Brenda And Bobby Ch. 2

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Over the few weeks I continued giving Bobby his “lessons”. He was getting stronger physically and more skilled as a lover. When we fucked he’d wait patiently for me to tell him when to cum. He could go an hour if necessary, although I didn’t usually make him wait that long. His oral skills were excellent as well. I would miss these lessons once he was at Stanford.

It was Friday night and the phone rang. It was my sister Eileen from Chicago. “Eileen, how are you!”, I said. It was great to hear from her as she had been away for the last few weeks.

“I need a favor.”, Eileen responded. “Nancy has screwed up her housing request at college and has no place to stay. Would you be able to let her stay with you until we straighten it out.”

Nancy was Eileen’s stepdaughter. I hadn’t seen her in a year, but she was a petite red head and quite pretty.

“Of course.”, I replied, “I’ve got plenty of room here. When is she coming?”

“Tomorrow if you can handle it.”, said Eileen. “You’re a dear.”

Despite the potential to complicate things with Bobby, I felt compelled to help out. Nancy was starting at The University of Houston, so it would be convenient for her to be here, as we were in walking distance of the school.

Bobby was getting ready to go to a ball game with the guys, so I needed to catch him before he left.

“Bobby, you remember Nancy, my sister Eileen’s stepdaughter, don’t you.”

“Sure. She was real pretty, but a little strange.”, he replied.

“Well, she’s going to be staying with us for a little while until she can get her own place at the University. We’ll need to be discreet about our relationship. O.K.”, I said, “I wouldn’t want my sister to know what we are doing.”

“No problem.”, he said, breezing out the door.

I picked Nancy up at the airport the next afternoon. I didn’t remember her breasts being as large as they apparently were, but she looked otherwise as I last saw her. She was going to be a premed student.

We made small talk on the way home.

“So Nancy, did you have to leave a boyfriend back in Chicago?”, I asked.

“No.”, she replied, “I’m gay. I left a few girlfriends, though.”

I tried not to appear too surprised. Eileen had given me no indication that Nancy was gay.

“In case you are wondering, mom doesn’t know.” she added, “I’m telling you because you’d figure it out anyway.”

“Are you sure you are gay, Nancy? Have you had any experience with men?”

“I made it with a couple of guys, but they would cum so quick that I didn’t enjoy it. Girls take their time.”, she said.

We arrived at home in short order. I showed her to her room and left her to unpack. Bobby was out with friends. She hadn’t been shy about telling me her sexual persuasion. I had sensed something different about her over the last few years, but couldn’t put my finger on it. She seemed to look at me with a special look, one I couldn’t quite understand.

“Is it OK to use the pool?”, Nancy said, having finished unpacking.

“Sure.”, I replied, “I think I’ll join you. Houston is so hot.”

We soon found ourselves standing next to one another in the pool.

My bikini tops were a little on the small side since I was still nursing, and this one didn’t leave much to the imagination. Nancy’s was on the small side as well, giving me a good view of her incredible petite body.

“So, Brenda, have you ever been with a woman?”, Nancy teased.

“Not since I was in high school. Girls are nice but there is no substitute for a man.”, I replied.

“Are you still nursing?”, Nancy asked.

“Yes.”, I’m a believer in breast feeding.”, I replied.

“I thought so. You always had great tits, but now they are huge.”, Nancy said, eyeing them intently.

Nancy suddenly reached out and boldly fondled my left breast. I was frozen in place, not expecting her action.

“Awesome.”, she said, “You’ve got the most awesome tits.”

I was speechless. She then reached around and undid my bikini top spilling my breasts out into the bright sunlight. In a flash her mouth was on my nipple.

I let her suck it for a minute, experiencing a mixture of surprise and arousal. I let her continue.

“Let’s go inside.”, Nancy said, “I want more of this.”

We went into my bedroom and stripped off our suits.

Nancy was on top of me right away, sucking first one breast and then the other.

“I give great head.”, she said.

Her face was soon buried in my pussy, and I was getting wetter by the minute. In ten minute she had me cumming, her face covered with my juices. She then sat on my face and I began to return her favors.

As the minutes passes we continued to exchange pleasures.

“We need to stop!”, I panted, “Bobby will be home soon.”

We dried off and sat at the kitchen table. I made a pot of coffee.

“I’m going to like it here, Brenda.”, Nancy said. “I screwed up my housing request on purpose.”

“Oh.”, I responded.

“Yes. I’ve wanted you since I had my first period.”

“I still think you should get more experience with men before poker oyna deciding your sexual orientation. “You’re only 18.”, I replied.

