Birthday Spanking

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Story contains spanking and aftercare, daddy daughter incest, oral sex, anal sex, roleplay, and ass licking.

Andy is 18. Wish her a happy birthday!

It was his daughter’s 18th birthday – a day he and Andy were looking forward to for quite some time. After begging him for the ultimate birthday treat for almost the entire year (asking timidly at first, then growing bold), he finally caved and today was the day he’d fulfill her fantasy.

Harvey really wanted to reward his daughter for being such a good girl her whole life, but any time he’d ask her what she wanted, the answer was always the same. He’d deny her, tell her it wasn’t right, it was inappropriate, it was incestuous, it was sexually deviant behavior. But the girl persisted. And finally, Harvey agreed to do just a little bit of what she wanted, figuring a little erotic excitement enjoyed in the home wasn’t as bad as seeking it from some stranger. She had a thing for older men and any other guy in his forties would surely take advantage. A month before Andy’s birthday, Harvey had agreed to give his daughter an erotic spanking.

In the beginning, Andy had shown Harvey an erotic fetish story, red-faced and embarrassed, she spat out that she wanted to act it out with him. “As much as you’re comfortable with,” she’d said, so timidly she could barely be heard. The initial response was “none of it.” But after seeing her persistence, he agreed to a quick spanking only. But as he thought on how good his daughter was, how sweet, how smart, how obedient she always was, he finally decided to surprise her by adding some things to the night.

On the day of Andy’s 18th birthday, Harvey was just as excited as his daughter, though he hid it better. He had purchased a gift for her the week prior and couldn’t wait to show her.

“Happy birthday, baby,” Harvey said to his daughter, handing her a greenish blue gift box with a bow on it. “After your bath I want you to put this in. But be careful with it though. Take it really really slowly.”

“What is it?” she asked with pink, bubbly excitement.

“Open and see.”

She loosened the bow on the box, and then pulled the top off. She gasped, then pulled out the contents, wide-eyed and smiling big. “It’s so pretty! I love it! I- I mean, it- it… is what I think right? It goes up my…?” she gave her daddy a quizzical look.

“Mhmm, just like the girl in the story. But this one has a crescent-shaped handle that sits right in between. You could wear it comfortably all day.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, daddy!” she exclaimed and hugged him tight. Then she bound into the bathroom, apparently excited to try out her new toy during her bath.

Andy wasn’t sexually active yet, but Harvey knew she was a zealot for masturbation. So when he presented her with the shiny metal anal plug with the heart shaped jewel in the middle of the thin crest handle, he didn’t think she would suspect he meant to loosen her anal rim up for his thick cock. In her mind it would simply be a special toy, a gift she could wear when she was off at college to remind her of her loving daddy back home.

After a short bath, Andy appeared in front of Harvey in the kitchen, wrapped in a towel. He could tell by the awkward way she was walking that she had inserted the toy. “How does it feel, honey?”

“Fine… I mean, it’s… it’s a little tight. I feel kind of full. I- I like it but…”

“It’s supposed to feel like that the first time. Just keep it in there and you’ll get used to it,” Harvey said, wanting her to be prepared for the real thing.

Andy smiled. “Okay daddy. Do you want me to keep it in when you…, y’know?”

“Yeah, it’d give me something pretty to look at while I punish you,” he answered with kind smile.

Andy blushed red as an apple. It was puzzling how she’d built up the courage to ask for her gift in the first place, she was such a priss when it came to sharing her lively sexual imagination with anybody. “But…, isn’t my butt pretty?”

“I don’t know. Lemme see.”

Andy giggled, hugging her towel to herself. Harvey waited. Andy realized he wasn’t kidding about seeing her butt. He watched his daughter turn around and lift up her towel from the bottom. Up. Up. Slowly, up. Until she stopped just below her butt cheeks and took a nervy breath. Then all the way up, past her doughy, pink cheeks, showing daddy her bottom with the silver sliver of metal between, little red heart right in the middle. His gift to her, plugging up her hiney hole. Harvey’s cock reared. “Beautiful,” he gasped.

“Thank you,” Andy said, sounding a bit hoarse. An awkward silence filled the air as she turned back around. Harvey looked at his daughter in a way he never had, holding back an animalistic hunger, a desire to touch her, to pull her to himself, let her feel him fully harden, and discard her towel. But that would ruin the surprise, not to mention change the dynamic of their relationship. He poker oyna had to make sure that what he was going to do tonight was simply a gift for his special little girl, not an opportunity for a horny father to gorge himself on his only daughter. It was for her, not him.

