Bottomed Out Ch. 02

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When I awoke, it was dark, but I couldn’t tell what time it was. For a moment I couldn’t remember what had happened and why my whole body was sore and sticky with fluids. I felt my arms and legs being released from the ropes holding me spread eagle on the bed. I was shoved off the bed onto the hard floor. With one slap on my ass I was reminded of all that had happened and remembered who I now was. I was now my master’s pussy boy. I was his slave and only existed to serve his needs and take his punishment.

Master got on top of me and sat on my head, forcing my face into the ground. I groaned slightly at the pain, causing Master to push down harder and reach for the remote to the shock collar secured around my small, flaccid penis and embarrassingly little balls. My body convulsed again in pain as the shocks ran through me. Master seemed angry at me, but he still seemed pleased at the way I writhed in agony under his control. Taking the ropes off the bed, he tied my arms tight behind my back and tied my feet together. He forced my knees as far apart as they would go and pushed a metal bar between them. The bar was secured to each of my knees, leaving my legs painfully stretched and my upturned ass spread wide open. Master stood up and walked to the other side of the bed. He returned with the large metal bowl which had been placed below my ass to collect Master’s cum as it dripped from my violated asshole. The bottom of the bowl was covered with what seemed like an impossible amount of creamy jizz. My mouth inadvertently began to water as I thought of my fleeting taste of my master’s cum a few hours before. I hoped that Master would allow me to lick the bowl clean.

Instead of feeding me, though, he placed the bowl on the floor a few inches in front of my face. He stood above me and took his flaccid but still impressive cock in his hand and aimed a stream of hot urine into the bowl. The smell of acrid, beer filled urine rose from the bowl and hit my nose hard. I recoiled slightly as I saw my master’s cum being mixed with his piss. After what seemed like an impossibly long time, but couldn’t have been more than a minute, my master stopped pissing and looked down at me.

“You will drink that bowl dry, little cunt. From now on the only things you will eat or drink will come out the tip of a cock, so enjoy it. Once you have finished, I suggest you try to get some sleep. I don’t want you to be tired tomorrow; you’re going to have a long day.” With that, he shoved the bowl under my face.

I was disgusted, but I knew I had to obey. Besides, I had already drunk Master’s piss the night before. Master had already degraded me to the level where I accepted the meal in front of me almost gratefully. I lapped up the piss in short gulps, trying to pass the bitter yellow liquid past my tongue as quickly as possible. As fast as I was trying to go, it still seemed like the bowl would never be empty. When I at last reached the thick cum at the bottom, my face was sopping with piss and my throat felt scratchy from the salty urine. Master’s jizz felt wonderful coating my sore throat as now enthusiastically pushed my face into the bowl. Master stood above me and laughed as I finished my meal and looked up at him as I licked the last of his sweet semen off of my lips.

He slapped me across my face and once more across my hairless and exposed asshole before climbing into my bed. I made myself as comfortable as I could in my bonds on the hard floor, and soon fell back into an exhausted sleep, wondering what the morning would bring.

I awoke to the cold feeling of greasy Vaseline being smeared across what I was now coming to think of as my pussy. My pussy muscles contracted pleasantly at my master’s touch and I smiled fully for the first time since Master had arrived. Master poker oyna had been rough with my pussy the night before; shoving the whole length of his thick prick into me with no lubrication other than his small amount of precum. I had enjoyed the pain and the frantic roughness with which I had been used, but I wasn’t sure how much raw, dry abuse my pussy could take before the pain became too much for a sissy like me. The touch of the Vaseline on my pussy spread a warm feeling of gratitude for my master through me. There was no mistaking the fact that my master was stern, that my primary purpose was serving him at any cost, or that failing to please him would bring about cold, cruel retribution. But, in return for my service, my master would take care of my needs. His body was now the only object in my world. It would provide my only sustenance and satisfying each of its needs was the only purpose of my existence. I felt a bond with my master that I had never felt before as his cock spread my slick pussy and slid into me.

