Auntie Barbara’s Sensual Side

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Those of you who have mature sensuous aunts, and who can identify with the inexplicable yet gloriously stomach churning sensations that they can provoke, will be able to identify with this story. Such thoughts are of course actively suppressed, but the tummy churning power that they can induce is part of the forbidden pleasure. In this story my own marriage had gone horribly wrong, and I found myself feeling quite low and rejected. My delightful auntie Barbara had been an object of my fantasy since youth, but she was also my confidante. She had retained her sensuous good looks, grace and humour, nothing further had ever happened except for the mild flirtatious behaviour which accompanied most family gatherings at Christmas and other times.


Auntie Barbara had divorced her husband some years earlier. She had retained an active social life and was known to have the occasional ‘boyfriend’. My contact with her was limited, although when we were together we got on like a house on fire. The age difference between seemed irrelevant. Auntie Barbara just had that way of making a man feel like a man!

I knew that in Auntie Barbara’s presence I was putty in her hands and I thought that somehow she knew it too. I was about to find out and receive my second awakening!

The occasion was a trip to Auntie Barbara’s to drop off a mail order catalogue. It was a dark winter evening, and to be truthful I was looking forward to a couple of hours in Auntie Barbara’s company. Things hadn’t been going well with my wife, and I longed for some uncomplicated ‘fun’ company which I knew Auntie Barbara could provide. Ringing the doorbell to her home I pondered for a moment on life’s strange twists and turns, when suddenly the door opened.

‘Oh hi, come on in’, the smile was radiant and I found my self feeling instantly better. This was therapy! The lounge was dark with subdued lighting; a warm fire glowed invitingly in the grate.

‘Let me pour you a drink, whisky isn’t it?’ asked Auntie Barbara in her lovely gentle tones. I settled back onto the couch and watched this magnificent woman as she poured my drink. Why couldn’t more young women look like her I silently mused? Auntie Barbara wore her patent leather four inch heels, and as always her long and slender legs were sheathed in the finest sheer seamed nylons, taupe in colour with those beautiful Cuban heels that somehow just accentuated he shape and contrast of her ankles to the rest of her legs. Her slim fitting pencil skirt ended just above the knee and she wore a thick dark brown belt that forced her slim waist to look like heaven.

A crisp cream coloured blouse completed the outfit. As she turned back towards me her wide and warm smile caused my tummy to turn several leaps. Perfectly applied lipstick, mascara and eye shadow combined with the sensuous waft of her perfume left me feeling as if I were in heaven.

Handing me my drink she ensured that her long slender and bright red fingernails gently raked my hand as I took the drink from her. She settled back into her own chair, and crossed her legs with an electric swish of nylon. I had always been somewhat in awe of Auntie Barbara’s sexual power.

Nothing had ever happened between us other than the family kiss and hug at greetings and goodbyes.. She probably thought that I saw her as an elderly ‘past it’ Aunt trying to hang on to her youth. How wrong she was! I found my eyes drawn towards her legs, and for a few moments was unaware that she was poker oyna speaking to me.

‘I’m sorry I muttered I didn’t hear you,’……..Auntie Barbara fixed me with a sort of smile that seemed to say; I know exactly what you were doing. I squirmed a little as if my innermost thoughts had been read.

‘I’m sorry to hear that things haven’t been going well between you and Chrissy,’ she stated with genuine concern. I gave some sort of answer, I don’t remember what. My relationship had lurched into a crisis and it seemed as though Chrissy and I no longer had anything in common. Sex had been out for a number of months, and in my anxiety I had dreaded becoming impotent. I seemed to feel so worked up most of the time. To be near a sexy and attractive woman like my Aunt gave me a sense of childhood security, linked with a sense of mischievous sensual curiosity.

As if she read my sense of despair, she beckoned me towards her,

‘Come here, come on ‘ the voice was alluring. I found my self kneeling before her, staring up into those warm eyes, my own were nearly filled with tears. She gently ran her fingers through my hair and pulled my head towards her lap. I willingly surrendered. As her fingers gently stroked she continued the conversation.

