Aunt Mary Got My Cherry

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Big Tits

I know it’s a terrible thing to say, but Aunt Mary’s divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me. My sex life didn’t really begin until she moved in with Mom and me. Aunt Mary made a man out of me.

Aunt Mary, my mother’s younger sister, is a sexy babe with a little too much of everything – legs, tits and hair. Like Mom, she worked as a model for several years until she succumbed to the lure of marriage. She fell for the wrong guy, a knucklehead who expected her to support his lazy ass. Mom’s prediction that the marriage would end within a year was dead on. After the divorce, my beautiful aunt came to live with us.

Mary teased me without mercy all through my high school years. Whenever she came to visit, she would find some way to tease me. “How big is your dick, big boy?” she would ask. “Have you jacked off today?” “What do you think of my tits?” “Would you like one of the hairs off of my pussy for a souvenir?” She was absolutely merciless. It almost goes without saying that I jacked off about a thousand times to fantasies of Mary and I doing unspeakable things to each other.

When Mary moved in with us after her divorce, the teasing continued and eventually she made her move. I was eighteen at the time and was in my freshman year at a local college. I was at my desk in my room working on a term paper when Aunt Mary slipped up behind me and clamped her hands over my eyes.

“Whatcha up to, sport?”

“Doing my homework, Aunt Mary.”

“Why don’t you drop the “aunt”, fella. You’re a grown man now. Calling me Aunt Mary seems so childish. You are a man, aren’t you? Well, let’s just see.”

Mary reached down and unzipped my fly. I didn’t object when she slipped her hand into my pants and felt my cock. She pulled it out and then went back in for my nuts. A few strokes of her hand made my prick as hard as a railroad spike.

“My God, your mother wasn’t exaggerating when she said you’re hung like a pony. If that worthless bum I married had a pussy-pleaser like this, I might still be married. I got more pleasure out of a candle.”

Mary began lightly stroking my cock. I should have stopped her but what she was doing felt so wonderful that I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was a virgin. I had never even had a hand job. Mary stopped caressing my cock and took a firm grip on it. She was bent forward with her chin resting on my shoulder and her big tits squashed against my back. I swear I could feel her hard nipples digging into me. She began pumping my cock hard and fast. Then she suddenly stopped.

“All right, tiger. I got you started. Now poker oyna you’re going to have to finish the job. Wrap your hand around that thing and prove to me that you’re a man. Watching guys jack off makes me hotter than just about anything. There’s no telling what I might do after you’ve jacked off for me.”

I had always wanted to jack off in front of a woman, and now Mary had given me an opportunity to make my fantasy a reality. But fantasizing about something and actually doing it are two different things. It took me a few minutes to work up the courage to take my cock in hand. Once I got started, it felt great. My enthusiasm grew stronger with every stroke, and I was soon pumping my dick like my life depended on it. All the while, Aunt Mary was whispering delicious obscenities in my ear. Then I felt that little tickle behind my nuts that signals that the dam is breaking.

“Here it comes, Oh, fuck, HERE IT COMES!”

I spread my legs and let my load fly all over the floor. At least eight bursts of high-grade jizz shot out of my cock. It was one of the best orgasms of my life, and Aunt Mary deserves a lot of the credit for it.

“Gonna have to put a saddle on you, boy. You came like a fuckin’ horse. Never seen a cum-shot like that.” Mary bent down and took my twitching cock in her mouth. Is it possible for a man to describe his first blow job? Yes, but only superficially. There are some things that defy description. Can you adequately describe the Mona Lisa or a beautiful sunset? A good blow job is a masterpiece in its own way. The adjectives warm, wet and soft don’t even come close to describing how Aunt Mary’s mouth felt on my rod.

“Look out, I’m gunna cum, Mary. Look out, Mary. OH, FUCK, I’M CUMMING!”

My beautiful aunt didn’t bat an eye when I unloaded in her mouth. She swished the spunk around my cock and kept sucking until her warm mouth had confiscated all of my sperm.

“Jesus Christ, sport. Two cums and you’re still hard. You really are an animal. I guess the only way to tame you is to fuck you. Come on.”

Aunt Mary led me to her room by my cock. She tossed her clothes aside and flaunted her beautiful body. Her tits were the size of grapefruits. They sagged like ripe fruit waiting to be plucked. Beneath a slightly rounded belly, a full bush of dark hair adorned her cunt. The slut smirked at me as she raked her fingers through the bush.

“I don’t understand why some women shave this wonderful stuff off. A nice beaver looks so sexy, don’t you think? Nature intended it to be that way.”

Even though canlı poker oyna I had just shot two big loads, my cock was hard and throbbing in front of me. Mary ordered me out of my clothes. My fingers trembled as I undid my buttons and zipper. Within seconds, I stood naked in front of a woman for the first time.

