough, try again,” I said and removed my hand from internet casino his bulge.

“No, no, I’m sorry, please, please, I want you to suck my cock, lick it up and down, lick my balls, take all of my cock and make me cum, please, I need this,” he said with a conviction, yet pleading tone I hadn’t heard from him yet.

I placed my hand back on his cock and he groaned in pleasure. “Much better, now, if you want me to suck your cock and make you cum, I want you to passionately kiss me.”

“Oh fuck yeah,” said Jessica and she jumped up and came and stood right next to us.

He looked at me and seemed tentative, but my hand rubbing and stroking his cock gave him the sexual courage to lean in to kiss me. I leaned in too and our lips pressed together and we began kissing. Our lips mashed together and he surprised me by pushing his tongue into my mouth. We kissed for a minute and my naked cock grinded against his with only his boxer briefs as a barrier. It felt so good. I finally pulled away and looked at Jessica. “I want you to kiss me too,” I said. I expected some hesitation, but she leaned in quickly and we began to kiss passionately as well in full view and only a few inches away from Jason’s face. I stroked his cock with my left hand and reached up and groped her breast with my other.

The sensations of his hard cock and her soft, perky breast was an amazing contrast. I knew then that I was going to include her more in this.

I stopped kissing her, but kept stroking him and her and said, “Jessica, do you have a camera phone?” She nodded. “I want you to get it and take pictures and videos of Jason’s first time.”

She smiled real big and went to get her phone. When she came back, I told her to kiss Jason before we started again. She pressed her soft lips against his and the kissed deeply. She pulled away and looked at him and mouthed the words, “I love you.”

When she pulled away, I leaned in and kissed him. I passionately kissed him for a good two minutes, both on his lips and neck and she kept her phone pointed at us the whole time. He was now a willing participant and kissed me back every chance he could.

I began kissing my way back down his chest, taking time to suck and lick his nipples and then rightfully took my place on the ground. I handed the bottle of poppers to Jessica and instructed her on how to give them to him. She did so and handed it back to me. I took some strong hits and handed it back to her and told her to make sure we got fresh hits every few minutes.

I then looked forward and began running both of my hands over his straining, enclosed cock and she captured everything with her phone. I leaned in and began nibbling on his cock as my hands continued to caress him. He was humping his pelvis against me. It was such an awesome feeling to be submissive and dominate at the same time.

I continued nibbling but now I ran my hands up the leg openings and made first skin-on-skin contact with his cock and he moaned loudly. I kept my mouth on his covered cock and stroked him underneath his boxer briefs with my right hand and reached down with my left hand into the pocket of my jeans.

I pulled out a small pair of scissors. Neither of them saw them until I slipped one side under the leg opening of his boxer briefs on the side that his cock was not facing.

“Whoa, what are you doing,” exclaimed Jessica!?

“I’m cutting away the last of his sexual barriers,” I said with a smile and began cutting up the material. I reached the waistband and before snipping the last cut I said, “here’s to your sexual freedom,” and cut his briefs free.

His right side of his boxer briefs fell open, bur they were still attached at his left leg opening. I could see the base of his hairless cock, but the hanging material still hung to the tip and my hand. I pulled his cut boxers down his left leg and his beautiful cock sprang free.

I reached up and began to stroke his cock and he moaned loudly this time. I stared at it with great hunger as I stroked it. I saw some pre-cum dribble out the tip and I leaned in and licked it up with my tongue.

I stroked him for awhile and then stood up again. I leaned in and began kissing him and grinding my cock against his, only this time there was no barrier between us. Our hard flesh rubbed together as our soft lips greedily kissed each other. My arms wrapped around him as we kissed and I slid my hands down and cupped his ass. I rubbed and caressed it and pulled him into me as our bodies, lips and cocks were mashed together.

I pulled back but kept my pelvis thrust into his and asked Jessica for the poppers. I gave some to him and then to myself and handed the bottle back. I told Jessica to point the camera to our cocks and when she did, I grabbed both of our cocks and began to masterbate them together. I stroked them several times, rubbed mine on his and enjoyed the electricity that comes with two cocks touching. I looked at Jessica and said, “now you, stroke our cocks together.”

She reached out with her hands and grasped them both as they were touching each other, his overlapping mine. She stroked them for awhile and all three of us let out sounds of pleasure. As she did this, I leaned in and kissed him again.

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