“I’m not attracted to older men, and the young ones don’t know what they are doing or don’t care.”, she said, “Where do I find a guy my age that really knows how to fuck.”

Bobby came in wiping the sweat from his brow.

“God it’s hot out there”, he said.

“Bobby, you remember Nancy, don’t you?” I asked.

“Sure. I understand you are going to stay awhile.”, he replied, reaching out and shaking Nancy’s hand. “I hope you like it here.”

“I’m sure I will.”, she responded, seductively. “I’m sure I will.”

Bobby went to his room to shower before dinner.

“I don’t remember him looking that good.”, Nancy whispered to me.

“Well he’s only going to be here for another month before going to Stamford, so don’t drag your feet…”, I encouraged.

“Does he have a girlfriend?”, Nancy inquired.

“No. “He’s fair game.”, I responded. “You could do a lot worse.”

“I’m going to take a shower, too, and get rid of the chlorine.”, Nancy said.

She went to her bedroom. I went to Bobby’s room immediately. He was just getting out of the shower. I took a bath towel and began to dry him off as he ogled my tits that were almost falling out of my bikini top.

“I need a favor, Bobby.”, I implored.

“Sure.” He said, his cock getting hard as I brushed up against him with my tits.

“Nancy thinks she’s gay because she’s never been with a guy that knows how to please her. She’s so pretty they all cum right away and she never gets off. I’d like you to fuck her and not cum until she does. I’m sure she’ll realize she’s been wrong about sex with guys.”, I said.

I knelt down and popped off my top, taking his now hard cock between my tits. Milk was oozing out as I fucked him with my tits.

“This is a quickie, so cum right away.”, I instructed. In a couple of minutes he popped, spaying white goo all over my tits. “So, will you do me this favor, Bobby?’

“Yes.”, he stammered. “How do you know she’ll want to do it with me?”

“Trust me. She wants you.”, I replied. “We’ll have some wine with dinner, then the three of us will go skinny dipping in the pool. Just make sure she cums before you. OK?”

“Got it.”, he replied. I let him suck some milk from my left breast before I went to my room for a shower.

I got out a bottle of champagne to go with the jumbo shrimp I was preparing for dinner.

“It’s such a hot night why don’t we go for another swim after dinner, Nancy?”, I asked, as she was setting the table.

“Sounds OK to me.”, she said. “What are you doing tonight, Bobby?”

“I think I’ll hang out here if you don’t mind.”, he smiled.

“Great!”, said Nancy, “It will give us all time to get better acquainted.”

Dinner was excellent, and the champagne had us all feeling pretty mellow.

Everyone pitched in to clean up the dinner dishes. I had on a pair of pail yellow shorts and a matching blouse. Nancy had on white shorts with a blue tank top. Bobby had cutoff jeans and a colored tee shirt.

I got out another bottle of champagne and opened it.

“Shall we go for a swim?”, I said, slowly unbuttoning my blouse in front of the two teenagers.

I then undid my bra, my milk-laden breasts spilling out for them to see. Their eyes were as big as saucers.

I slowly dropped my yellow shorts, standing before them in just my small underpants.

“Well?”, I repeated.

They both began to undress before me as I shed my panties.

Bobby had a huge hard on right away, and when Nancy saw it emerge from his underpants her eyes got even bigger. Bobby wasn’t too tall, but he was pretty well hung.

I led the way and we were soon in the pool with plastic cups filled with champagne. It was twilight, and the moon was beginning to come up. Next to the champagne bottle sitting on the edge of the pool I had left a six pack of large size condoms for them to see. Bobby could take me without one while I was nursing, but I didn’t want him getting Nancy pregnant or give her an excuse not to fuck him.

We were standing together at the shallow end. I put down my glass and put my right arm around Bobby’s neck and pulled his face to my right breast. With my left hand I did the same with Nancy and she eagerly took my left nipple in her mouth. I just relaxed and let the milk flow as I watched the moon rise.

In a few minutes they were both so aroused it was time to get to it. I led them out of the pool and into my bedroom. I quickly dried them both off.

“Bobby, lie on your back.”, I said, motioning to the bed. He got into position.

I slid my hand into Nancy’s pussy and felt that she was already wet. I slipped the condom over Bobby’s throbbing cock.

“Go ahead.”, I said to Nancy.

Tentatively she mounted him and gingerly let his cock penetrate further and further until he was in all the way. I sat on the other side of the bed as she began fucking him. I sipped champagne as the minutes passed. I hoped Bobby wouldn’t fail canlı poker oyna me.

“Oh, Oh!”, Nancy cried as she strained against him cumming with Bobby’s cock all the way in.

“Don’t stop.”, I implored. “You’re just getting started.”

