Aunt June Ch. 02

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So here I was, eighteen years old and Aunt June, the woman who has driven most of my fantasies has just given me my first blowjob. I just stood there looking down at her as she continued to seek out and eat all of the load of cum that I had just sprayed. And she was smiling, happy.

“I suppose this all seem gross to you…”she said licking her fingers. “But while some women dislike it, many of us actually do like cum. Some like the flavor, which varies, and some like the sensation and most love the way a good load makes us feel.”

“How do you feel?” I asked.

Aunt June stopped and looked into my eyes, “Awesome.” She said. “And desirable and wanted and… well Tommy, I thought that my best, my sexually active days were behind me.”

I scoffed as I sat on the bed next to her, “Oh come on, you’re only thirty eight.”

“No, it’s not that I’ve given up on sex, I plan on being the old woman in the nursing home who keeps fucking the staff at every turn. No, I mean, well, I was very sexually active in my youth and fucked like crazy every chance I got.” She explained.

“Are you saying you were a slut Aunt June?” I teased.

“Ah, no, not if by slut you mean I screwed anyone and everyone I could.” She said. “I was very choosy about who I would only blow and who I would actually fuck and there were only a few, but with those few, I was very passionate.”

I found myself looking her over. She was very sexy in my eyes and I couldn’t believe that we were sitting naked together. I slid my hand around her waist and leaned in to kiss her. Thankfully she responded with the same desire. We sat there and kissed for a couple of minutes and then I reached out with my other hand to her breast. Aunt June made a little gasping noise when I touched her.

I gently turned her to face me more and caressed both breasts, I marveled at their weight and warmth. I saw she was smiling at me. “They’re beautiful.” I said.

“You always seemed to like them…” she replied. “Do you remember that night I flashed you?”

“Oh god Aunt June! How could I forget something like that! Ever since then I have wanted, this…” and I bent and kissed them. First the near one and then the other. Aunt June sighed and ran her hand through my hair. I then took a nipple into my mouth and gently sucked. I lavished great attention on them, squeezing and hefting them, caressing them and covering them with more and more kisses. I paused and looked at her.

Aunt June was smiling and a little misty eyed again. “Tommy, I have watched you grow into a handsome young man and wondered what it would be like to be one of your young girlfriends.” She took a deep breath, “Please show me now. Let me be your lover, just for tonight, just this once. Make me feel like a young girl again.”

How could I not love this woman? I helped her to ease back onto the pillows and gazed at her pussy. I touched her and carefully daubed at the wetness flowing from her slit. Again she sighed. Wow, what that did to me! I wanted so badly to hump her like crazy but I knew that I had to do this right if I wanted to ever have a chance to do it again. Yeah she may have asked for just one night, but I wanted many nights.

I had never gone down on a girl before but knew enough to take it slow and to be gentle. I eased down onto the bed between her legs and started by kissing her smooth mound. I guessed that she had shaven while in the shower before. The aroma was very pleasing and I soon began poker oyna to lick her juices from the bottom of her slit to the top. Her flavor was delightful and her reaction was a turn on as well. Each time I licked her she would moan softly. I took my time and enjoyed every minute of it. I spread her lips a bit wider with my fingertips and looked at her clitoris. A pretty pink nub protruding from it’s hood and slightly twitching. I used just the very tip of my tongue to work around it in circles and then I kissed it.

Aunt June moaned louder and gripped my head with both hands. “Gently Tommy, gently now, it’s very sensitive.” She said.

I was very careful and worked out a nice rhythm. I would lick her wet slit several times and then lick her clit a couple of times. This seemed to please her. After maybe ten minutes of this Aunt June was really moaning and groaning a lot. So I decided to take it up a notch and I started sucking on her clit. I used mostly my lips for this with just a little bit of teasing with my tongue tip. Apparently this was what she wanted because Aunt June started to grind my face into her pussy and she groaned.

“That’s it, that’s it. Oh yeah baby, keep it up. Make me cum, oh yeah. Oh you’re gonna make me cum.” She moaned. “Do it, do it baby. Make me cum!”

