Breeding Sasha Ch. 02

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Chapter 02 – Growing up on Valalu

Author’s note:

This story follows on from ‘Breeding Sasha 1 — Making Daniel’ and covers the time between the birth of Sasha’s first and last child. Readers are advised to read ‘Breeding Sasha 1’ first.

This is a work of fiction set in the future. The conditions pertaining to the world at that time are fictional, as are all characters in the story and the location. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

‘Hi, I’m Daniel. My Mom, Sasha, asked me to write about my life so far. At present I’m 19 and have just applied to become a breeder on Valalu, like my Dad Troy is. I’m really hopeful that my application will be approved. But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

‘When Mom asked me to write about growing up here I had to go back and think really hard about what was my first memory. I cannot really remember a time when I was alone, meaning without my sister Karen, who is fifteen months younger than me. But I do remember Mom introducing me to the squirming, squawking bundle of energy when she was almost new born, so I guess that’s where my story really starts.

‘My memories of my earliest days are filled with joy at being able to live in a place where it is always warm, where the water is warm enough to swim in all year round. I can remember my Mom and Dad taking me to the sea on a calm day and helping me to float on the water. Mom sat on the beach and breastfed Karen while I played in the water, trying not to swallow too much of the sea.

‘Later memories are when Teri, my next sister, arrived the day after my fourth birthday. I remember thinking it was a great birthday present. By that time Karen and I were a wonderful team, exploring the island and trying not to get too lost. It was wonderful that there were no dangerous animals here and it was also great that we knew the local people, although there were always changing breeders who we didn’t know, but that didn’t stop us talking with them.

‘I also remember at this time that there was a lot of building going on to enlarge the village we lived in. Soon it seemed that the number of people who lived on the island increased as some of the breeders stayed and lived in the houses. Looking back I realize that my parents were pioneers in staying on the island after Mom was impregnated and that this must have created a precedent so that others could do the same. I do know that within a few years there were many women living in these new cottages with their impregnators and soon there were lots of small children. I was the oldest, but a couple were about the same age as Karen and by the time Teri came along there were quite a few kids to play with.

‘Our days of freedom were numbered when they built a school. To begin with Mom taught me at home as I was the only one of school age, but after a couple of years there were enough children to require a teacher. My first teacher, Carmel, would have been about 20 I guess when she started, and she took up where Mom left off. When I started in her class I could read well and was apparently quite advanced in math. So Carmel pushed me forward to more difficult books and sums while at the same time encouraging the younger children to read, write and do basic math. I was used as an assistant for the younger children, which helped me understand things better too.

‘While school was a bit of a bore at times, there was always after school when we could explore, meet with other people and generally get up to mischief. We did a lot of fishing, initially off the rocks for small sprats but later we used a small boat on the sheltered side of the island and caught fish of an edible size. We would also climb trees and frequently collect a few coconuts from the plantation.

‘By the time I was twelve I had a raft of brothers and sisters, as Mom kept popping another one out every year or two, and there were many other children on the island. This meant that we could play lots of games which we invented and adults taught us to play sports and organized baseball, basketball and football teams for friendly games.

‘I was interested in my Dad’s appearances and disappearances. He would be with us for a week and then he’d be away for three weeks. When I was old enough to notice I asked Mom and she told me that Dad had work to do during the three weeks and that prevented him from being at home. Uncle Andy stayed with us when Dad was away and Mom told me that he looked after us all while Dad was gone.

‘Apart from my sisters and brothers, right from when I was young my best friend was a girl named Simone who was a few months younger than me. My Mom was the first permanent breeder here and her Mom was the second, so it made sense that we knew each other and it was great we got on together. We just seemed to click. We discussed our future lives together, as kids do, dreaming poker oyna of staying together always on the island. Mom said this may not be possible and told me not to get my hopes up too high, but we just knew it would all work out for the best.

