Autumn’s Summer of Desire

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Autumn and Summer are just more than ordinary seasons of the year, they are also lovers. For those of you who may be scratching your head and wondering “What the hell,” let me clarify this opening sentence for you. Simply put, Autumn and Summer are two hot sensual 21 year old girls who are lesbian lovers and not only that, they have a special sisterhood that dates back to when they were children and share a literal June-October relationship.

To explain the June-October relationship, Summer was born on June 29 and Autumn was born three months later on October 31. Autumn and Summer share more than just a friendship and are more than just mere lesbian lovers, they are soulmates and have been together since childhood. What makes this relationship even stranger is that you could consider them Kissing Cousins in every since of the word.

Let us turn back the clock to when this relationship first began. If you guessed Summer got her name because she was born in June and Autumn because she was born in October, then you would be correct. Autumn and Summer’s mothers were sisters and close and even shared the same wedding date.

Since they shared they same wedding date you would probably figure that Summer and Autumn would have been born on the same day or at least a day or two apart but not so. Fate ordained their births to be as they were, but for what reason, no one really knows. You could just probably say it was in the cards to be that way.

Anyhow, Summer and Autumn were more than mere cousins they were best friends growing up together what the young people today would refer to as BFF’s. They shared a unique bond that went beyond a friendship or sisterhood, it was almost psychic and spiritual, it was so deep.

You would figure also that since Summer was the older one she would be the protector. Not so, it was Autumn. Also as most children get when they were young Summer and Autumn had nicknames as children. Summer’s was “June Bug” for obvious reasons that she was born in June and Autumn’s was “Spooky” and that was because she was born on Halloween.

Growing up, Autumn would be the precocious one, the one that was outgoing and the one you would even consider a pistol, but Autumn never really got into trouble. If true politicians were born, then Autumn would have been a natural in that she had a way about her that she could spin something and make it come out in her favor.

Autumn and Summer’s families would be extremely close for the first seven years until tragedy would strike. Summer’s parents would be killed by a drunk driver and Autumn’s parents adopted Summer and raised her as their own. This affected Summer in that she became somewhat withdrawn, but not totally because Autumn would be one of the only ones she would confide in and their bond would only become that much more stronger and intimate.

Through junior high and high school, Autumn and Summer would have boys chasing them like crazy. Autumn and Summer were very attractive and could have any boy they wanted but they weren’t interested, at least not in the boys around them. To them, the boys in Junior high were too goofy and in high school the guys either stuck on themselves or only wanted one thing, sex.

By the end of their senior year Summer and Autumn had fully matured. Autumn would stand about 5’6″ tall with naturally curly(wavy) shoulder length chestnut brown hair, green eyes, full pouty ruby red lips and bronze tanned skin from tanning. She had a curvaceous body, not skinny but not fat either. She had well toned dancers legs weighed about 125 pounds and measured 34D-24-34.

Summer was just as stunning but slightly slimmer(weighed about 110 pounds) and an inch or so taller. She measured 34B-23-33, with long slender legs. Her hair was golden honey blonde that naturally curled and came down to her shoulders. She also had crystal ice blue eyes that if you stared into them would captivate your soul and hold it hostage, and Autumn would be one of the ones she captivated but Autumn was a willing prisoner.

There was also a rumor going around school that Autumn and Summer were lesbians and hot for each other. Autumn and Summer did nothing to dispel the rumor and when simply confronted with it, Autumn would just put her arm around Summers waist from behind, seductively lick her lips and say lustfully “Wouldn’t you just love to know.”

If either one of them would be the first to turn, it would have been Summer and it was just a natural outcropping of their close relationship. However Summer wasn’t the type that would have acted on it or taken the initiative, but after both of them had turned 18 the relationship grew more intimate and seeds of carnal lusts and desire that had been planted in early years would be beginning to manifest their fruit.

As kids, Summer and Autumn slept in the same room, however they never slept together. They had bunk beds and like most kids do they tried various arrangements. Sometimes Autumn would sleep on the top bunk and other times Summer would. Mersin Escort When they were 16 they decided they liked twin beds and shortly after they were both 18, the twin beds were pushed together to make one big bed.

