Best Spring Ever Ch. 07

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School on Monday was hopping. The recent news reports mentioned Mrs. Roberts being released on a ten thousand dollar bond pending investigation of possible inappropriate sexual activity with students. All twelve boys and nine girls had been arrested and each released on one thousand dollar bonds. Other than that there had only been one other incident. The head football coach was the one that had purchased the keg the football players were caught with. The prom, on the other hand, had been a rousing success.

The seniors had free run of the school and were allowed to leave at one. At lunch Dennis, Debi and Lina were sitting at their usual table talking about the arrests. More information was available now and it had spread like wildfire. All twenty one students involved were expelled for three days but would be allowed to graduate on Saturday. Mrs. Roberts had been suspended without pay pending her investigation. When administration was cleaning out her desk there were a lot of compromising photos of her and about six different students. Thor, Bull and Mandy were the three that the names were known but rumors of Trudy and Marissa were rampant. The head football coach had also been suspended without pay pending his investigation.

Sonja was walking away from the serving line when Dennis saw her. He waved her over to join them. She smiled and came to the table. Dennis stood.

“My lady, please join us,” he said.

She grinned and sat across from him.

“Thanks for coming to our rescue. My parents would have killed me if I had been in that mess,” she said.

“Thank Debi and Lina. I just drove the getaway truck.”

“Thanks to all of you.”

Sonja had long brown hair and brown eyes. It had been fairly dark on Saturday night and Dennis hadn’t noticed how attractive she was. She had a good body too and her breasts were slightly larger than Debi and Lina.

“Sonja what?” Dennis asked.



“I’ll be eighteen on Sunday.”


She laughed at his question. “My divorce was final ten years ago.”

“Good. Attached?”

“No,” she smiled.

“You’re a junior?”

“Senior actually. I have one semester left.”

“Watch him, Sonja. He’s dangerous,” Lina said.

“So I’ve heard.”

“Me? Where’d you hear that?”

“Just rumors.”

“What rumors?” Debi asked grinning.

“That’s my cue. I’ll see you all later,” Dennis said.

Dennis started to get up but Debi grabbed his arm and pulled him back down the seat.

“What were the rumors?” Debi asked again.

“Some people thought you were gay.”

“I’m not gay.”

“You’re dating a college girl, Lina’s sister I think.”

“We went out once.”

“You’re a good lover.”

“That’s not true,” Lina said. “He’s a great lover.” Dennis blushed. “Anything else?”

“You’re, you’re…”

“Hung like a horse, also true,” Lina said, laughing.

Dennis’ shade of red deepened. Sonja blushed.

“Why didn’t you go to the prom?” Sonja asked.

“I’m not into that kind of stuff. I guess I’m the quiet type.”

“No, you’re the invisible man type. If no one notices him he’s fine with that,” Debi added.

“You’re the same way, Miss fake glasses,” Dennis replied.

Sonja laughed. “Those glasses really aren’t good. You’re so pretty though. Why hide it?”

“The pretty ones get arrested,” Debi replied.

“Not all of them. There are three pretty ones right here that didn’t.”

“That’s because you rescued us,” Debi said.

“No, it’s because you were all three smart enough to make good decisions. Give yourselves a little credit here.”

“Are you and Lina dating?”

“We’re friends with benefits,” Lina interjected.

“Debi, how about you? Are you seeing someone?”

“I have a friend that way too, and after Saturday I really have no desire to date.”

“I need one of those,” Sonja said.

“When are you turning eighteen?” Lina asked.


Lina took Sonja’s hand and put it on top of Dennis’. “Sonja, Dennis. Dennis, Sonja.”

Sonja turned beet red and pulled her hand away. The other three laughed.

“How does friends with benefits work?” Sonja asked.

“First you’re friends. When you get horny you let them know. There’s no commitment, just good sex with your friend. You’re free to see other people and so are they. Pretty straight forward,” Lina replied.

“So a person could have more than one friend?”

“Sure, if you and Dennis were to start up I’d be fine with it. If you became a couple I’d get out of the picture,” Lina said. “If I committed to someone he’d get out.”

“Is that how it is for you, Dennis?” Sonja asked.


“So how does a person start a relationship like that?”

“It’s generally the girl that asks the guy. I doubt that most girls would handle it well the other way around,” Debi said.

“That would be a tough question to ask.”

“Not to a friend. That’s why you become friends first,” Lina told her.

“Ladies, I believe it’s time to go. School lets out for us in five minutes.”

Dennis began consolidating trays. He was able to get it down to two.

“I’ll get the other one,” Sonja said. As they walked to the window Sonja looked at him. “Can you and poker oyna I talk later this week?”

