Bi-Brad Ch. 03

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The knock on my door was loud. Who would dare knock on my door at midnight?

It had been an interesting day. First, my office colleague Jill, pulled me in her office for a fuck because she couldn’t decide if she should marry her boyfriend and settle for just one man the rest of her life.

I guess she figured if fucking a semi-gay, bi-sexual guy turned her on then all bets were off for marriage. Talk about stacking the deck. Little did she know, was I like girls too and the quick office sex was great. Hell, I might start fucking women again.

Then Tom, my friend with benefits that I have man on man sex with on occasion, since I don’t have time for women, came over for a quick fuck before dinner.

The problem was he wanted me to meet his girlfriend he was thinking about marrying over dinner. You guessed it. It turned out to be Jill.

So I left them to talk. Quite frankly, I think both of them are sex maniacs. Heck, I would be if I had time. Tom has to fuck me on the side in addition to his women ’cause he likes to walk on the wide side or something. He just can’t get enough from women.

Jill is one hot woman who always seemed to have a different boyfriend until Tom came along. But just when things get serious, I think she feared life with Tom would put a damper on her wild side that, before Tom, involved men night after night. Believe me, I heard the stories at work.

I opened the door. My heart skipped a beat. I wouldn’t have expected the two figures at my door, especially together.

“Hi Brad. We talked.” Tom said as he and Jill strode through my door.

“You’re kidding, right?” I said watching them both head for my living room as they took off their jackets.

“Well, it seems I didn’t really know Jill after all.” Tom said.

“He canlı bahis didn’t know how wild I was and I didn’t realize how kinky Tom was.” Jill said. They grinned. She nuzzled her face against his.

“You’re okay that he fucks both of us?” I said.

“Actually, I’m relieved. If it hadn’t been for you, we wouldn’t have had an honest discussion.” Jill said.

“It seems Jill has an off and on relationship with another woman. She also is afraid to only fuck one man the rest of her life.” Tom said.

“And you’re okay with that?” I rubbed my eyes.

“Oh, yes. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll fuck two men right now.” Jill reached behind her back and unzipped her dress. Before my brain could register what was happening, it fluttered to the floor revealing her lovely legs within sheer stockings, white panties and a lace bra.

Still stunned, I watched as Jill tore Tom’s clothes off as they kissed. It was as if someone had flipped a switch and we were suddenly in some kind of bad movie. It was surreal.

Tom groped for Jill’s ass and breasts in between shaking various article of clothing off his body. In no time, Jill was stripping off his underwear. His dick sprang free and after another brief kiss she turned to me.

I don’t know which was more beautiful; Tom’s rigid dick or Jill’s full breasts and smooth legs. She pulled off my shirt before I could speak. But what would I say if I did?

She sank to her knees, pulling my pants and shorts with her. Just when I felt her luscious lips engulf my hardening dick, Tom leaned in front of my face and kissed me. His tongue darted and searched for mine. He then joined Jill, kneeling next to her and they took turns ravishing my throbbing manhood.

I only remember saying that we should go to the bedroom. I wanted bahis siteleri them both. We left a trail of what clothes we still had on, mostly Jill’s bra and panties. There was a sock here and there belonging to Tom or me.

Jill took me by the hand and pulled me toward the bed. We collapsed in each other’s arms; our lips found each other and our tongues wound round and round. Tom lay behind Jill, kissing her neck and massaging her breasts.

Soon he adjusted his hips closer to her from behind. She lifted her leg slightly and she began moaning softly into my mouth. He was entering her.

I kissed my way down her neck, between her breasts and over her toned stomach. Then in front of my face was Tom’s gorgeous dick sliding in and out of her swollen pussy. I licked it as it glided in and out. Then I kissed her clitoris and licked it as well.

Jill moaned. Tom groaned. His strokes became purposeful. I continued to lick them both as they fucked.

Before long, Tom’s groans changed to animal-like grunts. I was sucking on Jill’s clitoris, which was now rigid like a miniature dick. On one of his purposeful strokes his dick popped out of her pussy and I immediately let it slip into my mouth.

Tom continued to gyrate his hips and fucked my mouth in the same manner as he had fucked Jill. No sooner than his head slipped within my lips, I felt his dick began to pulsate.

Warm streams of cum sprayed inside my mouth as I tried to swallow and suck at the same time. He was still in the throes of orgasm when Jill pulled me from between her legs and on top of her.

Tom’s dick slipped from my lips as he rolled from behind Jill and began jacking himself off. I felt a couple more streams of cum spray on my hip as Jill rolled onto her back then reached down to grab my bahis şirketleri dick.

She aimed the head at the entrance to her wet pussy. I quickly penetrated her. Warmth and wetness enveloped my dick. Tom was still moaning and squeezing the last drops of cum from his dick next to us as Jill wrapped her legs around me.

“Fuck me. Fuck me now.” She said.

It was going to be a quick fuck for all three of us. It was fast, furious lust as I pierced her pussy over and over. She devoured my lips and tongue still dripping with Tom’s pearly white cum.

The feeling was intoxicating. One second I had my male lovers dick in my mouth, the next I was pumping vigorously between the legs of a beautiful woman.

My dick ached. Jill tossed her head back and groaned but sounds barely escaped. Suddenly, my legs tingled, my dick started to pulsate and I could feel Jill’s pussy quivering as well.

I held myself over Jill. Our faces were inches from each other. My hips gyrated back and forth between her lovely smooth thighs. I sensed Tom next to us taking in the beauty that we felt.

The room was filled with the sounds of exhaling, huffing and moaning. You could hear flesh slapping against flesh. A musky scent of sex filled our nostrils as the aura of raw sex filled the room.

My ass twitched tight. A groan caught in my throat. Jill felt it too as she grasped the sheets and her eyes seemed to lose focus momentarily. Warmth pierced through my dick and pulsated inside of Jill. Wave after pulsating wave swept over us.

Jill arched her back slightly and her eyes drank me into her. Our bodies began to spasm in unison until finally the waves of orgasm began to subside.

Exhausted I rolled off of Jill. My dick glistened with cum. Tom leaned over her and licked her shining wet pussy then cleaned my dick as well.

“Was that a quickie?” I asked.

“Oh…there’s more where that came from.” Jill said.

“A lot more.” Tom added.

It was the start of a beautiful relationship.

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