Birthday Dunk Tank Fantasy

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Last Week:

“So, what do you want for your birthday?”

My boyfriend was looking at me with his eyebrows raised. I could get lost in those blue eyes and long blond hair. He can pretty much make me do whatever he wants. Not that I mind. But maybe something different for such a big day.

He tries again. “Earth to Johnny…come in Johnny!”

“Umm, what?”

“Your birthday! You turn a quarter of a century. What do you want?”


I start unbuttoning David’s shirt in my mind. But then, I can do that for real any day. Our roommates, however. Hmmmm….!

“I want my own private carnival.”

David tilts his head down toward me. “But you only ever do one thing at any carnival.”

“Yeah, so the four of us can do it in the back yard.”

David tilts his head to the side and starts grinning.

“Okay, so I’ll get it set up.”

As he turns to go, I call out, “Wait, there’s something else.”

David turns around and lifts one eyebrow.

“I want ALL POWER!!!!” I add what I hope is an evil grin to that remark.

“Uh huh, and what does that mean?”

“I’ll write it down for you. You can go over it tonight with the twins.”

See, the reason that’s funny is because George is a tall, skinny African-American male while Kay (I’m not really sure how to spell or pronounce his real name, but I know it has a “k” in it) is a short and stocky Samoan. We’ve been calling them the twins since they moved into the house with us.

“I wasn’t planning on including them,” whined my favorite Prussian.

I made an attempt at the power stare David uses on me. He smirked.

“‘ALL POWER!!!,’ I said.” I ramped up the power stare. He ramped up the smirk.

“Okay, it’s your turn, and your birthday.”

Later that night:

George stops me as I walk through the kitchen and brandishes my instructions in my face. “Dude,” he says, “you know, Dave would do this anyway without any pressure.”

I put my finger on his forehead and run it slowly down his nose. “My birthday, my fantasy. He’d better act like he’s mortified.”

As my finger runs off the end of George’s nose, he tries to bite it. I jerk it back instinctively, then wag it at him. “Uh uhh, not unless you want to be punished too!!!”

George thinks for a second. Then he grabs my fist and shoves my finger into his mouth…..

Today, my birthday, in the hottest part of the afternoon:

“Can I go out now? I’m supposed to have ALL POWER!!!!, after all.”

David peeks out the window, and replies, “No, you should go get a drink of water.”

“Isn’t that a bit redundant Dave?” He smiles.

“Give them five minutes. I’d better go change too.” He runs upstairs. I make my way slowly to the kitchen and get a drink of water, counting the seconds. I saunter back to the sliding back door and resist the urge to peek myself.

Finally, I hear a knock on it. “Count down from 10.” That was Kay’s voice. I hear him running away.

“10, 9, 8, 7, aw fuck it.”

I open the door.

The height of the privacy fence all around has been extended by canvas banners. They were homemade — solid white originally with graffiti and birthday wishes spray painted on. Streamers were running all over. There was a Spiderman bounce house — not what I asked for but certainly within the decorating parameters. And in the center — a dunk tank.

Taller than the run-of-the-mill easy-dunker. Flat clear plastic front so you can see into the water. Random Greek letters behind the target. George and Kay were in matching white t-shirts and athletic shorts, standing behind a table with softballs and a cash drawer. They both had hangdog expressions on their faces, occasionally stealing glances at the moon bounce.

I hold up my hands in a “T” sign to signal a timeout from the fantasy. “Wow, you guys outdid yourselves. What’s the moon bounce for?”

“In case anyone wants some privacy.” George winked as he said this, and Kay sniggered. I smiled in appreciation and undid the timeout. They went back to looking depressed.

“So, pledges, how come that seat is empty?”

Geo & Kay look at each other, then at me. George answers, “Sorry, sir, but our brother didn’t show up.”

“And why aren’t one of you up there?”

Kay answers, “Sorry, sir, but the President told us to stay at the table until he comes back and tells us something else.”

“But it’s hot, don’t you want to cool off?”

George answers, “Yes, sir, but we have to stay here.”

“And aren’t you losing money by not having someone up there.”

Kay answers, “Yes, sir. Are you offering?”

“No, but I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you, sir,” they both answer.

Then I hear the sliding door again. I turn around. There stands my Prussian in a charcoal suit and red bow tie. His hair is immaculate. He even put on dress shoes. I call another timeout and run up to him.

