Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner Pt. 03

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Part 1 & 2 in my profile!

Lilly and I were out on the bench having lunch. She told me she was on her period and wouldn’t be able to fuck, but since she was super horny she would still suck my cock, if I wanted. Who was I to reject a good blowjob? So, I said sure and she got down between my legs as I pulled my hard dick out. Since we were not going to fuck, I didn’t bother taking my pants off. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and started stroking it.

She looked me square in the eyes as her lips enveloped the head of my cock. I closed my eyes, cocked my head back, slid into the seat and relaxed as she made sweet love to my dick with her lips. She was sucking me for a good moment and just when I was about to blow my load down her throat, she stopped and asked me for the time. I told her it was ten past the hour. She stopped and jumped up, “I got to go.”

I grabbed her wrist, “wait, you’re not gonna finish? I was almost there,” I pleaded.

“I’m supposed to be in a meeting, right now,” she said as she took off leaving me all alone with my dick still hard.

I watched her walking away as I pulled my junk back in my pants. Now, I have to walk around the office with a boner in my pants and it was very noticeable. The ladies would love that. Dammit, I was one lick and one stroke away from nutting in her mouth. Sooner or later, I had to get that nut out or suffer from blue balls all night. I had to think fast and do something quick. Although tonight was not Kendra’s night to stay late, I thought about inviting her over to finish this. Lilly left me wanting more. I sent Kendra a text message asking her if I could see her tonight.

She responded, “why, do you miss me?”

“I do, baby,” I lied. Lilly was who I wanted, but Kendra was who I was going to have.

“How bad do you miss me?”

“Enough to blow a load in all three holes,” I responded. That, however, was not a lie. I was ready to empty out my balls.


“I pinky swear!”

Later that evening, as I was waiting for Kendra in the lobby, Lilly came out of the elevator and saw me, “Hey, sorry about earlier.”

“Eh, it’s ok. Don’t worry about it,” I said blowing it off.

“I’ll make it up to you,” were her last words as she walked out of the door.

When I turned around Kendra was coming down the stairs, walking towards me. Damn, she looked good. I thought to myself. She had her hair down and was wearing a brown blouse, khaki slacks, and beige pumps. Her breasts were bouncing up and down with every step. It was as if she was walking on a catwalk in slow motion. “You ready?”

“Yes!” I said, snapping out of my trance.

I opened the door and held it for her. She walked through and I stayed back a second or two watching her ass. The pants weren’t tight, but her plump ass made them look small on her. As always, we took my car and left hers behind in the parking lot. As we drove to my place, Kendra turned and asked, “what did Lilly mean by, “sorry about earlier?””

“Oh, it’s nothing. She was looking up something for me and had to stop because she had a meeting to attend.”

“Oh, she said she was going to make it up to you as if she was going to bake you a cake,” She said laughing.

“Or pie,” I joked, placing my hand on her thigh. She crossed one leg over the other, locking me in between. Since I know how loud Kendra gets, I had already warned my roommate I was having someone over. When I pulled into the driveway, my car was the only one there.

“Oh fuck! Yes, yes, yes. Your dick feels good,” moments later, Kendra and I were in the middle of fucking. We were both fully naked, her on top of me grinding and moaning as loud as she could with my dick buried deep in her. When I heard the front door close, I placed my hand over Kendra’s mouth and pulled her closer to me. “Muh, muh, muh,” she tried to speak but was muffled.

“Shhh, I think my roommate just got home.”

“I thought you said we were home alone?” she wondered, pulling my hand off.

“She told me she was going out.”

“She? You have a girl roommate?

I nodded my head yes, “you knew that.”

“You told me you had a roommate, you never told me it was a girl. Is she cute?”

“I don’t know. I don’t check her out like that.”

“What good are you?” she slapped my shoulder, “I want to meet her,” she said climbing off of me. My dick plopped out of her, flinging juices everywhere. She pulled on my shirt, fastening only the three middle buttons, exposing her supple breasts and long legs. She walked out of the room. I got up, pulled my boxer shorts on, and waited until she walked to the kitchen to follow. I hid behind the wall separating the living room and the kitchen.

“Oh hi! I didn’t realize anyone else was home. Sorry, I’m just grabbing some water,” Kendra lied.

“Hi! It’s cool. I just got here from the gym,” Angie said, closing the fridge. I peeked around the wall to see Kendra standing with her back to the counter and Angie standing in front of the fridge. She was wearing a black and gray sports bra that could barely contain her poker oyna breasts, with matching yoga shorts, white socks, and black sneakers.