After the moment of ponderous silence, Andy announced she needed to get dressed and walked back through the hallway and to her room. Harvey contemplated his feelings until his daughter was dressed and ready to leave. Her friends came, he wished her a happy birthday several more times and then she was off. And all the while, Harvey was unsure whether he should go through with his plan.

Am I taking advantage? he asked himself. But she asked for this. I’m doing this for her, he told himself. But even as he convinced himself he was simply being a giving father, his thoughts drifted back to his daughter’s perfect posterior. He’d never seen such an angelic little ass. Tight but plump. White as cream but blushing like the cheeks on her face. He imagined what it’d be like to take a handful of the bouncy flesh, or to go in between and caress where the shiny metal covered, to prod the hole it filled, with his fingers, his tongue, his cock.

Realizing he didn’t need to fantasize much longer, he put his conscience to rest and smiled. Why shouldn’t I enjoy myself as I give my daughter what she wants? How could the surprise be good for her if I didn’t enjoy it too? She loves me and would want me to take my pleasure. And I love her too. Harvey assured himself he was doing what was right and resolved to go through with his plans to fuck his daughter – only in her ass of course, just like the girl in the story.


Harvey’s heart actually leapt when the faint sound Andy’s key made unlocking the front door. Never had he been so anxious about his daughter’s return home. He whipped off his shirt, flung off his joggers and looked at himself in the mirror. It was time to get into character. He stilled himself as he stared at his reflection – tall, strong, hard-bodied, and handsome. His meaty manhood, though not fully engorged, imprinted his tight grey boxer briefs. He took one last breath and then headed down to confront Andy.

“Where have you been, young lady?” Harvey chided sternly.

He had startled his daughter. A look of confusion crossed Andy’s face as she looked at her nearly naked and very sexy father. “I was just… you said that-“

“I know what I said!” he shot back at his intimidated little girl. “You were supposed to be back hours ago. And you’re dressed like a little slut. How many times do I have to tell you not to go out dressed like that?”

Andy looked down at her tight little dress, nude colored with a deep plunging neckline and a short, ruched skirt – the one Harvey had picked out himself. He watched confusion turn to realization when his daughter’s expression changed. Her eyes went wide as if to say ‘oh’ and her red lips spread into a bashful smile, her cheeks flushing pink.

“Oh, you think this is funny!? You’re just a naughty little trollop. I’m gonna have to teach you a lesson!” Harvey clasped his daughter by the back of her neck and walked her forcefully toward the den. His heart was pounding in his chest but he maintained his firm character. Andy was giddy, unable to keep the smile off her face. As he led her back, Andy kept trying to steal glances at her daddy’s body, mainly the thick cock printing his underwear. Harvey forced her to keep her eyes ahead by pushing her forcefully forward, turning her head by twisting her neck in his strong grip. “Eyes forward!” he shouted. The girl would yelp and giggle and obey.

Once in the dimly lit den, Harvey wrenched his daughter down across his lap as he sat on the loveseat. “You’re such a bad girl, Andy. Do you know what bad girls get?” he asked as his daughter squirmed into place on his lap.

“They get punished,” she panted.

“That’s right, they get punished,” Harvey said in a heavy voice, his hand sliding up the slender girl’s thigh. “They get their sassy little hiney spanked,” he said just before his rough hand met the fabric of Andy’s little panties. Immediately, Andy arched her ass back against her daddy’s hand and Harvey squeezed a handful of ass, only hindered by a thin layer of nylon. Andy inhaled deeply, quaking. Harvey exhaled and hardened, losing focus on keeping character momentarily.

Harvey gasped. “And these panties!” He used both hands to slowly pull the skirt of her tight dress up over her taut bottom, revealing nude colored lace cheekies. “Your ass is hanging out of these? Why would a good girl wear such slutty panties!?”

“I- I’m sorry daddy! I’m so sorry for being such a naughty girl!” Andy said, practically moaning.

“Oh, you’re not sorry now, but you will be.” Harvey then hooked his finger inside the waistband of Andy’s panties and pulled slowy, uncovering the contours of her nubile behind. He continued to pull the flimsy canlı poker oyna little panties down her legs and Andy bent her knees and pointed her toes upward as her daddy slid her undies past her pretty feet.