‘My 18th birthday was quite a celebration; the first child of a breeder-impregnator couple who had reached 18 living on Valalu. My party was attended by most of the staff of the center, including Danielle, the director, and continued from 6pm on the Saturday till late. All the under-18 year olds were sent to their homes at 9pm and a while later I was amazed when a large double bed was wheeled into the hall.

‘Mom took me aside and told me that as I was now 18 I was legally allowed to have sex and to celebrate my coming of age I would be having sex on the bed at the party. She said she had selected Carmel as my partner and hoped that was OK with me.

‘Carmel came over to me to ask me to fuck her, as she put it. I was quite blown away by this. Just the thought of having sex at all gave me a raging hard on, and especially so as Carmen was to be my first partner. I would have expected my first time with a woman to have been in private at least. However, it had been decided that I was to publicly engage in sexual intercourse with a partner chosen for me at my 18th birthday party. Oh well, I thought, here goes. This has now become a traditional part of 18th birthday parties except for women who wished to become breeders and who therefore were required to remain virginal.

‘Carmel approached me and snuggled into me, kissing me sexily as she cupped my balls and stroked my hard cock, which felt like it grew even bigger. She knelt down and took my cock in her mouth, amazing me with her ability to swallow it all and press her nose against my belly. It felt so good, I wanted it to continue forever and started to feel a really sexy feeling deep inside me. After only a few seconds, she stood up again and pressed her crotch to mine, squeezing my cock between our bellies. She whispered in my ear that she didn’t want me to cum too soon. We kissed for a few minutes as she whispered in my ear instructions about what I should be doing to make love with her. I caressed her breasts, as she told me to, and she began making soft moaning sounds in my ear, telling me that she was feeling so sexy and was so looking forward to being my first lover. She moaned gently into my mouth through a kiss as she walked me to the bed, leaning backwards when we reached it and lying on her back with me on top of her.

‘”Ohhh, darling, fuck me hard please” she murmured in my ear. She guided my rampant cock to her opening and with her other hand pulled upwards on my arse cheeks. I took her obvious hint and thrust forwards, feeling for the first time the extremely stimulating sensations of her warm cunt caressing my cock. She was very careful not to over-stimulate me so I was able to fully penetrate her wonderfully warm, soft cunt until the head of my cock felt for the first time the pressure of her cervix.

‘Carmel let out a sigh of contentment and began slowly screwing her hips around, stimulating me and gaining more stimulation for herself. She whispered in my ear that I should press my pubic bone against hers and she let out a sigh of contentment as this squeezed her sensitive clitoris. I remember moving it gently to try to create good feelings for us both; it certainly did for me and from her response, it seemed to for Carmel also. She sighed again and closed her eyes, lapping up the feelings. The onlookers were silent, probably pleased that I hadn’t cum when I entered her.

‘We started moving together, developing a rhythm which enabled me to pleasure her clitoris and breasts while reducing the sensations I felt so I had some chance of lasting more than a few seconds. As time passed, Carmel began breathing harder and writhing more from the stimulation. I also felt greater stimulation; felt that very soon I would cum in her cunt. I started moving faster, pressing harder and Carmel responded, speeding up the rhythm. One of the onlookers started chanting “cum, cum, cum …” and soon everyone was chanting. The sexual atmosphere was intense and Carmel started rolling her head from side to side letting out a high pitched keening wail. I couldn’t hold on any longer. With a final thrust I yelled “I’m cumminggggg” and ejaculated my cum into Carmel’s cunt at the same time as she went rigid and let out an ear piercing scream of ecstasy as she came hard. The onlookers broke into spontaneous applause.

‘We relaxed after a few moments, cuddling into each other as we sought that last bit of sensation, that last bit of ecstasy from our combined orgasms. We kissed gently and thanked each other lovingly before separating. Someone handed each of us a towel which we used to dry sweat and wipe up fluids and then people took turns in hugging me and welcoming me to adulthood. Eventually that was over and I was with Carmel once again. She gave me a big hug and kiss and whispered canlı poker oyna in my ear “Anytime you want more let me know.” I thanked her and told her that I’d take her up on her offer sometime soon. Several other women whispered similar invitations in my ear as well, so I could see I certainly wasn’t going to be short of a partner or ten.