“I’m Kendra by the way,” Kendra said extending her arm, “I work with Ty.”

“Angie,” Angie responded, taking Kendra’s hand, “we live together.”

“I’m sorry! I hope I wasn’t too loud,” Kendra said, placing her hand over her mouth. The shirt went up exposing her inner thigh.

“Nah, it’s cool. I’m actually surprised to see him with a girl,” Angie said. I was shocked by that comment.

“Why is that?” Kendra asked. She snickered, which made her breasts jiggled.

Is she flirting with Angie? I thought to myself.

“The whole time we’ve lived together I thought he was gay.”

“Really! Why would you say that?”

“Well, I’ve tried to make moves by flaunting myself, walking around the house almost half-naked to catch his eyes and nothing from him.” I was shocked by the revelation. What the fuck? I guess that explained her cooking in just her shirt and panties under and her walking around in just a towel.

“Maybe because you live together and he doesn’t want to make it awkward.”

“I guess. So, how is he?”

“You’ve heard me,” Kendra answered with a smirk. She was looking directly at Angie, biting her bottom lips.

“Doesn’t mean anything. You could be faking it.”

“Nope. No faking here,” Kendra tossed her hair back, which caused her breasts to jiggle again, “do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, I’m single, but I have a female friend I play with once in a while.”

“Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t know you were bi.”

“Not bi. I don’t have a title for what I am. I play with almost anyone.”

“By anyone, you mean, boys and girls?”

“And transsexuals”

“That would make you pansexual then.”

“Sure,” Angie said looking back at Kendra. There was definitely chemistry between them.

“I’ve never been with another woman,” Kendra confessed as she adjusted her hair behind her ear, “I’ve heard they’re better than men at eating pussy.”

Angie closed the gap between her and Kendra and said, “women are better than guys at a lot of things.” They were standing at an angle where I could see both of them, but mostly Angie’s back. Angie was Hispanic, from the Dominican Republic, to be exact. She was light-skinned with shoulder-length hair, big titties, flat abs, nice round ass, and well-toned legs. She definitely chiseled her body at the gym.

“Well, guys have dicks.”

“And some are dicks,” she leaned over and kissed Kendra, “try it first and see for yourself. There’s a big difference.” She turned to walk away. I tipped toed back to my room when I saw her coming my way.

A moment later, Kendra walked back into the room with a big smile on her face. She was glowing like a kid on Christmas morning, “she’s interested.”

“In a threesum?” I asked, now knowing Angie wanted to fuck me.

“Well, maybe not a threesum, but I think she has a crush on me.” Who wouldn’t have a crush on her? Even a blind man can see how beautiful she was.

“What makes you say that?”

“She kissed me. I think I want her to fuck me.”

“Really! Just her?” Wondering if she was excluding me.

“Yes. That would be hot. I’ve never been with a woman before. Then maybe we can all have a threesum. Because she likes you as well but didn’t know how to approach.”

“Really!” I said, pretending to be surprised.

“Yep. Maybe after that, you guys could get together.”

“What about you? Are you ok with that?” I asked wondering if she would stop fucking me.

“Yes, I’d still play with you.”

“Not her?”

“No. Her, you and my boyfriend? That would be too much.”

This conversation got us both horny again. Kendra and I picked up where we left off. Once we were done, we got dressed and I drove her back to her car. On our way out, I heard the water running in the bathroom, Angie must have been in the shower. When I came back, she was sitting on the couch watching television. This time, she was wearing a tank-top and pajama shorts. “Hey!”

“Hey!” I answered, leaning on the back of the couch. From this angle, I could see her hard nipples through the shirt and a clear view of her side boob. “What you watching?”

“Nothing really. Just channel surfing. There’s nothing on TV.”

“Well, it’s late.”

“I can put a game on for you,” she said, lifting one leg up on the couch. I could see the mound of her pussy from that angle.

“Nah, it’s cool. Heading to bed. I’m drained.”

“I met your friend earlier.”

“Did you?”

“She’s cute,” she said. Which means she wants to fuck her.


“Are you guys a thing or just friends?” she asked. Which translated into ‘Do you mind if I fuck her?’

“Nah, she’s got a man,” I said, brushing it off.

“So, you’re just fucking her?”

“For now.”

“I think she wants more. At least that’s what it seems like.”

“She’s… was… sexually frustrated. I’m helping her release some of that frustration.”

Angie looked at me but canlı poker oyna didn’t say a word.

