At Last Ch. 03

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We reached Tamara’s room. It seemed like it had been forever since she was sucking on my nipple.

She laid me on her bed and immediately crawled between my legs. She pushed my skirt up and pulled my panties to the side. She started to lick my pussy ever so slowly. My god her lips and tongue felt heavenly as she licked, nibbled and sucked every part of my pussy. I was so fucking wet. My head was spinning as I grabbed her head and grinded my pussy into her face. I was so close to cumming as she reach up and started to pinch my nipples. That was all that I needed as my first orgasm hit me.


Tamara looked up at me and smiled as she started to take off her clothes. My god she is so fucking sexy.

She crawled onto the bed by my head and started to crawl down me. She stopped to shove her tongue down my throat momentarily but then lingered on my tits so I could suck and kiss her tits as well. Her nipples were huge as they stiffened in my mouth. I bit her nipple hard as she moaned into my tits. She continued to crawl down my body when she reached my throbbing pussy. Her pussy was only inches poker oyna from my face as I grabbed her ass and pulled her onto my tongue. She moaned as my tongue touched her clit. She started to grind her pussy onto my face as my fingers started to work on her puckered asshole. She tasted so amazing as my tongue roamed every part of her pussy. Her moans grew louder the harder I licked that dripping pussy. I could tell she was close to cumming in my mouth. She was moaning into my pussy and licking my clit as I inserted 2 fingers into her ass. She started to quiver as she screamed “LICK MY FUCKING HOLE. OH FUCK OH GOD CUMMIMG CUMMMMMING!!” She laid on top of me for a few minutes while I caressed her legs and ass.

She rolled off of me and then crawled up to me. She looked into my eyes as she bent down to kiss me. I tasted my pussy on her lips as her tongue searched for mine. I didn’t want this to end. She said I have a couple more surprises for you.

She walked over to the dresser and pulled out a strap on. What the hell i have never been fucked by a woman. She stepped through the harness and walked over to me as she stroked the rubber cock. She had a smile on her canlı poker oyna face as she walked over to me. “Your mother gave me this for my birthday. It was custom made. The mold is from your step-dad’s cock. It’s almost as good as the real thing.” My jaw dropped. What did she mean? She instructed me to get to the edge of the bed. She spread my legs wide and walked between them. She began to rub the dildo up and down my wet pussy. She slowly started to enter me as I let out a gasp. She reached for my tits and started to slowly fuck me. God that rubber cock felt so good. I wished it was my step dad’s giant cock but at that moment it was perfect. My moans grew louder as she started fucking me harder. I wrapped my legs around her and urged her to fuck me even harder. I reached up to play with her huge tits with one hand while I grabbed one of my own DD’s to suck on the nipple. She started to pound my pussy even harder and with each thrust I whimpered. Fuck it felt so good to have cock in me even if it was rubber. And I had some one fucking me. Tamara was slamming into my pussy and I was getting close to cumming. God I wanted to cum again. She pulled the cock out of me and told internet casino me get on all fours.

“Close your eyes I have a surprise for you.” She pushed that rubber cock into me again. God it felt so good. The next thing I know is I feel a real cock brushing my lips. I could feel the heat radiating from this hard cock as I quickly opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to lick the throbbing cock. It wasn’t long before I felt a hand on the back of my head as he slid his cock into my mouth. My god it was so thick and long as it touched the back of my throat. He started to really fuck my mouth with short thrusts. All the while Tamara was fucking me from behind with her strap on. Fuck it felt so good to have 2 of my holes being filled even though one of the cock was a dildo. My moans were growing louder as the unknown male started to grunt as I was close to making him cum. I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth as I squeezed it harder with each thrust. “Get ready to swallow his load Brandi. When I tell you I want you to open your eyes.”

The mystery male started to force his cock farther down my throat. I heard his voice for the first time. “Oh fuck, oh fuck. God, oh god I am going to cum. Awww fuck I’m cumming!!” As he started to cum in my mouth.

“Now. Open your eyes.” I almost choked on cum as looked up to see my step brother Mark standing in front of me and cumming in my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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