Breaking the Bridesmaids Ch. 02

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The week flew by as I plotted the weekend, when Bonnie would be joining us. The story that Bonnie was told to give her boyfriend was that Amanda and Bonnie would be going away for a girl’s weekend. In fact, we wouldn’t be leaving our house.

I told you Bonnie’s boyfriend wasn’t my favorite person. There was not one thing in particular I disliked, it was just his general nature. He was kind of a snob, kind of a dick, kind of controlling. Altogether, unlikeable. The fact that they had been together longer than Amanda and I, yet there was no hope of a ring on the horizon, did not help matters. The fact I was doing to him the same thing that the girls had done to me did not weigh on my conscience in the slightest. In fact, it was a fringe benefit of the situation.

I told Amanda to prepare a large, formal dinner for Friday night, and then we would get Bonnie settled and see where the weekend took us. In reality, I knew where it was going to go.

Bonnie was told to come straight from work on Friday, and arrived while Amanda was still putting the finishing touches on dinner.

I have described Bonnie as ‘mousy’, and that wasn’t completely fair. She was small, maybe 5’2″or 3″. Her hair was dark brown, and currently trimmed shoulder-length, although she had it up in a bun when she arrived at our house.

Her figure was proportional, tiny and compact like her build. I had seen her in a bathing suit a couple times and was surprised by how much curviness she did show, despite her height and build.

It was her personality that kept her a level below the other girls. Anna and Jane both had outsize personalities that drew guys to them. Bonnie was much more quiet and shy. That was why I always thought of her as ‘mousy’.

I removed Bonnie’s jacket at the door, and took her bag. She looked positively fearful, greeting Amanda with the normal pleasantries but positively wooden with me. She was wearing a conservatively-cut navy blue dress. It was cinched around her waist with a silver belt that accentuated her trim figure. She had on stockings and heels that matched dress. Altogether, very put-together and formal, like I had asked.

I sent Amanda back into the kitchen and led Bonnie into our living room where the bottle of wine was already open. I poured her a glass, and saw her take a sip, and then a gulp, obviously trying to increase her courage.

“So Bonnie, how is work going?”

“Oh-okay. I got a new boss recently.”

I kept up the small talk, using the opportunity to break down some of Bonnie’s defenses which were currently standing several feet higher than her. I could see it was working, and her posture finally opened up a little.

We were still chatting when Amanda came in. She let us know dinner was ready and refilled her own wine glass. I grabbed the bottle, plus a second, and led my ‘dates’ into the dining room.

Amanda was an excellent cook, and the meal was an excellent concoction. As the meal went on, the girls chatted, and everything seemed ‘normal’. I was the obvious ‘third wheel’ in the conversation, but there was nothing abnormal about it.

As the conversation finally winded down, the girls were both on their third glass of wine. I had no other plans for the evening, other than sticking my dick both of these beauties. So I was pleasantly surprised when Bonnie made a comment that I could use:

“Mandy, I love that dress. Where did you get it?”

Amanda was dressed in red tonight. The dress was a little more daring than Bonnies, tight and stretchy on top, but cut relatively low. It was high in the front but low in the back, and it was obvious my wife didn’t have a bra on. The sleeves went all the way to the wrist, but were large and loose.

“Oh, Macy’s I think. I like it, but it was terrible to cook in. I ended up having to roll the sleeves all the way up so I didn’t dunk them in the food or catch fire.”

We all laughed at that, and I cut in before either girl could respond.

“Stand up honey, model it for us!”

Amanda stood up and did a twirl, sleeving flying out. The dress was tight enough the skirt didn’t do the same.

“Those legs” I said, complimenting my wife on them for the umpteenth time.

Amanda stuck one out, modeling them as well. Her legs were bare, and her heels were dangerously high, as usual, giving her calves even more definition. I cupped her foot and pulled her towards me. She fell into my lap, giggling. We kissed, and I looked over at Bonnie.

“Why don’t you model as well?”

Bonnie shook her head ‘no’, but a little encouragement from Amanda and she stood up as well. I motioned my hand to ‘spin’, and Bonnie reluctantly did, slowly.

“Faster” I said, so she took a second twirl. This one took her skirt up high enough I knew they were pantyhose, and not thigh-highs.

Amanda clapped and whistled, and Bonnie blushed, quickly sitting back down.

“No”, I said. “Something isn’t right.”

Both girls looked at me, confused.

“Bonnie, stand up again.”

