Bisexual Camping Adventures Ch. 01

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[Please note: the characters in this story are fortunate enough to live in a world where STIs and unplanned pregnancies are not an issue. Condoms are your friend – use them!]


“Oh my God, Jordan Capri is hot”, Christian said absently as he stared as his computer screen. He and his good friend Zach were hanging out in his apartment on a warm Saturday afternoon, surfing some of their favorite porn sites.

“It’s so great how she finally came out with a sex tape,” Zach agreed. “I mean, looking at her perky tits and perfect ass is great, but I’ve been wanting to see her get fucked for such a long time now.”

Zach and Christian had both just finished the last year of their undergraduate programs and were just killing time until the summer officially started. Both had landed jobs at a nearby summer camp and were excited to start relaxing and bringing in some extra money. Both were 21 years old, did very well in school, and were both currently single. While each was objectively attractive, they tended to spend more time studying and looking a porn than focusing on getting girls.

Christian stood about 6 feet tall, had short, messy brown hair and was in good athletic shape. He had had several girlfriends in the past, but none of the relationships had been overly special and they were all pretty unadventurous on a sexual level. While he definitely wanted to find a relationship to make him happy, he found that most of the girls that he ran into were pretty superficial and didn’t share his same interests and values.

Zach was a bit shorter than Christian, also with dark hair and in good shape, but much leaner than his friend. He was quite a bit shyer than Christian, and tended to use his studies and obsession with computer games as an excuse to avoid socializing. Despite his social inhibitions, however, he was a very friendly and warm person to talk to if people actually took the time to do so. Although he had had one serious girlfriend during his high school years, he had only casually dated a couple of girls throughout his undergrad.

“What was the name of that other girl that you like?” Zach asked. “The one with the really hot blow job video?”

“Taylor Little,” Christian replied as he brought up the video in question. “God I love her big tits and the freckles on her nose and cheeks. Look how hot she is sucking on that cock…such a lucky guy.”

“You can say that again,” Zach agreed. “I’d love to just come up on her from behind and sink my cock into her juicy little snatch.”

The pair had inadvertently started watching porn together a couple of months previously after Zach had come over to borrow Christian’s computer. Christian kept a fair bit of porn on his hard drive and hadn’t bothered to keep it particularly hidden as he was the only one who ever used it. After Zach had finished his work he clicked on a video file on the desktop, thinking it would be a music video or comedy clip. Instead, he was surprised to see a blond girl in a schoolgirl uniform on her knees with a cock in her mouth. Christian immediately came over to the computer when the sounds of oral sex filled his apartment, completely speechless and mortified. Wanting to spare his friend’s feelings and not really knowing what else to say, Zach said, “Hey, I think I’ve seen this clip before. Isn’t that Robyn Truelove? What else do you have on here?”

Since that day, they began sending one another video clips and pictures that they’d find on their own and would usually look at some porn after a study session or when hanging out together. After surfing together for a half hour or so, depending on whose place they were at, one guy would excuse himself and head home for the night…and each of them would beat off at the first chance they had.

Today was a different day, however, in that they had started looking at porn in the afternoon, not having anything else to do, but were still planning to hang out later that day. Each of their cocks had been straining against their pants for about 45 minutes already and were starting to feel very uncomfortable.

“You know what, man,” Zach said, pushing away from the computer screen. “I’m going to head home for a bit before we go out later today. I need to, um, do a few things over there.”

“Alright,” Christian replied, relieved that he could finally have some privacy himself. “I’ll see you in a bit.”

Zach was just about to stand when he realized his dilemma – while he usually wore jeans which mostly concealed his boners, today he was wearing fairly flimsy shorts that weren’t going to do anything to obscure his predicament.

“Um, are you waiting for something?” Christian asked as his friend continued to sit.

Realizing that he was going to be embarrassed either way, Zach blushed and stood up, his fully erect package very obvious underneath his clothes. “Fuck,” was all he could say, laughing.

“That’s hilarious!” Christian burst out laughing, unable to help himself. Then, not wanting his canlı bahis şirketleri friend to feel ashamed, he continued, “Seriously, though, don’t worry about it, man. My dick is just as hard as yours right now.”