“Good night!” I wished her and walked away to my room. Seeing her tits and her pussy made me horny and wanted to fuck her, but I couldn’t. What kind of a monster would I be to get sucked by Lilly, fucked Kendra and then fuck Angie? Come to think of it, that would actually be kind of hot. Fucking three women within twenty-four hours. GO ME!

A week went by, Angie and I had become closer than we were before. I haven’t heard or seen much of Lilly. It was almost the end of the fiscal year, meaning her boss was busy with board meetings. She is probably swamped with getting things ready. Come next week she’ll be horngry for this BBC. On weeks like those, we usually meet three times for sex. Either out of frustration for lack of sex or to release the stress from the previous week.

Speaking of meetings, I was running late for one and luckily, Kendra was there and saved me a seat right next to her in the back of the room. Once the meeting started, she placed her hand on my lap and slowly slid it between my legs, rubbing my crotch. Within no time, my dick was hard in my pants and could clearly see the print against my leg. She switched from rubbing my crotch to rubbing my dick imprint and I could barely concentrate on what was being discussed. She was rubbing at a good pace and I was about to come in my pants. I sent her a text message, “you’re about to make me cum in my pants.”

K: “You can cum in my mouth.”

Me: “As great as that sounds, but this is not the right place for that.” She smiled and stopped rubbing me and my dick slowly softened down. I texted her, “thanks for the blue balls.”

She laughed and texted back, “I’m sorry! I can make it up to you by cooking dinner for you tonight.”

Me: “That would be nice.”

K: “You can invite Angie.”

Part of me wanted to get jealous for her wanting Angie there too, but the other part wanted to watch the two women fucking each other. “Ok!”

Once I was back at my desk, after the meeting, I texted Angie asking her if she had any plans for tonight. She told me no but could make plans if needed. I told her that was not necessary and that I had a surprise for her. She said she was going to the gym and would be home after that. After work, in the parking lot, just as Kendra got in my car, I saw Lilly driving by and waved at us.

When we arrived at my house, Kendra asked if she could change into something more comfortable. I gave her one of my T-shirts to wear. She wore that and just the boy shorts she had on under her clothes. I changed into my basketball shorts and a tank top, and went to the kitchen to help Kendra with the cooking.

Kendra was facing the counter cutting something when I snuck up behind her. “Oooh, you scared me,” she said, startled.

“It’s just me baby,” I responded with a deep voice, imitating Barry White, as I kissed her neck. My left hand grabbed her breast through the shirt and my right hand found its way between her legs. My fingers rubbing her lips through the thin fabric of her undies.

“You’re sure about that?” she moaned, wiggling her ass against my, now, hard cock between her cheeks, “I can feel someone else’s presence.”

“You need help with anything?” I asked trying to calm myself down. I wanted to bend her right over the counter and fuck her so badly.

“No, I’m cooking for you, remember? Go watch TV. I’ll call you when it’s ready,” she said as she shoved a piece of sausage in my mouth.

“Hmmm, tasty, just like you,” I said, pulling her undies to the side, exposing her left cheek. I grabbed and squeezed a handful of her ass, “damn, that ass!” Kendra’s ass was perfectly round, plump, and firm.

“Oh. My. God!” she laughed, pulling away from my hand and re-adjusting her panties.

There was a basketball game on when I turned the television on. A couple of minutes later, Angie walked in wearing matching sports bra and yoga pants. I could see sweats on her top, between her breasts and pants in the crotch area. I couldn’t help but stare at her ass as she walked by, which swallowed her pants. Clearly, she was not wearing any panties under her gym attire. There was also a line of sweat from her lower back down between her crack. Her hips were swaying left to right and ass was bouncing with every step. My eyes followed her until she disappeared into her room. Moments later, I could see her through the corner of my eyes, as she walked from her bedroom to the bathroom wrapped with a towel.

A few minutes later, as I was setting up the table, Angie came walking in wearing similar outfit as when I saw her sitting on the couch. A tank top and very short pajama shorts. Her grape size nipples were poking through the shirt and ass cheeks showing under the shorts. “Oh, hi! I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” she said when she saw Kendra in the kitchen.

“Oh no, you’re not. I’m actually setting up a plate for you.” My view was split between her chest and Kendra’s ass.

“Oooh girl, I love those shorts,” Kendra added. internet casino I looked at Kendra and her eyes were fixated on Angie’s ass.

“Here, you can take this seat,” I said pulling the chair for Angie. She sat down and I pushed her under.