Nancy got off twice more over the next half hour, each orgasm more powerful than the one before.

“I need a break!”, she gasped, “That was great.”

She slowly got up letting his cock slide out. He was so hard it looked like he was about to explode any second.

“I think we need to do something about this.” I said to Nancy as I peeled the condom off his swollen member. “Why don’t you kneel between his legs and jerk him off.”

“OK.”, Nancy said, getting into position.

I knelt in back of his head, letting my tits dangle in front of his face as Nancy began stroking him.

“Let it cum whenever you want, Bobby.”, I cooed, “You’ve earned it.”

Nancy pumped him faster and faster.

“When he cums pump him for another 30 seconds.”, I instructed, “It will drive him wild.”

I had no sooner spoken than Bobby’s first spurt hit my right breast.

“Oh! Oh!” he moaned as another rich spurt landed between my breasts.

Nancy had a huge smile on her face as she continued pumping him wildly. One more load shot out making it only as far as his bare chest. His whole body was shaking as Nancy’s continued rapid stroking overloaded his senses.

“He’s done.”, I said, as she stopped. I leaned over and let my breast rub his face as he panted trying to catch his breath.

“If you don’t mind I think I’ll take a little for myself.”, I said to Nancy as she moved over to let me mount him. I started fucking him before he lost his hard on. While Nancy’s tits weren’t as big as mine, they were big enough. She sat at his head and let him take one in his mouth as I continued to fuck him.

I was able to cum quickly. In a few minutes I could tell Bobby was ready to explode so I urged him to give it to me.

“Let it cum out, Bobby, let it cum…”

I could feel his load spurt into me as his hips strained against me.

I sat on top of him and looked at Nancy, as Bobby still had her breast in his mouth.

“Well, Nancy, which is better now, boys or girls?”

She looked at me sheepishly.

“Boys, definitely boys.”

I went to bed leaving Bobby and Nancy to their own devices. There were 5 Magnums left, which should get them through the night at least.

The next morning I got up early and made a pot of coffee. About 8 a.m. Nancy showed up, looking like she’d been up pretty late. I gave her a cup of coffee.

“Sleep O.K?”, I asked cheerily. “Was the bed comfortable.”

“I don’t know how comfortable the bed was and I didn’t get much sleep.”, Nancy replied groggily.

“‘Sounds like you’ve discovered boys.”, I smiled.

“I guess I don’t know as much about sex as I thought.”, Nancy said. “I could use some help.”

“Well, I’d be happy to help if I can.” I replied.

“I don’t know how to fuck. I don’t know how to suck cock, and even my hand job was lame.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself.” I said, “You just need some experience. We all have to learn one way or another.”

“Will you teach me what to do.” she pleaded, “I feel like a jerk.”

“What happened to make you feel that way?”, I asked.

“Well, you saw me fuck him. I kept cumming and cumming but he didn’t get off until you fucked him. Then later he gave me great head and I got off again. I tried sucking his cock but he didn’t cum. I finally jerked him off again, but even that took a long time.”, she sobbed.

“Why don’t you go to bed in your own room and get some sleep. This afternoon I teach you the basics of how to please a guy. O.K.”, I said, giving her a hug.

“O.K.”, she said, rubbing her eyes.

Bobby got up around 11 a.m. He looked rested and had a definite bounce in his step.

“Sleep well?”, I asked.

“Great!”, he said., “I’m starved.”

“I’ll scramble some eggs for you.”, I said, “How’d it go with Nancy?”

“She’s really pretty. Smart, too.”, he replied.

“That’s not what I meant, silly.”, I laughed.

‘It went great. I did what you said and made her cum as often as I could.”, he replied with obvious pride.

“How did she do for you?”, I asked, sliding the eggs from the frying pan onto his plate.

“I don’t think she has much experience. She seemed a little unsure of herself”, he replied.

“She doesn’t have much experience with guys. We need to show her what to do. Will you help me?”, I asked.

“Of course. She’s cool. What do you want me to do?”, he asked as he wolfed down the eggs.

“This afternoon I want to give you both some instruction on how to get the most out of the sexual part of your relationship. You might learn something too, although you’ve come a long way…”, I teased.

I walked over to him and lifted my blouse. I didn’t have a bra on. He gratefully took my nipple and sucked the warm milk out.

“Save the hard-on for Nancy.”, I added, observing the bulge in his pants, “You’re internet casino going to need it.”

Nancy finally woke up around 1 p.m. I fixed her a ham sandwich. She looked much better.

I h ad showered and put on another small bikini, as it was another scorching day.

“I want you both to take showers and get cleaned up so we can start our first lesson.”, I said to them as Nancy finished her meal.