She did, but looked down now, shy.

“I know what casino şirketleri it is. Those stockings.”

“My legs?”

“Yeah, we are inside, you don’t need them.”

Bonnie kind of nodded.

“Take them off.”


“Yeah, why not?”

Bonnie couldn’t muster a counter-argument to that, so she bent over and reached under her dress. She fussed under there for a minute, and then finally her hands came back out, dragging the pantyhose with them. It took her a couple iterations to get them completely down her legs. When they were, she stepped out of her heels, removed the rest of the fabric and they were off.

She was close enough to me that I reached out and took them from her. I made a ‘let’s go’ motion, and she stepped back up into her heels. I motioned ‘spin’, and she did.

“That’s much better, don’t you think, Amanda.”

This whole time, Amanda still sat on my lap, silently watching what was happening. I think she knew the reckoning was at hand, but didn’t react or say anything to Bonnie.

“Yeah, much better” she finally said in response, fidgeting in my lap now.

“Go stand with her honey, let me see you both.”

I tapped Amanda’s back, and she slid off and joined Bonnie.

“Turn around, let me see your backs.”

The girls did, spinning in place.

“Now, hold hands and face each other.”

Again, they obeyed, although they both now looked a little uncomfortable.

I stood up, and handed each their glass, offering a refill. They both took it, and took a big swig of wine, but neither moved from where they stood.

I set down the wine bottle and stood perpendicular to the two of them.

“Bonnie, how do you think Amanda looks?”

The tension in the room had not dissipated with more wine, and with my words it was so thick you could cut it.

Bonnie opened her mouth and squeaked out “Good.”

“Just good. That’s not much.”


“Hot. Yeah, she does look hot.” I turned from Bonnie to Amanda, and slipped my hand up under her skirt, cupping her ass.

“Amanda, how do you think Bonnie looks tonight?”

My wife was frozen on the spot. She opened her lips, and finally got out “Hot?” in the same little voice she had used when I confronted her the previous weekend.

“C’mon, be more original. I think Bonnie looks beautiful. Sexy too, now that we got rid of those tights. Don’t you think so?”

Amanda nodded, rather than speak. My hand continued to cup and squeeze her cheek, possessing her in a way that made her uncomfortable.

Bonnie wasn’t enjoying this either. Her right arm had come up to cross her body, her right hand on her left elbow.

“I mean, I would fuck her. Wouldn’t you?”

I heard both girls’ breath catch now. Both were frozen, Amanda staring past Bonnie at the wall, Bonnie staring at the floor.

“Wouldn’t you?” As I said it, I pinched Amanda’s ass, and she yelped out a “Yes”.

“Good. Let’s go fuck her then.”

Without giving either a moment to think, I took each girl’s hand, and led them upstairs to our bedroom. Their hands were loose in mine, an outwards sign that they were not in lockstep with my plan.

We reached our bedroom, and I stopped. I stepped to the side, and swept my hand towards the bed.

“So, show me what happened that night.”

Neither girl moved, so I repeated myself.

“Tonight is about me seeing what you two did behind my back. I am sure neither of your is especially eager to show me what you did, but you both agreed to it, and so here we are.”

I paused, and saw the girls share a look.

“I am going to get the bottle of wine.”

Before I stepped out of the room, I stared hard at Amanda, silently telling her that if they were both still there when I got back, there would be consequences.

When I got downstairs, I found that between the three glasses and the bottle, there was less than a full glass, so I dumped that into my glass and grabbed a fresh bottle. Opening took more time than I had allotted, and as I walked back upstairs, I listened for signs of… anything.

It wasn’t until I was at our doorway that I heard the ‘smack’ of lips kissing. I stepped through our doorway to find Amanda, my beautiful wife, locked in the embrace of Bonnie, her best friend.

The two women appeared to have only started a minute or two earlier. They were each sitting on the edge of the bed, half-turned towards each other, so close their knees were touching.

Rather than interrupt them, I silently set the bottle and two glasses on my wife’s vanity. The full glass I kept for myself as I pulled out her vanity chair and sat in it, facing the bed.

The lovely couple seemed oblivious as they softly kissed each other. Amanda’s hands were on Bonnie’s face, stroking her cheek, jaw, and neck as their lips locked and tongues met.

It was easy to see they had done this before. I wasn’t surprised by that, knowing what I know now. It was disconcerting to see Amanda this way, but I was more intrigued than angry.