To illustrate his point, Christian also stood up and pushed his hips forward, accentuating the obvious bulge in his pants. This caused Zach to laugh even harder and the two eventually sat back down to compose themselves.

Regaining himself, Christian asked, “Are you just going home to beat off? Because, seriously, you can totally use my washroom if you want. You’ll just have to wait until I’m done.”

“Yeah, I guess it’s probably no secret that we both jerk it after looking at so much porn together, eh?” Zach replied. “But yep, I was totally just going home to spank it. I’d actually be totally comfortable with doing it here, it’s just that I’d sort of prefer to have something to look at while I’m doing it if you know what I mean. Do you have any magazines?”

“The internet is my magazine, my friend!” Christian replied. “I don’t really want to bring my computer into the washroom… You can borrow a condom if you want – that’s what I usually jerk off into while I’m sitting here. Hardly any mess and it makes me feel more like I’m fucking the girls I’m looking at.”

“Hm, I’ve never tried that before,” said Zach. “That would be great. So I guess I’ll just leave while you do your thing and then, um…well, how do you want to let me know you’re done?”

“You know what, fuck it,” Christian said. “We’re already looking at porn together, we both know fully well that the other guy’s going to jack off – I don’t particularly care if you see my cock or not, so why don’t we just do it right here are pretend the other guy’s not there?”

“You’re a practical guy, Christian,” Zach said jokingly. “Let’s do it.”

Each boy stood up and pulled off his pants and underwear, leaving them naked from the waist down. Both of their cocks were still fully erect and each felt a little bit nervous and more than a little bit excited about jerking off with someone else. While neither guy identified with being bisexual, each had checked out their fair share of bi porn and had liked what they saw. When each thought the other wasn’t looking, they checked out each others’ packages to compare them to their own. Christian’s cock was cut and about 6 inches long, 4.5 inches around. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed and his ball sack only had a light coating of hair on it. Zach’s piece was 5.5 inches long, 5 inches around, and uncut. His pubic hair was a bit longer than his friends and more plentiful on his scrotum.

Christian left to grab a pair of condoms and Zach sat back down to bring up some more pictures. After searching for a moment he found a nice set of Jenna Haze taking on two guys at once. As per usual, the set started off with the guys stripping Jenna down, licking her tits, and eventually pulling out their dicks for her to suck on. However, as it progressed the trio gradually shifted into some hardcore DP action with Jenna riding one cock with her pussy as the other cock took her ass from behind.

“I would so love to fuck that tight little ass,” Christian said as he sat back down, handing a condom to Zach. Both boys opened the wrappers, unrolled the rubbers onto their raging erections, and began tugging away.

“Oh yeah, I would love to fuck that little pucker, too,” Zach agreed. “Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass before?”

“No, but I would totally love to,” Christian replied. “I’ve stuck my finger in a couple of asses before, but that’s as far as it’s gone. I think it would feel so amazing to push the head of my cock past that tight little ring, though…it’s cool that you’re into anal porn, too, since that’s one of my favorite types to look at.”

“Then you should check out this one set of Eva Black,” Zach said, searching for a moment. “Ah, here it is – the one with her in her glasses. I love how she looks so proper and professional, yet she totally takes it in the butt at the end of the set.”

“Fuck, that is really hot,” Christian stated, stroking himself faster. “Shit, I think this is going to make me cum!”

With that, Christian let out a groan and shot stream after stream of jizz into the condom. As he came, he couldn’t believe how intense his orgasm was; while fantasizing about bending Eva over and fucking her ass was turning him on a lot, masturbating next to his friend was getting him hot, too. It was as if the mix of self-consciousness and excitement over being watched had a synergistic effect on his climax…and he also had to admit that watching his friend jerk off in his peripheral vision was getting him off, too.

Zach found himself in a similar situation – while he found the Eva Black photos to be extremely raunchy, he had seen them several times and thus they weren’t bringing him that close to cumming. However, when he saw Christian pumping his fist harder and heard him groan, a switch canlı kaçak iddaa went off and Zach began shooting his load with a fervor as well. Zach was sitting slightly behind Christian, and thus his friend didn’t notice that he was staring at his cock and not at the computer screen while he came.

