Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 08

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IN THIS chapter (part 1) the shy and innocent Singapore virgin Selena works herself into sexual submission after an hour-long erotic photographic posing session leads to a lustful climax. The erotic photographer Jacques Pardie gives her a steamy facial — her first taste of what’s to come soon. In the sub-plot (part 2) the randy Indian landlord Mr Singh likes to soak up savoury juices as he makes a meal of two hot ex-schoolgirl tenants Mandy and Sherrie.

It’s another hot day coming up in Singapore — hot in more ways than one — as the sexually naive 19 year-old local girl Selena – au pair to erotic photographic veteran Jacques Pardie – wakes up after a night tossing and turning between the crisp white satin sheets.

She awakes to find her hand between her legs – very high up between her legs – touching herself as she comes out of a warm and fuzzy dream about him. They were on a big luxury motor yacht just the two of them on their way towards the Gold Coast on the eastern seaboard of Australia. His bisexual lover and ex-Parisian glamour model Josette was not in the dream — it was so wonderful having his company all to herself.

He was taking her with him to meet prospective models in Australia’s tourist capital where he owns an apartment on level 69 the 80-floor Q1 tower in the Pacific Ocean beachfront icon address Surfers Paradise, where Q1 stands as the world’s tallest residential-only building. In her dream he told Selena the significance of selecting his luxury apartment with 360-degreee views on level 69 was because that’s the most erotic address in the tower. He had his arm around her asking her to be the six and he’ll be the nine when they get there and she nodded keenly but she didn’t have any idea what he meant by it.

She sits up blinking, looking to the other side of the bed for Jacques but he’s not there. Yet she just heard his voice, this ruggedly handsome six feet plus tall Frenchman with the slow hand approach and sexy accent asking her to imagine what it must be like to make love in the clouds.

‘Do you mean it’s heavenly,’ she remembers laughing gaily. ‘Yes, with you it would be even more than that,’ he said back. The last thing she can remember is that they were together and he put the 70ft boat on auto pilot on a becalmed ocean just five miles off the coastline. Selena swooned as he took her in his arms and they danced cheek to cheek on deck with a full moon rising on the horizon behind them. She could hear out of nowhere the beautiful music of ‘My Heart Will Go On,’ the hit love song from the blockbuster movie Titanic, as he looked into her eyes and their noses touched. ‘There are no icebergs around here are there?’ she remembers asking; he laughed and moved his lips towards her partly open mouth for the lover’s kiss she waited for since they first set eyes on each other in the Vis-a-Vis French restaurant in Singapore’s Chun Tin Road part of the upmarket Bukit Timah province of the city less than a month ago.

The last words she heard from him before she got that sinking feeling that she was dreaming was when Jacques whispered in her ear “icebergs take years to melt but you make my heart melt so quickly from the heat of your body.”

Alas, for Selena there is no boat, just her empty bed except for one passenger lying there in the nude on this hot Singapore morning, her right hand still evident of how her dream affected her. The music from the movie Titanic was really the waves of emotion floating into her mind and the lapping sound of the water against the hull of the boat was really the feeling of wetness within her vagina as her fingers, not his hand, maintained course.

“My God it was so real,” she says to herself greatly disappointed that it was a dream and she’s still the sexually inexperienced girl from the orphanage who’s never had a lover and doesn’t know what to do if she got one; his 19 year-old au pair servant in his luxury abode with the 30 year-old former Paris glamour model Josette no doubt loving up to him right now while she must shower and get their breakfasts ready. “It’s not fair,” she wails to herself as the water caresses her stunning 36inch b cup firm breasts that are capped with big pointy nipples.

Jacques and Josette join her in the kitchen 30 minutes after she leaves her room to head downstairs to get the day under way. As usual, she’s wearing their prescribed au pair ‘uniform’ — the sensationally cheeky flesh coloured silk body suit that hugs her curves and creeps into her crevices, a walking talking advertisement for erotica in her sheer but opaque clinging outfit covering her from her neck to the end of her toes and wrists. If body suits of this kind could talk it would say a lot about her buxom breasts, tight well formed arse and genitals that so generously promote a perfect preteen-look hairless sexuality only bigger and better.