Harvey gasped again “And your panties are so wet! You’re such a filtgy little girl. Oh, you so deserve what you’re about to get!” Harvey took a snuffle of his daughter’s underwear, her scent intoxicating, causing his fully erect member to twitch and tighten underneath Andy’s belly. He was sure she felt it. “Here, this is what little whores smell like!” he said and pushed her panties into her nose. She inhaled and moaned. “Oh, you like it do you? Well here, open up.” Andy obeyed promptly and Harvey stuffed his daughter’s panties in her open mouth. They were so small though they were unlikely to gag her.

Harvey rested his right hand across Andy’s ass cheeks, the warm creamy skin flushed with soft pink clouds. If her bottom blushed from his simple grasp, he wondered how it would look after he’d spanked her really good. “Alright, it’s time I straightened you right out,” Harvey said as he rubbed and enjoyed his daughter’s soft ass, ignoring the jeweled metal crescent between her cheeks for the sake of their little game. He could see a sheen of wetness lining Andy’s pretty pussylips, indicating her arousal. She was already enjoying this so much! Harvey knew he’d made the right decision to make his daughter’s 18th birthday special.

Harvey, without warning, gave Andy’s butt a tentative swat. Whack!

“Mmmowww!” Andy exclaimed, muffled by her own wet panties.

“Does it hurt!? Well that’s what bad little sluts get!” He slapped the other cheek, a bit harder. Smack!

This time she jerked forward and yelped, still muffled by lacy nylon panties.

“Letting all those guys see your sexy little body in this tiny dress! This is what little teases get!” He hit her again – Whack! – maybe a little too hard, he thought just as the blow landed. But what escaped Andy’s throat could be described as a giggle-cry, unmistakable, even though muffled by her panties. Harvey paused and looked his daughter in the face as she craned her head to look at him, her tears welling up in her eyes threatening to tumble down her pretty pink cheeks. He would have stopped right then, but then Andy gave a single little nod of approval before turning back face down.

“Bad!” Smack!

“Bad!” Swat!

“Bad!” Whack!

“Bad girl!”

He gave her three smacks just like the one before, stinging his hand and reddening his daughter’s precious bottom. Andy responded with giggly yelps and cries and moans, her pussy visibly dripping between her legs. Harvey’s cock remained pressed under his daughter’s weight, lurching up at her taut tummy whenever she squirmed.

Harvey clasped Andy by her face with a rough hand before removing the panties from her mouth. “Now are you gonna be a good girl for daddy?”


“Ahhh! Yes!” Andy cried out at the stinging swat to her behind.

“Yes, what!?” Slap!

“Yes daddy! Yes, yes, daddy!” she cried, tears of pain and joy and pleasure and twisted bliss trickling down her face, even as her sweet juices overflowed and trickled down her teen twat.

“Tell me how good you’re gonna be from now on!” Splat!

“Oh! Daddy, I’m gonna be so, so good to you, daddy! I promise, daddy!”

“Oh yeah?” The sweet submissive words that poured out her mouth, and the sexy tone in which it was said caught Harvey off guard and intrigued him. The next slap on her ass was a little weak he was so distracted. Andy reacted with a sultry moan.

“Mmmmmmm daddyy! I’ll do whatever you want me to daddy! I promise to be your good good girl, mmmnnn.” The shy girl had disappeared, only a sexy teen seductress remained, enticing her daddy to have his way with her. And as much as his cock strained and begged him to pull it out and stroke her wet virgin cunt, he had to make sure he wasn’t taking advantage of her. He had to remain convinced that he was doing this for her and not for himself. And Andy needed to be convinced of it too.

“Alright, baby. That’s my good girl. That’s my sweet innocent girl,” he said soothingly, rubbing Andy’s soft posterior with his strong hands. He massaged her for a few moments as his daughter expressed restful hums and moans, their libidos cooling down some. “How did you like it, honey?” he asked, still rubbing.

Andy sighed. “I loved it!” She began to giggle.

“I wasn’t…, too rough?”

“No, it was perfect.”

“So it didn’t hurt?”

“Of course it did,” she giggled. “That’s the whole point. But it was good pain. Right on the edge of unbearable. I am still so horny. I would go upstairs and…, play… But I wanna spend the rest of my birthday with you, daddy,” she said, turning on her side to look him in the eye.

No one has ever had a more perfect daughter, he thought. “I love you, sweetheart.”

“I love you too, internet casino daddy.” The two smiled at each other until it was awkward. “Keep rubbing,” Andy said as she turned back over onto her tummy. “My butt still stings,” she giggled.