‘That Chrissy doesn’t know what she’s doing, -she’s going to lose you if she’s not careful, what a waste that would be,’ I looked up into those eyes which had taken on a deeply wicked look.

‘Oh you forget don’t you, Auntie has seen you several times in the nude, and you are certainly all man, what a waste!’ I felt a mixture of feelings, literally my nakedness had been exposed!, but it was well meaning. I had however felt dead from the waist down for weeks. As Auntie Barbara continued to talk I gently stroked one of her legs, and dared to plant a soft kiss.. The feeling of nylon was magic.

‘Is that nice,’ asked a voice from above me? I couldn’t look at her. Something deep and shameful overcame me. As if to read my thoughts she continued

‘Are you having naughty thoughts about your Auntie?’ I felt my face turn to beetroot- this had gone too far. It had to stop yet I felt paralysed to do anything.

My fingers played with her ankles, and I gently slipped off one of her shoes and ran my fingers under the arch of her foot, she shrieked gloriously and pulled her foot away.

‘Auntie hasn’t punished you for the last time has she?’

My God so she hadn’t forgotten all those years ago. It had been the most erotic time of my life when my friend Mickey and I had tied and tickled Auntie Barbara into exhaustion. It was as if her words had transported me back to that very moment. I found myself stumbling and blurting out my words,

‘I’m sorry Auntie you see it was,….well I wanted only to play and,………’ I got no further. Auntie Barbara had stretched down with her right hand and was gently tickling the inside of my thigh.

‘I know very well what you doing and thinking. That little or should I say rather big bulge in your trousers was there all the time’. I thought I would die with humiliation, even though the event was so long ago.

‘Perhaps you should be punished now- I have my own form of tickling torture’ stated Auntie fixing her eyes on me. ‘Come on it will do you the world of good’.

Like a lamb to the slaughter she led me into her bedroom and forced me to kneel before her, my eyes level with her thighs.

‘You are not to move’ she said softly yet with firmness.

She reached canlı poker oyna behind and unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor and she deftly stepped out of it. I watched in fascination as she unbuttoned and removed her blouse. My gorgeous Auntie now stood before me like a gigantic goddess clad only in her high heels nylons and a Basque. She placed her hands on her hips and motioned me to lie on her bed.

I leaned forward and gently kissed the top of her stocking before slowly crawling onto the bed as commanded.

‘On to you back with your hands above your head’ she said firmly and without hesitation. I stretched out and closed my eyes. I felt Auntie Barbara gently tying my wrists to the struts of the bed, and then doing the same to my ankles.

When I opened my eyes she was sat by my waist and began gently stroking my forehead.

‘Now then, we can’t have you going around being naughty can we she asked’ reaching down and unfastening my belt. I began to have slight feelings of panic, I was after all still married, and secondly in no way did I feel a match for this formidable woman.

‘Auntie Barbara I really don’t think I’ She placed a finger across my lips and just continued to unfasten my trousers which were then pulled down to the tops of my thighs. To my surprise I felt myself beginning to harden. This wasn’t wasted on Auntie Barbara.

‘Ooh, naughty boy. Are you coming out to play’ she teased before pulling down my briefs. I felt the coolness of air on my groin as I twitched in semi erectness.

‘Well well and what have we here?’ she asked in mocking tones as her fingers enveloped my member and began slowly and methodically sliding up and down my shaft. My head began to twist from side to side as my mind raced with a mixture of confusion and delight.

The sensations were irresistible, but I was married and this woman for all her glory was old enough to be my mother.

I felt her shift in weight and realised that she had bought one of her legs onto the bed. In my imprisoned state I could do nothing as she began to gently caress my face with her stocking clad foot. My eyes rolled and I involuntarily groaned with pleasure as I took her nylon covered toes into my mouth.

‘Nephew is being naughty indeed’ whispered the teasingly mocking voice again. ‘Perhaps we should wash away those naughty thoughts.’