It casino firmaları was several more minutes of making out before Amanda escalated. She didn’t break her kiss with Bonnie, just simply lifted her ass off the bed so that she could pull her dress up and over her head.

It fell in a heap on the floor at their feet as Amanda attempted to repeat the move with Bonnie. First she reached around the smaller brunette and unhooked the silver belt. Next her hands searched Bonnie’s dress, clearly looking for a zipper. Not finding one, she pulled back and took a harder look at the blue fabric that was currently her foil.

When their kiss broke, Bonnie was frozen there, lips pursed, eyes closed. She stayed that way for the second it took Amanda to realize that the dress was meant to be pulled down, rather than unzipped.

Bonnie smiled as Amanda dove back in, kissing her neck and shoulder. My wife’s fingers traced down her friend’s shoulder, pushing the dress in front of her. When it was off Bonnie’s shoulder, Amanda tugged at it, pulling it down.

As the dress fell to her waist, Bonnie’s eyes opened with surprise. Her eyes met mine, clearly remembering for the first time that I was there. She froze, passively letting Amanda stand her up and pull the dress all the way off.

Amanda noticed Bonnie’s focus on me at this point, and turned to look at me as well, smiling. She was clearly horny, feeling the wine, and had given in to my edict of watching her show off her lesbian lovers.

Despite the slight goofiness to her tipsy grin, my wife looked gorgeous standing there in nothing but a thong, flaming red to match the color of the dress she had discarded. In her heels, she towered over Bonnie, their natural difference in height doubled.

While my wife had come around and was clearly ready to go, Bonnie was still not. Bonnie’s underwear was much more conservative. Despite that fact that her breasts were no bigger than Amanda’s, she wore a full-cup black bra and panties. They were trimmed in lace, but compared to my wife’s lingerie, it was very blase.

I had seen Bonnie in a bathing suit before, but I was struck by the fact she did not have an extra ounce of fat on her body. Her stomach was tight and her ass was lean. If anything, I wondered if a couple extra pounds might lead to more flesh in the right places.

Amanda was clearly becoming annoyed with Bonnie’s frigidness, so she pushed her back onto the bed. Bonnie’s shoes fell off as she did, leaving her in just her underwear. Amanda straddled the smaller girl, kissing her mouth before heading south once again.

When she reached the top of Bonnie’s bra, I could see the smaller girl contort so that my wife could reach under and unhook it. With a flick it flew across the room and joined the dresses and shoes on the floor.

I could hear the smack of my wife sucking something, but the angle wasn’t right, so I moved around the room to a better angle.

Amanda had zeroed in on Bonnie’s nipples, and was giving the one farther from me a thorough bath. That left the nipple closer to me exposed, and I could see that despite the tiny Italian’s small breasts, her areolas were quite large and puffy. I was jealous of my wife for the snack she was getting, though I knew I would get whatever I wanted later.

Amanda finished snacking on the far nipple and headed south again. I saw Bonnie’s panties slip off and fly across the room, but even with Amanda’s hair pulled back, which it was, I could not see too much of what was going on. I moved back and forth around the room, but couldn’t find an angle.

What I could see was Bonnie in ecstasy, writing under my wife’s oral attentions. Her hands grabbed her own tits and nipples, twisting and squeezing as she squirmed from the bolts of pleasure my wife was giving her.

Finally giving in to the need for a better angle, I set down my wineglass and sat down on the bed in the farthest corner from the sapphic lovers.

Bonnie was too far gone to notice, but Amanda must have noticed because she grabbed Bonnie’s haunches and turned her towards me so that I could watch her ‘box munch’, as she had called it.

My wife knew what she was doing, that was for sure. She was achieving such intense reactions out of her best friend that I felt like I should take notes. It wasn’t long before the tiny brunette let loose a shriek, her back arching against Amanda’s face as she achieved a major orgasm.

Her spasm lasted for ten or fifteen seconds before her strength left her and she collapsed back. Amanda took the opportunity to pull away. She rolled back on her knees and looked over at me, covered in her best friend’s pussy juices.

“That’s what I did at my Bachelorette party” she said, clearly proud of herself.

I gave her a little clap, waiting to see what she would do next.

She wiped her face, batting her hair away again. She stood up, ever graceful, and stepped past her dress to her vanity, where she grabbed a hair-tie and pulled her hair back in a ponytail.

She stood there, face shiny, tits güvenilir casino at attention, nothing covering her body but panties and heels. She looked fantastic, and even without the show she had given me, I would have wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck her.