“Man, that felt good,” Christian said after a moment, still slightly short of breath. “After women, masturbation is definitely the best invention out there.”

“You can say that again,” Zach agreed. “That was awesome! I mean, cumming into a condom while jerking off to porn – you’re right, it did feel more like I was fucking the girls I was looking at.”

While Zach was speaking, Christian’s phone began to ring. After checking the caller ID, Christian announced that it was the parents and that he’d better take the call. With that, he went into his bedroom and left Zach to his own devices. Still feeling a bit horny, Zach decided to check out some more of the porn on his friend’s hard drive as the pair usually just surfed for new stuff online. After a few minutes, Zach found a file indiscreetly called “PORN” and he opened it up. Inside were dozens of other files with category names like “girl on girl”, “group”, “gang bang”, etc. Zach smiled when he saw a file named “freckles”, chuckling at Christian’s little fetish, however his curiosity was piqued when he saw another file called “bi”; given that there were already files called “group” and “girl on girl”, he had an idea of what might be inside. Sure enough, the file was filled with images of guy-guy-girl scenes in which both the guys and the girl were playing with one another. Putting the file on the slide show view, the first picture Zach was greeted with had two lean, muscular guys rubbing their cocks on a pretty brunette’s face while she reached between each of their legs and rubbed their assholes. The next photo had one of the guys in a reverse cowgirl position on top of the other guy’s cock while the girl sucked the receiver’s cock and fingered her own ass. Zach was about to click to the next picture when he heard Christian’s phone call wrapping up in the next room. He quickly closed all the files he had opened and began searching for different porn on the internet.

“Wow, I see you’re ready to go again!” Christian laughed as he walked back into the room and saw his friend’s cock was stiff once more. “That must be popular with the ladies.”

“Well, you know I try,” Zach chuckled. “But seriously, if you want to get ready to head out then I can save this for later.”

“No, no,” Christian started. “I’ll be good for another round. What are you looking at?”

Christian sat down quickly. He was surprised to find that he was getting hard upon walking out and seeing Zach sitting there naked from the waist down with a cum-filled condom on his attractive hard on. Indeed, he hadn’t been planning to watch more porn right away, however it seemed like a good cover for his increasing state of arousal.

“Well, I hadn’t really been looking at anything,” Zach replied. “Although I did hear about this new site the other day and I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet. Apparently it’s really good with really hot girls, but I don’t know anything else about it. Maybe we should wash up and check it out?”

Christian agreed and the boys headed into the washroom to clean off. Zach went first, washing his hands, removing the condom, soaping up his hard member, and then washing it off in the sink. As Christian watched his friend as he waited his turn, his cock gradually stood at full mast.

“Excited about more porn?” Zach joked as he finished up, although a lot of things were running through his mind. First off, he was surprised that he was so turned on by his friend’s penis – despite his enjoying bi porn, he had never thought his desires would extend outside of his fantasy world. And then to find out that Christian had also been checking out bi porn – and liked it enough to save a bunch to his hard drive – made his mind swirl with possibilities. While he was afraid of broaching the subject with Christian, he was so horny at the time that his inhibitions were quickly waning; his confidence was also helped by the fact that Christian seemed to enjoy watching him soap up his cock, which was turning him on even more.

“You know it,” Christian laughed nervously. He felt quite embarrassed about getting hard watching his friend, but Zach didn’t seem to be freaked out which helped him to relax. Christian was also surprised by his sexual feelings towards his friend, but his state of arousal was also causing him to think more with his cock than with his head.

After the pair finished washing up then went back over to the computer and Zach brought up the site in question. The main page had several pictures of groups of two guys and one girl in various states of sexual involvement: one trio had both guys sucking the girls’ tits, another had the girl being fucked from behind while she sucked the other cock, canlı kaçak bahis and a third had the girl in a reverse cowgirl DP.

“Hm, well the girls certainly look hot,” Christian said. “It looks like it must be a DP-based site or something.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Zach agreed. “Do you want to watch the intro video?”