Well hell if this is working, I’m not gonna change anything! So I kept on going. Very soon she stopped talking and then her breathing got really rapid. Then her hips rose and she cried out in ecstasy.

“Oh god I’m cumming! Ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhh!”

I wasn’t sure what to expect but was rewarded with an increased flow of her sweet juices. I lapped up every drop.

After a few moments of this I decided that I could wait no longer and rose to my knees and moved closer. I pressed the tip of my cock against her wet opening and pushed in.

At first just the tip was permitted and even then Aunt June gasped in discomfort. I held it there and very slowly she relaxed. I slid in a bit further and she moaned in pleasure. I pulled out a bit and then slid in deeper and she looked into my eyes…

“Oh god Tommy you are huge! I have never in my life had a dick this big!” she said softly. “Take it slow and easy baby, don’t hurt me!”

I slid it in some more, pulled back and pushed in again and she tensed up. I just held it there and waited for her to relax, then I told her, “Almost there Aunt June, you’ve almost got all of it…”

“Oh holy fuck! There’s more?” she asked. She tried to see but her big tits were in the way. She took a few deep breaths and then nodded as she closed her eyes, “Ok baby, give me the rest.”

I slid the rest of the way in and she winced in pain and couldn’t help crying out. I was sorry that it hurt but it felt so damn good! I waited until she relaxed again and started to pull out a little before pushing back into her. Soon she was tolerating it better and I was actually making some nice long slow strokes. Aunt June was moaning again.

After a few minutes of this she smiled and said “That’s awesome Tommy, that is sooo good. It feels just incredible; you fill me up completely!”

We kissed and she ran her hands over my back. I could feel her soft warm body beneath me and her wonderful breasts were pressed against me. We kissed and her tongue was suddenly exploring my mouth. My hips were pumping my cock in and out of that wet, hot and hungry pussy. I knew it wouldn’t take too much longer for me to cum. I wanted canlı poker oyna so badly to pound her with much more speed and intensity but I wanted her to, well, more than just enjoy it. I wanted her to crave it again. I wanted her to desire me over and over again.

I moved my mouth near her ear and began whispering to her “Do you remember the times when I would see you dressing or undressing Aunt June?”

“Yes Tommy…”

“You were so sexy in your stockings and garters, your girdle and bra. Oh damn I wanted you! I didn’t know what sex was or what I was supposed to do, but I wanted to go to you, to touch you and to kiss you. I wanted to squeeze your titties and now here I am finally making love to you! Oh god Aunt June I wanted this so much! I want to please you; I want to make you cum!” I breathed onto her cheek as she started moaning louder and louder.

“Oh Tommy, oh baby, oh you do please me!”

“Cum for me,” I begged, “Let me know I please you. Cum for me, cum for me now.”

“Oh yes baby, I am so close… you feel so good, so damn good! Fuck me baby, fuck me.” Aunt June gripped me tighter in her arms and squeezed my hips with her legs. I was really driving it in and out faster and harder… Aunt June closed her eyes and a minute later she started to climax, “I am Tommy! I’m cumming again! I cumming!”

I could feel her pussy convulsing in waves as it hit her. The sensation was like nothing I had ever experienced jacking off. I wasn’t moving, hell I couldn’t move! Aunt June’s pussy was holding me as tightly as her arms and legs were! I wondered how long her orgasm would last, when it finally started to subside. I started to thrust again when she squeezed me and came again! For the next several minutes Aunt June had multiple orgasms and all I had to do was thrust a few times to trigger the next one!

“Fuck Tommy,” she exclaimed, “I have never cum that hard and that much in my life! You are incredible!” she panted.

“Thanks Aunt June, but it’s my turn now. I want to cum, I want to cum so bad!” And without waiting for her to answer I started to fuck her again. My cock was still buried in her and she was so wet that I was able to thrust my full length in and out with no difficulty. She was used to me now and the feeling was better than anything I had ever felt in my entire life!

“Oh god Tommy!” she said, “That feels so good, so damn good. Mmmmm, fuck me Tommy, fuck me good and hard!”

I raised up onto my hands so that I could see her tits bouncing and she noticed. “Oh geez they’re so big Aunt June!”