‘Once the party was over at about midnight I returned to our cottage and headed for my own room. Mom and Dad stopped me, Dad telling me that tomorrow he would be meeting his next breeder so he was conserving his cum for her. Would I like to sleep in their bed with them tonight? This seemed to be a clear invitation to have sex with Mom, although it wasn’t explicitly suggested. I knew that Mom was about two months pregnant so there was no chance of her becoming pregnant by me, so I agreed willingly.

‘Once I was in bed with them I cuddled up to Mom. I would have been quite happy to have slept, having had a long day and having cum hard only a couple of hours ago, but Mom would have none of it. She expertly fondled my cock until it was rock hard and oozing lubrication, while at the same time guiding my hand to her pussy, which she encouraged me to stroke and caress. I stroked her pussy lips and clit and soon had Mom panting, then she came and thrashed about on the bed in her orgasmic ecstasy. She then begged me to fuck her hard, saying things about putting my cock back in the hole I came out of.

‘So I did as I was bid. After all, I had been taught to do what my mother told me. She gasped as my huge cock filled her cunt and pressed against her cervix and clit simultaneously. She muttered something like “Omigod, you’re as big as your father” as I started a hard and fast fucking rhythm that had her panting in a few minutes. Despite my recent huge cum, I approached orgasm rapidly and very soon yelled that I was cumming. She said to cum and that she was too and together we both came hard. I collapsed onto her and we relaxed in each other’s arms, recovering from our intense orgasms.

‘Dad congratulated me and said I was like him when he was young — insatiable. Together we all slept, Dad and I on each side of Mom. In the morning I awoke to find Mom playing with my cock, rubbing it to hardness. Once she saw I was awake she straddled me and sat on my cock before fucking me hard until she had cum twice and I once. Dad watched, amazed that his partner could cum so hard and so often with her son. What a great way to start the day. Once we were up, we ate breakfast and Dad left to prepare for his breeder, confident that the scenes he had seen in the past few hours would cause him to have rock hard erections and copious amounts of cum to impregnate her.

‘The following year was bliss. I didn’t sleep alone one night. Always there was a beautiful woman waiting to take me to her bed and make love with me. I had completed all the school I needed to do and was taking distance learning courses in subjects like engineering and chemistry, both of which interested me. I had been offered a place in a university to study but that would have entailed me leaving Valalu, which I really didn’t want to do. The rest of the world was a little enticing, but from what I had learnt Valalu was paradise on earth and I could see no pressing need to leave.

‘The other reason I wanted to stay was because I was in love. Simone is a beautiful girl, the daughter of a resident breeder and a few months younger than me. We had obviously known each other for many years, been to school together and had fallen gently, completely and hopelessly in love during our lives together. She had made an application to become a breeder on this island with me as her designated impregnator. This, of course, depended on me being accepted as an impregnator and she as a breeder. If our applications were not accepted then we could be torn apart and sent to different parts of the world, a thought that was distressing and which we had only discussed once, before we agreed to let things happen as they would because we did not control the outcome. Instead, we focused on enjoying each day as it happened. Obviously we had not engaged in sexual intercourse as that was forbidden for women who wished to become breeders until they were in the breeder program.

‘I discussed the possibility of becoming an impregnator with Danielle, Mom and Dad. They all supported me and felt I had the necessary abilities to do that, but they pointed out that, of the many applicants, only a very few were chosen. So I applied, had my interview on the island, had blood samples taken to check DNA and completed all the necessary questionnaires and tests. I am now awaiting my results. If I am to be an impregnator then I can stay here and join the other impregnators who live here. If I am not selected, then I will have to be vasectomised before I am 20 and will have to either apply for work on the island or go elsewhere. That to me sounds horrendous as this life is all I have ever known. To have my future in the hands of anonymous internet casino bureaucrats seems a cruel fate. However, I can but wait and hope. One positive is that Dad has now retired, having reached 40, so a new impregnator is required for the program. I just hope I am chosen as his replacement.