Shortly after Autumn and Summer were 18 they would begin sleeping together. It started off innocently at first but as their bond grew deeper so did their lack of modesty. As is in every family, sisters are bound to see each other naked but after they both were 18 Autumn and Summer would not hide their bodies from each other.

When they slept together they would first sleep in pajamas then it progressed to nite shirt and panties then to being topless with panties until finally they would begin sleeping together naked.

This new level of intimacy would last a little over a year but Autumn’s parents never said a word. I guess their minds didn’t run in that direction or they either were just were blind to the fact or didn’t want to admit it if they knew it.

Autumn would also sense Summer’s desires for her and was flattered because she had feelings for Summer too but neither of them really acted on them in the beginning. Summer was timid and Autumn didn’t want Summer to think she was pushing her into anything so Autumn just let nature take its course.

After they begin sleeping together, nature began taking its course but they never completely crossed the line. For the most part they enjoyed just cuddling together holding each other as they fell asleep. However, sometimes, even though they did not cross the line and completely engaged in full lesbian sex, they would enjoy flirting with that line, going up to the precipice as close as they could without completely going over.

Case in point; One night after Summer had turned 19(mid September to be exact) she had awoke around 2:30 in the morning and Autumn was facing her. Autumn had kicked out from under the covers part way and the sheet was bunched up and laid gently across her hip, exposing her torso and one leg.

Summer saw Autumn’s naked body glistening in the dim light the street lights outside and it looked so warm so inviting. She could see Autumn’s supple breast in the soft light and they seemed to be beckoning her to caress them. Also Summer would notice a glimpse of Autumn’s nicely trimmed pussy at it peeked out from the covers.

Summer looked long at Autumn and the desire to reach out and touch her grew and finally she mustered up the courage to do it. She timidly put her hand out and lightly touched Autumn’s chest just above her tits. She gently rubbed it then pulled away. She waited another minute or so until she had mustered up the courage again and gently touched Autumn on the breasts. A sudden rush of exhilaration flooded Summer and she felt flushed. She was afraid and yet at the same time the feeling felt good. Summer didn’t want it to stop, so she continued.

Summer would gently and lightly run her fingers across Autumn’s breasts and Autumn would stir and moan and Summer stopped. About 15 minutes later, after Summer thought she was certain Autumn was asleep, she continued, but Autumn really wasn’t asleep. Autumn was just feigning sleep and actually felt it. She enjoyed the attention and she also didn’t want to make Summer feel ashamed or embarrassed, so she pretended to be asleep.

Summer would continue to caress Autumn’s breasts for about five minutes then she would softly and slowly run her hand down Autumn’s torso until she reached where the sheet was.

Becoming a little bolder, Summer took the chance and managed to very carefully lift the sheet and pull it off of Autumn, exposing her sweet naked form. Summer would run her hand over Autumn’s thigh and move into the inside until she reached the edge of Autumn’s pussy.

Summer’s adrenaline was pumping, coursing through her body like a raging river. Her heart also now racing a million miles a minute. The feelings Summer felt were so intense, she could not begin to describe them or even understand them. Any case, they felt to good not to continue.

Summer was at a crossroads. What should she do? Should she take the chance on touching Autumn’s beckoning pussy and risk being caught or should she stop? She took the risk and lightly touched it.

Autumn’s sweet pussy felt so soft, so warm, and so wet. Summer would gently stroke it as soft as she could. Her heart raced even faster and Summer thought it was going to jump right out of her chest. Her breaths quickened and her stomach lurched as the butterflies came.

Summer was now trembling, fighting to keep her hand steady as she made just one more pass over Autumn’s moist wet cunt.

Just then, an unexpected feeling came over Summer. Her pussy quivered then she felt flushed as her juices began to flow and she felt them trickle down the inside of her thigh.

” My God, what had just happened,” Summer thought to herself and then it dawned on her what she had learned in health class. She had experienced her first orgasm and it felt so-o-o-o-o-o Escort Mersin un-fucking-believable.

Something in Summer’s mind, a soft voice maybe, whispered “Taste it.”

Summer thought a minute, debating what to do and she took the chance. Summer slowly put her trembling index finger between her legs and wiped up some of her juices.

