Backseat Hustle

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The familiar tingle of her tongue tickled up and down the sides of his shaft. Ahh, another one of her immaculate blowjobs. He settled into the rhythm of her tongue lapping over the tip of his dick and down to the other side, the short nips, more lip than teeth, followed by her giggle that was somehow so cute yet corrupted, a knowing innocence the likes of which he could never have imagined if not for her. She shifted her weight slightly, her knees a bit uncomfortable on the rough SUV carpet. Oh the things she does for me…. He sighed and leaned back in the seat, the fires of ecstasy and passion being tenderly and lovingly stoked by the girl of his dreams, his waking dreams.

“Close your eyes, baby.” She cooed in her smooth, soft voice. A pitch that high in another girl’s voice would have been shrill, but from her it was birdsong. And who said a guy can’t be romantic AND sexual? He asked himself, following her word and letting his lids droop. His eyes rolled back involuntarily as he basked in the writhing of her tongue, the gentle tugging of her lips.

She was sucking his cock in earnest now; her head bobbed up and down the 5 inches of his 7 that she could manage without choking, the blonde bob of her hair bouncing as she varied the tempo, swishing back and forth and bathing his dick in her saliva. He could see the image in his mind’s eye: her blue eyes with flecks of gray looking up at him, searching for and finding the signs of the pleasure she was causing. The whole thing was so poker oyna familiar and comfortable.

THAT’S new. He nearly bolted upright at this new sensation, but his darling shushed him, placed a gentle hand on his chest to keep him where he was. If she’s shushing me, then whose tongue is…. is…. oh God….The new tongue was quicker and sharper than his girlfriend’s. It more attacked than caressed him, more devoured than tasted. It was titillating, to say the least. His cock throbbed and hardened, and suddenly was enveloped in the mouth and throat of the mystery woman.

“Oh God!” He gasped aloud, and heard his girlfriend’s chirp of surprise as well. She was working him fast now, her lips sliding up to his head and all the way down to his shaft with each stroke, leaving her face buried in his crotch and her hot breath on his abdomen. It was enough to make a man spurt, and he was quickly losing the practiced self-control he usually had.

“Liz, who’s s-sucking my dick?” He heaved, taking ragged breaths.

“Uh – uh -uh!” She must’ve been waggling her finger the way she always did. How incredibly cute. How terribly he wanted to look. “But since you’ve been a good boy, and I can’t tell you who it is, I’ll just put this mouth to better use.”

As soon as she was done speaking, she made good on her word. Her tongue began to gently slide around his balls, slowly and sweetly sucking them into her mouth. The stark contrast with the ferocious throat-fuck that was going on just canlı poker oyna above her was driving him wild, and he felt himself getting dangerously close. Liz, who was in tune with him enough to know what he was thinking even without his balls in her mouth, saw what was coming and began moving her tongue more enthusiastically, licking up to the bottom of his shaft that the other’s mouth was reaching with each tireless thrust of her throat. The incessant friction, the warm, wet tightness around his cock was so much more physical sensation than he’d ever felt before, the only warning he could manage was a half-breathed, half-spoken, “I’m about to…”

He felt as though he’d been clear enough, but the deep-throater only went deeper, taking his whole length in her mouth and swirling her tongue around his shaft. This was too much for him to handle, and he grunted uncontrollably as he shot a hot spurt of cum in her throat, feeling guilty but not necessarily to blame. All guilt vanished when he felt the throat convulse around his dick as she swallowed, sucking the next 4 spurts out of him and sending him into throes of uncontrollable, terrible pleasure. All the while, his Lizzie sucked at his throbbing, pulsing balls, further deepening the sensation.

“Can I…. look now?” He gasped, his dick still spasming in his anonymous benefactor’s mouth. Lizzie kissed each of his eyelids for an answer, and he opened his eyes to see a brunette with hair waving down past her shoulders, a slender, angular internet casino face, and a big dick – his dick – shoved into her mouth. She hummed a hello and he groaned in pleasure before the shock hit him.

“Chelsea?” He sputtered, not believing his eyes. His best friend until he’d met Lizzie, and his second best even after, who’d taken second place in his life in a manner so accepting, so unassuming that it had made him feel worse than if she never wanted to see him again, had just sucked him off, and done so expertly. “What….” He was at a loss for words.

Lizzie spoke sheepishly, her cheeks coloring, “You told me a long time ago… that I’d have to learn to share you. I know this isn’t what you meant, but obviously you don’t mind and… well, I’m ready. I know that your heart and your love and your dick” – at this she gave his member a gentle tug – “are all mine. And I want you to know how deeply and truly I know that.” She kissed him, passionately and fervently, and he returned her gesture with the gush of love her words had instilled in him. “Plus,” Her blush deepened significantly and she looked away, “I thought it was really sexy. And we can both trust Chelsea. This only happens when we all agree. Together. On our terms. Deal?”

“Who could ask for a better deal?” He said, and laughed, and his two favorite girls joined in with him laughing, not because it was particularly funny, but because they were all so lucky. He started to pull his pants up, only to have each side yanked down by one of the girls.

“You think we’re finished yet? This is my first taste of cock in months!” Chelsea said, grabbing his dick and beginning to stroke it again.

It was going to be an interesting night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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