“You are so hot!”

“Yeah?” he replies, “did bahis siteleri I dress right?”

“Here, let me check.” I walk over and put my hand on his chest. Sliding it under the coat but over his right breast I feel nothing underneath the white shirt. I lean to his ear, “mmmhhh, check.” Withdrawing my hand from his coat and shoving it down beneath his belt buckle, I glance back at Geo and Kay. They are making use of the timeout to do some groping too.

I find the fly of David’s tighty-whitey and worm my way through to his flaccid dick. He gasps. I cup his balls, then pull the entire package through the fly. Dave groans a little. I take his entire ear into my mouth and blow warm air on it.

Not flaccid anymore.

I slowly pull my hand out, rubbing his dick as I go, as if I am going to start jacking him off, but instead I pull the hand all the way out.

“Yes, that’s exactly how I want it. TIME IN.”

I glance at the twins; they hurriedly retract from each other and stand at attention. I hear Dave swear behind me. When I turn back, he seems to be wincing a little from the awkward position I left his member at. “What did you say?” I shout at him.

“Nothing, sir.” He winces again.

“I’ll remind you, buster, you’re already on thin ice. Get over here.”

I drag him by his lapel to the table. He stumbles along behind me. “I think I have the answer to your problems, kids.” Geo & Kay both look up at me, then at him. Of course, this is all scripted (by me) but they are playing along like champs.

Dave looks at me. “What do you mean?”

“Well, you see that booth, there?”


“They need someone to sit in it.”

Two beats. “And you want me to get someone for them?”

“No, stupid. Try again.”

Two more beats. “And you are going to go up there and have me throw.”

“Three strikes and you’re dead, dude.”

Two beats, a big sigh, and his face falls. “And you want me to go up there.”

“Bingo! Give that man a prize. So what are you waiting for?”

Dave turns to leave. I grab his arm. “And where do you think you are going?”

“To change, sir, so I can get wet.”

“Not a chance dude. Go up there like you are!”

David looks at me, then down at his suit. Then he looks at me again. “You can’t be serious!”

“Dead serious. Remember what you just did. It’s payback time.”

He looks up at the seat, swears again, and then says, “Alright, where do I go?”

George grabs David’s wrist and takes him to the ladder on the side of the tank. Kay turns to me.

“That’ll be five bucks, please.” He holds out his hand as if to take my money. I grab the bottom of his hand so he can’t pull it away, then spit into it. I look up for a reaction. He takes his hand, shoves it down his shorts, and starts pleasuring himself. Then I notice David trying to adjust himself before he climbs the ladder.

“Hey! None of that now. Climb up just the way you are!”

Dave swears again but starts climbing. George raises an eyebrow at Kay, who is still in his own little shorts, umm, I mean world. Then George comes back and hands me some softballs. “Let me help you with that,” he says to Kay and reaches for Kay’s shorts.

“Hey! None of that from you right now. Plenty of time for that later.” By the time I look up, Dave is on the seat above the water. He’s grinning, but changes it to a grimace when he sees me looking.

The target is huge. There is a line right by the table, but then I do have “ALL POWER!!!!” I walk up to about two yards from the target. Dave starts protesting.

“Hey, that’s too close. No way. Back off. That’s not fair.”

I stick my tongue out at him, like a child.

He fakes an orgasmic moan.

As soon as his eyes close in ecstasy, I throw. Can’t miss at that range.

Clang — splash.

It takes a few moments for the bubbles to clear, but once they do I have a great view of my beautiful Prussian in the water. He puts his face above the top of the tank and grabs the protective fencing above that. The rest of his body is pressed against the Plexiglas. “Okay, thanks. I feel better now. I’m gonna go home and change.”

“Not a chance, bud. Get back up there.”

More swear words. Lots of sloshing and dripping. When he settles himself comfortably on the seat I turn to the twins. They’re grappling again.

“Dudes, get over here.”

They disengage and run over.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to be wearing those shoes. Why don’t you take them off of him?”

“Hey, no, leave them on. I need those.”

But the twins have come up on opposite sides of the tank where there is no fencing, George by the ladder and Kay by the target. They pull his shoes off and dunk them into the water. Then, while both shoes are still full of water, each one gets tossed my way. The result is definitely not dry.

“Alright, you guys are gonna get it too.”

Dave perks up. “Good, can I get down now?”

