Bound to Meet Pt. 01

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I had been talking to this Dom guy online for a few months… not everyday or constantly, but a couple messages a week. Every once in a while, we would have a hot cyber exchange, spilling our fantasies out and having a surprising connection. That connection continued to build until we just had to meet. I was like a bitch in heat in anticipation, and he knew it.

I was not a novice by any means, but there we’re things I had never tried… imagine, me, a virgin… to anything. One of the things that was now lighting up my cerebellum, was the idea of chastity. I was not hung, by porn standards, but I had a nice thick 6.5″ cock… I was a grower and not a shower. The idea of having my cock bound in a little device and treated like a clit, was driving me crazy recently… but the idea is one thing, reality does not always live up to the fantasy. So Tom (the Dom) had directed me to buy a cock cage. He shared a link to one that he suggested I get as a starter. I followed his instructions and soon it arrived.

Now I have another problem. The fantasy gets me so excited, that when I try to put the thing on, I get too aroused. So I am looking at lesbian porn, listening to classical music, reading an instruction manual on assembling a piece of IKEA furniture… but I still get hard every time I touch the damn cage. Poppers! They always make me soft. I watch these guys online huffing poppers while jacking off and am just amazed. I love poppers, but they make me limp. My hole twitches, just not my dick (clit?). OK! That worked. I got the cage on, just a little while at first. Dom Tom told me to put it on as soon as I got home from work. He wanted pictures. I comply, but of course this gets me excited and my cock is straining against the plastic device. Damn, that hurts. He advises me on some ways to lessen the rubbing so I don’t get bruises, cuts, sores while wearing the device.

We start planning for his visit. We don’t live very far a part, only an hour, so we decide that he will come in Friday evening and spend the weekend. It’s all I can do to focus during work on Friday. I cant eat, I am so wound up. 5 PM! Time to go. I head home and huff on the poppers. I put the cage on. I wonder to myself how long before he allows me to remove it, I mean, meeting in person changes… everything. I have not worn it for more than 4 hours at this point. Hmmm. More nerves, lol. What am i getting myself into? I jump in the shower for a good douche. We have had a lot of piggy chat, but I do not know exactly what he has planned for me, so I best be prepared.

I am naked except for the cock cage when I hear a car engine behind the house. He must be parking in my drive off the alley. The back door is unlocked, so I assume the position. The position he instructed me to be in when he arrived. I get on all fours, head on the floor, and ass in the air. My hole is twitching, hungry, exposed. I interlock my fingers behind my head. The car door shuts and then I hear the gate into the backyard click close as well. My clit of a dick starts to leak in anticipation. A drool of precum is stretching down between my legs as I hear the knob on the back door turn. It swings open, I am down the hall, ass toward the door, about 15 feet away. But I don’t hear anything else. Is he just standing there? Exposing my ass to the backyard and the alley and anyone walking or driving by? Oh, I remember, there is an 8 ft fence back there. Whew! But, what is he doing? OMG, is it him, did one of my friends or neighbors come over instead? I want to look. But, what if it is him. I stay in position, presenting my ass as instructed, waiting, anticipation building.

I don’t know how long he waited. It seemed like 15 minutes. It was probably only one. Finally, the door shut and I hear a whistle. Not loud, but admiring.

“That’s a beautiful site.” He says. “A cub pussy, lips swollen in heat, presented and eager for some attention… just like I asked for. Good boy!” He had the slightest southern drawl.

I shivered in delight at his his words, his accent. “Th, thank you sir!” I stammered. I hear his slow foot steps approach me. He is wearing black leather work boots. I see them out of my peripheral vision as he steps around me. I can tell he is looking at me, evaluating, and hopefully, admiring. He stepped back around behind me, spotting the thick strand of drool hanging from my caged dicklit. He chuckled.

“Someone’s excited I see.” Tom said, half to himself. I could see the drool was puddling beneath me. I even surprised myself by the size of the puddle of precum. He leaned over me and I felt his fingers touch my hole. They were wet. He must have used some of my drool. He spread it around my hole. I flexed my sphincter, winking at him. I think he liked that as he chuckled again. He proceeded in inspecting my ass, paying close attention to my hole. He massaged my meaty buns gently at first gradually gripping them tightly and kneeling them roughly. Pulling away his hand and admiring the pink color left by his machinations until the blood returned to the flesh restoring the pale white poker oyna naturally and normally there. A couple of swats followed to observe my reaction. I stayed as still as possible. He let out a thoughtful moan before laying his thumb onto my hole, gently, testing its resilience and resistance. His thumb circled my puckered ring and rubbed back and forth over it, as if memorizing its every contour. Adding a little of more of my pre for lube he slowly pushed his digit inside me. He rolled his hand turning the thumb inside me. He pulled my balls into his hand as his thumb found the edge of my prostate and easily teased it. I shuttered; the excitement was overwhelming. I heard him let out a couple of appreciative noises and he stood up, withdrawing his finger so fast my hole let out a little pop.