She’s telling them about her dream but not the romantic part or how she woke up wet below decks. And she’s making out that Josette was there all poker oyna the time so she won’t get any funny ideas about the third player in their well planned French ménage a trios.

“Oh isn’t that nice Jacques? Selena’s even thinking of us when she goes to bed,” Josette purrs without trying to sound catty. Her own pussy would be very much at home smooching up to Selena’s. “I do hope darling we all ended up in bed together.” The constant dropping of hints by her is part of the French couple’s means of innocently making Selena be less fearful of a full blown eventual sexual union among them.

“No, I woke up and realised it was a dream,” the young Asian answers.

“Where were we then?” he asks in his low husky accent.

“Somewhere on a boat. You were taking us to the Gold Coast in Australia to show us the apartment you bought in a building called Q1, and you said it was the tallest residential tower in the world. You mentioned about going there only yesterday and it must have stuck in my mind.”

“Yes I did but not going there by boat. I’m a VIP traveller with Singapore Airlines and you must know being a local Selena that Singapore Changi Airport is by far one of the best airports in the world. How could 80 airlines coming here be wrong?”

“I’m sorry, I’ve never been our airport,” she replies sullenly. “That’s for people who have money and travel a lot. I’ve got nowhere to go.”

The sexy young innocent Asian goes into sulking mode as his comments only make her feel even less qualified to ever be in his arms in a romantic way. She’s shy, inexperienced and raised in an orphanage until recently and he’s a 50 year-old worldly-wise erotic photographer used to jet-setting about and being in the company of sexy hot-bodied women. She realises how stupid she’d make herself look if she ever admitted her growing affection for him.

Selena is a very confused young lady; just two months off turning 20 and Jacques is some kind of an enigma to her. He’s three times her age yet there’s something about him that seems to be drawing her closer to him. There’s an unusual kind of enchanted feeling being around him and even just listening to his voice. When he speaks to people on the telephone she can sense that he’s in charge, confident and sure of himself yet not egotistically so. The way he uses his words with her at times makes her feel as though she just wants to run to him and throw her arms around him.

So is he just a father figure? The father he never knew or is it more than that? Massaging him last Saturday while he was naked as part of her au pair duties was a binding moment in her life; she’s never until then seen a grown man naked, let alone had to feel and massage to ejaculation his huge penis. (Chapter 6). Are all men this big, she dared to ask but didn’t? To actually witness his sperm shooting upwards as she made him climax brought a squeal of teenage delight from her lips, a moment of absolute wonderment in the first sexual act she’s ever performed with a man.

At that time though Selena wasn’t thinking of it as sex but seeing him like a father figure as he explained to her the facts of life about how a man feels when he’s stimulated this way. He coaxed her to believe this is what young daughters do to learn from their fathers so that when the time comes she will know how to approach and please her future husband. Selina thinks this is what all fathers do as a matter of course — of course, especially after he let her play with it for some time as if was a new toy. He was merely toying with her but for her, his nine-inch phallus was an eye-popping educational opportunity.

She seems to feel she could fall in love with him but rejects the notion as absurd because of the age difference and Josette’s ever presence around him. Yet she wants him to be like a father to her as he’s got the qualities she feels are admiral in such a man so that in a daughter-like way she could truly look up to him and respect him lovingly and even passionately, and of course be educated by him.

These thoughts are always going through her mind wondering how to handle this riddle she’s found herself in. She’s at the “should I” or “shouldn’t I” stage after overhearing Josette three days ago asking him if he wants to fuck Selena and his answer still enchants her, that she will come to him when she’s ready. The way he spoke further about it didn’t sound as though he intended a quick bend over ‘slam bam, thank you ma’am’ sock-it-to-her sex romp but something much more torrid and longer lasting.

Selena’s fearful of sexual intercourse because no male has ever attempted it with her, much to her relief. Being molested by two lesbians when taken home to one of the orphanage’s staff member’s home on once a month weekends between the ages of nine and 16 (hot chapter 5 ) has spooked her from being touched sexually. It was only Josette’s sensitive understanding as a sexually exploited preteen model in her hometown Lyons in France that she could relate to Selena’s canlı poker oyna plight at what the Asian teenager then thought was acceptable behaviour that gave her the courage to tell of her ordeal.