“Yes,” canlı bahis siteleri I say, and throw the ball. Down he goes.

When he comes up he calls for another timeout. “Are we doing it right, boss?”

In answer, I grab both sides of his head with my hand and plant a big, sloppy, wet kiss on his lips — again redundant. Not sure how long this goes on, but I pull back when I feel water from his cupped hands running down my back. “Time in – get back up there! And take those socks off.”

Dave is laughing too hard to protest, but I let it slide this time. I think they are tickling his feet while they remove his socks anyway. He composes himself, pouts his lower lip, and whines, “Hey, you said I could come down.”

“You can,” I reply, and throw the ball again. Clang. Splash. Chuckling from the peanut gallery. And from me as well, to be honest. The Prussian climbs back up.

“I suppose you want my tie now,” he asks and makes toward undoing it.

“No — leave that on. I want the shirt this time. But leave the coat on.”

This puzzles them for a moment. But Geo and Kay go up either side of him again and gently work the bowtie out of the collar. It’s one of those pre-tied jobs that connect with a hook, or I don’t think this operation would have worked. Once the tie free, they rip Dave’s shirt, pulling it out from under his jacket in shreds.

“Aww, man! That was one of my favorite shirts.” Dave sticks out his lower lip again.

“Think about that next time you cross me, bud!” I wink and he smirks, but it happens fast enough not to need a time out this time.

“I’m sorry, sir, I’ll never let you down again.”

“No, but I’ll let you down.” Giving up the pretense of throwing, I just push the target this time.

When the bubbles clear, Dave starts to climb back up again, but I stop him. Calling the twins around to the front, I beckon Dave forward towards the Plexiglas window as well. “Off with those slacks!”

“No way, dude, I’ll get arrested!” The twins perk up. I don’t think they caught what I did while they were grappling before.

“Do it!” I shout.

Dave mumbles a blue streak of obscenity. Nevertheless, he unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his top button, and slowly unzips his fly. Pealing down the top of his slacks, he reveals his undies, dick proudly sticking out still where I left it. The “Pledges” completely lose it. The profanity degenerates to whiny groans and alligator tears. David gathers up the slacks, wads them into a ball, and then throws them into my face.

The twins fall onto the ground laughing.

“You idiot, I was about to let you out,” I lie. “But now, get back up there.”

David turns around and climbs back up. It’s rather entertaining watching his member swinging loose as he crawls back out on the seat. He pauses when his dick is most suspended and wiggles it a bit before climbing the rest of the way up.

“And you two!” The twins jump back up and compose themselves into attention again. “You’d better not let that happen again or you’ll find yourselves up there.” George puts his hand together like a prayer. Kay falls to his knees, putting his hands up in supplication, and both beg and plead not to be thrown into the briar patch. Dave breaks character and starts laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Splash.

As David climbs up once more, I muse out loud, “what should come off next?”

Kay says, “the tie’ while George says, “the coat.” They start pleading for their chosen items the same way they had pled to be spared the dunking seat.

I wait for David to settle again, then hold my hands up. They all stop to listen for my pronouncement.

“The briefs it is.”

The twins cheer and before Dave can get up enough to remove them the twins grab his underwear and rip it to shreds as well. Some tickling also happens. It takes some time for everyone to stop laughing and get back into character.

Finally everyone stops. I am standing next to the target, the twins are in front of the Plexiglas, and Dave is wearing just the coat and tie. Technically, that’s all he needs to go to a fancy restaurant, I muse.

“I want my mommy!” he whines again and sticks his thumb in his mouth. I just lean a little to the right and my shoulder trips the target.

“Alright, out you come. And I’ll help you off with your coat so you don’t try and get me wet again.”

David climbs all the way out and meets me in front of the tank. I kiss him, then put both hands astride his naval. Slowly, I slide them up to his slightly firm pectorals, tickle his hard nipples for a moment, then over his shoulders, so that I can slide his coat backwards and off his body.

Looking straight into David’s eyes, I start with, “so, now that you know what’s going to happen…,” then soften to a whisper I move my mouth to his ear, “I hope you will keep that in mind.”

He turns his head so that he can answer into my ear, “Oh, I will sir, I will.” canlı bahis Then he bites my ear, which I enjoy for a few moments. Then I straighten up. Geo and Kay have taken advantage of my distraction again.

