Aunt Beth: The Sleeping Beauty

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It was a hot July day, about 1pm, when my mother yelled to me.

“Dave,” she said, “Aunt Beth is coming over for the week. Make sure your room is clean, that’s where she’s sleeping.”

As upset as I was to have to clean my room, I was far happier that aunt Beth was coming over.

I had had a crush on aunt Beth since I was about 11. I know it’s weird. I thought there was something wrong with me for a while, but I couldn’t resist her sexual appeal. She was a brunette and had a classically pretty face. She had huge tits. A shapely body for a 40-year-old. And a larger then average ass that suited her (and me) just fine.

I’d always dreamed of smothering myself in her tits. That was all I could think of when it came to her.

Soon it was tomorrow, and Aunt Beth was pulling in the drive way. She didn’t come empty handed. She had brought me a 24 pack of beer.

“Dave,” she said, “I’ve never had a drink with you. Now that you’re 21, we need to get trashed.”

It was sentiment I could gladly agree with.

I had just turned 21 and I was a good looking guy. Just under 5’10”, about 150lbs, and in good shape. I had brown hair and a brown goatee. I think I grew the goatee simply because I could.

That night, around 9pm, me and my aunt started to pound away at the beer. My parents sat out as they both had work in the morning. I in reality was no match for my aunt. I had just 4 beers before I felt really good. My aunt, however, dropped down about 12. Before it could get any worse, my mother told me to help my aunt Beth to my room.

My room was in the finished basement of our one story house; and while aunt Beth slept in their, I was going to sleep on the couch in living room next door.

I escorted my aunt to my room and told her to make sure she changed out of her jeans and t-shirt that she had been wearing. With that, I left her and went back upstairs, and started drinking some more.

A couple of hours later, around 1am, I decided in a drunken stupor that it was time to go to bed.

Being drunk, I had forgotten that my aunt was in my room. I went down to my room and turned on my desk lamp which wasn’t all that bright. I stumbled to my dresser to find some sweats to sleep in. I found a pair and began to get changed. While stripping down to my boxers, I noticed something on my bed. I turned poker oyna and realized that it was aunt Beth, half naked, passed out. She had taken my advice to change, but she never quite got redressed.

She was laying their in her blue bra and panties. It was incredible. I had dreamed of seeing her tits this well for years.

Now on another night(involving less beer), I would’ve left immediately. But I was feeling brave, so I walked over to the bed. I starred for about a minute and then noticed I was becoming hard. With that, I had an urge to touch her breasts. Knowing that my aunt was out cold, I reached my right hand to her left breast and slowly began to massage it. It felt great, but I wanted more. Fortunately for me, her bra unhooked in the front, and with the swipe of a finger, their they were.

They were huge and still shapely, although, they did sag just a bit. Her nipples were a good size; not to big, nor to small. I was in a daze for what seemed like an eternity. After my daze, I reached back down with my right hand and continued to fondle, this time massaging both breasts. My arousal grew and I quickly needed more.

I decided to get on the bed with her. Carefully I climbed in, straddling her stomach with my knees. I now used both hands to fondle each breast, as I became harder and harder. I grew braver, and began licking her nipples which aroused a moan from my aunt. I pulled my head back to make sure she was still asleep. After reassuring myself she was, I realized that I need to release in the worst way.

I started to exit the bed, when I realized….. I didn’t need to leave. Instead, I decided that my nightly fun time was going to include a target – my aunt’s breasts. I continues to rub her breasts with my left hand and pulled my penis out of my boxers with my right. As I began to stroke myself, I could feel the explosion coming. I continued rubbling her breasts when all of sudden….

“ugh, ugh, ohhh.”

I came all over my aunt’s breasts. I watched as my cum ran down the sides of her breasts and down the middle of her stomach into her belly button.

I quickly reattached her bra and fled the scene. Aunt Beth never woke up during the whole debacle and I never felt better.

Morning came and I was greeted by my aunt with a smile as she awoke from her slumber. I had awoken a little canlı poker oyna while before and was watching TV.

