Black and White Ch. 03

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A picture with faces in it caught his eye, and he turned to look at it. On one wall of the white painted room was a double portrait, a photograph, of Miki and Aviva. It was fairly large, the size of a coffee table book turned horizontal. The girls’ faces were placed close to each other and faced the viewer squarely. Neither was smiling, but the facial expressions were a combination of thoughtful, and emotionally loaded. Whoever took the picture had managed to communicate the girls, sisters, loved each other.

It was black and white, on a crisp white background, and the print looked silvery. The effect was extraordinary; the two girls, women, were luminous and unique, beautiful, and he had to walk over and study it, looking back and forth from the picture to the two swaying girls behind him.

The portrait was extremely well done. It was perfectly framed, and the lighting and makeup were perfect; it was actually stunning. Miki’s skin was dark, almost black, in the exposure, and the contrast with Aviva’s paleness was striking and impressive. He studied it for a while, then turned and said, “This picture is amazing.”

Miki laughed, stirring her wine with a finger. “Yeah, my friend took that. It turned out really well.” She laughed again and turned to her sister. “Remember when we gave a copy to Moms?”

Aviva said, laughing, “Yeah, we gave it to her and she started crying, all hysterical and shit, and we started laughing at her and she got all mad. Ha ha ha!”

Miki swayed a little bit, and said in a singsong voice, “Oh my God, you’re both so beautiful! You’re so beautiful! Oh my God! My beautiful girls! Boo hoo hoo!” She laughed again. “Yeah, that was really mean. We shouldn’t have done that.”

Aviva shrugged. “Eh. That’s what kids or for, being mean to you.” She laughed, then grimaced. “Mine sure as shit is.” Then she swayed a little more and said, “Mean little bastard, not calling me or anything. Love him to death, though.”

Miki said, “You know it.”

Then they both turned to him and suddenly looked predatory. They sashayed towards him, and he had a sudden flash of maybe running away. They circled him, and Aviva got in front of him while Miki went around his back. Aviva grabbed a shoulder and rather roughly bumped her crotch against his body while sipping her wine. The song on the player segued into a new one, a rolling, danceable rap piece, and he found himself finding Aviva’s movements more than a little arousing; the girl knew how to move. He felt Miki’s hands on his back, and then felt her body touch his. He was pressed between the two girls, dancing in an apartment to a bluntly sexual dance tune, knowing they were both going to fuck him.

He put a hand on Aviva’s side, rubbing softly, then thought ‘the hell with it’ and put his palm directly on her boob, stroking gently. She grunted and shoved against his hand and body, pressing her pussy on his leg; behind him he could feel Miki touching his back through his heavy shirt, rubbing and humming to the rough rap piece. Aviva grabbed for poker oyna his shirt buttons and started getting down to business, and Miki backed off into the room, away from him.

Aviva yanked down the button down shirt, glanced over his holey t-shirt, then giggled. She looked at his arm tattoos and her eyes went narrow, making some kind of judgment. She took off his t-shirt, and raised her eyebrows. She said, “You’re in good shape for a lonely divorcee.” She slapped a hand on his belly, then stuffed her hand down his pants. That felt good, and he had to grunt a bit as she started playing with his cock. She pressed up against him, and tilted her head up. He did something he hadn’t really thought of before, and bent down over the average woman and kissed her mouth. He felt Aviva suck in breath and get a little ragged; she was getting very horny very quickly.

Miki said, “You better hurry up and fuck that little girl, she’s not gonna play with you, boy.” He turned slightly to see the other sister, and when he did he almost fell over.

Miki wasn’t blocky or dumpy at all; she’d just been wearing extremely crappy clothing. In fact she was tall, slender, and had absolutely astonishing tits; her top, no longer under the filthy jacket, was a plain white wife-beater kind of thing, and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were shaped like brandy glasses, and had large, prominent aureolas tipped by well-shaped nipples that poked out the fabric. She turned a little, sipping her wine, and he got a look at her back; she had an absolutely fabulous ass, a picture-perfect, magazine quality booty. She had long, shapely legs, a narrow waist, round, grabbable hips, and was extremely pretty. Actually, she was way more than that.

Miki was shockingly, staggeringly, smoking hot.

He didn’t realize he’d been staring until Aviva grabbed his chin with a hand and swiveled him back to face her. She said, looking him in the eye, “Look man, I know my sister’s the bomb, but you’re here to fuck me, too. So quit putting me down and be a fucking gentlemen.” She huffed in frustration and said, “Miki’s a professional model and you better be smart about what you’re here for. You’re fucking lucky.”

He felt a little silly, and was about to say so, but decided not to. Instead he put his hands on either side of Aviva’s face and kissed her mouth, gently, then again, pressing against her. Behind him he heard smoking hot Miki say, “Get that girl in bed, boy. And hey, don’t let her fool you, she likes it rough.”

He thought about that for a second, feeling his cock getting hard, then grabbed Aviva and turned her around. Just that fast he had every interest in fucking the girl. He pushed her in front of him, cupped her tits, and said, “Get in there.” She shoved forward into a bedroom. When they got through the kitchen light went off behind them, and it was quite dim. He really couldn’t see much except a neatly made single bed placed more or less directly in the room, head against a wall.