“Hey, you two love birds, I warned you.”

They break apart and stand at attention again, grinning.

“Your turn. Get up there.”

“Who first, sir?” asks George?

“Both of you together.”

Fortunately, the bench seat on the tank is wide enough for two. They clamber up one after the other, settle in next to each other, and then look at me.

I station my naked Prussian right by the target, then get up in front of the Plexiglas. “Alright, you two. You can’t keep your minds on the task, and you can’t keep your hands off each other. So let’s see it.”

“Umm, see what?” asks Kay.

“PDAs, dummy. Start kissing.”

I don’t have to ask them twice. Hands all over chests and tongues all over the inside of cheeks. I kind of wish the seat was wide enough that they could blow each other, but unfortunately, it isn’t.

“Too G-rated. Off with the shirts.”

Kay slides his hands up inside the hem of George’s shirt and lifts it up over George’s head, taking the opportunity to bite his arm-pit hair while George’s arms are up. The resultant laughing, tickling, wrestling, etc. almost make them lose their seats. Then instead of removing Kay’s shirt, George rips it off — leaving just the collar of the t-shirt around Kay’s neck.

Without prompting, they resume kissing and groping.

“Too PG-rated. Grab each other’s dicks.”

George grabs Kay’s bulge and starts massaging it. Kay, on the other hand, slides his hand behind George’s waistband and starts messing with his privates “in private.” Kay’s approach is much more effective and George starts moaning, closing his eyes, and forgetting his half of the deal. Kay is starting to enjoy the effect he is having on George and stops noticing what is going on around him. That’s when I look at Dave and nod.

Down go the lovebirds.

Up they come, spluttering and laughing, before they remember they are supposed to be protesting. Anyway, we’re getting near the end of the script and about time for the free-form party.

“Hey, guys, you’d better get out now.” Hmm, that was Dave, not me. We all three look at him quizzically. “I think you broke it.”

The twins look concerned and climb out. “What do you mean?” I ask.

“Well, sir, look at that.” He points to the seat as he resets it.

“I don’t see anything.” Except, perhaps, where he’s going with this. The twins are standing next to me by now.

“Well sir, take a closer look. In fact, you may need to climb up there to see it.” He grins.

“Okay, but stand by the target and make sure nobody pushes it while I’m up there.”

“Absolutely, sir, you can count on me. Uh-huh. No doubt about it.”

As I climb up the ladder, the twins are half watching, half peeling off each other’s last stitches of clothing. I test the water with my fingers. With all the hot stuff I’d been watching, I hadn’t even noticed how hot I had gotten in my jeans and oxford shirt. Nothing else – going commando.

I turn around before sitting down on the plank and enjoy the view. The banner over the back door of the house reads “Happy 25th Birthday, Johnny!” The rest of the decorations were colorful and festive. The extra privacy of the banners around the fence makes me feel safe from prying eyes and police calls. The smile on David’s face makes me feel all mushy inside. I guess it’s time for me to feel like that on the outside as well.

“I still don’t see it.”

“Well, come sit over here and I’ll point it out to you.”

Three hot, naked men, one wearing only a bowtie, were looking me up and down while I placed myself on the seat. I took my time settling in, and delaying the inevitable for added tension. Finally, I asked, “and what am I supposed to be seeing again?”

“This!” said Dave, and he pressed the button.

There is nothing quite like the exhilaration of a first dunk. The water came rushing up to my face, and suddenly all the world was muffled. The heat dissipated from my skin. The sloshing water nudged me around. I put my nose up to the Plexiglas and made a face, but hadn’t taken much of a breath beforehand so I had to come up out of it again.

Standing up straight, I fired a look at David. He looked back at me with as straight a face as he could muster and said, “I think you fixed it, sir. Thanks.”

Fantasy fulfilled, I climbed out without another word. The Prussian ripped the buttons off my shirt as he pulled it off. But the jeans were so tight he had to peel them down. By the time I was naked, the twins were not to be seen, but Spiderman seemed to be dancing.

“So?” David asked me.

“Perfect,” I replied.

“I don’t think I can wait much longer. Should we go inside?”


“Should we do it right here?”

I put my finger to my chin as if I was thinking about it, then shook my head and nodded toward the bounce house.

Cottoning on, he looked there too and asked, “dogpile?”

After waiting two beats, I said, “let’s roll.”

And off we went.

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