“Sure, tomorrow okay?”

“About ten, by the gym?” she asked.

“I’ll be there. Good to see you again, Sonja.”

“You too, Dennis.”

Sonja left. Dennis walked back to the table where Debi and Lina were just getting up.

“What are you two, recruiters?” he asked.

“She’s cute,” Lina said.

“Yes, she is, but I’d really prefer you don’t fix me up, okay?”

“Dennis, I really am sorry. I didn’t mean anything.”

“I understand that but let’s look at what happened in a nutshell. Sonja, this is my fuck buddy Dennis. Dennis, this is Sonja. Why don’t you try him out? Lina, if I had done that to you, you’d never speak to me again.”

Dennis left and walked to his truck and waited for Debi who arrived a few minutes later.

“Well, she feels like shit now.”

“I’m not a piece of meat to be passed around.”

“She didn’t mean it that way. All Lina was doing was trying to be your friend. Granted, she overstepped but you could have simply talked to her rather than bite her fucking head off. Call her this afternoon and take her out for a coke or something and apologize to her.”

“You’re right. I did lay it on a bit thick.”

“You think?”

Dennis did call her when he got home and they met at the coffee shop. After both apologized all was forgiven and things were back to normal.

The following day at ten Dennis and Sonja met outside the gym.

“You know that discussion we all had yesterday?”


“I’d like you and I to get to know each other over the next few weeks and see if there’s any interest in moving forward with something like that.”

“Friends first?”

“Yes. I think you’re hot but I don’t think either of us wants to jump into anything,” she said.

“I agree. I’d like to get to know you too.”

“I could tell you were a bit PO’d with Lina yesterday for trying to push us together. I don’t think she mean’t it the way you took it.”

“We talked about it yesterday. It’s all good. That’s how friends work. Do you work?”

“Not at the moment.”

“Are you free for lunch Friday, we’re out of school? My treat.”

“I’d like that. Wanna meet or pick me up?”

“I can pick you up. Twelve thirty?” he asked.

“That’s good. Thanks.”

“I’ll see you around. Hey, we eat at the same table every day. Join us.”

“I will. Bye.”

“Bye, Sonja.”

Wednesday was uneventful to the extent that it was boring. Thursday, being the last day of attending High School was mixed. It was a time for saying goodbye. In Dennis and Debi’s case that was primarily teachers and there were a few that really had made a difference in their lives. Rehearsal for Graduation was at ten. The students who had been expelled were back. Apparently Thor had expected a heroes welcome upon his return but that didn’t happen. Rehearsal went into overtime. The students were lined up alphabetically for seating. Administration had made the assumption they all knew the alphabet. They were wrong.

On Friday, Dennis picked up Sonja at twelve thirty and they did enjoy their time together. He gave her a box of chocolates as an early birthday present. They made plans for another lunch date on Tuesday.

Saturday finally arrived and graduation went off perfectly. After the procession out of the auditorium everyone met up with family and friends. When Dennis got free he went looking for Lina and her family. They were all there and so was Debi and his mother. Ingrid was the first to greet him. He got a warm hug and a squeeze on the butt. Richard congratulated him with a hearty hand shake. Gretchen put him in a lip lock. He and Lina kissed but less obviously than Gretchen had. Hilda took his arm after their hug.

“Walk with me for a minute,” she said.

They walked a short distance from the crowd. She smiled and looked at him.

“I’m so excited about Wednesday I could bust,” she said.

“Oh, thank God. I thought you were going to cancel on me.”

She laughed. “That isn’t going to happen.”

“You really did have me worried.”

“Stop worrying. Everything is all set and I’ll pick you up at nine on Wednesday morning.”

“I’ll be ready.”

“Congratulations on graduating.”

“Thanks. You’re beautiful today.”

“Thank you. Oh, and thank you for rescuing Lina on prom night.”

“They rescued themselves. I just picked them up.”

“Thank you anyway.”

“You’re welcome. Is Rick still good with this?”

“He’s going to have both girls Tuesday night until Friday morning all to himself. He’s good. We’d better get back.”

She hugged him again before they walked back and joined the others. Debi, Lina and Gretchen were talking animatedly.

“We’ve been invited up to the cabin for the weekend,” Debi told him.

“I think I’m gonna pass, but thanks,” he replied.

“You’re going to miss out on a lot of fun,” Lina said.

“Not to mention a lot of pussy,” Gretchen added, grinning.

“Really, I do appreciate the offer but what I need right now is quiet time. You guys have fun.”

“If you change your mind you know where the cabin is,” Lina replied.

“And you’re always welcome,” Gretchen added.

“Okay, thanks.”