Tom’s boots reappeared at my head and he spoke. “Good boy… okay, time for you to start earning this! Kiss my boots.” And his boot touched my forearm. I lowered my arm and moved my head over his boot. Placed my lips on the top of his toe and gave it a peck. I felt a gentle swat on my ass. “That’s not your mother! Kiss it. Like you mean it! Like you want it. Like you know what I mean!” He demanded, but not harshly. I complied. I began making out with his boot. Tonguing the boot like it was a long lost lover. Tasting the dirt and polish, and… a tinge of piss.

He must of been looking around the room taking stock of his surroundings, because the next thing I know, he steps over to my oversized leather lounge chair and sits down. He beckons me over and has me remove his boots followed by his socks. He stretches out his bare feet and and wiggles his toes, at me. I am looking at his toes and slowly my gaze travels up to meet him and he just stares back expectantly. So I proceed to kiss and lick his feet. Sucking each toe into my mouth and savoring his smell and taste and skin across my tongue.

I can see him eying me as I work his feet. Finally he puts his feet on the floor and stands up. “I have to take a piss,” he says.

“Just down the hall to the right, sir” I reply.

“What?” He asks, “What is down the hall?”

“The restroom,” I answered.

Again he chuckled. I am really starting to like that chuckle. He unzips and whips out his cock, staring down at me on the floor. “Your going to swallow this piss boy!” That was not a question, it was a statement; a clear expectation. So I propped up on my knees in front of him and greedily opened my mouth. He grinned a big smile and pushed his heavy cock into my mouth, the head passed over my lips and rested, thickening on my tongue. As he hardened a little more, he pushed it to the back of my throat. And without further warning, he let his liquid gold flow. I choked a little at first, it was a heavy stream. But I opened my throat and began swallowing in big gulps! My fraternity days of shotgunning cans of beer are finally paying off. I barely tasted it, except when i choked in the first couple seconds. His piss flowed right down my gullet and into my belly. I was grinning so hard around his thick meat, I could hardly keep his still growing cock in my mouth.

He slid his jeans to the floor, cock still in my mouth. As he sat back down in the chair, I noticed somewhere along the line he had had chucked his t-shirt as well. So now this hunk of a daddy is sitting in front of me, completely naked, his cock nearly fully erect. I was on my knees in front of him, in awe. He put his hand on the back of my head and guided my mouth to one of his nipples. They are hardwired to his cock. I remember him telling me that, during one of our cybersex chats. I start to nibble and chew on his erect nipples. And immediately I feel his cock engorge even more. I don’t remember him telling me how big his cock was (of course I never asked, despite tales otherwise, I am NOT a size queen, but that does not mean I cannot and will not appreciate a big slab)… but it was at least 8, maybe 9 inches, and beer can thick. Damn, I hit the daddy load. It was flexing against my belly as I continued to nurse on his nips.

His hands reached around me as I teased and teethed his tits, caressing my back, my sides, and down to my glutes. He grabbed a cheek in each hand and squeezed repeatedly. Eventually he spread them apart. I suddenly realized that he was watching my backside in a floor mirror I had set up on the other side of the room. He hissed a quiet, “Yesss boy!” He pushed a couple of fingers into my mouth, deep at first, gagging me a little. He pumped them in and out until I slobbered a little on them and he withdrew. The hands spread my ass cheeks again, and the fingers find their way to my hole again. Poking, fondling, probing… entering.

“You got a beautiful pussy boy, pink and pliable! And I am gonna own it. I want to ruin you for any other man. You will crave men to use your pussy, but you will always need me boy. You will always come back for me to use you!” His confidence was not arrogant or creepy, no. It was pure sex and assurance, laced with experience. It caused me to shiver again as he pushed canlı poker oyna a second finger into me. I began to buck slowly onto his fingers, fucking myself, going into my own sub space and bottom rut. His other hand smacked my meaty ass. “Slow down boy. We got all weekend, and I am not stopping just because you wore yourself out.”