Summer trembled even more as she fought against every fear she had to bring that finger to her lips then to place it in her mouth. She could not believe she was actually doing it but she did and as she did, she savored her own sweet nectar. It was like an opiate. Summer was an addict and her sweet cum juices were her drug. She couldn’t help herself and she began to finger herself again.

Summer would do that for about three minutes or so and was lying flat on her back. As the feelings of intense orgasmic pleasures began to build in her body, it was all she could do not to cry out.

Little did Summer know that Autumn was now watching. Autumn’s head was slightly turned towards Summer and her eyes were open just enough to catch a glimpse of what was going on but she could still fake being asleep if it came down to it. Autumn just smiled knowing her sweet cousin had fully awaken sexually.

Summer would climax flooding her fingers and some of the sheets with her sweet sticky cream and then licked it off her fingers. Still trembling but completely satisfied, Summer fall back asleep, her finger still in her mouth.

The next day Autumn never let on she knew. The two of them would not have another encounter like this until the a week after Autumn’s 19th birthday, the morning of Nov 7th again in the wee hours of the morning.

Summer had awoken and like before she reached out to touch Autumn, but this time Autumn opened her eyes. Summer froze and was horrified but Autumn just smiled and took Summer’s hand in hers, interlocked her fingers with Summer’s. Autumn gently rubbed the back of Summer’s hand and quietly whispered “It’s okay baby.”

Summer smiled back but was still unsure. Autumn removed the covers from her body and completely exposed her sweet naked body. Autumn then would place Summer’s hand between her breasts and Summer could tell it was okay and that Autumn was giving her the permission to explore.

Summer gently and lovingly caressed Autumn’s breasts. When Summer stopped, Autumn lovingly smiled and whispered “It’s okay hon, touch what ever you like.”

Summer would glance down at Autumn’s pussy and then back at Autumn. Autumn knew what Summer wanted and she smiled and nodded her approval

Summer would spend about two minutes just stroking Autumn’s pussy and then she put her hand back in Autumn’s Autumn could tell Summer wanted to do more but was too scared to ask. Autumn didn’t pressure Summer but just smiled.

Autumn lovingly smiled and then would scoot closer so she and Summer were almost touching. Summer didn’t protest and their foreheads touched. Autumn gently put her hand on the side of Summer’s face and lovingly caressed it.

Autumn could tell Summer wanted to be held and lovingly coaxed her into her arms . Summer softly embraced Autumn and they just cuddled together their warm naked bodies now pressing together.

Autumn and Summer would just cuddle and hold each other like this for ten minutes or so. Their cunts were touching and Autumn’s soft breasts felt good against Summer’s

As they moved back apart afterwards, Summer’s and Autumn’s bodies and faces were just an inch or so apart if that much Autumn smiled at Summer who smiled back. Their faces would slowly came back together and their lips touched but their was no actual kiss.

Summer would take the chance and initiate a soft gentle kiss where her lips just barely touched Autumn’s and Autumn smiled.

Autumn’s kiss was highly intoxicating to Summer and she wanted more so she initiated another kiss. This time the kiss was longer deeper and more intense eventually evolving into a deep passionate tongue probing French kiss.

Autumn and Summer would spend the next five minutes or so kissing as they laid side by side, their bodies pressed together, their limbs intertwined and they moved together as one.

They broke the kiss and Summer smiled at Autumn and softly said “Thanks Sissy,” a pet name she had given to Autumn since they were kids.

Autumn just smiled and replied “You’re welcome Buttercup,” Autumn’s pet name for Summer.

That would be as far as they went that night but the seeds of lust and desire were sewn and would eventually bear fruit.

The night would come when they would cross that line that they could not return from. It would happen the following Valentine’s . Valentine’s day fell on a Thursday that year and Autumn’s parents had gone on a second honey moon, a week long cruise to put the spark back in their relationship.

Anyhow, Autumn and Summer had ordered pizza that night and after supper were up in their room sitting on their bed smoking, drinking shots Mersin Bayan Escort talking and listening to music.

Summer was dressed an open white see through waist length lace robe, a pair of white cotton panties and white ankle socks and Autumn was wearing a white midriff shirt with the word Hottie written in red letters and a pair of white cotton panties as well.

Autumn had altered the shirt by cutting the neck line so that her breasts were practically spilling out of the shirt.

