Blackmailed Into Homo-Humiliation Ch. 02

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This story follows on immediately from my previous tale “Blackmailed Into Homo-Humiliation.” Many thanks to all those who read and voted on it and especially those who took the time to write comments. It is appreciated.


After my wife had discovered me being fucked by Roger and submissively sucking his cock on order she had stormed home packed her bags and went to her sisters for a fortnight. It was a full three days before she answered my phone calls and I tried to explain my actions to her. It wasn’t easy but eventually she agreed to return to our home to at least live but I was deservedly banished to our guest bedroom.

Meanwhile, at work Roger laid off me. Yes, he was constantly there and giving me knowing grins and smiles but he made no more demands that I service him in any way sexually at work and, in fact, made no mention of that Friday in the Boardroom where he made me his bitch. I figured that he had made his point. He had humiliated me and reduced me to a state where I would rather suck his cock than comfort my loving wife. He had brought me to this and I thought that having achieved that he was happy and he would move on. He had gained revenge on me for usurping him in the office and on Julie for going with me rather than him and that was an end of it. I was relieved, I wanted to fight to save my marriage and put all this behind me but I can’t deny there was a part of me disappointed, a craving that Roger’s treatment of me over the past few weeks had awakened in me, a craving for cock. I tried hard to repress it.

As could be imagined things were difficult between Julie and myself and it was with a heavy heart that I set off on a week long trip some three weeks after her return to our home. I wasn’t out of the office normally for too long but this trip had been planned months in advance so I had to go and found myself trudging up our front path at nearly nine at night on the Friday after an exhausting week.

When I opened the front door I knew something was different, I could sense it in the air. I shut the door and dropped my cases in the hall, glimpsed my blonde hair passing the hall mirror and headed straight for the lounge. There was nobody there, but there had been and recently by the look of the two wine glasses and discarded bottles that littered the coffee table carelessly. A low constant thudding noise registered in my hearing from above and I hurried to the staircase afraid of what I would discover upstairs and, I guess, on some level knowing.

I stalled in the entrance to the master bedroom and was at once appalled and unable to look away from the sight that greeted me. My wife lay on her back across the width of the bed, naked and her long legs spread as wide as you can imagine, her hair fanned out on the white bedclothes behind her, her pert breasts rippling with the force she was being fucked with. There between her legs was Roger, his older, muscular frame shown in shadow and light as he thrust into her to match her moans of undoubted pleasure.

I stood there dumbfounded for what seemed like an eternity watching him satisfy my wife. Watching his slick, erect penis slide backwards and forwards into her as they rutted oblivious to my presence. Not for long oblivious though as Roger looked up and met my gaze, holding it as he continued to fuck Julie. I was frozen under his stare and could only drop my gaze submissively as he looked contemptuously at me. He stopped fucking Julie and she turned to see what had halted his barrage but she barely registered my presence, just a smile that I couldn’t quite make out. She lay there, her legs still akimbo as Roger spoke to me.

His greeting was humiliating to me in the extreme “Well look at this! If it isn’t my little bitch, back from work.”

I started to stammer a reply of sorts but he cut me off.

“Shut up. I want you to get undressed and get over there (pointing to a spot on the far side of the bed so I would be just yard from Julie’s head). I’ll allow you the luxury of masturbating while I drill your wife’s ass.”

I should have resisted, I should have shouted at him or even physically tackled him and thrown him out. But I didn’t, all I did in defiance of his command was to stand still and hesitate. Not a very strong reaction, I know. He seized on that hesitation and began to menacingly threaten me as I cowered in the doorway and my wife lay obviously satisfied on the bed.

“Listen Simon, you stupid little Bitch. You don’t seem to have grasped the situation so let me spell it out for you. Either you do as I say and strip off and get down on your knees over there with your pathetic little cock in your hand or believe me I’ll finish your career and your marriage in the next 24 hours. Besides you want to please your Master don’t you?”