Christian assented and Zach made the appropriate clicks. Soon, a full screen video appeared and showed two fit guys with 7″ or 8″ cocks and a gorgeous brunette kissing one another. The scene was set out in a barn, complete with hay bales, and the girl was wearing a red and white checked bandanna around her neck, a cowgirl had, and cowgirl boots. She had bright blue eyes and a beautiful face, with a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. Her full tits had a perky shape with long nipples, she had a tight little ass, and a token patch of pubic hair above her full pussy lips. At once she bent one guy over a hay bale and began rimming his ass while she jerked the other off with one hand, rubbing her pussy with the other. After a moment of that, the guy in the front of the line turned around to have his cock sucked while the guy behind lifted the girl’s hips and began eating her out. The man in back then stood up, sunk his large cock into the cowgirl’s snatch and began pumping away, her moans filling Christian’s apartment.

Then, to the boys’ surprise, the man getting his cock sucked withdrew, knelt behind the other guy, and began giving him a rim job while jerking off his own cock. Once the cowgirl had cum, she turned around to suck on the guy’s cock, while the man behind him stood up, lubed up his dick, and then slowly inserted it into his ass. Soon enough the ass fucker had built up to a very fast thrusting pace and both men announced that they were going to cum. The ass fucker pulled out at the last minute, as did the one being sucked off, and both men came all over the cowgirl’s face, coating her freckles with their sperm. After they had finished, the girl opened her eyes, scooped some cum into her mouth, and swallowed. Then she gave the camera a cute little smile and waved goodbye…and the screen went dark.

Neither boy said anything for about 20 seconds, until Christian finally uttered: “Well, I think I’m in love with that girl. Did you see those freckles and the look she gave at the end? So hot!”

Zach hadn’t realized he was holding his breath until he let out his sigh of relief. “You know, that’s exactly what I was thinking when she first came onto the screen, ‘Oh great, now Christian’s in love again’. Yeah, she was really smoking”.

“Should we check out another one?” Christian asked. “I mean, you don’t see girls that hot everyday.”

Zach agreed and he clicked on another sample video. This one began with a guy and a girl making out on a couch. The man was quite lean and pale and looked to be no more than 19 or 20 years old. The girl also looked young and had long, full, curly red hair. He skin was tanned with bikini lines and her tits were absolutely huge. She had blue eyes, a cute little nose, and a mischievous smile. Although her tits were big, her stomach was well-toned as was her ass. Both Christian and Zach were very drawn to her full but trimmed bush of red pubic hair and each boy began absently stroking his cock while looking at her. Two or three minutes later, the young guy laid down on the floor and the girl straddled his face, grinding her wet pussy against his mouth and face.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Christian said, tugging his cock harder. “I would love to have that red-haired pussy on my face right now.”

“Yeah, look how badly she wants it,” Zach agreed, very turned on by the video and his friend’s cock. “I’d love to have her sit her little ass over my face, too, and stick my tongue inside.”

Soon, the redhead came and coated the guy’s face with her juices. Then, she slid down his body and impaled himself on his 6″ member, moaning loudly at the initial penetration. Her massive tits bounced up and down as she rode the cock and at once point she grabbed a breast in each hand and alternately sucked each of her nipples.

“Oh fuck, that makes me want to cum,” Zach said. “But I want to hold off so I can see what happens next!”

Christian agreed and the pair continued to watch. Now the redhead had dismounted and the young guy bent over an arm of the couch. The girl attacked his ass with her tongue, first licking the outside of his hole with her tongue and then trying to work it inside. The guy was moaning like crazy and stroking his dick slowly. A couple of minutes later, the redhead got up and returned with a bottle of lube and a mid-sized box. She squeezed a generous amount of lube onto her finger and then slowly worked in inside the boy’s anus, moving it in and out with increased intensity as he got used to it. Then she withdrew, lubed up two fingers and reinserted; when both fingers were in all the way to their bases, she began gently pulling her fingers apart as if to stretch his asshole further. Finally, after a minute or two more of that, she cleaned her hands, opened the box, and removed a strap on harness and 7″ dildo. The young guy got a big smile on his face and reached behind himself to spread his cheeks wide.

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