She cupped them and lifted them to my face. “Suck them Tommy! Suck them hard!”

Well I did just that, sucking them as I fucked her. She winced a lot but never cried out or asked me to stop. I soon felt my climax building. “Aunt June, I wanna cum, I wanna cum in you, can I cum in you? Please?”

“Oh yes Tommy! Cum in me, fill me with your cum! Pound my pussy baby and give me your load! Fuck me Tommy! Fuck me hard! Fuck me and cum! Cum Tommy Cum baby! Give me your cum! Please Tommy, please cum!” she begged.

I picked up the tempo and increased my efforts. I was really pounding her pussy now! Our bodies were slapping together and her pussy was making loud wet noises. She was squeezing her titties so tight that it looked painful! She started biting her lower lip and shut her eyes tightly. And I came.

I know I must’ve cried out but I don’t remember… I know that my first several bursts filled her internet casino and as I pulled back to ease the pressure more cum kept shooting into her. Soon I felt it flooding out of her and soaking my balls. I realized that Aunt June was wide eyed in shock and saying “Wow, oh wow, oh my god! That is so much cum!”

I needed to finish off and thrust a few more times as my cock pumped out the last of my semen. When I finally pulled away and sat back, an incredible amount of cum flowed out of her pussy and down onto the bed. Aunt June put both hands on her pussy and played with my cum, rubbing it into her thighs, mound and belly. She was giggling and grinning as she played. I watched her in wonder and amazement. She was so damn sexy. My first fantasy had indeed become my first lover, and I wanted so bad to keep her, to fuck her over and over again. Indeed, my dick wasn’t going flaccid, but remained quite stiff; yearning to go again.

“Uh, Tommy…” Aunt June seemed suddenly distracted. “Can I ask you something very personal? I mean I hope I can since you just fucked me and it seems like we should be able to talk about personal shit with someone you’ve fucked, although I guess that’s not always gonna be true…”

“What is it?” I interrupted her ramble.

“Well, Tommy I was just wondering if… if you could tell me… Shit, there just is no polite way to phrase it so plain and simple, Tommy, how the hell do girls take such a big rod like this?” she said gesturing at my semi erect cock. “I mean, hell, I’m a grown woman and it was hard for me to take all of you! And it’s not just your length but your thickness! I, I, well… fuck that is big!” She was gently touching me and toying with the tip of my penis. “Was your first lover a virgin? God that must’ve hurt.”

“No,” I chuckled. “No she was not a virgin, but she was tight.”

“Oh.” Aunt June said. “Have… have you had many lovers Tommy?” She asked timidly.

“No, I haven’t,” I answered truthfully. “Why?” I watched her for a moment and when she didn’t answer it dawned on me. “Oh, I see. You want to know about my first lover… the woman who took my virginity, and how you might measure up next to her, don’t you?”

“It’s not like that!” she replied. “It’s just… just… Okay it is like that.”

I leaned forward and kissed her; then looking in her eyes I said, “She was beautiful and tender and oh so sexy. She was you, Aunt June, you are my first lover.”

“What?” she gasped, “You were a virgin? I, I took your virginity?”

“Yep, you sure did!” I chuckled again. “And it was wonderful! It was better than I ever imagined. Aunt June you have been my fantasy and my desire for years. I dreamed of this a thousand times and not a single one of those dreams was ever this good! You are fantastic and I don’t want this feeling to end!”

I stood and took her by the hand. She rose and joined me. I wrapped her up in my arms and felt my cock pressed between us, her tits in my ribs, and her hands on my ass. I kissed her lovely mouth. I kissed her cheeks and forehead, and back to the fantastic lips. Their shape was so perfect and they were full without being too big. They were pretty and pink and, and … magical… making me feel like they were meant just for me. I looked deep into her beautiful blue eyes and saw them twinkle. They were so full of life and mischief and happiness. And they were looking at me! I had done this, I had pleased her. I had made her happy and I had her in my arms and I wanted to never, ever let her go!

My fantasy of the last six or seven years had finally played out. I had just fucked the most incredible, sensuous and totally sexy woman I knew… Aunt June.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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