He tucked his free hand under my chin lifting it to look me in the eyes and ask, “You want me boy?”

“Yes!” I stated, a little confused. Wasn’t I showing him that?

“Well, you have to earn it boy. And you are off to a good start. But…” And he trailed off. He slid his fingers out of my hole and spread his own legs as he slid down the chair a bit till his ass hole was exposed. Damn! That is one of the hottest sights to me. A hot, thick, top daddy with his cock hard and throbbing, showing me his hole. “Taste Daddy’s hole cub. If you want more of Daddy, you need to make my eyes roll back in my head!” Now I had a mission. He slung his legs over the arms of the chair as if they were stirrups and looked at me like, “what are you waiting for?” So I fell, tongue first, into his ass crack. I smelled the musty moist man scent of his ass. The drive over must have been hot, and his sweat was still fresh in the crevice of his butt cheeks, and I swear, I could even taste a hint of his leather seats. I relished it. Lapping up his scent and musk. My tongue ran over his his hole and we both moaned under our breaths. I love a hardcore top that is not afraid for his hole to be appreciated, and I did, very much. I began to French kiss his pucker in my efforts to show him just how much. I remembered my old lover, his boots, and wondered what I ever saw in them. Here was my true love. He relaxed his hole and my tongue slipped in deeper. Tasting his very essence. The only thing better than poppers to get me over the top horny, is a manly asshole wrapped around my tongue. And this was just the icing on the cake… so to speak.

Finally he pulls me back up onto his rigid cock. I can barely get it in my mouth now that he is fully erect. His precum helps encourage me to gag on it. “OK, boy. Get back into position. Present that pussy for me.” He directs, and I obey. He walks away and I hear some rustling by the back door. He reappears over me and pulls both my arms behind me. I feel something, leather, on my wrists; he is putting restraints on me. Bondage time has begun.

“Where’s the bedroom?” He asked? I nodded in the direction of my bedroom. He gently pushed me toward it, so I started heading to it. I heard him behind me go to the back door and retrieve something. I learned soon after, it was his duffle bag, full of exciting “tools of his trade,” as it were. He came up behind me quickly as I entered the bedroom. The covers were already rolled down. So he shoved me onto the bed, dropping the bag beside me. He rummaged in his bag, retrieving a long red rope.

I was face down on the bed, hands bound behind my back. He rolled me over, and pushed me up a bit on the bed. He pulled me legs up and proceeded to tie my ankles over my head to the bed posts. My legs were spread and bound, my hands secured under me, and my cock caged and useless. My ass was raised, slightly, and exposed with my teased hole twitching in its vulnerable state. He stared at me from the foot of the bed. “That pussy looks good enough to eat boy” he said in his light sexy drawl. He then climbed on the bed and caressed my hole. He spit on my pucker and fingered me a little, before leaning in and licking my hole. He moaned softly in his delight and I moaned back my agreement. His tongue following the path of his thumb earlier, tracing circles around my ring. Teasing my hole and causing me to tremor in excited anticipation. His hands keeping my cheeks spread apart fully as he ran his tongue along my cleft from taint to tail. Then suddenly, he slapped my ass. His smacks have progressively been getting harder. This one actually stung.

“Nice,” he drawled. “It glows.” And he slapped the other cheek. “Now they match,” he grinned. He smacked both my cheeks a few more time, bringing my ass to a bright red. I could feel the heat starting to radiate from my beefy butt. That’s when he really surprised me and he aimed a slap right onto my pink pucker. I jerked and clenched. He laughed. “Woof, I like that reaction. Wonder if I can elicit that response when my cock is buried in that cunt?” He leaned in again, this time pushing his tongue between my hot stinging ass lips. “I love a hot served pie!” He teased.

He alternated between eating my ass, keeping it bright red with open handed slaps, and fingering my hole. At first it was just a finger, and then another. He removed the fingers and slid in one thumb and then his other thumb, he pulled them apart and stretched hole with them. He opened me and just admired the sight. The drool started from my locked cock again. “I bet you have a beautiful rosebud boy. Am I right?” He asked.

“I guess,” I stuttered. How do you answer that. “I hope you think so.”

“Just wait till I get it to blossom boy!”