The two of them watched me curiously as I stripped naked before them. Embarrassingly I was hard, I didn’t know whether it had been watching them or being spoken to like that which had turned me on poker oyna so much, but there was little doubt the two of them noticed how my body had reacted to finding them and being made to obey Roger. God, I even got to my knees of my own accord and crawled over to where he had bidden me, when I reached it I looked up and found Julie rolling over to her front and staring straight at me. I couldn’t hold her gaze. I was confused how had this all happened? What did it mean? I had little time to contemplate as Roger had obviously slid his penis into her arsehole (I had never had anal sex with her!) and slowly began to jog her back and forwards, her face contorting in a pleasure/pain grimace. Unthinkingly, I reached down with my right hand and gripped my hard cock and began to run my hand over it.

I couldn’t tell you how long we were like that, me masturbating furiously while my wife was sodomised in front of me by my Master, time seemed to have no meaning and it was only as I felt my hot seed spill into my hand that I came somewhat to my senses. I knelt there, no doubt a pathetic image, cum dripping through my fingers as Roger and Julie’s lovemaking became more noisy and erratic in movement and he vocally told her (and me) he was cuming. He didn’t withdraw and obviously spunked his load inside my wife’s sphincter. Her face fell into the sheets and he flopped atop her and the scene was silent for a moment.

Roger looked up grinning wildly at me. I imagine that he derived as much pleasure from what he had just ordered me to watch as when I had sucked his cock, licked his arse and allowed him to fuck me previously. He spoke in his controlled work voice.

“Simon, I want you to crawl over here and suck my cock clean, then you can drink my cum from Julie’s arsehole.”

Obscene, repellent and to the point. Nevertheless, I was immediately crawling around the bed towards him intent on his masterful penis. I was his and all three of us knew it. What I didn’t know yet was where Julie stood (or lay currently) in this. She was however, making no objections so far.

I gobbled greedily on his softening member, taking it fully into my mouth and working my tongue over it as I had done previously. I could tell he was pleased that I was doing as he ordered and from the corner of my eye I could see a self-satisfied smile forming on my wife’s face as she looked over her shoulder. This cock had been buried deep in my wife’s arsehole seconds before and bore the evidence of that but yet I still licked at it reverentially.

I had barely begun servicing him orally when he pulled his already re-stiffening cock from my mouth and turned my head around to face my wife’s arse. A thin trail of his cum was already leaking out of her and he guided my head towards it knowing that I would do as he instructed. With her body still crushed to the sheets she eased her legs further apart, proffering me easier access to my site. My tongue, fresh from engulfing Roger’s penis, now snaked out and caught the end of the trail of cum before it escaped her body completely and in one fluid motion I ran my tongue up the crack of her arse right to the puckered pink hole that it originated from.

Julie gave a low groan of pleasure as my tongue probed her most intimate hole, seeking more of Roger’s sperm and gathering it into my waiting mouth. Roger was behind me holding my head but he need not worry of me withdrawing, I was too caught up in the moment, whatever the circumstances. But it was over too soon, Julie was happy enough with her treatment and inched forward and off the bed, giving just an explanation of “I’m going to take a shower, OK?”

The worrying thing was it was directed at Roger, as was her glance, I might as well have not been in the room.

I watched her svelte, naked, sweaty body leave the room and felt Roger’s finger on my chin, tilting it upwards so I looked up towards his mocking face.

“As you can see I’ve re-acquainted myself with your wife and she and I have decided that I should move in. I felt sure you wouldn’t mind.”

I did, and I wanted to tell ‘no, get out’ but the proximity of his stiffening cock to my mouth reminded me of my submission.

He continued as the tip of his long cock bobbed against my lips and I discretely began to run my tongue over it.

“We’re going to move you into the spare room permanently, for now at least, if you fail to please us then maybe we’ll kick you out altogether understand?”

I nodded, his cock slipping into my mouth again.

“I thought, with you away for the week, I would take the chance to apologise to Julie for that scene in the boardroom. It didn’t take long for me to show her intimately how easy it had been for you to succumb to my long, hard penis. She’s in entire agreement with how we treat you. If you behave like my bitch, you’ll be treated like it. You’ll go to work as normal but once you’re back here you’ll do exactly what I tell you. I’ll decide what pleasures you are canlı poker oyna allowed from now on, when you masturbate, when you fuck, who you fuck, who you suck and who fucks you. If you do well, you can stay and I’m sure we’ll all be satisfied with the arrangement.”