“Damn, what a fine hunk you are,” she said. “All the time you spent at the gym really paid off. Now get over here and fuck me.”

“Aunt Mary, I’ve never done this before.”

“Don’t worry, tiger. I’ll teach you the ropes.”

My beautiful aunt was on her back with her legs akimbo. I awkwardly mounted her and stabbed at her pussy. I knew where the fuck-hole was from watching porno, but I was so nervous that I couldn’t find hers. She giggled and reached down to tuck me in. She gasped as I drove my cock into her. Her cunt was tight, hot and very slick. I knew enough about women to know that they lubricate when they get horny. Judging by the copious quantity of sex juice that my cock was marinating in, Mary was very horny. She grabbed my ass and guided my movements. She lifted and swiveled her hips to meet my downward thrusts. Each poke made her slicker.

“Oh, my God, you have all the right equipment, baby,” she said. “It is going to be so much fun teaching you how to use it. The key to a good fuck is variety. Go slow for awhile and then as fast as you can. Go in to different depths and from different angles. Oh, yes, that’s it. OH FUCK, I’M GUNNA COME. YOU’RE MAKING ME COME ALREADY! UHU..UHU..UHU..YESSSSSSSSSSS.”

I felt like a king as Aunt Mary writhed in ecstasy beneath me. My long-held assumption that my first time with a woman would be a dismal failure had turned out to be false. I fucked that bitch with renewed self-confidence. I used my cock like a crowbar to pry at the walls of her pussy. I spiraled into her and made figure-eights with my ass.

“Oh, my God, here comes another one! Give it to me, you amazing aunt-fucker. Oh, yes! FUCK, YES!”

Aunt Mary nearly bucked me off during her third orgasm. By then we were both sweaty, which didn’t help matters any. A few minutes later she had a fourth orgasm. The spasmodic clenching of her snatch set me off and I shot my load deep inside her.

“Oh, no, Aunt (pant) Mary, I (pant) came (pant) inside (pant) of you.” I forced the words out between gasps for air. I soon caught my breath and was able to speak coherently. “My, God, what if I made you pregnant?”

“Don’t worry, tiger. I’m on the pill. You can shoot your loads into me or you can pull out and let fly on my belly and tits, internet casino even in my face. I like that a lot. Why don’t you try it next time? Now let’s go take a shower, and then I’ll let you fuck me in the ass.”

Aunt Mary allowed me to lather her beautiful body, giving me a perfect opportunity to familiarize myself with the terrain. I couldn’t quite make up my mind what part of her I liked best. Her tits were amazing, but so was her ass. By the time she finished soaping my genitals, my cock was at attention again.

“Damn, you are a stud, honey. I wonder how many fucks I can get out of you in one session. I’m just going to have to find out.”

After she coated my cock with lotion, she lay face down with a pillow under her hips. I got into the one-handed push-up position above her and used my free hand to guide my cock to her wrinkled ass-hole. As the tip of my cock penetrated ever so slightly, she began giving me instructions.

“Fucking ass is different from fucking pussy. When you fuck ass, you go straight in and straight out. You don’t have to do anything fancy. Go slow in the beginning, and then speed up a little.”

I stayed above her so I could look down between our bodies and watch the penetration. Her ass-hole began to stretch as I pressed the plum-sized head of my cock against it. I met resistance and pushed a little harder. Suddenly, the head popped into the warmth of her gut. She didn’t make a sound. My cock slid into her ass as smoothly as a torpedo into a torpedo tube.

Describing one’s first piece of ass is just as challenging as describing one’s first pussy. I got a sense of penetration that had been missing when I fucked her pussy. Her warm innards fit my cock like a glove. I picked up speed and began driving my cock deeper. Overcome with lust, I began throwing myself onto her like a brute. With each thrust, my legs came off the bed and I put my full weight on her. I shot my load deep inside her long before I had had my fill. I glanced at the clock. I had lasted a mere three minutes!

“I’m sorry, Mary,” I said. “It just felt so good that I couldn’t help myself.”

“Don’t worry about it, sport. Guys always come too quick when they get their first piece of ass. You’ll do better the next time.”

Aunt Mary and I had sex almost every day after that. She worked the night shift at her job and most of my classes were at night. Mom was at work during the day, so Mary and I had the house to ourselves. We brazenly conducted sexual experiments in every room. I was fucking her on the kitchen table when Mom came home from work early and caught us in the act. At first I thought my goose was cooked, but things turned out much differently than I expected. I’ll tell you all about it some other time, but I will give you a little hint: the incest didn’t end with Aunt Mary.

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