They canlı poker oyna stayed around for a short time then went to their homes. Debi started packing a bag immediately and about an hour later headed for the cabin.

“I’m surprised you aren’t going,” his mother told him. “Are you feeling alright?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Mind if I ask why you didn’t go? There are four hot women going to be there.”

“I know. That’s why I’m not going. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tempting. Mom, in a situation like that I’d be too busy having sex to do anything else. I am a bit of an oddity.”

“Yes, I see your point. So what are your plans for the weekend?”

“I’m going to chill. Maybe see a movie or something. How about you?”

“I have a date believe it of not? I’m taking off about six and probably won’t be back until Monday evening.”

Dennis grinned. “A real date?”

“Just me and one guy. A real date.”

“Mom, that really makes me happy. It’s about time.”

She kissed her son then went to her room. She left a little before six. A short time later Dennis decided to go out for a bite to eat. With it being graduation day he decided to have steak. Apparently everyone else in town had made the same choice. He waited over thirty minutes to be seated. He had just started eating when Sonja and a guy from school joined him.

“Hi Dennis, mind if we join you?” she asked.

“No, not at all.”

“You know Jared, don’t you?”

“I know who he is but I don’t think we’ve ever met.” Dennis offered his hand and they shook.

“I’m Sonja’s boyfriend.”

“Congratulations, she’s a nice girl.” Dennis was surprised. She hadn’t mentioned him before. “How long have you been a couple?”

“Since Christmas,” he replied. “I’m going to the bathroom. Sonja, if the server comes order me my usual.” He quickly got up and left.

Sonja looked at Dennis. “I guess I should explain.”

“You don’t owe me an explanation,” Dennis replied.

“I still want to keep seeing you though.”

“Is he a boyfriend or a fuck buddy?”

“Boyfriend, but I can see you too.”

“Not if he’s your boyfriend,” Dennis chuckled.

“He doesn’t have to know,” she replied.

“Sonja, that’s cheating. I’m not getting in the middle of that.”

“Gimme a break. You’re sleeping with more than one girl.”

“They know about each other and none of them has a boyfriend.”

“I think you’re being a bit of a prude,” she said.

“Maybe I am but I’m also being honest. Does Jared know you and I see each other sometimes?”

“He doesn’t need to know.”

“I disagree. I can’t meet you anymore, Sonja.”

“Your loss,” she replied.

The server came to the table and Sonja ordered for both Jared and herself.

“Miss, can you bring me my bill?” Dennis asked.

“Sure thing,” she replied and handed him the folder.

He looked at it then dropped cash inside and handed it back.

“Keep the change.”

“Thanks. Have a nice evening.”

“You and Jared have a good evening,” he told Sonja as he stood and left.

Dennis was driving home when he got a text. He waited until he got home to read it. It was from Debi. There was a video attached.

‘You’re missing a great time,’ it read.

He opened the video. It was a POV shot of Richard cumming on the faces of Debi and both of his daughters.

He replied, ‘I see that.’

‘Hilda isn’t playing tonight. She went fishing.’ Debi sent.

‘Did she okay it?’

‘No clue. We started after she left.’

‘Don’t break their rules.’

‘She’s fucking you Wednesday night without him. Rules are apparently a thing of the past.’

‘I don’t think so.’

There was no further reply for about an hour and Dennis went to bed. He woke up at about eight on Sunday with his phone ringing. The caller ID said it was Debi.

“Hey,” he said.

“You were right. The shit hit the fan this morning.”

“About what “

“Richard didn’t get Hilda’s approval about me beforehand last night. Hilda found out this morning and threw a fit.”

“There goes my night with Hilda. Shit!”

“I don’t think so. The last thing I heard before coming outside she told him to fuck whoever he wanted and she would too.”

“Then it’s definitely fucked.”

“No it isn’t. They both have hall passes now.”

“No, what they have is marital problems because Richard broke the rules. Wednesday is history.”

“And you won’t go there, right?”


“I gotta go. Hilda’s coming this way.”

Debi ended the call. Hilda walked to her.

“Debi, any idea what Dennis is up to?”

“Just hanging out as far as I know. Mom’s, gone until Monday night.”

“Think he might like some company?”

“Uhm, Hilda, we need to talk.”


“If you’re thinking of going to see Dennis it isn’t going to happen.”

“Oh, I thought you said he was free.”

“He is. I just got off the phone with him and told him about what happened. He’s called Wednesday night off.”

Hilda looked shocked. “Why?”

“You know how he feels about interfering in a marriage and he won’t be part of a revenge fuck.”

“But it wouldn’t be that at all,” Hilda told her.

“You aren’t going to convince Dennis of that.”

“Debi, internet casino if Richard and I can work through this today, do you think I can change his mind?”