Before I could speak Julie emerged from the bathroom her naked body glistening from a hot shower and leaned against the doorframe looking down at me like I was something she had stepped in.

“When I saw you being fucked by Roger that night and learned that you had been cheating on me, and worse still with a man, I knew our marriage was over I could never love you again. I needed a real man,” she wrapped her hands around Roger and kissed him “and I’ve found one, though heaven knows why he wants to keep you.”

Roger returned her kiss and fondled her breasts as well before looking at me and answering “Oh I’ve got great plans for him my dear.”

I spent that first night in the spare room, it had been shorn of all furniture and decorations save for the bed, and as I lay unsleeping on it considering all that had happened to us I could hear the springs in the master bedroom squeaking from my Master and wife’s sexual exertions. Part of me wanted to rise up and stand up to this, I wasn’t in the wrong here. Was I? But yet my feelings of submission to Roger were stronger. I guess they had lain dormant inside me until he had awakened them and now they were rampant. I was becoming addicted to him treating me like this (and Julie now too). I decided to accept the situation as it stood for just now after all I could change it later if I wanted, couldn’t I?

In that first month Roger broke me down, mentally more than physically, but whichever I was soon his fuck puppet, submissive and compliant to all his demands. Soon my mind, body and soul were his to command. He never told me what his great plans for me were and I just slipped further under his control.

The worst and most humiliating time was when a month after discovering them together, Julie and Roger invited Julie’s friends, Lynn and Kaye over for an evening meal.

Lynn and Kaye had gone to college with Julie and had remained friends with her after. They were lesbians and from the moment we had met I had never got on with them. Actually, that’s probably unfair to me. To be correct they had never liked me. I think they resented my marrying Julie and taking her away from them socially as they had been big pals up to that point. Since our marriage my relations with Lynn and Kaye had gone steadily down hill, they liked to look down their noses at me and thought themselves so superior. I had tried to keep the peace for Julie’s sake (she was aware of our mutual antipathy but very much favoured my side as my wife should) but our last couple of meetings had degenerated to pretty petty levels of either ignoring each other or even a bit of name calling. Frankly, they did not like me and I felt much the same about them.

In saying all that, however, I could hardly deny that both were good looking women. They were in their late twenties and Lynn was petite brunette with a boyish short haircut and very young face. Despite a slim, attractive figure she persisted in wearing dull, unflattering clothing that seemed designed to hide as much as possible. I don’t believe I had ever seen her in a skirt before. Kaye was a polar opposite to her partner. She was a tall, stunning blonde and wore some of the most outrageous outfits I had ever seen. Kaye seemed, in particular, to dislike me.

So when the doorbell rang that Friday night I was pretty apprehensive of answering it. This would be the first time they had visited Julie since our domestic arrangements had changed so drastically. I had knelt sucking Roger off in the living room as my wife told them all about it in a two hour telephone conversation earlier in the week, grimacing as I listened to her recount the gory details and the cackles that we could hear in the earpiece. I approached the door with a degree of trepidation, especially as I could hear Julie and Roger snickering behind me. They had, you see, bought and forced me to wear, a tiny little, frilly French maids outfit, complete with tight bustier and a micro black and white skirt. With my slim frame I fitted it almost too well. I didn’t think I could open the door but somehow I managed and the night only got worse from that point forward.

I opened the door to them and found immediately that I couldn’t bare to meet their eyes. While I have no doubt they believed every word that Julie related to them over the phone the physical evidence of me standing, dressed like this, admitting them into our house must have been quite the shock for them. That shock did not last long.

“Well don’t you look sexy Simon?” screeched Kaye as she flipped the front of my maid’s skirt to confirm whether I had anything on underneath. I didn’t and she was quick to inform everybody.

“Christ what a tiddler, no wonder you went internet casino for another man Julie” she shouted to a smiling Julie and Roger in the corridor. Lynn followed Kay into the hallway and I meekly took their coats, this was going to be a long night.