Her virginity is all she can claim to own in life and she desperately wants to keep it until she one day finds the man she can marry and give him her gift of purity. What Selena lacks in brain power she must make up with inbuilt female guile and instinct to keep her pussy from being penetrated. She can almost feel him closing in on her and now she’s seen the might of his manhood it excites her provided she doesn’t have to let him put it inside her. She can’t imagine it fitting into Josette but realises it must somehow.

To Jacques, Selena’s heavenly body has become a new place of worship. He will not let her know how much he yearns to make love to her patiently, then passionately, and then in bondage-like lust until he explores every inch of her shapely figure and understands every single sound she utters in unbridled passion. He’s thankful that Josette understands his needs.

A pause in a conversation can be a long time when the brain works at lightning speed thinking. He’s looking at her across the kitchen table after thanking her for cooking such a delightful egg omelette and as his dreamy eyes meet her gaze in those mere seconds Selena’s mind works overtime. The sound of his voice, the slow and convincingly manner of his tone gets her. It was this very same deep baritone pitch and sexy sound of his French accent that captivated her at their first meeting in the Vis-a-Vis restaurant where he sent shivers up and down her spine the way he held her hand, running his finger up to her elbow admiring her tender skin. And no man had ever kissed her hand when meeting her. That night, alone in her new bed of luxury comfort, her hand went to her clitoris in warm and relieving comfort, reliving that moment.

Selena’s discovered she gets wet at certain times when he’s around. This makes her conscience remind her she must be doubly on guard never to go too far or she will lose the very thing she rightfully cherishes most — her virginity.

Since arriving at his Barker Road residence the young Asian looks up to him but knows now that the battle lines are drawn in his pursuit of erotic pleasure with her. She is the quarry and she must adamantly defend her chaste ways no matter how much he chases her.

“Selena it’s a funny thing you should dream about us going to Australia,” he says in a remark that snaps her mind back to the present. Josette and I were going together of course but now you are with us in the true French meaning of ménage a trios you are not our servant, but you are one of our family and as such we do things together. Would that please you?”

His double-edged question puts her on the spot in what is like a game of chess — he wants her to make the wrong move so he can pounce and as slow as she was at school the pretty young thing wrapped so tight in her silk bodysuit must think quickly when he puts a question to her.

“Oh yes sir, it would be very pleasing to travel with you to the Gold Coast. I could never afford a holiday like that.”

“Good! Then it will be done and give you something to look forward to.”

“Do you really have an apartment called 69?” she quizzes him, thinking back to her dream based on a short conversation she heard him having with Josette the previous day.

The Frenchman chuckles. “Yes, of course, but it’s not called apartment 69 it’s on the 69th floor and I chose that level for a good reason.”

“You are such a good judge of things sir, so why that number, it must mean something to you?”

“Yes Selena it does, but I suggest it will mean as much to you as well.”

“Why is that? I don’t understand.”

“Let me keep it a secret and it can be a surprise for when you go there and we can christen the apartment 69 with the joy of your company.”

She repeats the words she recalls from her dream, “I’ll be the 6 and you will be the 9,’ it sound like fun sir,” she says without having a clue what he’s on about. She figures it’s always safer to agree with him because he’s very clever and has a strong sense of direction in his life. Selena sees herself as usual in a subservient sense typical of her low self esteem and ever-ready to cling on to his beliefs in the hope it can make her a stronger woman.

Breakfast over Josette has gone for an appointment at Raffles Place in the central business and Jacques is working at the keyboard of his computer in their study while Selena is clearing the dishes and starts dusting. She wonders what he’s working on at the computer so when she gets to that part of the house she calls out if it’s all right for her to do the dusting without disturbing him.

He stops working behind the keyboard and watches her lithe frame flicking the feather duster about. He shakes his head and smiles. Selena’s not cut out for housework he can see that but she’s internet casino so cute, so attractive, so sexy and so innocent who else would he want to do it?