Somehow the topic got on romance and sex and Autumn jokingly said “I wonder if Mom and Dad are having a good time and getting it on, if your know what I mean?”

“Eeeeewwww,” Summer replied when she heard that. “That’s gross!!!”

“Well how do you think you and I got here silly,” Autumn said teasingly.

“Yeah I know,” was Summer’s response “but I try not to think about it.”

“Well it’s perfectly natural,” Autumn said with a grin and a wink.

“I know,” Summer, replied. “I realize my mom and dad loved each other and that’s how I got here, but I don’t know. It’s just the thought of having a guy touch me, it makes my skin crawl!!!”

“What if it wasn’t a guy but another girl,” Autumn said seductively but lovingly, putting her hand gently on top of Summer’s. “You know like what we did that one night. How did that make you feel?”

“Alive,” Summer said softly and fondly, remembering the great sensual pleasure it gave her. “But I don’t know if that’s natural. You know what society says. The whole incest thing and all that” Summer added with some uncertainty.

“What would you say if you weren’t the only one who has ever felt that way,” Autumn said reassuringly, “and screw society’s rules and morals I feel that if two people love each other, than what does it matter.”

” Come on, I have something I would like to show you,” Autumn said as she got up off the bed and went to her closet. “I found this while rummaging around the attic and It may just surprise you because it sure did me.”

Summer’s interests were piqued and she sat up on the bed as Autumn came back with a shoe box.

“What’s in it,” Summer said like a child who couldn’t wait then her eyes got wide as Autumn pulled out the contents.

Autumn pulled out a nine inch white torpedo shaped battery operated dildo that was about an inch wide. She also pulled out a pink 9 inch dildo, a white 9 inch cock shaped strap on dildo and a flexible 16 inch pink double ended dildo.

“Oh my God,” Summer exclaimed, who’s are those?

“Would you believe mom’s” Autumn said grinning.

“Aunt Sara’s,” Summer asked in disbelief.

“Yep,” Autumn said smiling, “and that’s not all, there’s more.”

Autumn would pull out some old VCR tapes of lesbian porn and a diary of her intimate confessions.

“OH-MY-GOD,” Summer said slowly and deliberately, accenting each word. “I never knew Aunt Sara swung that way. So I am not the only one with these feelings.”

“No you’re not sweetie,” Autumn said lovingly. “They are perfectly natural and should be embraced and cherished.” Autumn knew Summer was ready and just needed coaxing so she would gently usher her into the wonderful joys of lesbian love.

“You know this is Valentine’s Day,” Autumn said smiling, “and what better day than to show the one you love how you feel about them.”

“What if I don’t know how,” Summer said sheepishly. “I’m just not sure what to do.”

“You did fine that one night,” Autumn said with a smile and Summer blushed. “Don’t be embarrassed hun,” Autumn said lovingly “You were wonderful.”

“Well I wanted more but was just to scared,” Summer said softly. “I’m just not sure what to do.”

” I know sweetie,” Autumn said smiling lovingly, “That’s only natural. Try not to think about it sweetie,” Autumn said softly. “Just give in to the feelings and let them lead you. You will be surprised and soon it will be as natural as breathing.”

Autumn could tell Summer was ready but still unsure so she added “Would it help if I led you through these feelings and guided you into the glorious carnal desires that await you?”

Summer just smiled and said nothing.

“I tell you what,” Autumn said “I will take the initiative and if I cross the line where you don’t want to go or if you get scared, just pull away and I will understand. I don’t want to pressure you or do anything you don’t feel comfortable with but I think we both know you are ready to explore the wonderful world of lesbian love and need a guide and I want to be that guide.”

“If I was going to make out with another girl I would want it to be you,” Summer said with a soft smile gently interlocking her finger’s in Autumn’s.

“Well are you ready,” Autumn said softly.

Summer nodded, gulped and said “Ready.”

“Now just remember just go with your feelings,” Autumn said lovingly. “If I do anything that makes you uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to break it off. Okay?”

Summer just smiled and nodded in the affirmative.

Autumn slowly leaned in and gently kissed Summer on the lips. The kiss was light soft and meant to be non threatening and lasted for a good 10 seconds or so.

“So,” Autumn said smiling after she broke the kiss.

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