The sun was up and shining through the window onto my back, making me glow inside and out as Master’s cock penetrated me relentlessly. Master first fucked me in slow, long strokes, letting my pussy muscles rhythmically milk every inch of the wonderful cock which had brought me to this level of grateful servitude. The strokes came faster as master grabbed my hips and pulled them towards him, forcing his cock further and more forcefully inside of me. The tip of his penis banged repeatedly against the uppermost regions of my insides. I lost myself in the feeling of fullness, of the friction of my master’s flesh sliding across the tight ring of my pussy and over my now desperately sensitive prostate. My hips bucked back against Master’s. I lost control over my body as I desperately spasmed around Master’s cock. I moaned loudly. The high and girlish tone that escaped my mouth surprised me and made me feel even more like my master’s slave girl. A stream of feverish, breathless praise for my master escaped my lips.

“Master, you fuck me so well. Master, your cock is so big. Master, I love giving you my pussy. Master, use me. Master, I’ll do anything for you. Master, I love you. Oh Master, you make my pussy feel so good. Master, I’m cumming. Oh my Master, I’m cumming.”

Master’s body tensed and his seed, my sustenance, splashed my pussy and filled my insides. The hot liquid pushed me into blissful oblivion and my ugly, useless little penis spurted my own cum onto the floor beneath me. Master remained deep inside my pussy for a long time, spasming occasionally and shooting the last bits of his jizz into me.

When his orgasm finally subsided, he pulled out of me quickly and spanked my ass hard. He reached down and pulled roughly at my empty balls, then slapped them repeatedly. I bit my lip through the pain and felt tears come to my eyes. The pleasure I had felt moments before was gone, but my devotion to Master remained through the excruciating treatment to which Master was now subjecting me. He shouted at me; telling me that I was a slut, and that how his cock made me feel didn’t matter. He told me that I only existed for him to use, that he didn’t care about my praise, that my pleasure was of no consequence to him or anyone else. As his blows continued to alternate between my ass and my balls, he angrily explained that, if I continued to make the mistake of thinking that I mattered, he would make my life unbearable. He said that pussies are only useful when they serve their master with no regards for themselves, when they realize that they are insignificant. He beat me until his arm got tired, then he grabbed the remote to the shock collar. He shocked my cock on and off for minutes on end, until I couldn’t cry anymore and almost couldn’t feel anymore pain. canlı poker oyna All the while I knew Master’s cum, my breakfast, was dripping out of my pussy; I was worried he wouldn’t let me eat as punishment for upsetting him. He rolled me on to my back and pissed on me, moving the spray from my soft, bruised cock and balls up to my mouth and face. He knelt down over my face and ground his ass onto my mouth before shoving his semi-erect penis past my lips. “Clean your pussy juice off of Master’s cock, slave.” I did as I was told, somehow still grateful to be able to serve Master.

He stood and said, “lick this floor clean, get your breakfast from your pussy, then clean yourself off in the bath and get dressed. I have lain your clothes out on the bed. Then come into the kitchen where I will teach you how to be a good little slave.” With that, he untied my hands and feet, removed the stretcher bar from my sore legs, and left the room. I heard the water begin to run in the shower as I set about licking the mess off of the floor. I slurped up the mix of his piss and my cum, then knelt over the metal bowl and let Master’s semen drip from my pussy. I helped the process along by scooping the massive amount of cum from my pussy with my fingers, licking the warm sweet goo off of my hands ravenously. When I was sure I was empty I tilted the bowl to my lips and drank my breakfast in one long gulp. When I caught sight of myself in the bedroom mirror, with my swollen red ass, shaved body, lip-stick smeared face, and with a bowl of another man’s come lifted to my grateful lips, I knew that Master was right. I didn’t matter; I was insignificant; a pussy like me only existed to be used, not to be pleasured in any way. If Master made me feel good in return, it was only because, as a pussy slave, I was naturally inclined to be happy while being used. He didn’t care if I felt pleasure or pain, and, quite frankly, neither did I. I only cared about giving Master whatever pleasure he wanted.

I stood and looked at the outfit Master wanted me to wear. It consisted of a tiny black satin skirt with lace frills at the hem, a black and white satin halter top, a pair of small, fake breasts with adhesive to attach them, lipstick, a wig of wavy black, shoulder length hair, and pair of three inch stiletto heels.