Just watching her bending over working the duster about the legs of a table makes him groan inwardly. Her tight butt’s sitting up as she bends over and the full shape of her pussy is clearly visible from behind, almost as if she’s inviting him in. There’s no doubt in his mind she’s a distraction but one he’s prepared to accept for it would be folly for a man of 50 to forgo such scenery when it’s so close and so serene.

“Selena, sit down at my computer for a moment,” he says instructively sounding like a teacher talking to a student. It catches her by surprise and she’s suddenly fearful he will ask her to do something on the computer. She’s fascinated by them but doesn’t have one.

She sits as told. Jacques stands behind her telling her to look at the screen showing a big picture of a beautiful woman’s face. As he speaks in his low husky French accent he runs his fingers through her hair, sending little tingles across her scalp. “That face you see in front of you is one of my models but if you look closely you will see, as I can see, she is not as beautiful as you”

“She looks very pretty though, sir, I could never look as beautiful as she is.”

“Oh but you demean yourself so much Selena, you must get more confidence in yourself,” he says lowering his voice even more so she can barely hear him. His hands, both of them, are stroking the supple soft skin of her neck and he traces a finger around one ear and down again. The sheer touch of his hand and even more so his single finger sends a ripple through her nervous system and she sits rigid not knowing what he’s up to.

“Selena I want you to do something for me. I want you to look at that woman’s face and imagine it’s yours there. I want you to know that I know you are better than her; you are younger, more vivacious and ready to reveal your true soul. Your face, your innocence and your figure are the embodiments of eroticism and I will be the judge of that not you.” As he speaks his finger trails a path lightly down from her neck, across her shoulder and ever so slowly slides down her right breast, circling at first her nipple three times but closer each time until his fingertip glides across the nipple and then back and forwards three times before retracing its movement back to her neck.

He watches how her nipples harden at the sudden excitement, jutting out thick and forcefully against the tight sheer silk. She’s so easily aroused he notices. It would be so easy for him to cup his broad hands around she sides of her ample breasts as they sit up so firm with youth on their side but instead he merely gets his strong hands on tops of the shoulders and gently squeezes several times as he commences to massage the stiffness he can feel there.

“You are tense yet excited my precious orchid,” he whispers, leaning into her ear. She’s electrified rather than pacified as his very touch on her body sends quivers through her sexual regions. She’s aware Josette is out of the house and fears he may force her to have sex with him yet at the same time she hopes Josette stays out longer than she needs to so they can be alone.

He sits beside her and moves the keyboard in front of him.”I will show you something,” he says talking like a father to his daughter. With a few more keystrokes he calls up the image of a Polynesian islander, a woman he describes to her as being just two years older than Selena.

“This young lady is a called Ursula,” he says. Ursula is tall, she’d got impeccable light brown skin, small breasts with puffy nipples and she’s completely naked. The picture of the Polynesian woman she shows her is taken from behind the model, her legs held apart but her torso turned to the left, her hands behind her head smiling at the camera with wonderfully white teeth and her left breast visible from a rearward side profile. It is a very sexy image Selena agrees. “Why are you showing me sir? This is part of your work so you want me to know what you do?” she asks and answers at the same time.

“Precisely,” he answers anyway. That picture disappears and he shows Selena a quick range of other poses but they are all showing the same model wearing a tiny g-string that sits right at the very top of the crack in her pussy so the pubic bone is bare and fully visible but not her vulva.

“Do you think she looks very sexy in these pictures?” he asks. Even if she disagreed she wouldn’t say so. “Yes sir she looks very pretty, very sexy. She has a lovely figure and she’s so tanned looking.”

“Well that’s her natural colour of course,” he replies. “Yes of course,” she says.

The next picture is a full screen image of her Ursula’s face, her lips parted and her tongue pointing into the corner of her mouth. “Oh!” Selena utters almost astonished by the sight of so much sperm around the model’s mouth and dripping down her chin.

“This is the girl I saw in your studio,” she blurts. “One of those with your signature on their faces.”

“Yes you have a good memory for faces,” he replies, glancing at her eyes fixed to the image in front of her.

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