I internet casino moaned at the idea. Then he smacked my reddening gash again, and drove his tongue deep inside me. I could hear slobbering and smacking as he drooled his spit into my small gape. “I think its time to really open this twat up,” he said as he got upright on his knees. His hard heavy cock falling right onto my swollen puckered orifice. He reached for my belly; to my surprise, I had accumulated another pool or pre there. He scooped it up and rubbed it on the head of his cock. “You ready for my raw cock son?” He asked rhetorically. I knew he did not expect an answer. It did not really matter. He was ready.

All I could do was breath, and relax. And just so you know, breathing is not especially easy when you are bent in half, not to mention about to be split in two. So I inhaled deeply, and he pushed an open bottle of poppers to my nose. “Your gonna need this.” He smirked. And I inhaled again. The warmth spread over me and I started to relax. My hole relaxes and I feel every nerve tingle. Then he pushes in, not hard, but firmly. Not too slow, but a steady slide, letting his weight push his girth into my guts. It does not hurt, but it is all I can do not to clench up. He is smiling from ear to ear. “Take it boy. Take this big daddy dick. Feel it fill you up?”

I groan in ecstasy my affirmation. I felt him. I felt full. I realized I was still groaning, loudly, when he dropped a ball gag into my mouth. With his cock buried in me to the root, he secured the gag behind my head. “Now that I know you can take it, I want you quiet boy.” He said with a sexy but controlling growl. He began to fuck me. Nothing but spit and my precum for lube. He fucked me. Long steady strokes. Then hard poundings that pushed me further towards the headboard. Short thrusts, slow thrusts, and then he’d pull all the way out. He’d watch my gape slowly wink and begin to close before slamming his slab of meat back inside me with a glint of mischief and pleasure in his eyes. Mine were rolling in the back of my head, till he decided I no longer needed to see. He must have dragged the bag up onto the bed, because he never pulled out. He just reached and put a mask over my eyes. Slowly, I was being drown into incapacitation, step by step, piece by piece. He returned to fucking me. I’d hear him whisper comments about how sweet my pussy was, or what a hot fucking cunt I had. I loved when he talked about my hole like that. I am secure enough in my masculinity. It was empowering to me to imagine my ass was a pussy for a strong bear to desire and take his pleasure in.

Now I could feel his pounding into me. My hole was on alight with pleasure as he used and stretched it with his cock. He was working up a sweat as he plowed my ass. I could feel drops of his perspiration dripping onto my naked immobile body. I was a sex toy at this point and enjoying every minute of it. My precum had become a little river running up my belly, onto my chest, around my neck, and onto the sheets under my head. I heard his breathing begin to rasp. I felt the tension in his arms as he propped himself up using my legs. And then his hips rocked hard into my glutes. He was shooting. Grunting. Breeding me like a bitch. Like his bitch. Fuck, I was in heaven. He collapsed on me, still inside me. If his cock softened, I could not tell. I felt full. Full of his cock and full of his load. I wished I could see how much he came. It felt like a gallon.

“Damn son, that is a talented pussy. Now where can I find a plug?” He asked.

I just mumbled against the gag and nodded my head to the left. “Oh,” he said as he saw the toys laid out on my chest. As he moved to go get them, his cock slurped out of my hole, and I jumped, as much as I could jump, and moaned through the gag. It was a shock after being so full… of him, to feel the sudden void. The consolation was his load, deep inside of me. He returned to the bed, sitting beside me. His had reached down to my still gaping wet cunt. He gently laughed again. A laugh of relief, release, and satisfaction. He fingered my sloppy pussy. I am not sure how many fingers he was sliding in me, but he was teasing and manipulating my hole, causing me to jerk and moan. “Oh, I don’t want you to lose all my load boy.” Then I felt the rubber plug against my hole as he withdrew his fingers. The plug pushed into me, filling me again, but not in the same way. Cold and controlled, not warm and passionate, like his cock. He strapped a leather thong on me to hold the plug in place.

Then he let the rope slack on my legs, and he straddled my chest. Tom removed the ball gag. I barely licked my lips and stretched the tension in my mouth before he was pushing his thick wet cock into my mouth. “Clean me off boy. You wanted me, you get all of me son. And it makes me very hot to watch you slurp your pussy juices from my cum slicked cock.” He was still hard and tasted amazing, salty and sweet. He slid forward over my face, stopping when his hole was hovering over my lips. I did not wait for any other direction. I lapped at his ass. Even sweatier now than before. He breathed out a big sigh and his hole completely relaxed. I pushed my tongue deep inside him. I was euphoric. Immobile and unable to see. I was a human sex toy for a sexy bear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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