It rapidly turned into the most embarrassing and humiliating evening of my life, yet it would be incorrect to say that I was not turned on by much of it. My excitement at such treatment had been nurtured by Roger over the past few weeks and that night it took full flight.

I was made to serve the four of them with their evening meal and later to keep their wines glasses topped up. Throughout I was the topic of conversation and it became evident that both Julie’s friends approved of the new man in her life, especially in comparison to me. They moved through to the living room and I knelt beside the sofa as they got progressively more drunk and obnoxious. The comments made to and about me were enough to make a whore blush and all four were relishing my embarrassment. After so much alcohol talk turned particularly to sex and the three girls goaded Roger into demonstrating in front of them how much of bitch I was. He gave a big smile, stood in the centre of the room and beckoned me over.

“Bitch! I am fed up with your outfit strip it off” I gave a slight nod and peeled the tight top and skirt off so I stood completely naked before them. Hoots of derision reached me from the college friends on the sofa.

“Undress me Bitch” , he commanded.

Unquestioningly I began to take off his suit and trousers and eventually I finally removed his silk boxer shorts so that he stood equally nude in front of me. The girls, fuelled by drink and contempt, urged him to abuse me. He needed little encouragement.

“Get me hard, Bitch. You know how I like it.”

My mouth found the safe familiarity of his penis and gulped it in, my face burning with shame at so eagerly sucking him in front of my wife and her friends and, as usual, getting an erection about it myself. From the sounds emanating from the sofa they were really getting into it and indeed when I as able to glance in their direction I saw all three were losing clothing pretty easily and hands seemed to be roaming freely.

I guess to impress his new audience, Roger was particularly rough on my mouth that night but that didn’t stop me enjoying it or enjoying my humiliation. His long dick slipped easily along the length of my tongue and soon was banging into the back wall of my throat. He enjoyed being deep throated by me but this time he thrust himself into me with extra force and I struggled initially to match his strokes. I think he was showing off for the girls, whatever, after this night they would definitely see me as little more than his bitch.

“Cum on his face Roger,” encouraged Kaye, clearly desperate to see me humbled before them, funny thing was I wanted him to do that to me probably more than she did.

He continued to fuck my face for some minutes then I felt the familiar pulsing of his dick inside me and this time he pulled it from my gasping mouth and fired a long stream of cum over me, I knelt there taking it, allowing it to course from my forehead and stream down my nose towards my lips. I heard all three women cheer and laugh as he painted me in his white coating.

Lynn spoke in her cultured, though slurring voice “Why don’t you show us how you bugger the little wimp in your Boardroom, Roger. We want to see that, don’t we girls!”

The request was greeted with a cheer and with cum still dripping down my face he rolled me over and placed me face down on the coffee table. He addressed his increasingly inebriated audience.

“You know what girls, as eager as I am to fuck the little bitch senseless for your entertainment, I’m a bit spent for the moment, perhaps Julie you can get me hard again” my wife gave him a big smile and pursed her lips suggestively at him.

“In the meantime, Kaye, Julie told me about your feelings for my little bitch Simon so we thought you might like to fuck him as well” and my horror at hearing these words was only magnified as he lifted a giant, black, strap-on dildo from a bag by the side of the sofa.

The girls again erupted in squeals of laughter and excitement and I was left in no doubt that Kaye would be more than delighted to do as Roger suggested.

In the month or so since Roger had turned me into the cock sucking wimp I am now proud to be he had stretched my arsehole on a number of occasions with his lengthy prick, but it wasn’t as thick as all that, this dildo however, looked, and as I soon discovered, was extremely wide and as Kaye lifted her short skirt and pulled the straps around her legs and waist I gripped the edge of the table trying to prepare myself for her. I could not imagine she would be gentle with me.

She ran her fingernails over my small but hard dick amused by my state of arousal, “Look at that, the bitch is excited about his Mistress Kaye buggering him. Aren’t you?” I gave no answer so she immediately dug her nails into my balls, “Answer me bitch! Tell me how much you want me to fuck you!”

“Aaargh!” I yelped. “Yes.Yes. Please fuck me Mistress Kaye. Please.”

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