“You might but he’ll want to talk to you and Richard both. I don’t even know if that’ll work. What our Dad did really hit him hard.”

“Richard and I need to talk. Thanks.”

Hilda went back inside. Debi sat in a chair near the fire pit thinking. She knew how much this meant to Dennis and was afraid he was going to get hurt again. She considered calling him but decided against it. Hilda and Richard came out together about twenty minutes later, got in the boat and drove away. Neither looked happy.

Debi decided that the best thing to do was to go home. She went inside and packed her things then brought her bag to the living room.

“Debi, what are you doing,” Lina asked.

“I’m going to go home. Thanks for having me up.”

“Is it because of Mom and Dad?” Gretchen asked.

“It’s because my presence here created this. I’ll see you when you get back to town.”

Debi went to her car and drove away.


Richard had taken the boat well out into the lake. He killed the engine and dropped anchor then joined Hilda in the back.

“I wasn’t thinking last night. I’m sorry,” he said.

“Richard, we agreed on the rules and in less than a week you broke them.”

“I know. I have no excuse for what I did.”

“So where do we go from here? I can’t and won’t be in an open marriage,” Hilda told him.

“I won’t do that either.”

“If you had just asked I’d have been fine with it. Even not being there.”

“Hilda, it didn’t happen because I was trying to break the rules. Gretchen and Lina started it and Debi joined in. I’m not blaming her. I knew the rule and didn’t follow it. I’m responsible.”

“Debi didn’t know our rules. At least I never mentioned them to her. You and the girls did. We need to make sure in the future that everyone knows the rules and that we police each other to make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Hilda told him.

“I think everyone needs to know the rules. Your suggestion should eliminate the possibility of another screw up. Hilda, I really am sorry.”

“I believe you.”

“So are we good now?”

“We have another problem to address, the Wednesday thing.”

“As far as I’m concerned that’s not an issue. We both want that. We’ve talked about it already.”

“Richard, it’s been canceled.”

“Why would you do that? I don’t understand.”

“I didn’t cancel it. Debi called Dennis this morning and told him what happened. He cancelled it,” she said.

“I’ll have to give him credit. He sticks to his principles. I’ll need to talk to him.”

“We’ll both need to talk to him. You to let him know you still want it to happen and me to convince him it isn’t to get back at you,” Hilda replied.

“How about if we FaceTime him?”

“I don’t know if he uses that but we can try. Richard, as far as I’m concerned, when Debi’s with us at the cabin we should have the same rules as we have with the girls.”

“You mean no rules?”

“Yes, but for the cabin only. At home we stick to our rules.”

“Hilda, I have no problem with that but we can’t have different rules for Debi than we have for Dennis at the cabin.

“Your alright with that? Are you restricting it to the cabin and not the house?” Hilda asked.

“The cabin is for playtime. The house needs to be our home. Yes, I’m alright with it, at the cabin,” he replied.

“So the cabin is open for the six of us in any combination we choose?” Hilda asked.

“I have no problem with that idea,” Richard replied. “But, all total there have been eight of us in the mix. I don’t want our group any larger than that for you and I, and I’d prefer your Mom and Julia stay under our original rules.”

“I agree. Let’s go make sure Debi and the girls know the rules. Then we can call Dennis,” she told him.

They pulled up the anchor and returned to the cabin. Richard sat near the fire pit and Hilda went to the door.

“Girls, join Richard and I at the fire pit please,” Hilda called.

She returned to Richard. Gretchen and Lina joined them a few minutes later.

“We need Debi too. Will one of you call her?” Richard asked.

“Dad, Debi left,” Lina said.

“That’s fine. We can go over this with her when she gets back,” Hilda told her.

“Mom, she’s not coming back,” Lina replied.

“She left, left?” Richard asked.

“She went home. Did you really think she’d stay after this morning?” Gretchen asked. “I sure wouldn’t have.”

“Does Debi or Dennis use FaceTime?” Hilda asked Lina.

“Yeah, they both do.”

“After we talk we’re going to FaceTime Debi and Dennis,” Richard replied.

“What happened last night broke our number one rule. It just happened and isn’t really anyone’s fault. Your father and I talked it over. We’re changing the rule. The way the rule stands now is that between the four of us your father and I can include you and you can include us in whatever without clearing it with each other or not being there. If anyone else is to be involved Dad and I have to agree on it ahead of time and both be there. Isn’t that what we all agreed on?” Hilda asked. Everyone nodded. “That rule stands as is, at home. When at the cabin between our family, Debi and Dennis, the rule no longer applies. If your father and you girls are here with Debi. I don’t need to be here. The same thing would be true if Dennis was here.”

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