She suddenly rose and went to the bathroom. The temporary lull gave me a chance to collect my thoughts. When she returned I attempted to bargain with her

‘ Auntie’ I mumbled through dry lips’ I really think that this has gone far enough and that maybe we should’

I got no further. Completely ignoring my pleas she had once again began massaging my now flaccid member. This time the sensation of warm soapy water was too much

‘Oh God’ I whispered through my dry lips. I turned my head to hide the guilt and shame which was coursing through my veins. Auntie just continued to talk in low measured tones, ‘Are you going to be man enough for me?

‘Oh God yes I hurriedly blurted’

‘That’s good, now I want to see absolute control, or you will be punished further do you understand?

My reply rolled off my lips,’ Yes, yes Auntie anything you say’ by now I was rock hard, and caught in the dreadful paradox of ecstasy and shame. This was my Auntie Barbara about whom I had fantasised for all of those years, and who now had me writhing like a helpless baby totally under her dominance.

From internet casino my line of vision I became aware that Auntie had produced a long white goose feather. ‘Do you remember how you made Auntie scream when you tickled her? She asked rhetorically before lowering the feather and gently tickling along the inside of my thigh. The sensation was too much and I found myself bucking and writhing to reach up for more.

‘Perhaps its time to stop………………..’

Auntie never finished the sentence, …

‘Please God no please don’t stop I pleaded as I found myself drawn towards the inexorable climax. The soapy hand just continued its relentless gentle stroking and the feather its erotic tickling as I found my self building and my heart pounding through my chest.

‘What would Chrissy say if she knew?’ it was the question I dreaded; Auntie Barbara dropped the feather and gently stroked my forehead.

‘Don’t worry darling this is our little secret’ she confided.

‘Now are you going to be a real man for me?. She tightened her grip on me slightly and with four strokes I lost control completely. My orgasm was almost too intense to be pleasurable as I pulled against my bonds and thrashed my head from side to side.

Auntie Barbara was very skilled and gently milked the last drop from me before leaving me to rest. I was still twitching and groaning as she undid the last of my bonds.

Having untied me she left and walked into the lounge.

‘When you are ready I will have a gin and tonic’ she commanded. After some minutes I was able to compose my self and dress. I felt terribly sheepish and guilty. As I walked into the lounge I attempted a smile which came out as a lop sided grin. Auntie Barbara was lying along her sofa with her long legs elegantly displayed. I poured her drink and walked over to the sofa.

‘On you knees little one’ she instructed, from now on you are going to know your place do you understand?’

I knew all to well of course. All of my life I had longed for an elegant yet dominant woman to fulfil my fantasies.

‘Auntie is very pleased with you in some respects’ her voice was gentle yet controlling, ‘However you did lose control and I can see that you will need further training’

I was hooked of course completely under her spell by now. The adult in me told me to get up, thank her for a bit of fun and leave the room, but it was hopeless.

Auntie Barbara had locked on to the power of her sexuality over me. She had known of it for years and this was its christening.

‘From time to time Auntie will have several tasks for you to perform’ she advised, ‘and if they are not done to my complete satisfaction you will have to be punished further won’t you’

Without raising my head I found a forced ‘Yes auntie escaping from my lips.

‘Good, then we can begin next Tuesday, Aunties kitchen floor needs a good scrub, and as a special incentive auntie will wear her black seamed nylons to help you keep to your task. I shall of course sit on one of the breakfast stools to supervise you, won’t that be nice?

I hastily agreed my stomach already churning at the possibility of feasting my eyes on her long and slender legs.

‘Oh just one more thing’, she added with a cruel touch, her leg extended and again I was treated to the delight of her stocking clad sole rubbing around my face. I kissed eagerly hungry for more.

‘Pay attention now, I have a friend, you may call her Auntie Jean, she will be visiting me Tuesday so I’m sure that you will want to make a good impression.’

Auntie Jean has always wondered if men are as ticklish as women. Maybe if your work isn’t up to standard we will give her the opportunity to find out, won’t we!’

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