Boys on a Boat

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“You know this was a good idea buddy. I don’t know why the fuck we didn’t think to do this years ago.” Gene shouted running to the ship’s bow and lifting himself up on the railing. He loved the feeling of the crisp sea breeze beating against his face and rifling through his short reddish brown hair.

Lance turned his attention from his fishing rod for a moment to look at his shirtless friend. “I’ve been telling you we should have done this for a while. It’s not my fault you kept coming up with excuses is it?”

Gene sighed and turned around. “I suppose not. Go ahead tell me you told me so; get it out of your system.” Gene shrugged dramatically. “It’s not like I wouldn’t be in the middle of giving you a long speech about how I’m always right and you’re always wrong right now if the circumstances were just a little different.”

“Maybe later for the moment I’m just going to enjoy the sea breeze, drink my beer and hope to set the world record for biggest yellow fin tuna ever caught. We’re only about fifty miles from where the record was set you know?” Lance emptied his beer and tossed the empty can into the bag.

“Yeah, you’ve been after a record setting fish since we were what? Like nine? Have you ever even gotten close to a record?” Gene teased.

Lance set his rod into the harness and stood poker oyna up getting a beer. “Actually I would be tied for the tenth largest catfish caught in Big Bear except they don’t count ties. The guy who set the record holds it until someone beats him.” Lance answered before tossing a beer to his friend.

Gene caught the beer. “Well isn’t that special.” He feigned a smile and sank down to his ass glancing over his shoulder for a moment. “Don’t you need to actually be near the rod encase something bites?”

“It’ll be fine. Worst case scenario I lose my bait and maybe my rod but I doubt that. Since when do you care about my fishing anyway?” Lance quirked a brow as he walked toward Gene with his own beer.

“Oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a shit about your fishing. I prefer my food to come already dead and in neat plastic packaging. But you get so fucking pissy when something breaks.” Gene taunted.

Lance sat down beside his friend and cracked open his beer. “You should talk. Someone so much as gets a smudge on your truck and you turn into an incredible douche.” Lance said dryly. “Enough of that though. Cheers.”

“Cheers.” The two men responded before slamming their cans together. A moment later both of them had more beer on them and in them and the neither can quite made it into the bag. canlı poker oyna “Great now I’m all wet.”

“There’s nobody around for miles, no reason to keep your shirt on.” Lance replied nudging his friend.

Gene half smiled as he peeled his shirt off and tossed it aside. “If I didn’t know any better I’d swear you did this on purpose.”

Lance replied with a shrug. “Don’t you think if I was doing it on purpose I’d just pour an entire beer on your crotch? Then it would taste even better when I suck it.”

“You know you suck at sweet talk.” Gene spat playfully.

“I’m sorry, when exactly did you turn a little bitch?” Lance asked. “What happened to I think you’re sexy, you think I’m sexy and we get to skip past all that namby pamby bullshit?”

“Oh, I like it when you talk dirty.” Gene grumbled before grabbing Lance by the shoulders and pulling him into a kiss. Lance cupped his friend’s face in his hands holding him close while he thrust his tongue into Gene’s mouth. The two men vied for position for several moments before Lance allowed Gene to straddle him. “Pinned ya.”

Lance smiled straining up against his friend slightly. “I let you pin me.”

“Oh did you know?” Gene smiled down at Lance. “You know that means I get to go first.”

Lance smirked. “Whatever makes you think internet casino I have a problem with that?”

Gene shook his head and started unbuttoning his pants. “Well I know I hate having to wait.” He tossed his pants and boxers aside. “I get antsy. Impatient. Irritable.”

“Oh shut up.” Lance sat up cradling Gene’s sack in one hand while the other wrapped around his shaft. He looked up at his friend and started stroking him twisting his wrist just before he reached the head. “You just like getting your dick sucked.” Lance said before opening his mouth and engulfing Gene’s cock. Lanced worked his way down inch by inch until his nose was pressed against Gene’s pelvis then slowly backed off before repeating the feet. The look on his lover’s face was worth all the practice it had taken to get to the point where swallowing seven inches of hard flesh was easy. Lance stopped again with just the tip of Gene’s cock swirling his tongue all around the crown of Gene’s cock. There was an intense feeling of satisfaction when Gene started twitching and then moaning. Lance grinned up at Gene steadily picking up the pace. Gene’s cock was starting to pulse and his leg was tensing. It would only be another couple of moments and Lance meant to enjoy those last few moments as Gene’s face contorted into an expression that looked like a blend of euphoria and agony while he came. Lance held him in place until he finally relaxed and leaned back against the railing of the ship.

“Holy shit.” Gene whispered. “We should go fishing every fucking weekend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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