“Morning Dave,” she said.

“Morning aunt Beth. How did you sleep.”

“Pretty well! But I feel all itchy this morning. Maybe I’m allergic to those sheets or something.”

The day wore on and quickly aunt Beth and I were in full drinking mode again. This time we started at around 5pm. By 8pm, my aunt was a wreck. I wasn’t that much better.

I grabbed my aunt, who was passed out at the kitchen table, and carried her downstairs. I brought her to my room and laid her down on my bed.

I was upset that I couldn’t play with her tits the way I did last night because if I took off her clothes, she may find out that something had happened. None the less, I wanted to get off.

Before I left, I decided to do just that. I pulled down my pants and boxers, and again straddled my aunt on the bed. This time, however, I was much higher up on her body. I began to masturbate with my penis just hanging over her chin. While doing this, I kept thinking about her tits and great they felt when I played with them last night. I reached down with my left hand, and began fondling her tits again. Before I could go any further, I felt an explosion through my groin.


I looked down to see my aunt’s face covered in my own sperm. Cum just kept splattering and splashing all over her face and trickled from her hair to her chin. Some laid right on her lips, giving me an idea for tomorrow night.

I turned my aunt over, hoping that she’d think her itchy feeling on her face would have to do with the pillow.

The next day, my aunt awoke very late.

“Hey,” I said, “how was your sleep?”

“eh, I feel icky and itchy. The materials on your bed suck, just kidding. But seriously, I think my hair is covered in my own drool. It all hard, yuck.”

“Cut back on the liquor,” I laughed.

“Nah, I can deal with this. It’s a small price to pay.”

“I agree.”

Once more it was evening, and aunt Beth and I were trashed by 10pm. I was too drunk to bring her down to my room, so I just hit my couch and passed out. I assume somebody else took her to my room, because when I came to at about 2 am, she was laying in my bed, sound asleep.

I wasted no time and stripped down to nothing. internet casino I straddled her like I had the night before and saw that her mouth was wide open as drool poured from it. I began to masturbate and found myself on the brink of orgasm in a heartbeat. As I was about to cum, I aimed straight for the back of my aunts throat. As the explosion came, a stream of hot cum shot right into my aunt’s throat.


I then heard a gag, I feared my aunt might choke to death on my sperm. However, my fears were put to rest when I heard the greatest sound in the world.


Oh, that sound got me hot as I saw my aunt, in her sleep, had swallowed all my cum. I didn’t want to leave, I wanted more.

Within minutes, I was hard again and changed my positioning. Now I straddled her head, facing towards her feet. With her mouth still wide open. I slid my penis right down her throat. I started to gently hump her face. My balls sweeping her nose. As it went on, I began humping faster and harder as my penis went deeper. I started grabbing my aunts tits, and kept pounding her face faster and deeper. Soon, I started to hear…

*Gargle, Gargle.*

Followed by choking.

I then felt my aunts hands grab my waist and start pushing upward. I looked ahead and so my aunt’s feet kicking and slamming against the bed. I looked down and saw saliva and mucus spewing from my aunts mouth. I didn’t care. I kept going, harder, faster, and deeper. I was in a trance. My balls now slapped my aunts nose. She began to hit me, but her blows were weak. I soon found myself on the edge of orgasm. As I was about to cum, I grabbed the sides of the bed with both hands and pulled myself down as hard as I could onto my aunt’s face. My balls stuffed her nose and my cock gagged her to a point of constant coughing. And then….

“Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh my god.”

I came harder then I ever had before. I looked down and saw my cum, spewing from the sides of my aunt’s mouth. I, slowly removed myself from that position and looked back at my aunt.

She was in tears, continuing to cough, and covered in her own saliva. I released, realizing then what I had done.

“I’m so sorry,” I said.

“Sorry?” she squeezed out. “I’m the one who’s sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to swallow down your cum. It’s all I ever wanted to do.”

I looked at her and laughed.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“You did swallow my cum. You just weren’t awake at the time.”

“That’s not fair. If I’m gonna swallow you, I want to remember it. Get back over here.”

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