Standing there now, hands on hips, she looked back and forth at Bonnie and I.

“Okay, now I want mine. Whose face do I sit on?” She gave a giggle after she said it, but her aim was clear.

I stood up and stepped to her. I leaned down and kissed her once.

“Get me naked and I will give you something even better.”

I leaned back in and kissed my wife again. I could feel her smile through the kiss. She definitely was on-board with our activities now, more than a willing participant. Her hands quickly worked enough of my shirt-buttons that she could pull it up and off. Next went my belt, and then her hand shot inside my pants, feeling my hard cock.

She pulled it out, jerking it a little. I felt her body shift, and then the feel of a cold, leathery heel against my cock. Surprised, I broke our kiss and looked down, watching one long, sinewy leg tipped by a red heel push down my boxers and pants to my calves.

Rejoining the kiss, I slipped off my shoes, and stepped out of my pants, leaving me naked. As soon as that happened, Amanda grabbed my cock and turned me towards Bonnie, exposing me to her.

Her body behind mine, her tits pressed into my back, her hand snaked around me, she slowly jerked my fully erect cock, displaying it to her best friend.

“Finally you get to see the cock that I have been telling you about for years”. Amanda could barely say it without giggling, but kept at it, accentuating my length to her prone friend.

Bonnie had obviously come to and was lying on her back, propped up on her elbows as she watched me disrobe. Her eyes were locked on my member, her face a mixture of disbelief, fear, and was that a little hunger there?

Amanda stepped around me and ground her thong-covered ass against my cock, pressing it up against my body. She shimmied her body a little, grinding her taut ass against my hardness.

“So, baby, what are you going to to for me?” Her voice was pure sex.

Despite the fact that I was nearly ready to blow my load now, I pulled my dick away, and responded:

“First, we need to get rid of these.” My hands grabbed her hips, and slowly slid the red thong, the last of her clothing, down her body. As she stepped out of them, I thought about removing the heels, but decided to keep them. They were too sexy.

“Next, I am going to feel you all over.” My hands started to roam her body, rubbing every nook and cranny. I knew Amanda loved that, loved me feeling her skin, which was why I did it.

“And your friend is going to spin around and lie on her back with her head at this end of the bed.”

Despite the fact that she had just cum in front of me, because my wife ate her out, Bonnie still seemed nervous, but Amanda reached out a hand and guided the nubile young woman into position.

“Then you will climb on top of her, and let her eat you out.”

I guided Amanda into position, cupping her ass as she climbed on the bed and straddled Bonnie’s head. Bonnie sat there, Amanda’s pussy inches away, but doing nothing until Amanda herself lowered her body, forcing Bonnie to eat or suffocate.

As much as I wanted to step back and watch Bonnie work, I resisted the urge. My hands continued to roam Amanda’s kneeling body, but spending more time on her tits now.

Finally I felt her relax as Bonnie’s mouth did its work, so I silently moved on to the next step. I pushed my wife lightly on the back, forcing her over onto all fours, assuming a prone position that left her ass exposed to me.

I slapped my wife’s ass lightly. She gasped, enjoying the contact, but Bonnie jumped, breaking contact with Amanda’s pussy. That was my opening, and I lined up my dick and entered my wife from behind.

Her pussy was well lubricated, and I slid right in. I stroked a couple times, my dick coating itself with my wife’s juices, before freezing in the ‘out’ position.

I looked down past my cock at Bonnie, trapped there under my wife, inches from the point where I was entering her.

“I want you sucking her clit while I fuck her. Unless I freeze inside her. Then I want you sucking my balls. Got it?”

Bonnie nodded, no other option available to her. I didn’t move, watching her, until finally she realized I was waiting for her to start and she clamped onto my wife’s love button.

Amanda moaned out her pleasure, enjoying her friend’s attention. I then started to fuck her with hard, deep thrusts.

I could feel my balls smacking Bonnie in the face, but didn’t acknowledge it. When I felt my balls start to boil, I froze inside my wife’s pussy. I could feel Bonnie realize what had happened, and adjust herself so she could suck my balls.

Yes, I knew that the first contact between the two of us was her chomping my balls. I wanted it that way. This menage-a-trois wasn’t for her enjoyment, despite the fact she had achieved the first orgas.

I started thrusting again, my crotch hitting Bonnie in the face until she could move back to Amanda’s clit. With everything we had done, it wasn’t long before my wife started to shudder.

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