I took the shock collar off of my penis and got into the shower and cleaning the dried urine and cum off of my smooth body. I reached behind me to clean my pussy and was surprised not to find it raw or oversensitive. It was as if I really was made to take my master’s cock as much as he wanted. I dried myself and applied the lipstick, thinking with guilty pride that Master would like the way I looked fully dressed as a woman. I reluctantly put the shock collar back on. I applied the adhesive and the fake tits carefully, jutting out my chest and admiring my new female form in the mirror. I put my little cock back between my thighs and rubbed my smooth, girly pudendum for a minute in front of the mirror before I decided I had better hurry and dress. I squeezed my body into the skirt, which barely covered my ass. I was, for the first time in my life, grateful that I had so small a penis that it wouldn’t be visible beneath the hem of the skirt. I slipped the halter over my head and tied it around my neck, appreciating the curve it formed over my breasts. I arranged the wig on my head and took a last look at myself in the full length mirror. I was now truly a woman. I didn’t even know if I could any longer think of myself as a pussy-boy. For all intents and purposes, I was now just a pussy. I looked back at the bed, making sure I hadn’t missed anything, when I noticed for the first time a small, flesh covered pouch with a note attached to it. The note read:

“It is unfortunate that you have a penis. internet casino It is something we will have to live with for now. However, I don’t want to have to look at the disgusting little thing. This pouch will cover the last evidence that you used to be a boy. When the attached tape is secured properly in place, it will pull your prick and those pathetic, good-for-nothing balls back between your thighs. If you do it right, and you had better, you will look almost like the little bitch that you are.”

I lay on my back and pushed my boy’s genitals down between my legs like I had done in the mirror. The flesh colored, padded fabric covered my penis and testicles and formed them into a small mound. If it had had a slit in it, it could have passed for a vagina from a few feet away. I secured the flesh colored tape that was hidden beneath the fabric in the front and back and stood up. The effect was amazing, completely hiding the only reminder, pathetic as it was, that I was a man. The position it left my penis in, however, was terribly uncomfortable, as it squeezed my already bruised balls. I guessed that I could live with it, though, and slipped on the heels.

When I carefully walked out of the room on my heels into the living room, I was met with a terrifying sight. In my living room sat six large men, each with beer in hand, watching a football game on television. Master was not among them, so I was somewhat confused. I composed myself warily, and said hello to them in my newly feminine voice. They all looked me up and down and then laughed to each other. The biggest one looked to the man next to him and said, “she looks like she’ll do.”

He turned back to me and told me that I was expected in the kitchen, and I had better hurry, as I had already taken too much time getting ready.

I walked to the kitchen, still somewhat uncomfortable in my tall heels, and found master arranging food on trays. He had dressed in nice chinos loafers and a blue oxford shirt. I glowed at how handsome my Master was, particularly compared to the rest of the men in the house.

“You certainly took your time,” he said. “I’ll have to punish you for that later, once everyone has left. For now, you will do what I say and you will put on a pretty smile while you do it. Today, you are going to serve my friends while we watch the game. You will bring us food and beer when we need it. When you are not getting us food and beer, you will kneel in front of us with your skirt pulled over your ass and your head down. I want the boys to get good long looks at your pussy during the game. When one of them asks you to service them, you will suck their cocks and do whatever else they want. When one of them has to piss, you will accompany them to the bathroom and you will swallow their piss. When we feel like it, we will take turns fucking you. You will swallow every drop of our cum. You will not speak unless spoken to. You will do what we want, when we want it. If any of us are dissatisfied with you, we will punish you. Understand? Good. Now lift up your skirt and let me see you.”

I lifted my skirt and showed Master my smooth, girlish crotch. He seemed pleased and told me to be sure to avoid letting my ugly penis get hard and ruin the look. He told me that if I couldn’t control myself, I would be shocked until my penis could not get hard again. With that, he spanked my ass hard with the serving spoon in his hand and walked into the other room with his beer.

I took a deep breath and tried to process what I had just been told. I was about to be humiliated and gang-fucked by a group of large, beer swilling me. I was frightened for a moment, until I thought again about my masters admonitions from that morning. I understood that I was insignificant; no one cared that I was scared. If I was to be of any use to my master, or to the world, I would do as told and serve in the only way I was useful. I picked up a tray and stepped into the next chapter of my subservient life.

To be continued…

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