Kendra brought over the food. She made Gemelli pasta, broccoli and Italian sausage. I sat at the head of the table, with Angie on my left and Kendra on my right. The two ladies facing each other and I could have a clear view of both. The three of us sat down to eat. After dinner, they got up off the table with a glass of wine in their hands. Kendra filled up my glass and took the bottle with them to the living room, leaving me to clean up.

After I was done with the dishes, I grabbed my glass and went to join the girls. When I walked back into the living room, I stopped to look at what was happening. Angie and Kendra were kissing. Angie was leaning in with her hand between Kendra’s thighs, slowly moving up. Kendra’s head was cocked back with one hand holding Angie’s face and the other on her thigh. My cock was slowly growing and could visibly be seen against my right leg.

Kendra opened her eyes and saw me. Our eyes locked on each other. Angie finally pulled her face away from Kendra’s, allowing them each to catch their breath. She moved her kisses down Kendra’s neck, working her way lower, down to her collar bone. Her hand was now further up under Kendra’s shirt. Without thinking, I began to rub my hand along the length of my shaft, on the outside of my shorts, as I leaned against the door frame watching the girls making out.

Kendra, watching me slowly touch myself, was absentmindedly pulling at the elastic waistline of Angie’s shorts. Angie parted her legs, allowing Kendra access. I got a quick peek down the small gap between the soft skin of her stomach and the curves of her pubic mound. Enough to confirm that Angie was completely hairless.

Angie was lightly running her fingernails along Kendra’s inner thigh, stopping just short of her panty line. She pulled Kendra’s panties to the side, exposing her lips and gently began rubbing on her clit. Kendra brought her fingers to her mouth and began to suck on them, tasting Angie’s juices, as she watched me running my thumb down the length of my still-covered shaft. The commercial on the television was so loud, it broke everyone’s attention. I walked over, grabbed the remote on the chair next to the girls, and turned it off.

Angie reached to Kendra’s side and pulled her shirt up over her belly. Her head went down to Kendra’s stomach and she started to trail kisses up as she pulled the t-shirt higher and higher. Kendra’s arms went up in the air as Angie pulled her shirt off over her head. Angie then took her own shirt off. Both girls were now topless, with Angie wearing just her shorts and Kendra her panties. Kendra was now laying on her back as Angie pulled her panties off and laid between her legs, blowing soft kisses on her chest, down her stomach, to her thighs.

Kendra reached out slowly and hesitantly ran her hand up my inner thigh and slid it up and under the leg of my shorts. My cock twitched as her soft hand made contact on my bare skin. Very slowly her hand rose closer and closer to my balls. Our eyes met, my heart was racing, as her hand moved further up my shorts and lightly cupped my sack. She smiled and looked back down to my erection and began to lightly stroke my cock inside my shorts.

I looked over and Kendra had one leg over the back of the couch and the other on Angie’s shoulder, as Angie French kissed her pussy. With her other hand, Kendra reached out and started to pull at my waistband, revealing the very top of my shaft. Still licking Kendra, Angie looked up. Both girls’ eyes were glued to my package as Kendra continued to pull further down, revealing more and more of my hard cock. My heart was racing again as she pulled the waistband out over the sensitive head of my cock. It seemed to take forever to fully expose it, but when the waistband finally pulled free, my enlarged cock vehemently sprung up and bounced into its natural position pointing straight out towards Kendra’s head.

Angie’s eyes bulged up at the sight of my cock. Clearly, she’d never seen one this size. Either that or she was just surprised at how big I was. Kendra’s fingers wrapped around my girth and she started to insistently stroke me in tune with the movements of Angie’s tongue inside her. I reached down and grabbed and squeezed the breast nearest to me and pinched her erect nipple. Kendra gasped at the touch of my fingers on her nipple. Angie slowly began planting wet kisses along the soft skin of Kendra’s thighs. She looked up and we made eye contact as she slowly ran her tongue up Kendra’s stomach and over her diamond-hard nipple.

Kendra moaned the moment Angie’s tongue made contact and my finger pinched her nipples simultaneously. Angie’s hand found its way to Kendra’s pussy and began rubbing her clit while fingering her. Kendra’s hand sped up on my cock, pulling a little harder than before, which forced me to take a step forward. She licked her lips and looked up at me. I took another step and leaned in over her head when I realized she was pulling me towards her open mouth. She wrapped her lips around the bulbous head of my cock and continued jerking my shaft while slurping the head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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