“Put on a bathing suit.”, I said, “It’s hot out.”

In about twenty minutes Bobby showed up. About ten minutes later Nancy appeared.

“O.K.”, I said, “The first thing you need to learn is to communicate. It’s the key to great sex.”

“Nancy, what was the best part about having sex with Bobby?”, I asked.

She blushed. “I got to cum a lot. I’ve never been able to cum with a guy before.”

“And what was the worst part?”, I asked.

“Well” she said softly, I didn’t really know what to do to make him cum like I did.”

“O.K Bobby, What was the best part for you.”

Now it was his turn to blush. “Well…I couldn’t stop looking at her. She’s so pretty. When she was fucking me her tits were bouncing around. It was great. And I really liked it when she would cum again and again….”, he said.

“And what was the worst?”, I demanded.

“Are you kidding? There was no worst. It was all great.”, he stammered.

“O.K. Nancy, what have we learned from what Bobby said?” I asked.

“Is that a trick question?”, she asked, weakly.

“No. Come on. Think.” I implored.

“I don’t know.” She said.

“What we’ve learned is that if you enjoy yourself he’s going to enjoy you too. You can’t really make a mistake, so relax.”, I added.

“Bobby, how well did she fuck you?”, I asked.

“She was great.” he said.

“Then why didn’t you cum?”, I asked.

“I wasn’t trying to. I just wanted to stay hard so she could get off as much as possible.”, he added.

“So you could have cum if you had wanted to?”, I asked.

“Sure. I had to work hard not to.”, he said.

“So if she had said “Bobby I want you to cum!”, you would have.”, I said.

“Sure.”, he said.

“So if I want him to cum I should tell him to?”, Nancy asked.

“That’s the idea.”, I said.

“How did she do sucking your cock?”, I asked.

“Well, I could feel her teeth on it, but she was trying hard.”, he confessed.

“Did you tell her it hurt?”, I asked.

“No.”, he said.

“Why not?”, I asked.

“She was trying so hard, I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.”, he replied.

“O.K. The first rule of having your cock sucked is that if she’s doing it wrong tell her right away!”, I admonished. “Otherwise she’ll think she’s giving you the best blow job you’ve ever had.”

“Let’s practice. Take off your clothes.”, I demanded. We all stripped.

“Nancy, I want you to suck his cock. Try not to let your teeth touch him”, I added., “Is it O.K. if he cums in your mouth?”

“Sure. I’ll swallow whatever he gives me.”, she said.

“The tell him to that you want to drink his load and don’t give you any warning. You want to be surprised.”

“Bobby, I want to suck your cock and drink every drop of cum you give me. Don’t tell me when you are going to cum. I want to be surprised.”, Nancy repeated.

She went down on him, tentatively at first, but as the minutes passed they both got into it more and more. After a while Bobby’s breathing became labored and he groaned as he began to ejaculate. Nancy swallowed every drop with gusto.

“How was it?” I asked.

“Oh wow!”, Bobby panted.

“I got him off that time.”, Nancy beamed.

I opened another six pack of Magnums.

“I want you to put this on him and fuck him. When you want him to cum tell him.”, I said.

Nancy fumbled with the condom, but finally got it over Bobby’s still hard cock. They were soon fucking with abandon. Bobby was playing with Nancy’s big bouncing tits when she groaned and pushed hard against him. She soon recovered and began pumping him anew.

“Cum Bobby!, cum if you can…”, she exclaimed.

“I’m cumming…”, Bobby soon replied as he let a load flow into her. She got off as well, collapsing on his chest. They were both bathed in sweat.

“How was that?”, I asked.

“I think I’m getting the hang of it.”, Nancy panted.

I gave them a break, pleased with their progress. I let them both suck my tits for awhile, as I was over flowing with milk.

“O.K.”, I said, “Let’s move on to the perfect hand job. Why jerk a guy off, when you could fuck him or blow him?”

They both looked puzzled.

“Well, if you are fucking him you are enjoying yourself, making it difficult to concentrate on him. If you suck his cock you can’t easily stimulate him verbally.”

“O.K. Nancy, before you begin tell him you want to jerk him off, if it is O.K. with him. A lot of girls start slow and build up the tempo. Instead, start fast and tell him to tell you to stop just before he is ready to cum.”

“I’d really want to jerk you off, Bobby, it it’s O.K. with you.”, Nancy repeated as she began to vigorously stroke him. I handed her some massage oil to lubricate his now swollen cock.”

As the minutes passed Bobby was getting really excited.

“Stop!”, he exclaimed.

Nancy halted her stroking.

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