“I have something for that.” Harvey announced, leaned to one side and snatched three small bottles off the end table by the couch. “Strawberry Virgin Daiquiri, Sex On The Beach Passion Fruit, or Panty Dropper Peach?” he asked, reading each label.

“What’s that?” she asked, turning on Harvey’s lap to see.

“Scented edible body oil.”


“Yeah, I like the smell,” he lied, keeping his intentions to eat her up secret. “So which one?” He opened each top and gave her a whiff.

“Well, all three smell delicious. But I am a virgin…, and I do like strawberries!”

Harvey set the other two bottles down where he got them and told his daughter to get up and remove her dress. She knelt on the couch and pulled the strings around her neck to loosen her it, then slid the whole thing over her head and set it aside. As she did, Harvey nonchalantly stood and dropped his own underwear to the floor, his long, semi-hard dick hanging down heavily. He ‘tried’ to cover it with his hand before turning back to his daughter, smiling when he said, “didn’t wanna get oil all over them.”

Andy sat there on her knees, covering her breasts with one arm and her hairy crotch with the other, blankly ogling her naked father and unconsciously biting her lower lip. Harvey smirked at her, caressing her with his hungry eyes. His body exuded power under control while hers radiated beauty, innocence and sexuality. Harvey charished his daughter. Andy revered her daddy. The two gazed at the other’s perfect form, drinking in their glory from top to bottom until Harvey told her to lie flat on the sofa.

Harvey gently peppered his daughter’s reddened bottom with a series of little kisses, making the girl hum delightedly before setting his knees beside hers. He spread the fragrant oil in his hands, then began to massage her ass. “Feels good,” Andy whispered.

Harvey massaged Andy’s ass, pressing into the soft flesh with deft hands. His cock grew until it was fully erect, standing straight and strong right above Andy’s butt. He spread oil all over Andy’s ass, lifting the pouty globes up from the crease with his thumbs, then letting it bound back into shape with perfect youthful elasticity. Daddy pat and rubbed and massaged her ass, freely enjoying every caress, spreading her cheeks to look in between at his gift she had stuffed in her sweet little anal hole.

Harvey played with his daughter’s ass to her obvious enjoyment. There were deep sighs and groans. Her hips began to slowly move back and forth underneath the pressure of daddy’s strong hands. “Enjoying yourself sweetheart?”

She replied with a nod and a sultry hum. Momentarily satisfied with the initial exploration of Andy’s rear, Harvey began to let his hands ride up his daughter’s hips, reaching her middle back then applying more oil. Up to her shoulders he rubbed, leaning forward and spreading his knees so that his cock just barely brushed her butt cheek. She gave a knowing gasp and giggled. “Sorry baby,” Harvey said nervously.

“It’s okay, daddy,” Andy replied almost seductively.

Then Harvey went back down to coat her sides in oil, from her hips past her thin waist and up near her armpits where he felt the outer parts of her breasts. Leaning forward again to let more of his heavy cock sit on his daughter’s ass, he softly but firmly massaged her upper body, shoulders, traps, and arms. “Mmmm, you feel so good, daddy,” Andy groaned, sounding more horny and beginning to move her hips again. It was obvious to Harvey that she was trying to get some stimulation. But Harvey had the patience to tease the poor girl.

Harvey leaned in by her ear, his cock ‘incidentally’ nesting between her ass cheeks, and whispered, “you feel so good too baby girl. I love you.”

“I love you too,” Andy panted, arching her back to meet her daddy’s virile cock with her ass. She wanted him so badly. And he desired her too, but he remained patient enough to tease her for a while longer.

“Relax, babydoll,” Harvey said as he raised himself up off his daughter’s ass, pressing down on her hips to hold her in place. “No peeking, baby,” he said with a smile when Andy craned her neck to glare at his engorged manhood. “Now spread your legs.”

She promptly obeyed but said, “that’s not fair. How come you get to see mine but I can’t look at yours?” Her tone was playfully questioning.

Harvey set between her spread feet and started to rub oil into one of them, heading upward. “Because I’m the Daddy and you’re the Babygirl. And I don’t want you to get too excited. This is just a massage.”

“A massage where we’re both naked and you get to touch me with your…, cock?”

“No back talk. And if another dirty word comes out your mouth I’m gonna stuff it and spank your little ass again. Is that clear?”

“Mmmm. Yes daddy.” Her tone suggested she didn’t fear his threat but rather welcome the possibility. But respect kept her obedient.

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