‘Simone has also applied to be a breeder, resident on Valalu, with me specified as her impregnator. She is most likely to be accepted as they require many more breeders than impregnators. The thought of her staying here and having babies to another impregnator makes me feel really distraught, but I know that there is nothing I can do about it. So, I just take each day as it comes and await our fate, whatever that may be.’

‘Sasha here; I just can’t resist adding my bit and elaborating on what Daniel has told you.

‘Daniel mentioned that there was a lot of building happening on Valalu and there still is. As well as having to extend our house (it’s difficult to fit 16 into a two bedroom house!) selected breeders from each intake were offered the opportunity to stay on the island with their impregnators. This was an amazing gift for the impregnators, who previously had been denied the opportunity to establish a normal, loving relationship with one special woman. So towards the end of each intake a meeting of impregnators was held and any who felt they would like to establish a permanent relationship with their breeder were able to take this option further provided certain criteria were met. These included that the breeder had to be a first time breeder so that she didn’t have kids already being cared for by carers.

‘To begin with there was some reluctance on the part of the impregnators to take up this offer as they were used to three week stands rather than having to establish a lasting relationship. This meant that the impregnators had been solely focused on their impregnation tasks but now they also had the option of falling in love with their breeders, which could end happily rather than ending in parting and grief as was the previous inevitable outcome. Once a couple of them had successfully gone through the process and had established a home for themselves and their breeder, a large number of other impregnators wanted to follow suit, so much so that the allocation of breeders to impregnators became a major issue. The solution to this which seemed fair for everyone was that all the impregnators who would like to establish a family and were under 30 went into a draw each intake for the relatively few first time breeders. It was quite a gamble because just being allocated to a first time breeder did not guarantee that the couple would fall in love. So the number of family units increased only slowly, which was just as well as new accommodation had to be built for them.

‘The other construction work was the school which was started when Daniel was five and was added to as necessary. The medical clinic, a single roomed building when I had Daniel, grew to provide services for the increasing community and over time was staffed by a second doctor and several nurses, all supervised by Heidi. As the community grew the social center in the administration building could no longer cope with the influx so a new community center was built and the original one was redeveloped into an expanded administration area to accommodate the increased number of staff to manage the more complex operation. As the number of children being raised on the island increased so also did the number of assistants to take care of these children. So a reasonably large accommodation hostel was built to accommodate all these extra people.

‘This all meant that there were many male builders present on the island for an extended period of time as well as an increasing number of mainly female staff. As all but the breeders and impregnators were sterilized to prevent unwanted and non-permitted pregnancies, most adults on the island either paired up for sexual encounters or took part in the numerous and frequent free-sex gatherings that occurred especially at weekends. Some couples developed long term relationships but most simply played the field, changing partners as the mood took them. It was common and perfectly acceptable for a couple to make love in the shade of the palm trees during a lunch break, before work or during the evening, although most preferred the comfort of their own or their partner’s bed.

‘Sexual activities for adults were an accepted part of island life. Sex was now seen as the means of procreation for breeders and as a healthy and loving form of exercise for all adults. Because it was nearly always accompanied by feelings of mutual love and respect, such horrendous pseudo-sexual atrocities as non-consensual sex and the non-consensual inflicting of sexual pain had been eradicated from society and were now only recorded in history books. This did not mean that the acting out of sexually oriented scenarios did not occur; it was still recognized that some people enjoyed experiencing pain during sexual activities, lovingly administered by their partner, but both partners were very clear about what was acceptable and every activity of this nature must have a safe word to prevent any real damage to either partner.

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