Taking Miki’s word for it, he simply whipped her around canlı poker oyna and snatched off Aviva’s shirt, dragging it over her head, revealing a cheap white bra. He shoved her roughly to face away from him and unsnapped the band, raking it out over her arms. Aviva gasped and shoved her ass at him, touching his crotch and pounding hard-on. He ripped off her pants but left her hip-hugger panties on, for now; the cut did nothing for her body, instead accentuating a mom gut and thigh fat, and he had to think women should just wear what suited them and not buy whatever was ‘in fashion’. He unzipped his pants and removed his cock; at the same time he more or less shoved Aviva down onto the bed on her ass, touching her head to tell her what he wanted.

She obliged easily, putting her mouth over his cock and sucking, hard, rocking her head and letting him slide easily in her mouth. He had to admit the girl could really, really suck cock.

He got completely hard and ready. When he figured it was about that time he pushed Aviva’s head off him and bent over her, saying quietly, “Take off your panties.” She stayed on the bed, fidgeting out of the poorly-cut underwear, lowering her head some, until he very, very gently took a fistful of her hair, tipped her head back, and kissed her as she removed her last piece of clothing. She kissed him back forcefully, pushing her tongue in and really getting down. He caught her hand sneaking down to her pussy.

She played with herself while he kissed her, still keeping her head in place; she put her other hand around his cock and slid her fist around the shaft, mumbling into his mouth when he caressed her tits. He touched her carefully, then more firmly, finally roughly stroking and pinching her nipples and boobs. She liked that, squirming and moaning, stroking herself energetically.

He told her, “Get a condom and put it on me.”

She removed her mouth from his cock and scrambled over the bed to a small bedstead. She came right back, body shining white in the dim, and put the condom on with shaking hands. He heard a noise behind him; when he turned it was Miki, holding a wine glass.

Miki said, leaning in an impossibly sexy way against the door jamb, “Put her sideways and straddle her leg. She likes that.”

He saw Aviva sprawl on the bed and whimper, almost pathetically, “Shut up, Miki.” The sister laughed quietly. Lee decided to take the advice: he manhandled Aviva on the bed and towered over her, straightening a leg under him and positioning himself at her pussy as her other leg raised up. He flatly placed his hand on her pussy, feeling how ready she was. When he did Aviva made a high-pitched gasp, and he could feel the girl was soaking wet.

He put the very tip of his cock at her body, rocked some, checking, and then shoved in as far as he could as hard as he could.

Aviva shouted out and grabbed at the covers, squirming. He gripped the ankle of her upper leg, bending it at the knee and holding her in place there, at the same time restraining her body internet casino by pressing down on her shoulder. She tried to wriggle, gasping and struggling; when he pounded into her again she made a very loud ‘HUH’ noise.

Behind him Miki said, laughter in her voice, “There you go.” He sensed her sip her wine, then heard her say, “Hit that pussy.”

He did.

Lee fucked the absolute shit out of Aviva, slamming into her body while she gasped, whined, shouted and shook. She struggled, fought, groaned and tried to bite him. He fucked her hard, knowing he was getting in deep and was very likely pushing the limits of what her body was okay with, but the one thing Aviva didn’t do was tell him to stop.

She was slick and wet, soaking, and he could feel the sexual product of her body smearing all over the both of them as he fucked her. He was getting up on coming when Aviva started grumbling filthy words and swearing out loud, telling him to fuck her and fuck her pussy. Then she started shaking.

He fucked Aviva’s pussy while she came, shouting out in a very loud series of exclamations and curse words, slamming her own body against him as best she could, arching her back and poking out her tits, writhing and kicking her legs. He let go of her shoulder to paw at her breasts and pinch her nipples in turn, softly, then cruelly. When he did that she went berserk, struggling and crying and coming, kicking out and finally, letting out one, piercing scream that went right through his head. But, he thought, as much as he could think, she didn’t tell him to stop.

Then he came himself, pounding Aviva’s slippery wet pussy and brutally holding her down, shoving into her warm, wet pussy as far as he could as he came, slamming her whole body up the bed and making her try not to hit the wall. When he was done he slipped out and sat back on his feet. He watched while Aviva froze solid, not moving, and then watched some more while her entire body was racked with a final, single, overwhelming spasm that took her over until she yelled and couldn’t take it anymore. She thrashed and kicked her legs out at Lee, then suddenly stopped and collapsed completely.

After a few seconds Aviva said, into the covers, “Oh, oh, oh, FUCK.”

Lee was just about out of breath, and feeling dizzy. Aviva was a lot of fun, he had to think, and he went ahead and touched her body some more, running his hands over her waist, thighs, and ass. Aviva didn’t move, just laid on the bed, moaning into the mattress. He heard a noise behind him: Miki.

When he turned to look the rest of the lights went out, leaving them bathed in a weird, bluish glow from the other room that he recognized as some kind of small aquarium. Then Miki came in the room.

At least, her panties did: it was so dark, and Miki herself was so dark, that he couldn’t see her body. All he could see was a filmy, lacy, bright white thong walking around the room. It was completely unnerving. The article of clothing wandered around for a while, turning and showing off what he knew was Miki’s awesome ass, until his eyes adjusted and he could make out the outline of her in the gloom. She smiled, or he guessed she did, and that was even more unsettling: teeth and a white panty moving around in a dark room.

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